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Y&O Services Corp.

Y-Tel International, Inc.

yA Bank

Ya Zhu Silk Inc.

Yabora Industria Aeronautica SA

Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales

Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales SA

Yacktman Focused Fund

Yacktman Fund

Yadkin Valley Financial Corp.

Yageo Corp.

Yahoo! Inc.

Yak Access LLC

Yak Mat LLC

Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Co.


Yale New Haven Health

Yale Resources Ltd.

Yale University

Yale-New Haven Health System

Yale-New Haven Hospital

Yale-New Haven Hospital Inc.

Yalian Steel Corp.

Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.

Yamagata Bank, Ltd.

Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Yamana Gold Inc.

Yamarna Goldfields Ltd.


Yamiri Gold and Energy Inc.

Yan Gang Ltd.

YanAn Bicon Pharmaceutical Listed Co.

Yanan New Area Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Yancheng High-Tech Zone Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Yancheng Oriental Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd.

Yancoal Australia

Yancoal International Resources Development Co., Ltd.

Yancoal International Trading Co., Ltd.

Yandex NV

Yanfeng Adient Seating Co. Ltd.

Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.

Yang Ming Marine Transportation Corp.

Yangaroo Inc.

Yangarra Resources Inc.

Yangarra Resources Ltd.

Yango (Cayman) Investment Ltd.

Yango City Group Co. Ltd.

Yango Group Co., Ltd.

Yango Justice International Ltd.

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co.

Yangtze Telecom Corp.

Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Development Corp.

Yangzhou Slender West Lake Tourism & Development Group Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Urban Construction State-owned Assets Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Yuanbo Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Yankee Candle Co. Inc.

Yankee Gas Service Co.

Yankee Gas Services Co.

Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Holdings LLC

Yankeenets LLC

Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, LLC

Yankuang Group (Cayman) Ltd.

Yankuang Group Co. Ltd.

Yanlord Group

Yanlord Land (HK) Co. Ltd.

Yanlord Land Group Ltd.

Yantai Dahua Holdings Co. Ltd.

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co.

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.

Yaobai Special Cement Group Co., Ltd.

Yaoko Co., Ltd.

Yapi Kredi

Yapi Kredi Faktoring AS

Yapi Kredi Finansal Kiralama AO

Yapi Kredi Yatirim Menkul Degerler AS

Yapi Ve Bankasi

Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi AS

Yapi ve Kredit Bankasi AS

Yappn Corp.

Yara International ASA

Yardville National Bancorp

Yarlington Housing Group

Yarlington Treasury Services plc


Yarraman Winery, Inc.

Yarway Corp.

Yasar Holding AS

Yasar Insaat

Yasheng Eco-Trade Corp.

Yaskawa Electric Corp.

Yatirim Holding AS

Yaupon Therapeutics

Yavapai County Industrial Development Authority

Yayi International Inc.

YC Inox Co., Ltd.

YCIC International (HK) Co., Ltd.

YCL Electronics Co., Ltd.

YDD Holdings Inc.

Yeda Research and Development Co.

Yell Bondco plc

Yell Group Ltd.

Yell Group plc

Yell Ltd.


Yellow Corp.

Yellow Freight System Inc.

Yellow Maple Holding BV

Yellow Media Inc.

Yellow Media Ltd.

Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Ltd.

Yellow Pages Group Inc.

Yellow Pages Income Fund

Yellow Pages Ltd.

Yellow Roadway Corp.

Yellowcake Mining Inc.

Yellowhead Mining Inc.

Yellowjacket Resources Ltd.

Yellowstone Club

Yellowstone Energy LP Project

Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC

Yellowwood Acquisition Corp.

Yelp Inc.



Yes Bank Ltd.

Yeshiva University

Yestar Healthcare Holdings Co. Ltd.

Yestar International Holdings Co. Ltd.


YETI Holdings, Inc.

YGC Resources Ltd.

Ygrene Energy Fund Inc.

YH Ltd.

Yi Bright International Ltd.

YI Group Holdings LLC


Yibin State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.

YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Yichang High-Tech Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Yichun Development Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Yichun Development Investment Haitong Co. Ltd.

Yida China Holding Ltd.

Yida China Holdings Ltd.

Yieh Phui Enterprise Co.

Yieh Phui Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Yieldking Investment Ltd.

YieldQuest Total Return Fund,

Yihua Enterprise (Group) Co. Ltd.

Yihua Overseas Investment Ltd.

Yildirim Holding AS

Yilgarn Gold Ltd.

Yili Holding Investment Ltd.

Yili Industrial Group Ltd.

Yincheng International Holding Co., Ltd.

Yinchuan Tonglain Capital Investment Operation Co. Ltd.

Yinchuan Tonglian Capital Investment Operation Co., Ltd.

Yinfu Gold Corp.

Ying Li International Real Estate Ltd.

Yingde Gases Group Co. Ltd.

Yingde Gases Investment Ltd.

Yingli Energy (China) Co. Ltd.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd.

Yinglin Green Energy Co.

Yinlips Technology, Inc.

Yinson Holdings Bhd.

Yinson Juniper Ltd.

Yintech Investment Holdings Ltd.

Yioula Glassworks SA

Yirendai Ltd.

YIT Corp.

YiTian Holdings Ltd.

Yiwu State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd.

YM BioSciences Inc.

YM Drugs & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Ymagis SA

YMCA of Greater Houston Area

YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago Project

Ymobile Corp.

Yoakum Independent School District

Yodle, Inc.

Yodlee, Inc.

Yoho Resources Inc.

Yoki Alimentos SA

Yokogawa Electric Corp.

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.

Yong Tai Bhd.

Yongda Investment Ltd.,

Yongye Biotechnology International, Inc.

Yongye International, Inc.


Yonkers Raceway

Yonkers Racing Corp.

Yoo, Inc.

YooMedia plc

Yoplait SAS

Yorbeau Resources Inc.


York Capital Management Global Advisors, LLC

York CLO Managed Holdings, LLC

York CLO-1 Ltd./York CLO-1 LLC

York CLO-2 LLC

York CLO-2 Ltd.

York CLO-2 Ltd./York CLO-2 LLC

York CLO-3 Ltd./York CLO-3 LLC

York CLO-4 LLC

York CLO-4 Ltd.

York CLO-4 Ltd./York CLO-4 LLC

York CLO-5 LLC

York CLO-5 Ltd.

York CLO-6 LLC

York CLO-6 Ltd.

York CLO-7 LLC

York CLO-7 Ltd.

York CLO-8 LLC

York CLO-8 Ltd.

York County

York County School District No. 1

York Insurance Services Group, Inc.

York International Corp.

York Label

York Pharma plc

York Potash Holdings Ltd.

York Potash Intermediate Holdings plc

York Region

York Region District School Board

York Research Corp.

York Risk Services Group

York Risk Services Holding Corp.

York Risk Services Holdings Corp.

York Traditions Bank

York Water Co.

Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water Finance plc

Yorkshire Water Services Bradford Finance Ltd.

Yorkshire Water Services Finance Ltd.

Yorkshire Water Services Holdings Ltd.

Yorkshire Water Services Ltd.

Yorkville Advisors, LLC

Yorkville High Income MLP ETF

Yorkville MLP Distribution Growth Leaders Liquid PR index

Yosemite Community College District

Yosemite Community College District Board of Trustees

Yosen Group Inc.

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc.

Youbet.com, Inc.

Youbisheng Green Paper AG

YouFit Health Clubs, LLC

Youku Tudou Inc.

Young & Co.

Young Brands

Young Broadcasting Inc.

Young Innovations Inc.

Young-Davidson Mines Ltd.

Young-Shannon Gold Mines, Ltd.

Youngevity International, Inc.

Youngor Group Co., Ltd.

Young’s Seafood International Holdings Ltd.

Youth & Family Centered Services Inc.

Youth and Family Centered Services, Inc.

Youth Services Campus

Youyuan International Holdings Ltd.

YOW Capital Corp.

YP Holdings LLC


YPF Energia Electrica SA


YPFB Transierra SA

YPG Holdings Inc.

Ypso Finance BIS SA

Ypso France SAS

Ypso Holding Sarl

YRC Worldwide Inc.

YS Garments Inc.

YS Garments LLC

Ysleta Independent School District

YSV Ventures Inc.

YTB International, Inc.

YTC Resources Ltd.

YTL Cement Bhd.

YTL Corp. Bhd.

YTL Power Finance

YTL Power International Bhd.

YTL Starhill Global REIT Management Ltd.

Yuanta Bank

Yuanta Commercial Bank Co., Ltd

Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Yuanta Group

Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Yuanta Securities Asia Financial Services Ltd.

Yuanta Securities Co. Ltd.

Yuanta Securities Finance Co., Ltd.

Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd.


Yucheng Technologies Ltd.

Yue Xiu Enterprises (Holdings) Ltd.

Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd.

Yuen Chang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd.

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Yuexiu Property Co. Ltd.

Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust

Yuexiu REIT Asset Management Ltd.

Yuexiu REIT MTN Co. Ltd.

Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Ltd.


Yukon Gold Corp. Inc.

Yukon Resources Corp.

Yukon Zinc Corp.

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.

Yukos Oil Co.

Yuksel Insaat AS

Yuksel Insaat SA

Yulon Finance Corp.

Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.

Yulong Eco-Materials Ltd.

Yum China Holdings, Inc.

Yum! Brands Inc.

YUM! Brands, LLC

Yuma City Industrial Development Authority

Yuma Cos., Inc.

Yuma County Elementary School No. 32

Yuma Energy Inc.

Yuma Exploration and Production Co., Inc.

Yuma Municipal Property Corp.

Yuma Regional Medical Center

YuMe, Inc.

Yummy Flies, Inc.

Yun-Top International Investment Co. (BVI) Ltd.

Yunan Provincial Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Yunda Holding Co. Ltd.

Yunda Holding Investment Ltd.

Yunnan Communications Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Construction and Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Energy Investment (HK) Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Energy Investment (HK) Co. Ltd. 

Yunnan Energy Investment (Overseas) Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Energy Investment Finance Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Energy Investment Overseas Finance Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Provincial Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Provincial Investment Holdings Group

Yunnan Provincial Investment Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Water Investment Co., Ltd.

Yuskel Insaat

Yuyao Economic Development Zone Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Yuyao Shuncai Investment Holding Co., Ltd.


Yuzhou Group Holdings Co. Ltd.

Yuzhou Properties Co. Ltd.

YY Inc.

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