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Y&O Services Corp.

Y-Tel International, Inc.

Ya Zhu Silk Inc.

Yadkin Valley Financial Corp.

Yale Resources Ltd.

Yalian Steel Corp.

Yamarna Goldfields Ltd.

Yamiri Gold and Energy Inc.

Yangaroo Inc.

Yangarra Resources Inc.

Yangarra Resources Ltd.

Yangtze Telecom Corp.

Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd.

Yantai Dahua Holdings Co. Ltd.

Yappn Corp.

Yardville National Bancorp

Yarraman Winery, Inc.

Yasheng Eco-Trade Corp.

Yayi International Inc.

Yellowcake Mining Inc.

Yellowhead Mining Inc.

Yellowjacket Resources Ltd.

Yellowwood Acquisition Corp.

YGC Resources Ltd.

Yilgarn Gold Ltd.

Yinfu Gold Corp.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd.

Yinlips Technology, Inc.

Yintech Investment Holdings Ltd.

Yirendai Ltd.

YM BioSciences Inc.

Yodle, Inc.

Yodlee, Inc.

Yoho Resources Inc.

Yongye Biotechnology International, Inc.

Yongye International, Inc.

Yoo, Inc.

YooMedia plc

Yorbeau Resources Inc.

York Pharma plc

Yorkville Advisors, LLC

Yosen Group Inc.

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc.

Youbet.com, Inc.

Youbisheng Green Paper AG

Youku Tudou Inc.

Young-Davidson Mines Ltd.

Young-Shannon Gold Mines, Ltd.

Youngevity International, Inc.

YOW Capital Corp.

YRC Worldwide Inc.

YSV Ventures Inc.

YTB International, Inc.

YTC Resources Ltd.

Yukon Gold Corp. Inc.

Yukon Resources Corp.

Yukon Zinc Corp.

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.

Yulong Eco-Materials Ltd.

Yum! Brands Inc.

Yuma Energy Inc.

YuMe, Inc.

Yummy Flies, Inc.

YY Inc.

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