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M I Acquisitions, Inc.

M Line Holdings, Inc.

M Pharmaceutical Inc.

M-Wave Inc.

M/I Homes, Inc.

M45 Mining Resources Inc.

MabCure, Inc.

MabVax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.

Mac Filmworks, Inc.

Macarthur Minerals Ltd.

Macatawa Bank Corp.

MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.

Mace Security International Inc.

Macerich Co.

Mackinac Financial Corp.

Macmahon Holdings Ltd.

MacMillan Gold Corp.

Macmin Silver Ltd.

Macon Financial Corp.

MacPhersons Resources Ltd.

Macquarie Airports Reset Securities Trust (Marest)

Macquarie Goodman Group

Macquarie Group Ltd.

Macquarie Harbour Mining Ltd.

Macquarie Radio Network Ltd.

Macro Enterprises Inc.

MacroChem Corp.

Macrocure Ltd.

MacroGenics, Inc.

MacroPore Biosurgery Inc.

MacroSolve, Inc.

Macusani Yellowcake Inc.

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.

Madagascar Oil Ltd.

Madalena Energy Inc.

Madalena Ventures Inc.

Madison County Financial, Inc.

Madison Energy Corp.

Madison Minerals Inc.

Maestro Capital Corp.

Maestro Ventures Ltd.

Mag Copper Ltd.

Mag One Products Inc.

MAG Silver Corp.

Magal Security Systems Ltd.

Magellan Aerospace Corp.

Magellan Gold Corp.

Magellan Health Services, Inc.

Magellan Minerals Ltd.

Magellan Petroleum Corp.

MagForce AG

Maghreb Minerals plc

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.

magicJack VocalTec Ltd.

MagIndustries Corp.

Magma Energy Corp.

Magma Metals Ltd.

Magna Entertainment Corp.

Magna Mining NL

Magna Resources Ltd.

MagneGas Corp.

Magnequench Inc.

Magnetech Industrial Services of Alabama, LLC

Magnetic Resources NL

Magnifoam Technology International Inc.

Magnitude Information Systems, Inc.

Magnolia Petroleum plc

Magnolia Solar Corp.

Magnum D'Or Resources, Inc.

Magnum Energy Inc.

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.

Magnum Minerals Corp.

Magnum Uranium Corp.

Magnus Energy Inc.

Magnus International Resources, Inc.

Magor Corp.

Mahdia Gold Corp.

MAI Systems Corp.

Maiden Holdings Ltd.

Maiden Holdings North America Ltd.

Main Street Capital Corp.

Main Street Restaurant Group, Inc.

Mainland Resources, Inc.

MainStreet BankShares

Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd.

Majesco Entertainment Co.

Majescor Resources Inc.

Majestic Gold Corp.

Major League Football Inc.

MakeMyTrip Ltd.

Makena Resources Inc.

Mako Energy Ltd.

MAKO Surgical Corp.

Malachite Resources Ltd.

Malachite Resources NL

Malaga Inc.

Malagasy Minerals Ltd.

Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corp.

Malbex Resources Inc.

Malex Inc.

Malibu Boats, Inc.

Malibu Minerals Inc.

Malvern Bancorp, Inc.

MamaManciniís Holdings, Inc.

MamaManciniís, Inc.

Mamma.com Inc.

Mamut ASA

Man Sang Holdings, Inc.

Man Shing Agricultural Holdings, Inc.

Managed Support Services plc

Management Network Group, Inc.

Manakoa Services Corp.

Manaris Corp.

Manas Petroleum Corp.

Manas Resources Ltd.

Manatt, Phelps & Phelps, LLP

Manchester Inc.

Mandalay Digital Group, Inc.

Mandalay Media, Inc.

Mandalay Resources Corp Inc.

Mandalay Resources Corp.

Mandorin Goldfields Inc.

MangoSoft, Inc.

Manhattan Bancorp

Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.

Manhattan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Manhattan Scientifics Inc.

maniaTV Inc.

Manicouagan Minerals Inc.

Manitex International, Inc.

Manitok Energy Inc.

Manitou Gold Inc.

MannKind Corp.

Mano River Resources Inc.

Manor Global Inc.

Manroy plc

Mansfield Minerals Inc.

Manson Creek Resources Ltd.

Mantis Mineral Corp.

Mantle Mining Corp. Ltd.

Mantle Resources Inc.

Mantra Mining Inc.

Mantra Resources Ltd.

Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

Manulife Financial Corp.

Manx Financial Group plc

MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mapeley Ltd.

Mapi-Pharma Ltd.

Maple Energy plc

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc.

Maple Minerals Corp.

Mar City plc

Marani Brands, Inc.

Marapharm Ventures Inc.

Marathon Gold Corp.

Marathon Patent Group, Inc.

Marathon Petroleum Corp.

Marathon PGM Corp.

Marathon Resources Ltd.

Marauder Resources East Coast Inc.

Marbob Energy Corp.

March Resources Corp.

Marchex Inc.

Marchpole Holdings plc

Marchwell Ventures Ltd.

Marco Community Bancorp, Inc.

Marengo Mining Ltd.

Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc.

Margaux Resources Ltd.

Mariana Resources Ltd.

Marifil Mines Ltd.

Marin Software Inc.

Marina Biotech, Inc.

Marine Harvest ASA

Marine Produce Australia

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Marion Energy Ltd.

Market Central, Inc.

MarketAxess Holdings Inc.

Marketing Worldwide Corp.

MarketingMobileText Inc.

Marketo, Inc.

Marketvision Direct, Inc.

Markland Technologies Inc.

Marksmen Energy Inc.

Marksmen Resources Ltd.

MarkWest Energy Partners LP

Marlborough Software Development Holdings Inc.

Marley Coffee

Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.

Marmion Industries Corp.

Marmota Energy Ltd.

Marquee Energy Ltd.

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.

Marsa Energy Inc.

Marshall Edwards, Inc.

Mart Resources Inc.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

Martin Midstream Partners LP

Martina Minerals Corp.

Martinrea International Inc.

Marwyn Management Partners plc

Maryborough Sugar Factory Ltd.

Mason Graphite Inc.

Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co., Inc.

Massive Interactive, Inc.

MassRoots, Inc.

Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

Master Silicon Carbide Industries, Inc.

Masters Energy Inc.

Matador Acquisition Corp.

Matador Exploration Inc.

Matamec Explorations Inc.

Material Technologies Inc.

Materialise NV

MathStar, Inc.

Matica Enterprises Inc.

Matilda Zircon Ltd.

Matinas BioPharma Holdings, Inc.

Matra Petroleum plc

Matritech Inc.

Matrix Asset Management Inc.

Matrix Bancorp, Inc.

Matrix Service Co.

Matrix Valley plc

MatrixView Ltd.

Mattersight Corp.

Mattress Firm Holding Corp.

Mattson Technology, Inc.

Maudore Minerals Ltd.

Maui Land & Pineapple Co., Inc.

Mavenir Systems, Inc.

Maverick Drilling and Exploration Ltd.

Maverick Minerals Corp.

Maverick Oil & Gas, Inc.

Mavrix Fund Management Inc.

Mawson Resources Ltd.

Mawson West Ltd.

Max Cash Media Inc.

Max Petroleum plc

Max Resource Corp.

Max Sound Corp.

Maxim Group LLC

Maxim Power Corp.

Maxim Resources Inc.

Maximus Ventures Ltd.

MaxLife Fund Corp.

MaxPoint Interactive, Inc.

MaxTech Ventures Inc.

Maxus Realty Trust, Inc.

Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Maxy Gold Corp.

Maya Gold & Silver Inc.

Mayen Minerals Ltd.

Mayfair Mining & Minerals, Inc.

Mazor Robotics Ltd.

Mazorro Resources Inc.

MB Bancorp, Inc.

MBA Gold Corp.

MBA Resources Corp.

MBAC Fertilizer Corp.

mBeach Software Inc.

MBF Healthcare Acquisition Corp.

MBI Financial, Inc.


MBMI Resources Inc.

MBT Financial Corp.

MCBC Holdings, Inc.

McCoy Corp.

MCF Corp.

McGregor Capital Corp.

McGregor Power Systems, Inc.

McIntosh Bancshares, Inc.

McKenzie Bay International, Ltd.

McLaren Resources Inc.

MCM Capital One Inc.

McMoRan Exploration Co.

McorpCX Inc.

McPhersonís Ltd.

McVicar Industries Inc.

McVicar Resources Inc.

MCW Energy Group Ltd.

MD Technologies Inc.

MDI, Inc.

MDN Inc.

MDN Northern Mining Explorations Ltd.


MDU Communications International Inc.

MDwerks, Inc.

MDX Medical Inc.

MDxHealth SA

MDY Healthcare plc

Meadow Bay Capital Corp.

Meadow Bay Gold Corp.

Meadow Valley Corp.

Mechanical Technology Inc.

Mecom Group plc

Med BioGene Inc.

Med Gen Inc.

Med One Oak, Inc.

Med-Emerg International Inc.

Med-Tech Solutions, Inc.

Medallion Financial Corp.

Medallion Resources Ltd.

Medarex Inc.

MedaSorb Technologies Corp.

MedaSorb Technologies, Inc.

MedAvant Healthcare Solutions

MedAvant Inc.

Medbox, Inc.

MedCath Corp.

MedClean Technologies Inc.

MedcomSoft Inc.

MedeFile International, Inc.

Medgenics, Inc.

Medgold Resources Corp.

Media Sciences International Inc.

Media Services Group Inc.

MediaBay, Inc.

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.

Medialink Worldwide Inc.

MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc.

MediaShift, Inc.

MediaValet Inc.

Mediavest, Inc.

Medicago Inc.

Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc.

Medical Alarm Concepts Holdings, Inc.

Medical Billing Assistance, Inc.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions

Medical Care Technologies Inc.

Medical Discoveries Inc.

Medical Exchange Inc.

Medical House plc

Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc.

Medical Makeover Corp. of America

Medical Media Television, Inc.

Medical Monitors Ltd.

Medical Services International Inc.

Medical Solutions Management Inc.

Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Medical Therapies Ltd.

Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.

Medical Ventures Corp.

MedicalCV, Inc.

Medican Enterprises Inc.

Medicines Co.

MediciNova, Inc.

MediCor Ltd.

Medicsight Inc.

Medicure Inc.

Medicus Homecare Inc.

Medifirst Solutions Inc.

Medifocus Inc.

MediGene AG

Medigus Ltd.

MediJane Holdings, Inc.

Medipattern Corp.

Medipure Holdings Inc.

MEDirect Latino Inc.

Medis Technologies Ltd.

Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp.

Mediscience Technology Corp.

Medistem Laboratories, Inc.

Mediswipe, Inc.

Medisys Health Group Income Fund

Medisys plc

MediSystem Technologies Inc.

Medite Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

Meditech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mediterranean Minerals Corp.

Mediterranean Oil & Gas plc

Mediterranean Resources Ltd.

MediVac Ltd.

Medivation Inc.

MediWound Ltd.

Medizone International, Inc.

MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc.

Medley Capital Corp.

MedMira Inc.

MedOil plc

Medora Resources Inc.

Medoro Resources Ltd.

Medovex Corp.

MedPro Safety Products, Inc.

MedSolutions, Inc.

Medsurge Medical Products Corp.

Medtech SA

Medusa Mining Ltd.

Medwave Inc.

Medwell Capital Corp.

MedWorth Acquisition Corp.

Medworxx Solutions Inc.

MedX Health Corp.

Medytox Solutions, Inc.

MeeMee Media Inc.

Meetinghouse Bancorp, Inc.

MeetMe, Inc.

MEG Energy Corp.

Mega Bloks Inc.

MEGA Brands, Inc.

Mega Media Group, Inc.

Mega Precious Metals Inc.

Mega Silver Inc.

Mega Uranium Ltd.

Mega View Digital Entertainment Corp.

Megastar Development Corp.

MegaWest Energy Corp.

Megola Inc.

MEI Pharma, Inc.

Mela Sciences, Inc.

Melco China Resorts (Holding) Ltd.

Melcor Developments Ltd.

Melkior Resources Inc.

Melrose Resources plc

Memorial Production Partners LP

Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Mems USA, Inc.

Mena Hydrocarbons Inc.

Mena Resources Inc.

Mengold Resources Inc.

Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Graphics Corp.

MEO Australia Ltd.

Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.

Merc International Minerals Inc.

Mercal Capital Corp.

Mercator Gold plc

Mercator Minerals Ltd.

Mercator Transport Group Corp.

Mercer International, Inc.

Merchandise Creations, Inc.

Merge Healthcare Inc.

Mericol Inc.

Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

Meridian Co., Ltd.

Meridian Minerals Ltd.

Meridian Petroleum plc

Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc.

Merisel, Inc.

Merit Mining Corp.

Mermaid Marine Australia Ltd.

Merrex Gold Inc.

Merrex Resources Inc.

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.

Merriman Curhan Ford Group, Inc.

Merriman Holdings Inc.

Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc

Merritt Ventures Corp.

Meru Networks, Inc.

Merus BV

Merus Labs International Inc.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc.

Mesa Uranium Corp.

Mesoblast Ltd.

Messina Minerals Inc.

Meta Financial Group Inc.

Meta Financial Group, Inc.

Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Metabolix, Inc.

Metal Storm Ltd.

MetalCORP Ltd.

Metalex Ventures Ltd.

Metalico, Inc.

Metalink Ltd.

Metallica Resources Inc.

Metalline Mining Co.

Metallum Resources Inc.

Metals Creek Resources Corp.

Metals Creek Resources Ltd.

Metals Exploration plc

Metamedia Capital Corp.

MetaMorphix, Inc.

Metanor Resources Inc.

MetaSolv, Inc.

MetaStat, Inc.

Metaswarm, Inc.

Meteoric Resources NL

Metex Resources Ltd.

Methanol Australia Ltd.

Methes Energies International Ltd.

MethylGene Inc.

Metminco Ltd.

Metretek Technologies, Inc.

Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.

MetroBridge Networks International Inc.

Metrocoal Ltd.

MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc.

Metropolitan Worldwide, Inc.

Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

Mexican Silver Mines Ltd.

Mexigold Corp.

Mexivada Mining Corp.

Mexoro Minerals Ltd.

Mezey Howarth Racing Stables, Inc.

MF Global Ltd.

MFC Development Corp.

MFRI, Inc.

MFS Ltd.

MGM Energy Corp.

MGM Mirage

MGM Resorts International

MGold Resources Inc.

MGT Capital Investments, Inc.

mHealth Capital Corp.

MHI Hospitality Corp.

Michael James Enterprises, Inc.

Michelago Ltd.

Micrex Development Corp.

Micro Component Technology Inc.

Micro Identification Technologies, Inc.

Micro Imaging Technology, Inc.

Micro-Tech Identification Systems, Inc.

Microbix Biosystems Inc.

MicroCoal Technologies Inc.

Microfield Group, Inc.

Microfluidics International Corp.

MicroIslet, Inc.

Microlin Bio, Inc.

Microlog Delaware Corp.

MicroMed Cardiovascular, Inc.

MicroMed Technology, Inc.

Micromem Technologies Inc.

Micromet, Inc.

Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc.

Microphase Corp.

Microplanet Technology Corp.

Microsmart Devices, Inc.

MicroTRAKgps, Inc.

Microvision Inc.

Microwave Satellite Technology, Inc.

Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP

Mid-States plc

Midas Gold Corp.

Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc.

Midasco Capital Corp.

MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Middleburg Financial Corp.

Middlefield Banc Corp.

Midland Exploration Inc.

Midland States Bancorp, Inc.

Midlands Minerals Corp.

Midlands Minerals Inc.

Midnight Holdings Group, Inc.

Midnight Oil Exploration Ltd.

Midnight Sun Mining Corp.

Midpoint Holdings Ltd.

Midway Energy Ltd.

Midway Gold Corp.

Midwest Energy Emission Corp.

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp.

Midwest Oil and Gas Inc.

MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc.

Migami Inc.

Migao Corp.

Migo Software, Inc.

Mikoh Corp. Ltd.

Mikohn Gaming Corp.

Milacron Inc.

Milagro Energy Inc.

Mile Marker International, Inc.

Milestone Scientific Inc.

Mill Bay Ventures Inc.

Mill City Gold Corp.

Mill City Ventures III, Ltd.

Millenia Hope, Inc.

Millenium Biologix Corp.

Millenium Holding Group, Inc.

Millennial Lithium Corp.

Millennium Biotechnologies Group, Inc.

Millennium Cell Inc.

Millennium HealthCare Inc.

Miller Energy Resources, Inc.

Miller Petroleum Inc.

Millrock Resources Inc.

Mills Corp.

Millstream Mines Ltd.

Millwall Holdings plc

Milwaukee Iron Arena Football, Inc.

Mimecast Ltd.

MiMedx Group, Inc.

Mimvi, Inc.

Minaean International Corp.

Minatura Gold

Minco Gold Corp.

Minco Mining & Metals Corp.

Minco plc

Minco Silver Corp.

Mind Solutions Inc.

Mindesta Inc.

Mindoro Resources Ltd.

Mindready Solutions Inc.

Minean International Corp.

Minemakers Ltd.

Minera Alamos Inc.

Minera Andes Inc.

Minera IRL Ltd.

Mineral Deposits Ltd.

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.

Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.

Mineral Securities Ltd.

MineralRite Corp.

Mineraux Maudore Ltd.

Minerco Resources Inc.

Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.

Mines Management Inc.

Minmetals Resources Ltd.

Minoan Group plc

Minotaur Exploration Ltd.

Minotaur Resources Ltd.

Minrad International, Inc.

Minsud Resources Corp.

Mint Corp.

Mint Leasing, Inc.

Mint Technology Corp.

Mintails Ltd.

Minterra Resource Corp.

Minterra Resources Corp.

Miocene Metals Ltd.

Mira Resources Corp.

Mirabel Resources Inc.

Mirabela Nickel Ltd.

Miraculins Inc.

Mirada plc

Mirage Energy Ltd.

Miramar Hydrocarbons Ltd.

Miramar Labs, Inc.

Miramar Mining Corp.

Miranda Gold Corp.

Mirasol Resources Ltd.

Mirati Therapeutics, Inc.

Miravant Medical Technologies Inc.

Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.

Mirvac Group

Miscor Group, Ltd.

Mises Capital Corp.

Mission Biofuels Ltd.

Mission Community Bancorp

Mission Marketing Group plc

Mission New Energy Ltd.

Mission Oaks Bancorp, Inc.

Mission Oil & Gas Inc.

Mission Ready Services Inc.

Mistango River Resources Inc.

Mister Goody, Inc.

Mistral Pharma Inc.

Mistras Group, Inc.

Misys plc

Mitcham Industries, Inc.

Mitchell Entertainment Co.

Mitec Telecom Inc.

Mitek Systems Inc.

Mithril Resources Ltd.

Miura Energy Ltd

MIV Therapeutics Inc.

MJ Holdings, Inc.

Mkango Resources Ltd.

mktg, inc.

MKY Corp. Ltd.


MM2 Group, Inc.

MMAX Media, Inc.

MMC Energy, Inc.

MMEX Mining Corp.

MMR Information Systems, Inc.

MMRGlobal Inc.

Mobetize Corp.

Mobi Ltd.

Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.

Mobile Embrace Ltd.

Mobile Gaming International Corp.

Mobile Satellite Ventures

Mobile Tornado Group plc

MobileActive Ltd.

MobileBits Holdings Corp.

MobilePro Corp.

Mobilepro, Inc.


MobileSmith, Inc.

Mobility Electronics, Inc.

Mobio Technologies Inc.

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc.

Mobiventures Inc.

Mobivity Holdings Corp.

Model N, Inc.

Modena Resources Ltd.

Modern Technology Corp.

Modern Times Group AB

Modigene Inc.

ModSys International Ltd.

Modtech Holdings Inc.

Module Resources Inc.

ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc.

Moggle, Inc.

Mogul Energy International, Inc.

Mojo Data Solutions Inc.

MOJO Organics, Inc.

Moko Social Media Ltd.

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Moleculin Biotech, Inc.

Moliris Corp.

Molopo Australia Ltd.

Moly Mines Ltd.

Molycor Gold Corp.

Molycorp, Inc.

Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Momentous Entertainment Group Inc.

Momentum Biofuels, Inc.

Monaker Group, Inc.

Monarch America, Inc.

Monarch Bank

Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.

Monarch Energy Ltd.

Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.

Monarch Gold Mining Co. Ltd.

Monaro Mining NL

Monarques Gold Corp.

Monarques Resources Inc.

Monax Mining Ltd.

Moncoa Corp.

Mondas plc

Moneda Resources Ltd.

Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.

Monexa Technologies Corp.

Money Centers of America, Inc.

Money4Gold Holdings Inc.

Moneyflow Capital Corp.

MoneyGram International Inc.

Mongolia Growth Group Ltd.

Monitise plc

Monitor Holdings Ltd.

Monkey Rock Group, Inc.

Monmouth Capital Corp.

Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp.

MonoGen, Inc.

Monogram Biosciences, Inc.

Monroe Capital Corp.

Monroe Minerals Inc.

Monster Arts Inc.

Monster Copper Corp.

Monster Digital, Inc.

Monster Offers

Mont Blanc Resources Inc.

Montage Technology Group Ltd.

Montalvo Spirits, Inc.

Montan Mining Corp.

Montana Exploration Corp.

Montavo, Inc.

Montec Holdings

Montello Resources

Montello Resources Ltd.

Monterey Bay Tech, Inc.

Monterey Gourmet Foods

Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.

Monterrico Metals plc

Monto Minerals Ltd.

Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.

Monument Mining Ltd.

Mood Media Corp.

Mooncor Oil & Gas Corp.

Mooter Media Ltd.

Mopals.com, Inc.

Moqizone Holding Corp.

Morgain Minerals Inc.

Morgan Beaumont Inc.

Morgan Creek Energy Corp.

Morgan Joseph & Co. Inc.

Morgan Joseph TriArtisan LLC

Morgan Stanley

Morgans Hotel Group Co.

Morganís Foods, Inc.

Morien Resources Corp.

Morlex, Inc.

Morning Star Gold NL

Morning Star Holdings (Australia) Ltd.

MorphoSys AG

Morria Biopharmaceuticals plc

Morrison Cohen LLP

Morro Bay Resources Ltd.

MortgageBrokers.com Holdings Inc.

Morumbi Oil & Gas Inc.

Morumbi Resources Inc.

Mosaic Capital Corp.

Mosaic Oil NL

Mosaid Technologies Inc.

Moscow CableCom Corp.

Moseda Technologies Inc.

Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd.

Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd.

Most Home Corp.

Mostermob Group plc

MoSys Inc.

Motapa Diamonds Inc.

Motient Corp.

Motif Bio plc

Motion DNA Corp.

Moto Goldmines Ltd.

Motopia Ltd.

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.

Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motricity, Inc.

Mount Burgess Mining NL

Mount Gibson Iron Ltd.

Mount Tam Biotechnologies Inc.

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.

Mountain China Resorts (Holding) Ltd.

Mountain Lake Resources Inc.

Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.

Mountain Valley Spring Co.

Mountain-West Resources Inc.

Mountainview Energy Ltd.

Moventis Capital, Inc.

Moxian China, Inc.

Moxian Inc.

Moydow Mines International Inc.

MPH Ventures Corp.

mPhase Technologies Inc.

MPLC, Inc.


MPM Technologies, Inc.

MR3 Systems, Inc.

MRC Global Inc.

MRI Interventions, Inc.

MRU Holdings Inc.

MRV Communications, Inc.

MSB Financial Corp.

MSC.Software Corp.

MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.

MSO Holdings, Inc.

MSTI Holdings Inc.

MTBC, Inc.

MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc.

MTI Technology Corp.

MTM Technologies Inc.

MTY Food Group Inc.

Mukuba Resources Ltd.

Mullen Group Income Fund

Mullen Group Ltd.

Multiband Corp.

Multicell Technologies Inc.

MultiCorp International, Inc.

Multiemedia Ltd.

Multimedia Nova Corp.

Multimedia Platforms Inc.

Multiplied Media Corp.

Multisys Language Solutions, Inc.

MultiVir Inc.

Mundo Minerals Ltd.

Mundoro Capital Inc.

Municipal Solutions Group Inc.

Murchison Metals Ltd.

Murchison Minerals Ltd.

Murchison United NL

Murgor Resources Inc.

MusclePharm Corp.

Music Copyright Solutions plc

Musicrypt Inc.

Muskox Minerals Corp.

Muskrat Minerals Inc.

Mustang Alliances, Inc.

Mustang Minerals Corp.

Mutiny Gold Ltd.

MVB Financial Corp.

MW Bancorp, Inc.

Mwana Africa plc

MX Gold Corp.

My Active Date, Inc.

My Net Fone Ltd.

My Screen Mobile, Inc.

MyCause Beverages Inc.

Mycom Group, Inc.

MyDx, Inc.

MyEcheck Inc.

MyEZSmokes Inc.

Myhome International plc

Mymetics Corp.

MyoKardia, Inc.

MYOS Corp.

Myriad Entertainment & Resorts, Inc.

Mystique Energy Inc.

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