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M Group Services

M I Acquisitions, Inc.

M Line Holdings, Inc.

M Pharmaceutical Inc.

M Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd.

M Waikiki LLC

M&F Worldwide Corp.

M&G Equity Investment Trust plc

M&G Finance Corp.

M&G Group

M&G plc

M&G Polymers USA, LLC

M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank

M&T Bank Corp.

M*Modal Inc.

M-Brain Oy

M-Foods Holdings, Inc.

M-real Oyj

M-S-R Energy Authority

M-S-R Public Power Agency

M-Wave Inc.

M. Fabrikant & Sons Inc.


M.D. Sass Investors Services, Inc.

M.K. Patel Exim Pvt. Ltd.

M.R. Beal & Co.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.

M/C Communications LLC

M/I Homes, Inc.

M/I Schottenstein Homes Inc.

M/s Mangilall Rungta

M11 Gorey to Enniscorthy PPP

M360 Advisors, LLC

M360 CRE Income Fund LP

M45 Mining Resources Inc.

M6 Duna Autopalya Koncesszios Zrt.

MA FinanceCo., LLC

MAA Group Bhd.

MAA Holdings Bhd.

Maanshan Iron & Steel

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.

MAAX Corp.

MAAX Holdings, Inc.

MabCure, Inc.

Mabel Bidco Ltd.

Mabel Mezzco Ltd.

Mabel Topco Ltd.

MabVax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.

Mac Acquisition LLC

Mac Filmworks, Inc.

Mac-Gray Corp.

MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.


Macarthur Minerals Ltd.

MacarthurCook Industrial REIT

Macatawa Bank Corp.

Macau Co.

MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Holdings BV

MacDermid Group, Inc.

MacDermid, Inc.

MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.

MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.

Mace Advisers Ltd.

Mace Security International Inc.


Macerich Co.

Macerich Partnership, LP



Macintosh Retail Group NV

Mack-Cali Realty Corp.

Mack-Cali Realty, LP

Mackay Shields CLO-1 DAC

MacKay Shields EUR Investment Management Ltd.

MacKay Shields Euro CLO-1 DAC

MacKay Shields Euro CLO-2 DAC

MacKay Shields Europe Investment Management Ltd.

Mackay Shields Investment Management Ltd.

MacKay Shields LLC

Mackenzie ChinaAMC All China Bond Fund

Mackenzie ChinaAMC Multi-Asset Fund

Mackenzie Financial Corp

Mackenzie Global Green Bond Fund

Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact ETF

Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond ETF

Mackenzie Global Tactical Investment Grade Bond Fund

Mackenzie Ltd.

MacKeyser Holdings, LLC

Mackinac Financial Corp.

Mackinac Partners LLC

Mackinaw Power Holdings LLC

Mackinaw Power LLC

MacLean-Fogg Co., Inc.

Macmahon Holdings Ltd.

MacMillan Gold Corp.

Macmin Silver Ltd.

Macomb County Hospital Finance Authority

Macon Financial Corp.

Macon-Bibb County Hospital Authority

Macon-Bibb County Industrial Development Authority

MacoPharma SA

MacPhersons Resources Ltd.

Macquarie Airports Reset Securities Trust (Marest)

Macquarie Bank Europe DAC

Macquarie Bank Ltd.

Macquarie Capital Advisors

Macquarie Capital Funding LP

Macquarie Capital Loans Management Ltd.

Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group

Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Management Ltd.

Macquarie Credit Investment Management Inc.

Macquarie Finance (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Macquarie Financial Holdings Ltd.

Macquarie Financial Holdings Pty Ltd.

Macquarie Goodman Group

Macquarie Group Ltd.

Macquarie Harbour Mining Ltd.

Macquarie Infrastructure Co. LLC

Macquarie Infrastructure Corp.

Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings LLC

Macquarie International Finance Ltd.

Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund

Macquarie MEAG Prime REIT

Macquarie Power & Infrastructure Income Fund

Macquarie Radio Network Ltd.

Macquarie Securities South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Macquarie Securities South Africa Ltd.

Macro Enterprises Inc.

MacroChem Corp.

Macrocure Ltd.

MacroGenics, Inc.

Macromill, Inc.

Macronix International Co., Ltd.

MacroPore Biosurgery Inc.

MacroSolve, Inc.

Macrotech Developers Ltd.

Macrovision Corp.

Macrovision Corp.’s Software Business Unit

Macrovision Solutions Corp.

Mactec, Inc.

Macusani Yellowcake Inc.


Macy’s Inc.

Macy’s Inventory Funding LLC

Macy’s Inventory Holdings LLC

Macy’s PropCo Holdings, LLC

Macy’s Retail Holdings

Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc.

Macy’s Retail Holdings LLC

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.

Mad Engine

Mad Engine Global LLC


Madagascar Oil Ltd.

Madalena Energy Inc.

Madalena Ventures Inc.

Madan Financial Services Ltd.

Madaus Srl

Made2Manage Systems Inc.

Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd.

Madhucon Projects Ltd.


Madison 92nd Street Associates, LLC

Madison Area Technical College District

Madison Capital Funding LLC

Madison Center, Inc.

Madison Community Development Authority

Madison Core Bond Fund

Madison Corporate Bond Fund

Madison County Financial, Inc.

Madison County Hospital Authority No. 1

Madison County School District

Madison Dearborn

Madison Energy Corp.

Madison Financial Corp.

Madison Gas & Electric Co.

Madison Gas and Electric Co.

Madison High Quality Bond Fund

Madison IAQ

Madison IAQ LLC

Madison Investments Holdings, Inc.

Madison Metropolitan School District

Madison Minerals Inc.

Madison Mosaic Balanced Fund

Madison Park 17 CLO

Madison Park Euro Funding IX DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding V DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding VI DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding VII DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding VIII DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding X DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding XI DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding XII DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding XIII DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding XIV DAC

Madison Park Euro Funding XV DAC

Madison Park Funding IV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding IV Ltd./Madison Park Funding IV (Delaware) Corp.

Madison Park Funding IX Ltd./Madison Park Funding IX LLC

Madison Park Funding IX, LLC

Madison Park Funding IX, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding L LLC

Madison Park Funding L Ltd.

Madison Park Funding LI LLC

Madison Park Funding LI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding VI (Delaware), Corp.

Madison Park Funding VI, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding VII, LLC

Madison Park Funding VII, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding VIII Ltd./Madison Park Funding VIII LLC

Madison Park Funding VIII, LLC

Madison Park Funding VIII, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding X, LLC

Madison Park Funding X, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XI, LLC

Madison Park Funding XI, Ltd./Madison Park Funding XI, LLC

Madison Park Funding XII LLC

Madison Park Funding XII Ltd

Madison Park Funding XII Ltd./Madison Park Funding XII LLC

Madison Park Funding XIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XIII Ltd./Madison Park Funding XIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XIV LLC

Madison Park Funding XIV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XIV Ltd./Madison Park Funding XIV LLC

Madison Park Funding XIX Ltd./Madison Park Funding XIX LLC

Madison Park Funding XIX, LLC

Madison Park Funding XIX, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XL, LLC

Madison Park Funding XL, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XLIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XLIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XLV LLC

Madison Park Funding XLV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XLVI LLC

Madison Park Funding XLVI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XLVII, LLC

Madison Park Funding XLVII, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XLVIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XLVIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XV Ltd./Madison Park Funding XV LLC

Madison Park Funding XV, LLC

Madison Park Funding XV, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XVI LLC

Madison Park Funding XVI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XVI Ltd./Madison Park Funding XVI LLC

Madison Park Funding XVII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XVII Ltd./Madison Park Funding XVII

Madison Park Funding XVII Ltd./Madison Park Funding XVII LLC

Madison Park Funding XVIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XVIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XVIII Ltd./Madison Park Funding XVIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XX Ltd./Madison Park Funding XX LLC

Madison Park Funding XXI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXI, LLC

Madison Park Funding XXII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXII, LLC

Madison Park Funding XXIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXIV, LLC

Madison Park Funding XXIV, Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXIV, Ltd./Madison Park Funding XXIV, LLC

Madison Park Funding XXIX LLC

Madison Park Funding XXIX Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXV LLC

Madison Park Funding XXV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXVI (Delaware) Corp.

Madison Park Funding XXVI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXVII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXVII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXVIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXVIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXI LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXIII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXIV LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXIV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXIX LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXIX Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXV LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXV Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXVI LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXVI Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXVII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXVII Ltd.

Madison Park Funding XXXVIII LLC

Madison Park Funding XXXVIII Ltd.

Madison River Capital LLC

Madison River Communications Corp.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden Co.

Madison Square Garden Inc.

Madison Tax-Free National Fund

Madison Tax-Free Virginia Fund

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Madras Fertilizers Ltd.


Madrid Corporate Assets II Ltd.

Madrilena Red de Gas, SA

Madurai Municipal Waste Processing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Maestro Capital Corp.

Maestro Peru SA

Maestro Ventures Ltd.

MAF Bancorp Inc.

MAF Global Securities Ltd.

MAF Holdings

MAF Sukuk Ltd.

Mafco Worldwide Corp.

Mafco Worldwide LLC

MAG Aerospace

Mag Copper Ltd.

MAG DS Corp.

Mag Finance Corp.

MAG Industrial Automation Systems

Mag One Products Inc.

MAG Silver Corp.

MAG/Tucker Rocky

Magadan Oblast

Magal Security Systems Ltd.

Magallanes Inc.

Magazine Luiza SA

Magellan Aerospace Corp.

Magellan Dutch Bidco BV

Magellan Gold Corp.

Magellan Health Services, Inc.

Magellan Health, Inc.

Magellan Midstream Holdings LP

Magellan Midstream Partners, LP

Magellan Minerals Ltd.

Magellan Mortgages No. 5 Ltd.

Magellan Mortgages No. 6 Ltd.

Magellan Petroleum Corp.

Magellan Pipeline

Magen BioSciences, Inc.

Magenta 2020 plc

Magenta Buyer LLC

MagForce AG

Maghreb Minerals plc

Magic Bidco Ltd.

Magic Brands, LLC

Magic MergerCo, Inc.

Magic Newco 2 Sarl

Magic Newco 5 Sarl

Magic Newco LLC

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.

magicJack VocalTec Ltd.


MagIndustries Corp.

Magma Design Automation Inc.

Magma Energy Corp.

Magma Energy Sweden

Magma Fincorp Ltd.

Magma Housing Finance

Magma Metals Ltd.

Magma Nusantara Ltd.

Magna Entertainment Corp.

Magna International Inc.

Magna Mining NL

Magna Resources Ltd.

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp.

MagnaChip Semiconductor LLC

MagnaChip Semiconductor SA


MagneGas Corp.

Magnequench Inc.

Magnesita Finance Ltd.

Magnesita Refractories Co.

Magnesita Refratários SA

Magnesium Corp. of America

Magnetation LLC

Magnetech Industrial Services of Alabama, LLC

Magnetek, Inc.

Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto System Ltd.

Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto Systems Ltd.

Magnetic Resources NL

Magnetite IX LLC

Magnetite IX, Ltd.

Magnetite VI, Ltd./Magnetite VI LLC

Magnetite VII, Ltd./Magnetite VII LLC

Magnetite VIII Ltd./Magnetite VIII LLC

Magnetite XI, LLC

Magnetite XI, Ltd./Magnetite XI LLC

Magnetite XII LLC

Magnetite XII, Ltd./Magnetite XII LLC

Magnetite XIV LLC

Magnetite XIV, Ltd.

Magnetite XIV, Ltd./Magnetite XIV LLC

Magnetite XIX, Ltd./Magnetite XIX LLC

Magnetite XV, Ltd./Magnetite XV LLC

Magnetite XVI, Ltd./Magnetite XVI LLC

Magnetite XVII, Ltd./Magnetite XVII LLC

Magnetite XVIII LLC

Magnetite XVIII, Ltd.

Magnetite XVIII, Ltd./Magnetite XVIII LLC

Magnetite XXI LLC

Magnetite XXI, Ltd.

Magnetite XXII LLC

Magnetite XXII Ltd.

Magnetite XXIII LLC

Magnetite XXIII, Ltd.

Magnetite XXIV LLC

Magnetite XXIV, Ltd.

Magnetite XXIX LLC

Magnetite XXIX, Ltd.

Magnetite XXV LLC

Magnetite XXV, Ltd.

Magnetite XXVI LLC

Magnetite XXVI, Ltd.

Magnetite XXVII LLC

Magnetite XXVII, Ltd.

Magnetite XXVIII LLC

Magnetite XXVIII, Ltd.

Magnetite XXXI LLC

Magnetite XXXI Ltd.

Magnifoam Technology International Inc.



Magnite Inc.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works OJSC (MMK Finance SA)

Magnitude Information Systems, Inc.


Magnolia (BC) SA

Magnolia Bostad AB

Magnolia Finance II plc

Magnolia Finance VI plc

Magnolia Funding Ltd.

Magnolia Independent School District

Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.

Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp.

Magnolia Oil & Gas Operating, LLC

Magnolia Petroleum plc

Magnolia Power Project A

Magnolia Project

Magnolia Regional Health Center

Magnolia Solar Corp.

Magnum Bhd.

Magnum Coal Co.

Magnum Corp. Bhd.

Magnum Corp. Sdn. Bhd.

Magnum D'Or Resources, Inc.

Magnum Energy Inc.

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.

Magnum Hunter Resources Inc.

Magnum Management Corp.

Magnum Minerals Corp.

Magnum Uranium Corp.

Magnus Energy Inc.

Magnus International Resources, Inc.

Magor Corp.

Magpul Industries Corp.

Maguire Properties Inc.

Magyar Export-Import Bank

Magyar Fejlesztesi Bank

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelo Zrt.

Magyar Olaj- es Gazipari Rt. (MOL)

Magyar Takarekszovetkezeti Bank ZRt

Magyar Telecom BV

Magyar Telekom plc

Mah Sing Group Bhd.

Maha Energy AB

Mahalo Energy (USA) Inc.

Mahalo Energy Ltd.

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd.

Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran

Maharashtra Patbandhare Vittiya Co. Ltd.

Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.

Mahaveer Infoway Ltd.

Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd.

Mahdia Gold Corp.

Maher Terminals

Mahesh Agro Private Ltd.

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts (India) Ltd.

Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.

Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd.

Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Ltd.

Mahoning County

Mahwah Bergen Retail Group, Inc.

MAI Holdings Inc.

MAI Systems Corp.

Maiden Holdings Ltd.

Maiden Holdings North America Ltd.

Maiden Reinsurance Ltd.

Maidenform Brands Inc.

Mail Systems Liquidation, Inc.

Mail-Well, Inc.

Mail.ru Finance Ltd.

Mail.ru Group Ltd.


Maimonides Medical Center

Main Event Entertainment

Main Event Entertainment Inc.

Main St. Personal Finance, Inc.

Main Street Capital Corp.

Main Street Natural Gas Inc.

Main Street Personal Finance, Inc.

Main Street Restaurant Group, Inc.


Maine & Maritime Corp.

Maine & Maritimes Corp.

Maine Department of Transportation

Maine Educational Loan Authority

Maine Finance Authority

Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority

Maine Medical Center

Maine Municipal Bond Bank

Maine State Housing Authority

Maine Turnpike Authority

MaineGeneral Medical Center


Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.

Mainetti (India) Pvt Ltd.

Mainland Resources, Inc.

Mainor Ülemiste AS

MainSource Financial Group Inc.

MainStay Balanced Fund

MainStay California Tax Free Opportunities Fund

Mainstay Defined Term Intermediate Duration Municipal Bond Fund

MainStay Defined Term Municipal Opportunities Fund

MainStay DefinedTerm Municipal High Income Fund

MainStay Equity Index Fund

MainStay Funds Trust

MainStay ICAP Equity Fund

MainStay ICAP International Fund

MainStay ICAP Select Equity Fund

MainStay International Equity Fund

MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund

Mainstay Medical Holdings plc

MainStay New York Tax Free Bond Fund

MainStay Short Duration High Yield Fund

MainStay U.S. Small Cap Fund

MainStay VP Funds Trust

MainStay VP International Equity Portfolio

MainStay VP Large Cap Growth Portfolio

Mainstream Renewable Power

MainStreet Bancshares, Inc.

MainStreet BankShares

Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Mainstreet Health Investments Inc.

MAIR Holdings, Inc.

Maire Tecnimont SpA

Maison Bidco Ltd.

Maison Finco plc

Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd.

Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde SA

Maithon Power Ltd.

Majan Electricity Co. SAOC

Majapahit Holding BV

Majedie Investments plc

Majesco Entertainment Co.

Majescor Resources Inc.

Majestic Capital Ltd.

Majestic Gold Corp.

Majestic Holdco, LLC

Majestic Insurance Co.

Majestic Star Casino LLC

Majestic USA Capital, Inc.

Majid Al Futtaim Properties

Majid Al-Futtaim Holding LLC

Majid Al-Futtaim Properties LLC

Major Cineplex Group PCL

Major Development PCL

Major Hospital

Major League Baseball Facility Fund, LLC

Major League Football Inc.

MajorDrive Holdings IV, LLC


MakeMyTrip Ltd.

Makena Resources Inc.

Makhteshim Agan Group

Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd.

Makmur Mandiri Utama (Buma)

Mako Energy Ltd.

MAKO Surgical Corp.

Malabar Trading Co. Ltd.

Malachite Resources Ltd.

Malachite Resources NL


Malaga Inc.

Malagasy Minerals Ltd.

Malakoff Bhd.

Malakoff Corp. Bhd.

Malakoff Power Bhd.

Malan Realty Investors Inc.

Malana Power Co. Ltd.


Malayan Banking Bhd.

Malayan Banking Bhd. (Maybank)

Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.


Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd.

Malaysia Airports Capital Bhd.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd.

Malaysia Building Society Bhd.

Malaysia Fund, Inc.

Malaysia Global Sukuk Inc.

Malaysia International Shipping Corp. Bhd

Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Bhd.

Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corp.

Malaysia Sovereign Sukuk Bhd.

Malaysia Wakala Sukuk Bhd.

Malaysian Airline System Bhd.

Malaysian Merchant Marine Bhd.

Malaysian Plantations Bhd.

Malaysian Reinsurance Bhd.

Malaysian ringgit

Malbex Resources Inc.

Malden Mills Industries, Inc.


Maldives Sukuk Issuance Ltd.

Malex Inc.


Malibu Boats, Inc.

Malibu Minerals Inc.

Malka Oil AB

Mall Funding plc

Mall LP

Mallcom (India) Ltd

Mallinckrodt ARD LLC

Mallinckrodt CB LLC

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA

Mallinckrodt LLC

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Mallinckrodt plc




Malta Freeport Co.

Malton Bhd.

Malu Paper Mills Ltd.

Malurus I LLC


Malvern Bancorp, Inc.

Malvern Federal Bancorp, Inc.

MamaMancini’s Holdings, Inc.

MamaMancini’s, Inc.

Mamba Purchaser, Inc.

Mamma.com Inc.

Mammoth Energy Services, Inc.

Mammoth Lakes

Mamoura Diversified Global Holding PJSC

Mamtek U.S.

Mamut ASA







Man Group

Man Group plc

Man Industries India Ltd.

Man Investments Canada Corp.

Man Sang Holdings, Inc.


Man Shing Agricultural Holdings, Inc.

Man Strategic Holdings Ltd.

Managed Duration Investment Grade Municipal Fund

Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.

Managed Municipal Fund, Inc.

Managed Portfolio Series

Managed Support Services plc

Management Network Group, Inc.

Management Services

Managers AMG Funds

Managers AMG GW&K Fixed Income Fund

Managers Bond Fund

Managers California Intermediate Tax-Free Fund

Managers Fixed Income Fund

Managers Global Fund

Managers Global Income Opportunity Fund

Managers International Equity Fund

Manakoa Services Corp.

Manali Petrochemicals Ltd.

Manappuram Finance Ltd.

Manappuram General Finance & Leasing Ltd.

Manaris Corp.

Manas Petroleum Corp.

Manas Resources Ltd.

Manassas Industrial Development Authority

Manatee County

Manatee County School District

Manatron Inc.

Manatt, Phelps & Phelps, LLP

Manaus Ambiental SA


Manchester Acquisition Sub LLC

Manchester Airport Group Funding plc

Manchester Inc.

Manchester United

Manchester United Ltd.

Manchester United plc

Mandalay Digital Group, Inc.

Mandalay Media, Inc.

Mandalay Resort Group

Mandalay Resources Corp Inc.

Mandalay Resources Corp.

Mandatory Exchangeable Trust

Mandhana Industries Ltd.

Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.

Mandiri Persero

Mandiri Tunas Finance

Mandorin Goldfields Inc.

Mandra Forestry Finance Ltd.

Mandra Forestry Holdings Ltd.

Mangalam Cement Ltd.

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.


Mangistau Electricity Distribution Co. JSC

Mangistau Electricity Distribution Network Co.

MangoSoft, Inc.

Mangrove LuxCo III


Mangystau region

Manhattan Bancorp

Manhattan Bancshares Inc.

Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.

Manhattan College

Manhattan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Manhattan Scientifics Inc.

Manheim Township School District

Mani Exports

maniaTV Inc.

Manicouagan Minerals Inc.

Manila Cavite Toll Road Finance Co.

Manila Electric Co. (Meralco)

Manila Water Co.

Manila Water Co., Inc.



Manistique Papers Liquidation Co., Inc.

Manistique Papers, Inc.

Manitex International, Inc.


Manitoba Finance Department

Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board

Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.

Manitok Energy Inc.

Manitou BF SA

Manitou Gold Inc.

Manitowoc Co., Inc.

Manitowoc Cranes

Manitowoc Foodservice Inc.

Manjung Island Energy Bhd.

Mankato Independent School District No. 77

Mannai Corp. QPSC

Manning & Napier Fund, Inc.

Manning & Napier, Inc.

Mannington Mills

Mannington Mills Inc.

MannKind Corp.

Mano River Resources Inc.

Manor Care Inc.

Manor Global Inc.

Manor Independent School District

Manpower Inc.

ManpowerGroup Inc.

Manquehue Net SA

Manroy plc

Mansfield Independent School District

Mansfield Minerals Inc.

Manson Creek Resources Ltd.

ManTech International Corp.

MantiCore Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mantis Mineral Corp.

Mantle Mining Corp. Ltd.

Mantle Resources Inc.

Mantra Mining Inc.

Mantra Resources Ltd.

Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co.

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co.

Manugistics Group, Inc.

Manulife (International) Ltd.

Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Manulife Asset Management (Taiwan)

Manulife Asset Management Ltd.

Manulife Asset Management Private Markets

Manulife Bank of Canada

Manulife Financial Capital Trust II

Manulife Financial Corp.

Manulife Investments

Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust

Manulife US Real Estate Management Ptd. Ltd.


Manutencoop Facility Management SpA

Manx Financial Group plc


Maoye International Holdings Ltd.

MAP Health Management, LLC

MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mapco Express Inc.

Mapeley Ltd.

Mapfre Argentina ART SA

Mapfre Argentina Seguros SA

Mapfre Group

Mapfre SA

Mapfre Uruguay Seguros SA

Mapi-Pharma Ltd.

MapInfo Corp.

Maple Energy LLC

Maple Energy plc

Maple Grove Funding Trust I

Maple Heights City School District

Maple Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Project

Maple Holdings Acquisition Corp.

Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Maple Leaf Heritage Investments Acquisition Corp.

Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc.

Maple Minerals Corp.

Maple Street Correctional Center

Mapletree Commercial Trust

Mapletree Commercial Trust Treasury Co. Pte. Ltd.

Mapletree Commercial Trust Treasury Company Pte. Ltd.

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Treasury Co. (HKSAR) Ltd.

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust Management Ltd.

Mapletree Industrial Trust

Mapletree Industrial Trust Treasury Co. Pte Ltd.

Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd.

Mapletree Logistics Trust

Mapletree Logistics Trust Management Ltd.

Mapletree North Asia Commercial Treasury Co. Ltd.

Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust

Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust Treasury Co. Pte. Ltd.

Mapletree Treasury Services Ltd.

MapletreeLog Treasury Co. (HKSAR) Ltd.

MapletreeLog Treasury Co. Pte. Ltd.

Maquinaria Especializada MXO Trust

Maquinaria Especializada MXO Trust Agreement No. F/00762

Mar Bidco Sarl

Mar City plc

Marac Finance Ltd.

Maracay Homes Arizona


Marani Brands, Inc.

Maranon Capital, LP

Maranon Loan Funding 2015-1 Ltd.

Maranon Loan Funding 2016-1, Ltd.

Maranon Loan Funding 2018-1 LLC

Maranon Loan Funding 2018-1 Ltd.

Maranon Loan Funding 2019-1 LLC

Maranon Loan Funding 2019-1 Ltd.

Maranon Loan Funding 2020-1 LLC

Maranon Loan Funding 2020-1 Ltd.

Maranon Loan Funding 2021-2 Ltd.

Marapharm Ventures Inc.

Marathon Asset Management

Marathon Asset Management LP

Marathon Asset Management, LLC

Marathon CLO 14 LLC

Marathon CLO 14 Ltd.

Marathon CLO 2020-15 LLC

Marathon CLO 2020-15 Ltd.

Marathon CLO 2021-16 LLC

Marathon CLO 2021-16 Ltd.

Marathon CLO IX Ltd.

Marathon CLO V Ltd.

Marathon CLO V Ltd./Marathon CLO V LLC

Marathon CLO VI Ltd./Marathon CLO VI LLC

Marathon CLO VII LLC

Marathon CLO VII Ltd.

Marathon CLO VII Ltd./Marathon CLO VII LLC


Marathon CLO VIII Ltd./Marathon CLO VIII LLC

Marathon CLO XII LLC

Marathon CLO XII Ltd.


Marathon CLO XIII Ltd.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.

Marathon Gold Corp.

Marathon Oil Canada Corp.

Marathon Oil Corp.

Marathon Patent Group, Inc.

Marathon Petroleum Corp.

Marathon PGM Corp.

Marathon Resources Ltd.

Marauder Resources East Coast Inc.

Maravai Intermediate Holdings, LLC

Maravai LifeSciences

Maravai Topco Holdings LLC

MARB BondCo plc

Marble Arch Residential Securitisation No. 3 Ltd.

Marble Arch Residential Securitisation No. 4 plc

Marble I Pte. Ltd.

Marble II Pte. Ltd.

Marble Point CLO Management LLC

Marble Point CLO X, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XI LLC

Marble Point CLO XI, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XIV LLC

Marble Point CLO XIV, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XIX LLC

Marble Point CLO XIX, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XV LLC

Marble Point CLO XV, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XVI LLC

Marble Point CLO XVI, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XVII LLC

Marble Point CLO XVII, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XVIII LLC

Marble Point CLO XVIII, Ltd.

Marble Point CLO XX LLC

Marble Point CLO XX Ltd.

Marble Point Credit Management LLC

Marbob Energy Corp.

Marc Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.

Marcel Bidco GmbH

Marcel BidCo LLC

Marcel Lux Debtco Sarl

Marcel LUX IV Sarl

March 2013 WTI crude oil futures contract

March Resources Corp.

Marchex Inc.

Marchpole Holdings plc

Marchwell Ventures Ltd.

Marco Community Bancorp, Inc.

Marco Island

Marco Polo Marine Ltd.

Marco Polo Seatrade BV

Marcol Group/C.G.I.S. Group Ltd.

Marcolin SpA

Marconi Corp.

Marcus Corp.

Mare Baltic PCC Ltd.

Marea CLO, Ltd.

Marel hf

Maremont Corp.

Marenave Schiffahrts AG

Marengo Mining Ltd.

Maretex Ltd.

Marex Financial Ltd.

Marex Spectron Group Ltd.

Marfin Egnatia Bank

Marfin Investment Group Holdings SA

Marfin Popular Bank PCL

Marfin Popular Bank plc

Marfrig Alimentos SA

Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos Ltda.

Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos SA

Marfrig Global Foods SA

Marfrig Holdings (Europe) BV

Marfrig Overseas Ltd.

Marg Constructions Ltd.

Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc.

Margaux Resources Ltd.

Mari El Republic

Maria Parham Medical Center

Mariana Resources Ltd.

Maricann Group Inc.

Maricopa County

Maricopa County Community College District

Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority

Maricopa County Pollution Control Corp.

Maricopa County Regional Area Road Fund

Maricopa County School District No. 4

Maricopa County School District No. 69

Maricopa County School District No. 80

Maricopa Industrial Development Authority

Mariefjard AB


Marietta Corp.

Marietta Development Authority

Marifil Mines Ltd.

Marin Community College District

Marin County

Marin Healthcare District

Marin Software Inc.

Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd.

Marina Biotech, Inc.

Marina Coast Water District

Marina District Development Co. LLC

Marina District Finance Co., Inc.

Marine Accurate Well ASA

Marine Acquisition Corp.

Marine Acquisition Holdings Inc.

Marine Bank & Trust Co.

Marine Harvest ASA

Marine Park CLO LLC

Marine Park CLO Ltd.

Marine Produce Australia

Marine Subsea Cyprus Holding Ltd.

Marine Subsea Cyprus Holdings Ltd.

MarineMax Inc.

Mariner CLO 2015-1 LLC

Mariner CLO 2015-1 Ltd.

Mariner CLO 2016-3 LLC

Mariner CLO 2016-3 Ltd./Mariner CLO 2016-3 LLC

Mariner CLO 2016-3, Ltd.

Mariner CLO 6 LLC

Mariner CLO 6 Ltd.

Mariner CLO 7 LLC

Mariner CLO 7 Ltd.

Mariner Energy, Inc.

Mariner Health Care, Inc.

Mariner Hyman Beck Portfolio

Mariner Investment Group, LLC

Mariner Municipal Managers LLC

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC

Marinix SAS

Marino Park CLO DAC

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Marion County Coal Co.

Marion County Convention and Recreational Facilities Authority

Marion County Convention and Recreational Facility Authority

Marion County School District No. 24J

Marion Energy Inc.

Marion Energy Ltd.

Marion General Hospital Project

Marion Township

Mariposa Intermediate Holdings LLC

Marist College

Maritime Bank

Maritime Electric Co. Ltd.

Maritime Finance Co.

Maritime Link Financing Trust

Maritime Telecommunications Network Inc. (MTN)

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline LP

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Ltd. Partnership

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, LLC

Maritrans Inc.

Mark Andy

Mark IV Industries, Inc.


Markel CATCo Diversified Fund

Markel CATCo Investment Management Ltd.

Markel CATCo Re Ltd.

Markel CATCo Reinsurance Fund Ltd.

Markel Corp.

Markermeer Finance BV

Market Bancorporation Inc.

Market Central, Inc.

Market Leader, Inc.

Market Prophit Social Media Sentiment index

Market Street Bancshares Inc.

Market Tech Holdings Ltd.

Market Track, LLC

Market Vector Gold Miners exchange-traded fund

Market Vector Oil Services exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors

Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF

Market Vectors Altman North America Defaulted & Distressed Bond index

Market Vectors Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers index

Market Vectors China Bond ETF

Market Vectors ChinaAMC China Bond ETF

Market Vectors Double Tax-Free Municipal Income Fund

Market Vectors Emerging Markets Corporate Bond ETF

Market Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF

Market Vectors ETF Trust

Market Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF

Market Vectors Global Chemicals ETF

Market Vectors Global Mortgage REITs index

Market Vectors Global Oil Refiners index

Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF

Market Vectors Gold Miners exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors Gold Miners exchange-traded fund, LP

Market Vectors Index Solutions GmbH

Market Vectors International High Yield Bond ETF

Market Vectors International U.S.$ High Yield Bond ETF

Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF

Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors LatAm Aggregate Bond exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors Morningstar Long/Flat Commodity ETF

Market Vectors Morningstar Long/Short Commodity ETF

Market Vectors Oil Services ETF

Market Vectors Oil Services exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors Renminbi Bond ETF

Market Vectors Russia ETF

Market Vectors Russia exchange-traded fund

Market Vectors RVE Hard Assets Producers ETF

Market Vectors Short High-Yield Municipal Index ETF

Market Vectors Unconventional Oil and Gas ETF

Market Vectors US Treasury-Hedged High Yield Bond index

Market Vectors US Volatility Premium Capture Index

Market Vectors-Altman Defaulted & Distressed Bond ETF

MarketAxess Corp.

MarketAxess Holdings Inc.

Marketing Worldwide Corp.

MarketingMobileText Inc.

Marketo, Inc.

Marketplace Originated Consumer Assets 2016-1 plc

Marketvision Direct, Inc.

MarketWise, Inc.

MarketWise, LLC

Markit CDX North American High Yield index

Markit Group Holdings Ltd.

Markit Group Ltd.

Markit iBoxx Asian Local Bond index

Markit iBoxx Asian USD Bond index

Markit iBoxx Asian USD High Yield Bond index

Markit iBoxx Contingent Convertible indexes

Markit iBoxx EUR High Yield Benchmark

Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield

Markit iBoxx Liquid Ultrashort indexes

Markit iBoxx SGD

Markland Technologies Inc.

Markley Group

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Group plc

Marks & Spencer plc

Marks and Spencer Group plc

Marks and Spencer plc

Marksans Pharma Ltd.

Marksmen Energy Inc.

Marksmen Resources Ltd.

Markville and Chinook Shopping Centres

Markville Shopping Centre and Chinook Centre

MarkWest Energy Finance Corp.

MarkWest Energy Partners LP

Markwest Hydrocarbon, Inc.

Marlay Park CLO DAC

Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital

Marlborough Software Development Holdings Inc.

Marlborough Street CLO, LLC

Marlborough Street CLO, Ltd.

Marley Coffee

Marlim (Companhia Petrolifera Marlim)

Marlin (EMC II) BV

Marlin Business Services Corp.

Marlin Equity Partners

Marlin Financial Group

Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.

Marlin Intermediate Holdings plc

Marlink Group

Marmion Industries Corp.

Marmon Crane Services Inc.

Marmota Energy Ltd.

Marnix French ParentCo

Marnix SAS

Marolina Outdoor, Inc.

Maronda Homes, Inc.

Marquee Brands LLC

Marquee Energy Ltd.

Marquee Holdings Inc.

Marquee Land Pte. Ltd.

Marquette County

Marquette General Hospital

Marquette National Corp.

Marquette Transportation Co. Holdings LLC

Marquette Transportation Co., LLC

Marquette Transportation Holdings, Inc.

Marquette University


Marret Asset Management Inc.

Marriott International Inc.

Marriott Ownership Resorts, Inc.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.

Mars Area School District

Mars Borrower, LLC

Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF

Mars Intermediate LLC

Mars, Inc.

Marsa Energy Inc.

Marseille-Kliniken AG

Marsh & McLennan Cos., Inc.

Marsh Supermarkets Holding, LLC

Marsh Supermarkets Inc.

Marshall & Ilsley Bank

Marshall & Ilsley Corp.

Marshall & Ilsley LLC

Marshall Broadcasting Group, Inc.

Marshall County Coal Co.

Marshall County Industrial Development Authority

Marshall County Industrial Development Authority Mississippi Highway Construction Project

Marshall Edwards, Inc.

Marshall Funds, Inc.

Marshall Retail Group

Marshalls plc

Marshfield Clinic

Marshfield Clinic, Inc.

Marsico Capital Management LLC

Marsico Holdings, LLC

Marsico Parent Co. LLC

Marsons Ltd.


Marston’s Issuer plc

Marsulex Inc.

Mart Resources Inc.

Martek Biosciences Corp.

Marten Transport, Ltd.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

Martin County Health Facilities Authority

Martin County Industrial Development Authority

Martin Focused Value Fund

Martin LLP

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.

Martin Memorial Medical Center

Martin Midstream Finance Corp.

Martin Midstream Partners LP

Martin Operating Partnership LP

Martina Minerals Corp.

Martinrea International Inc.

Martlet Homes Ltd.


Marubeni Caribbean Power Holdings, Inc.

Marubeni Corp.

Marubeni Power (Cayman Islands) Finance Ltd.

MaruEnergy Caribbean, Ltd.

MaruEnergy Trinidad, LLC

Maruho Co.

Marui Group Co., Ltd.

MARV Capital, Inc.

Marvel Enterprises Inc.

Marvel Entertainment, Inc.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Marvell Technology, Inc.

Marwyn Management Partners plc

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Mary Kay

Mary Washington Healthcare Obligated Group

Maryborough Sugar Factory Ltd.

Maryfield Inc.


Maryland Aviation Administration Facilities

Maryland Board of Public Works

Maryland CDA

Maryland Community Development Administration

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Maryland Department of the Environment

Maryland Department of Transportation

Maryland Economic Development Corp.

Maryland Financial Bank

Maryland Health & Higher Educational Facilities Authority

Maryland Health and Higher Education Facilities Authority

Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority

Maryland Housing and Community Development Administration

Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority

Maryland Public Health Laboratory

Maryland Stadium Authority

Maryland Transportation Authority

Maryland Water Quality Financing Administration

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Marylebone Warwick Balfour Group plc

Marymount Manhattan College

Marymount University


Marysville Public Financing

Marysville School District No. 25


MAS Financial Services Ltd.

MAS Real Estate Inc.

MAS Securities BV

Masampe Holding BV

Masan Group Corp.

Masaria Investments SAU

Masco Corp.

Mascon Global Ltd.

Mascot MidCo 1 Oy

Mascotte Holdings Ltd.

Masergy Communications Inc.

Masergy Holdings, Inc.

Mashantucket (Western) Pequot Tribal Nation

Mashantucket (Western) Pequot Tribe

Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation

Mashantucket Pequot Tribe

Mashreqbank psc

Masimo Corp.

Masisa SA

Masmovil Broadband, SAU

Masmovil Group

MasMovil Holdphone SAU

Masmovil Ibercom, SA

MasMovil/Lorca Telecom

Mason County

Mason Graphite Inc.

Masonic Homes

Masonic Homes of Kentucky


Masonite International Corp.

Masonite International Inc.

Masraf Al Rayan

Mass Financial Corp.

Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co., Inc.


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories

Massachusetts Clean Energy Cooperative Corp.

Massachusetts Clean Water Authority

Massachusetts Clean Water Trust

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Massachusetts Development Finance Agency

Massachusetts Educational Financing Agency

Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

Massachusetts Electric Co.

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts Health & Education Tax-Exempt Trust

Massachusetts Health & Educational Facilities Authority

Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock Fund

Massachusetts Investors Trust

Massachusetts Limited Maturity Municipal Income Fund

Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Co.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Massachusetts Port Authority

Massachusetts School Building Authority

Massachusetts State College Building Authority

Massachusetts State Water Pollution Abatement Trust

Massachusetts Turnpike Authority

Massachusetts Water Pollution Abatement Trust

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Massbank Corp.

Massey Energy Co.

Massive Interactive, Inc.

MassMutual Barings Dynamic Allocation Fund

MassMutual Focused International Fund

MassMutual Global Funding II

MassMutual Global Funding LLC

MassMutual International Bond Fund

MassMutual Life Insurance Co.

MassMutual Premier Funds

MassMutual Select Fundamental Growth Fund

MassMutual Select Funds

MassMutual Select Nasdaq-100 Fund

MassRoots, Inc.

Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

MasTec Inc.

Mastech Holdings, Inc.

Mastek Ltd.

Mastellone Hermanos SA

Master Asset Vehicle II

Master Credit Card Trust

Master Glory Group Ltd.

Master Marine AS

Master Silicon Carbide Industries, Inc.

Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd.

MasterCard Inc.

MasterCard International Inc.


Mastercroft Ltd.

Masterplan Inc.

Masters Energy Inc.

Mastronardi Produce Ltd.

Mastro’s Restaurants, LLC

Matador Acquisition Corp.

Matador as

Matador Automotive Vrable as

Matador Bidco

Matador Bidco Sarl

Matador Exploration Inc.

Matador Resources Co.

Matagorda County Navigation District No. 1

Matagorda County Navigation District No. One

Matahari International BV

Matahari Putra Prima Tbk.

Matalan Finance Ltd.

Matalan Finance plc

Matalan plc

Matamec Explorations Inc.

Matang Highway Sdn. Bhd.

Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Matanuska-Sustina Borough


Matav-Cable Systems Media Ltd.


Match Group Holding II, LLC

Match Group Holdings II

Match Group Holdings II, LLC

Match Group, Inc.

Matchbox Food Group LLC


Material Handling Systems Inc.

Material Sciences

Material Technologies Inc.

Materialise NV

Materials Select Sector index

Materials Select Sector SPDR fund

Materion Corp.


MathStar, Inc.

Matica Enterprises Inc.

Matilda Zircon Ltd.

Matinas BioPharma Holdings, Inc.

MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners II LP


Mato Grosso

Matomy Media Group Ltd.

Matra Petroleum plc

Matria Healthcare, Inc.

Matritech Inc.

Matrix Acquisition Corp.

Matrix Asset Management Inc.

Matrix Bancorp, Inc.

Matrix Capital Group, Inc.

Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd.

Matrix Development

Matrix Development Corp.

Matrix Funding Corp.

Matrix IT Ltd.

Matrix Laboratories Ltd.

Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Service Co.

Matrix Valley plc

MatrixView Ltd.

Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.

Matson Navigation Co. Inc.

Matson, Inc.

Matsoretum AB (publ)

Matsorower AB

Matsui Securities

Matsui Securities Co. Ltd.

Mattamy Group Corp.

Mattamy Homes

Mattel, Inc.

Matterhorn Merger Sub, LLC

Matterhorn Mobile Holdings SA

Matterhorn Mobile SA

Matterhorn Telecom Holding SA

Matterhorn Telecom SA

Mattersight Corp.

Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund

Matthews Asia Strategic Income Fund

Matthews Asia Sustainability Fund

Matthews Asian Growth and Income Fund

Matthews Equipment Ltd.

Matthews International Capital Management, LLC

Matthews International Corp.

Mattioli Woods

Mattioli Woods plc

Mattress Discounters Corp.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm Holding Corp.

Mattress Firm, Inc.

Mattress Holding Corp.

Mattress Holdings Corp.

Mattson Technology, Inc.

Maudore Minerals Ltd.

Maui County

Maui Electric Co., Ltd.

Maui General Store, Inc.

Maui Land & Pineapple Co., Inc.

Maui Land and Pineapple Co., Inc.

Mauna Kea Technologies SA

Maurel & Prom SA

Maurepas Pipeline LLC

Maurice Sporting Goods of Delaware, Inc.

Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc.


Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.

Maury County

Maury County Industrial Development Board

Mauser AG

Mauser Beteiligungs GmbH

Mauser Group

Mauser Holding GmbH

Mauser Holding Sarl

Mauser Holdings

Mauser Packaging Solutions Holding Co.

Mauser Packaging Solutions Intermediate Co., Inc.

Mauser Waldeck AG

MAV Acquisition Corp.

MAV Zrt Hungarian State Railways

Mavenir Private Holdings II Ltd.

Mavenir Systems, Inc.

Maverick County

Maverick Drilling and Exploration Ltd.

Maverick Gaming LLC

Maverick Holdco Inc.

Maverick Minerals Corp.

Maverick Oil & Gas, Inc.

Maverick Purchaser Sub LLC

Maverick Tube Corp.

Maverick US 2 LLC

Maverix Metals Inc.

Mavis Discount Tire

Mavis Discount Tire and Express Oil Change & Engineers

Mavis Tire Express Services Corp.

Mavis Tire Express Services TopCo LP

Mavrix Fund Management Inc.

Mawmluh Cherra Cements Ltd.

Mawson Resources Ltd.

Mawson West Ltd.

Max Bank A/S

Max Capital Group Ltd.

Max Cash Media Inc.

Max Petroleum plc

Max Re Capital Ltd.

Max Resource Corp.

Max Sound Corp.

Max Two Ltd.

Max USA Holdings Ltd.

Maxar Technologies Inc.

Maxar Technologies Ltd

Maxcom Telecomunicaciones SAB de CV

Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, SA de CV

Maxcom USA Telecom, Inc.

Maxcom, SAB de CV

MaxCyte, Inc.


Maxeda DIY BV

Maxeda DIY Group BV

Maxeda DIY Holding BV

Maxeon Solar

Maxeon Solar Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Maxi Zoo Italia SpA

Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp. Ltd.

Maxim Ariel MidCap Value Portfolio

Maxim Ariel Small-Cap Value Portfolio

Maxim Biomedical, Inc.

Maxim Crane Works

Maxim Crane Works Holding Capital, LLC

Maxim Crane Works Holdings Capital LLC

Maxim Crane Works Holdings, Inc.

Maxim Crane Works, LP

Maxim Group LLC

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

Maxim Loomis Sayles Small-Cap Value Portfolio

Maxim MidCap Value Portfolio

Maxim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Maxim Power Corp.

Maxim Resources Inc.

Maxim Series Fund, Inc.

Maxim Stock Index Portfolio

Maxim T. Rowe Price Equity/Income Portfolio

Maxima Grupe

Maxima Grupe UAB

Maximus Holdings Inc.

Maximus Ventures Ltd.

Maximus, Inc.

Maxion Wheels de Mexico, S de RL de CV

Maxis Bhd.

Maxis Communications Bhd

Maxis Nikkei 225 Index Fund

MAXjet Airways Inc.

MaxLife Fund Corp.

MaxLinear Inc.

MaxPoint Interactive, Inc.

MAXpower Group Pte. Ltd.

MaxTech Ventures Inc.

Maxtor Corp.

Maxtral Industries Bhd.

Maxtral Industry Bhd.

Maxum Enterprises LLC

Maxum Petroleum Holdings, Inc.

Maxum Petroleum Inc.

Maxum Petroleum Operating Co.

Maxus Energy Corp.

Maxus Realty Trust, Inc.

Maxwell Technologies Inc.

Maxxam Group Holdings Inc.

Maxxcom Inc.

Maxxim Medical

Maxxon, Inc.

Maxy Gold Corp.

Maxygen, Inc.

May 13

May Department Stores Co.

Maya Gold & Silver Inc.

Maybank Kim Eng Holdings Ltd.

Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) PCL

Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.

Mayen Minerals Ltd.

Mayer Brown

Mayfair Mining & Minerals, Inc.

Mayfield Holdings LLC

Mayflower Communities

Mayflower Communities, Inc.

Mayne Group Ltd.

Mayne Pharma Ltd.

Mayo Clinic

Mayor's Jewelers Inc.

Mayport CLO Ltd.

Maytag Corp.

Mayur Electrical Industries Pvt Ltd.


Mayville Engineering Co., Inc.

Maywood Park Trotting Association, Inc.

Maywufa Co. Ltd.

Mazal Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mazda Motor Corp.

Mazeikiu Nafta

Mazeikiu Nafta AB

mazon.com, Inc..

Mazoon Assets Co. SAOC

Mazoon Electricity Co. SAOC

Mazor Robotics Ltd.

Mazorro Resources Inc.

Mazovian Railways


MB Aerospace

MB Aerospace Holdings II Corp.

MB Bancorp, Inc.

MB Financial Bank, NA

MB Financial Capital Trust II

MB Financial Capital Trust IV

MB Financial Capital Trust V

MB Financial, Inc.

MB Holding Co. LCC

MB Holding Co. LLC

MB Petroleum Services LLC

MB Tech

MBA Banco de Inversiones SA

MBA Community Loans plc

MBA Gold Corp.

MBA Resources Corp.

MBAC Fertilizer Corp.


mBank Hipoteczny

mBank Hipoteczny SA

mBank SA

MBB Clean Energy AG

MBB Sukuk Inc.

MBC Funding II Corp.

MBCC Group

mBeach Software Inc.

MBF Healthcare Acquisition Corp.

MBF Holdings Bhd.

MBI Energy Services, Inc.

MBI Financial, Inc.

MBIA Corp.


MBIA Insurance Corp.

MBIA Mexico SA de CV

MBJ Airports Ltd


MBMI Resources Inc.



MBPS Finance Co.

MBS Value Partners

MBT Financial Corp.

MBU Capital Ltd.

MC Brazil Downstream Participacoes SA

MC Brazil Downstream Trading Sarl

MC Finance & Consulting Asia Pte. Ltd.

MC Finance Australia Pty. Ltd.

MC Grinding Media (Canada) Inc.

MC Income Plus Financing SPV LLC

MC Shipping Inc.

McAfee Corp.

McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Enterprise/FireEye Products

McAfee Inc.

McAfee LLC

McAllen Independent School District

McAllister Academic Village LLC

MCAP Commercial LP

MCB Bank Ltd.

MCB Finance Group plc

MCB Treasury AB

MCBC Holdings, Inc.

McBride plc

MCC Corp.

MCC EuroChem JSC

MCC Finance Co. Ltd.

MCC Holding (Hong Kong) Corp. Ltd.


MCC Senior Loan Strategy JV I LLC

McCain Finance (Canada) Ltd.

McCain Foods Ltd.

McCarran International Airport

McCarthy & Stone

McCarthy & Stone (Developments) Ltd.

McCarthy and Stone

McCarthy Fingar, LLP

MCCI Medical Group

McClatchy Co.

McClatchy Co., LLC

McClean County

McColl’s Retail Group plc

McCormick & Co., Inc.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants Inc.

McCormick Place Expansion Project

McCoy Corp.

McCracken County School District Finance Corp.

McData Corp.

McDermott Holdings, Inc.

McDermott Inc.

McDermott International, Inc.

McDermott Technology (Americas), Inc.

McDermott Technology, BV

McDermott Will & Emery

McDonald Bradley, Inc.

McDonald Hopkins LLC

McDonald Technologies

McDonald's Corp.

McDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund

Mcdowell & Co. Ltd.

McDowell Holdings Ltd.

MCE Finance Ltd.

MCE Leisure (Philippines) Corp.

McEwen Mining Inc.

MCF Capital Management LLC











MCF Corp.

MCF Direct Lending LLC

MCG Capital Corp.

MCG Health, Inc.

MCG Health, Inc. Project


McGlinchey Stafford PLLC

McGrath RentCorp

McGraw Hill Financial, Inc.

McGraw Hill LLC

McGraw-Hill Cos., Inc.

McGraw-Hill Education Inc.

McGraw-Hill Global Education Finance, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings LLC

McGraw-Hill Global Education Intermediate Holdings, LLC

McGraw-Hill School Education

McGraw-Hill School Education Holdings, LLC

McGregor Capital Corp.

McGregor Power Systems, Inc.

McGuireWoods LLP

MCI Corp.

MCI Developments Ltd.

McIntosh Bancshares, Inc.

McJunkin Corp.

McJunkin Red Man Corp.

McKay Securities plc

McKechnie Aerospace

McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

McKenzie Bay International, Ltd.

McKesson Canada Corp.

McKesson Corp.


McKinney Independent School District

McKissock Investment Holdings LLC

McKool Smith

McLaren Automotive

McLaren Finance plc

McLaren Group Ltd.

McLaren Health Care

McLaren Health Care Corp.

McLaren Holdings Ltd.

McLaren Resources Inc.

McLennan County Junior College District

McLeod Regional Medical Center of the Pee Dee Inc.

McLeodUSA Inc.

MCM Capital One Inc.


McMillin Cos. LLC

McMoRan Exploration Co.

McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC

MCNA Cable Holdings LLC

McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd.

McorpCX Inc.

McPherson’s Ltd.


MCS Advantage Inc.


MCS AMS Sub-Group Holdings, LLC

MCS AMS Sub-Holdings LLC

MCS Group Holdings LLC

MCS Group Subholdings, LLC

MCS Groupe

MCS Life Insurance Co.

MCS Ltd.


MCSL Financial Services Ltd.

McVicar Industries Inc.

McVicar Resources Inc.

MCW Energy Group Ltd.

MD America Energy

MD America Energy, LLC

MD Beauty Inc.

MD Technologies Inc.

MDA Capital Group LLC

MDA Info Products

MDA Systems Holdings Ltd.

MDAX index

MDAX Index (Total Return)

MDAX index converted into dollars

MDAX Total Return index

MDC Corp. Inc.

MDC Energy LLC

MDC Holdings, Inc.

MDC Partners Inc.

MDC Reeves Energy LLC

MDC Texas Operator LLC




MDI, Inc.

MDL Realty Incorporacoes SA

MDL Realty Incorporadora SA

MDM Bank (Russia)



MDM DPR Finance Co.

MDM Group, Inc.

MDN Inc.

MDN Northern Mining Explorations Ltd.


MDS Nordion

MDS Pharma Services

MDS, Inc.

MDSA Resources Sdn. Bhd.

MDU Communications International Inc.

MDU Energy Capital LLC

MDU Resources Group Inc.



MDwerks, Inc.

MDX Medical Inc.

MDxHealth SA

MDY Healthcare plc

MEA RemainCo Holdings, LLC

Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.

Mead Products LLC


Meadow Bay Capital Corp.

Meadow Bay Gold Corp.

Meadow Valley Corp.

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc.

Meadowbrook Run LLC

Meadowhall Finance plc

Meadowlands Xanadu

MeadWestvaco Coated Board Project

MeadWestvaco Corp.

MeadWestvaco Papers

MeadWestvaco-Escanaba Paper Co.

MEAM Power Supply Project


Measurement Specialties Inc.

Mebuki Financial Group, Inc.

Mecachrome International Inc.

Meccanica Holding Inc.

Meccanica Holdings USA Inc.


Mechachrome International Inc.

Mechanical Technology Inc.

Mechel OAO

Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County Public Facilities Corp.

Mecom Group plc


Med BioGene Inc.

Med Gen Inc.

Med One Oak, Inc.

MED ParentCo. LP

Med-Emerg International Inc.

Med-Tech Solutions, Inc.

Meda AB

Medalist Diversified REIT, Inc.

Medalist Partners Corporate Finance (MPCF) CLO VII

Medalist Partners Corporate Finance LLC

Medallia, Inc.

Medallion Bank

Medallion Financial Corp.

Medallion Gathering & Processing, Inc.

Medallion Gathering & Processing, LLC

Medallion Midland Acquisition LLC

Medallion Midland Acquisition LP

Medallion Resources Ltd.

MedAmerica Health Systems Corp.

MedAmerica Insurance Co.

MedAmerica Insurance Co. of Florida

MedAmerica Insurance Co. of New York

Medanito SA

Medaphis Corp.

Medarex Inc.

MedaSorb Technologies Corp.

MedaSorb Technologies, Inc.

MedAssets Inc.

MedAssets Software Intermediate Holdings Inc.

MedAvant Healthcare Solutions

MedAvant Inc.

Medbox, Inc.

MedCath Corp.

MedClean Technologies Inc.

Medco Bell Ptd. Ltd.

Medco Bell Pte. Ltd.

Medco Energi Internasional Tbk.

Medco Health Solutions Inc.

Medco Laurel Tree Pte. Ltd.

Medco Oak Tree Pte. Ltd.

Medco Platinum Road Pte. Ltd.

Medco Strait Services Pte. Ltd.

MedcomSoft Inc.

MedData Inc.

MedeFile International, Inc.

Medegen LLC


MedEquities Realty Trust, Inc.

Mederex Inc.

Medex Inc.

MedFirst Healthcare Services Inc.


Medford Hospital Facilities Authority

Medford School District No. 549C


MedGenesis Therapeutix Inc.

Medgenics, Inc.

Medgold Resources Corp.

Medi-Partenaires SAS

Media and Games Invest SE

Media Chinese International Ltd.

Media General Financing Sub, Inc.

Media General, Inc.

Media Holdco, LP

Media Matrix Worldwide Ltd.

Media Nusantara Citra Tbk.

Media Prima Bhd.

Media Sciences International Inc.

Media Services Group Inc.

Media Vendor Financing Notes IV DAC

MediaAlpha, Inc.

MediaBay, Inc.

Mediacom Broadband Corp.

Mediacom Broadband Group

Mediacom Broadband LLC

Mediacom Capital Corp.

Mediacom Communications Corp.

Mediacom Illinois LLC

Mediacom LLC

Mediacom LLC Group

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.

Mediahuis NV

Medialink Worldwide Inc.


Median BV

MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc.

MediaNews Group Inc.

MediaOcean LLC

Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd.

MediaOne Group

MediArena Acquisition BV

Mediaset SpA

MediaShift, Inc.

MediaValet Inc.

Mediavest, Inc.


Medicago Inc.

Medical Action Industries, Inc.

Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc.

Medical Alarm Concepts Holdings, Inc.

Medical Billing Assistance, Inc.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions

Medical Card System, Inc.

Medical Card Systems

Medical Care Technologies Inc.

Medical Center Educational Building Corp.

Medical Center Hospital Authority

Medical Center of Central Massachusetts

Medical Center of the Rockies

Medical College of Ohio at Toledo

Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical College of Wisconsin Inc.

Medical Depot Holdings, Inc.

Medical Depot, Inc.

Medical Device Manufacturing Inc.

Medical Discoveries Inc.

Medical Education Technologies, Inc.

Medical Exchange Inc.

Medical Facilities Corp.

Medical House plc

Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc.

Medical Makeover Corp. of America

Medical Media Television, Inc.

Medical Monitors Ltd.

Medical Properties Trust Inc.

Medical Services Co.

Medical Services International Inc.

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions Holdings Inc.

Medical Solutions Management Inc.

Medical Solutions Parent Holdings Inc.

Medical Specialties Distributors LLC

Medical Staffing Network Holdings Inc.

Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Medical Therapies Ltd.

Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.

Medical University Hospital Authority

Medical University of South Carolina

Medical Ventures Corp.

MedicalCV, Inc.

Medican Enterprises Inc.

Medicines Co.

Medicinos Bankas

MediciNova, Inc.

Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.

Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Medicis Pharmceutical Corp.

Mediclinic International plc

Medicon AS

MediCor Ltd.

MediCorp Health System Obligated Group

Medicsight Inc.

Medicure Inc.

Medicus Homecare Inc.

MedicX Fund Ltd.

Medidata Solutions Inc.

Medifast, Inc.

Medifirst Solutions Inc.

Medifocus Inc.

Medigen Biotechnology

MediGene AG

Medigus Ltd.

MediJane Holdings, Inc.

MediMedia USA, Inc.

MedImmune, Inc.

MedImpact OpCo Holdings, Inc.

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

MedImpact Holdings, Inc.

Mediobanca International (Luxembourg) SA

Mediobanca SpA

Mediobanca – Banca di Credito Finanziario SpA

Mediocredito Trentino-Alto Adige SpA

Medipattern Corp.

MediPharm Labs Corp.

Medipure Holdings Inc.


MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc

MEDirect Latino Inc.

Medis Technologies Ltd.

Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp.

Mediscience Inc.

Mediscience Technology Corp.

Medistem Laboratories, Inc.

Mediswipe, Inc.

Medisys Health Group Inc.

Medisys Health Group Income Fund

Medisys plc

MediSystem Technologies Inc.

Medite Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

Meditech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Meditech Research Ltd.

Mediterranean & Gulf Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Co.

Mediterranean Minerals Corp.

Mediterranean Oil & Gas plc

Mediterranean Resources Ltd.

MediVac Ltd.

Medivation Inc.

Medivir AB

Mediware Information Systems, Inc.

MediWound Ltd.

Medizone International, Inc.

MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc.


Medley Capital Corp.

Medley Global Advisors, LLC

Medley LLC

Medley Management Inc.

Medline Borrower, LP

Medline Industries, Inc.

Medline Industries, LP

MedMen Enterprises Inc.

MedMira Inc.

Mednax, Inc.

MedOil plc

Medora Resources Inc.

Medoro Resources Ltd.

Medovex Corp.

Medpace Holdings, Inc.

Medpace Inc.

Medpace LP

MedPharm Ltd.

MedPlast Holdings Inc.

MedPointe Healthcare Inc.

MedPro Safety Products, Inc.

MedQuest Inc.

MedQuist Inc.

Medrad, Inc.

MedRisk LLC

MedRisk MidCo LLC

MedSolutions, Inc.

MedSource Technologies Inc.

MedStar Health, Inc.

Medsurge Medical Products Corp.

Medtech SA

Medtecs International Corp. Ltd.

Medtox Scientific, Inc.

Medtronic Global Holdings SCA

Medtronic Inc.

Medtronic plc

Medtronic Public Limited Co.

Medusa Medical Technologies Inc.

Medusa Mining Ltd.

Medwave Inc.

Medwell Capital Corp.

MedWorth Acquisition Corp.

Medworxx Solutions Inc.

MedX Health Corp.

Medytox Solutions, Inc.

MeeMee Media Inc.

Meenakshi Energy Pvt Ltd.

Meet Group, Inc.

Meetinghouse Bancorp, Inc.

MeetMe, Inc.

Mefcom Agro Industries Ltd.

MEG Energy Corp.

MEG Escrow Corp.

MEGA (Compania MEGA SA)

Mega Advance Investments Ltd.

Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Mega Bloks Inc.

MEGA Brands, Inc.

Mega Broadband Investments Holdings LLC

Mega Broadband Investments Intermediate I, LLC

Mega Energia Locacao e Administracao de Bens SA

Mega Financial Holding Co.

Mega Financial Holding Co. Ltd.

Mega Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.

Mega International Commercial Bank

Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.

Mega Media Group, Inc.

Mega Palm Sdn. Bhd

Mega Precious Metals Inc.

Mega Retail

Mega Silver Inc.

Mega Uranium Ltd.

Mega View Digital Entertainment Corp.

Mega Wisdom Global Ltd.

Megadyne SpA

MegaFon Finance LLC

MegaFon OJSC

Megan Media Holdings Bhd.

MegaPath Corp.

Megasoft Ltd.

Megastar Development Corp.

Megasteel Harta (L) Ltd.

MegaWest Energy Corp.

Megawide Construction Corp.

Megaworld Corp.

Meggitt plc

Meggitt-USA, Inc.


Meghalaya Energy Corp. Ltd.

Meghalaya State Electricity Board

MEGlobal Canada ULC

Mego Financial

Megola Inc.

MEH Inc.


Mehilainen Yhtiot Oy

Mehilainen Yhtyma Oy

MEI Conlux Holdings Inc.

MEI Holdings Corp.

Mei Nian Investment Ltd.

MEI Pharma, Inc.

MEI, Inc.

Meidu Holding Co., Ltd.

MEIF 5 Arena Holdings

MEIF Renewable Energy UK plc

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co.

Meilun (BVI) Ltd.

Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.

Meinl Bank AG

Meinl European Land Ltd.


Meiya Power Co. Ltd.

Mela Sciences, Inc.

Melancthon Wolfe Wind LP

Melco China Resorts (Holding) Ltd.

Melco Crown (Macau) Ltd.

Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd.

Melco Crown Gaming (Macau) Ltd.

Melco Crown Gaming Ltd.

Melco International Development Ltd.

Melco PBL Entertainment (Macau) Ltd.

Melco PBL Gaming Ltd.

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd.

Melco Resorts (Macau) Ltd.

Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corp.

Melco Resorts Finance Ltd.

Melcor Developments Ltd.

Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust

Melia Hotels International SA

Melinta Therapeutics, Inc.

Melisa Diagnostics Ltd.

Melissa & Doug

Melita Bidco Ltd.

Melkior Resources Inc.

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.

Mellon Capital

Mellon Capital IV

Mellon Financial Corp.

Melrose Industries plc

Melrose plc

Melrose Resources plc

Melsta Regal Finance Ltd.

Melstacorp plc

Melton Renewable Energy UK plc

Members Equity Bank Ltd.

Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd.


MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.


Memorial Group Inc.

Memorial Health Services

Memorial Health Services Inc.

Memorial Health System

Memorial Health System Obligated Group

Memorial Health System of East Texas

Memorial Health University Medical Center

Memorial Health University Medical Center, Inc.

Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Hermann Health System

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Inc.

Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

Memorial Hospital System Project

Memorial Medical Center, Inc.

Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, LLC.

Memorial Production Finance Corp.

Memorial Production Partners LP

Memorial Resource Development Corp.

Memorial Resource Development LLC

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp.


Memphis and Shelby County Sports Authority

Memphis Arena

Memphis City Center Revenue Finance Corp.

Memphis Electric System

Memphis International Airport

Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Memphis Redbirds Baseball Foundation

Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

Memphis-Shelby County Sports Authority

Memry Corp.

Mems USA, Inc.


Men's Wearhouse Inc.

Mena Hydrocarbons Inc.

Mena Resources Inc.


Menatep St. Petersburg

Mencast Holdings Ltd.

Mendes Junior Trading e Engenharia SA


Mengold Resources Inc.

Menifee Union School District

Menlo Park City School

Menlo Park Community Services Department

Menorah Home and Hospital for the Aged and Infirm

Mental Health Services

Mentinvest BV

Mentor Capital, Inc.

Mentor Corp.

Mentor Graphics Corp.

Menu Foods Income Fund

Men’s Wearhouse, LLC

MEO Australia Ltd.

Meow Mix Co.

MEP Toll Road Pvt. Ltd.

MEP Werke GmbH


Mepco Holdings, LLC

Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.

Meraki Global Advisors

Merc International Minerals Inc.

Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires SA

Mercado Libre SRL

MercadoLibre, Inc.

Mercal Capital Corp.

Mercantil Commercebank Florida Bancorp

Mercantil Commercebank, NA

Mercantil Servicios Financieros CA

Mercantil, CA Banco Universal

Mercantile Bancorp, Inc.

Mercantile Bank

Mercantile Bank Corp.

Mercantile Bank Ltd. of South Africa

Mercantile Investments and Finance plc

Mercari Inc.

Mercator CLO I plc

Mercator CLO II plc

Mercator CLO III DAC

Mercator Gold plc

Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd.

Mercator Lines (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Mercator Lines Ltd.

Mercator Ltd.

Mercator Minerals Ltd.

Mercator Transport Group Corp.

Mercatus Co-Operative Ltd.

Merced Irrigation District

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Compania Financiera Argentina SA

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Italia SpA

Mercedes-Benz South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Mercell Holding ASA

Mercer County

Mercer Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Mercer Fields II CLO LP

Mercer Funds

Mercer Insurance Group Inc.

Mercer International, Inc.

Mercer U.S. Large Cap Value Equity Fund

Mercer University

Mercer US Small/Mid Cap Growth Equity Fund

Merchandise Creations, Inc.

Merchant Capital LLC

Merchant Credit of Sri Lanka Ltd

Merchants Bancorp

MerchSource LLC


Merck & Co., Inc.

Merck KGaA

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Mercon Coffee Group


Mercuria Asia Group Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Mercuria Commodities Canada Corp.

Mercuria Energy America, Inc.

Mercuria Energy Group Ltd.

Mercuria Energy Trading Pte. Ltd.

Mercuria Energy Trading, Inc.

Mercuries & Associates Holding, Ltd.

Mercurio Mortgage Finance Srl

Mercury Air

Mercury Bond Co.

Mercury BondCo plc

Mercury Casualty Co.

Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

Mercury General Corp.

Mercury GSE

Mercury Insurance Co.

Mercury Interactive Corp.

Mercury New Holdco, Inc.

Mercury NZ Ltd.

Mercury Parent LLC

Mercury Payment Systems LLC

Mercury Systems Inc.

Mercury UK Holdco Ltd.

Mercy Alliance Inc.

Mercy Health

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center

Meredith Corp.

Merey Sweeny LP

Merge Healthcare Inc.


Mergermarket Bidco Ltd.

Mergermarket Group

Mergermarket Midco 2 Ltd.

Mergermarket USA Inc.

Merhav-Ampal Energy Ltd.

Mericol Inc.




Meridian Adhesives Group, Inc.

Meridian Apparels Ltd.

Meridian Automotive Systems Inc.

Meridian Bank

Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

Meridian Co., Ltd.

Meridian Corp.

Meridian Credit Management LLC

Meridian Funds

Meridian Gold Inc.

Meridian Health System Obligated Group

Meridian Metropolitan District

Meridian Minerals Ltd.

Meridian Petroleum plc

Meridian Resource Corp.

Meridian Spirit ApS

Meridian Technologies, Inc.

Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc.

MeridianLink Inc./CRIF Lending Solutions

MeridianLink, Inc.

Merinos Hali Sanayi ve Ticaret AS

Merisant Co.

Merisant Worldwide, Inc.

Merisel, Inc.

MeriStar Hospitality Corp.

MeriStar Hotels & Resorts

Merit Group, Inc.

Merit Holdings Ltd.

Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Mining Corp.

Meritage Homes Corp.

Meritage Hospitality Group, Inc.

Meritage Midstream Services II, LLC


Meritas School Holdings LLC

Meritas Schools Holdings LLC

MeritCare Health System

Meritcare Obligated Group

Meriter Hospital Inc

Meritor Inc.

Meritor Savings Bank

Meritus Medical Center

Merix Corp.

Merk Hard Currency ETF

Merkle Group Inc.

Merlin Entertainment Ltd.

Merlin Entertainment Sarl

Merlin Entertainments Ltd.

Merlin Entertainments plc

Merlin Entertainments Sarl

Merlin Properties Socimi, SA

Mermaid Bidco Inc.

Mermaid Marine Australia Ltd.

Mermaid Maritime PCL

MerQube US Tech+ Vol Advantage index

Merrex Gold Inc.

Merrex Resources Inc.

Merrill Communications LLC

Merrill Corp.

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co. FSB

Merrill Lynch Bank USA

Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.

Merrill Lynch Capital Trust I

Merrill Lynch Capital Trust II

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra A06 Index-Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra A6L2 2x Leveraged Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra A6LS 2x Leveraged Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra Energy Excess Return index

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra J-Series F3 Total Return index

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra Precious Metals Plus - Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra WTI 4-Series Index-Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Commodity Index eXtra – Excess Return

Merrill Lynch Global Research

Merrill Lynch International

Merrill Lynch Life Insurance Co.

Merrill Lynch Mexico

Merrill Lynch México SA de CV, Casa de Bolsa

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.

Merrill Merchants Bancshares, Inc.

Merrimack College

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.

Merriman Curhan Ford Group, Inc.

Merriman Holdings Inc.

Merrion Pharmaceuticals plc

Merritt Ventures Corp.

Merry Electronics Co. Ltd.

Mersana Therapeutics Inc.

Mersen SA

Merseylink (Issuer) plc

Mersin Uluslararasi Liman Isletmeciligi AS

Meru Networks, Inc.

Meruelo Maddux Properties, Inc.

Merus BV

Merus Labs International Inc.

Mervyns LLC

Mervyn’s Holdings, LLC


Mesa Air Group, Inc.

Mesa Airlines, Inc.

Mesa County Valley School District No. 51

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc.

Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

Mesa State College

Mesa Unified School District No. 4

Mesa Uranium Corp.

Mesaba Aviation, Inc.

Mesabi Metallics Co. LLC

Mesabi Trust

Mesirow Financial Consulting, LLC

Mesoblast Ltd.

Mesquite Independent School District

Messer Griesheim

Messer Industries

Messina Minerals Inc.

Mestek, Inc.

Met Tower Global Funding

Meta Financial Group Inc.

Meta Financial Group, Inc.

Meta Platforms, Inc.

Meta Special Aerospace

Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Metabolix, Inc.

Metabolon, Inc.

Metagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Metagenics Inc.

Metal Era

Metal Management, Inc.

Metal Partners Rebar, LLC

Metal Services LLC

Metal Storm Ltd.

Metalcorp Group BV

Metalcorp Group SA

MetalCORP Ltd.

Metaldyne Corp.

Metaldyne LLC

Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.

Metalex Ventures Ltd.

Metalforming Technologies, Inc.

Metalico, Inc.

Metalink Ltd.

Metallica Resources Inc.

Metalline Mining Co.


Metallinvestbank JSCB

Metallkraft AS


Metalloinvest Finance DAC

Metalloinvest Finance Ltd.

Metalloinvest JSC

Metalloinvest Management Co. LLC

Metallum Resources Inc.

Metallurg Inc.

Metallurgical Commercial Bank

Metallurgical Corp. of China Ltd.

Metalogix H&S Holdings, Ltd.

Metals Creek Resources Corp.

Metals Creek Resources Ltd.

Metals Exploration plc

Metals USA Holdings Corp.

Metals USA Inc.

Metalsa Roanoke, Inc.

Metalsa SA de CV

Metalsa Structural Products, Inc.

Metalyst Forgings Ltd.

Metamedia Capital Corp.

MetaMorphix, Inc.

Metanor Resources Inc.

MetaSolv, Inc.

MetaStat, Inc.

Metastatin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Metastatix, Inc.

Metaswarm, Inc.

Metavante Corp.

Metavante Technologies, Inc.

Metcalf Energy Center, LLC


Metech International Ltd.

Metech Recycling (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Metecno India Pvt Ltd.

Metelem Holding Co. Ltd.

Metelem Holding Company Ltd.

Metelem Holdings Co. Ltd.

Meteoric Resources NL


Meter Readings Holding LLC

Metex Manufacturing Corp.

Metex Mfg. Corp.

Metex Resources Ltd.

Methanex Corp.

Methanol Australia Ltd.

Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd.

Methes Energies International Ltd.

Methode Electronics, Inc

Methodist Healthcare – Memphis Hospitals

Methodist Hospital of Houston

Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Methodist Hospital System

Methodist Hospitals of Dallas

Methodist Hospitals of Dallas Project

Methodist Hospitals, Inc.

Methodist Le Bonheur Health Care Inc.

Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare

Methodist Medical Center of Illinois

MethylGene Inc.

Metinvest BV

Metis Commercial Finance

Metis Ventures LLC


MetLife Funding, Inc.

MetLife Global Funding I

MetLife Global Funding II

MetLife Inc.

MetLife Ltd.

MetLife Private Capital Investors

MetLife Seguros SA

Metminco Ltd.

MetoKote Corp.

Metretek Technologies, Inc.

Metrika Inc.

Metris Cos. Inc.

Metris Therapeutics Ltd

Metrix Funding No. 1 plc


Metro AG

Metro Bancorp, Inc.

Metro Bank plc

Metro City Bank

Metro Country Club, SA

Metro Dairy Ltd.

Metro Excel Ltd.

Metro Exploration Holding Corp.

Metro Finance BV

Metro Fuel Oil Corp.

Metro Holdings Ltd.

Metro Inc.

Metro One Telecommunications, Inc.

Metro Pacific Investments Corp.

Metro Transit Authority

Metro W&FS Co.

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Metro Wholesale & Food Specialist Co.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.


MetroBridge Networks International Inc.

Metrocall, Inc.

MetroCast Cablevision of New Hampshire, LLC

Metrocoal Ltd.

MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc.

Metrodata Electronics Tbk

Metrofinanciera Construction

Metrofinanciera SA de CV SFOL

Metrofinanciera SA de CV Sociedad de Objeto Limitado

Metrofinanciera SA de CV SOFOM ENR

Metrofinanciera SAPI de CV Sofom, ER

Metrofinanciera, SA de CV

Metrofinanciera, SAPI de CV SOFOM ENR


MetroGas SA

Metrohealth Systems

Metrologic Instruments Inc.

Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc.

Metromedia International Group, Inc.

Metromedia Steakhouses Co., LP


MetroNet Holdings LLC

Metronet Rail BCV Finance plc

Metronet Rail SSL Finance plc

Metronet SSL Finance plc

MetroNet Systems Holdings, LLC

Metronomic Holdings, LLC

MetroPCS Communications Inc.

MetroPCS Wireless Inc.

MetroPCS, Inc.


Metroplex Realty Sdn Bhd

Metropolis Compania Financiera SA

Metropolis Propertindo Utama

Metropolitan 885 Third Avenue Leasehold, LLC

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority of Georgia

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank)

Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp.

Metropolitan Boston Transit Parking Corp.

Metropolitan Capital Bancorp Inc.

Metropolitan College of New York

Metropolitan Council of Minneapolis-St. Paul

Metropolitan District of Hartford County

Metropolitan Edison Co.

Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Health and Educational Facilities Board

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Sports Authority

Metropolitan Health Networks Inc.

Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd.

Metropolitan Life Global Funding I

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Metropolitan Life Ltd.

Metropolitan Light Co. Ltd.

Metropolitan Light International

Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co., Inc.

Metropolitan Municipality of Mangaung

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Park and Recreation District

Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

Metropolitan School District of Warren Township

Metropolitan Series Fund, Inc.

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Co.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bridge and Tunnels

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission

Metropolitan Water Conservancy District

Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy

Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake and Sandy City

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Metropolitan West Asset Management LLC

Metropolitan Worldwide, Inc.

MetroStar Property PCL

Metrovacesa SA

Metsa Board

Metsa Board Corp.

Metso Corp.

Metso Outotec

Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

MetWest Floating Rate Income Fund

Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

Mewah International Inc.

Mex Gas Supply, SL

Mexarrend SAPI de CV


Mexican peso

Mexican peso relative to the Japanese yen

Mexican Silver Mines Ltd.

Mexichem, SAB de CV


Mexico (State)

Mexico City Airport Trust

Mexico City Airport Trust Nafin F/80460

Mexico Equity & Income Fund

Mexico Generadora de Energia, S de RL

Mexigold Corp.

Mexivada Mining Corp.

Mexoro Minerals Ltd.

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd.

Mezey Howarth Racing Stables, Inc.


Mezzanine Partners Fund III

MF Global Holdings Inc.

MF Global Holdings Ltd.

MF Global Inc.

MF Global Ltd.

MF1 2021-FL5 Ltd.


MFA Financial, Inc.

MFA Mortgage Investments Inc.

MFB Corp.

MFB Development Bank

MFB Hungarian Development Bank

MFB Hungarian Development Bank Ltd

MFB Hungarian Development Bank plc

MFB Hungarian Development Bank Private Ltd. Co.

MFB International Holdings Sarl

MFC Bancorp

MFC Development Corp.


MFN Financial Corp.

MFRI, Inc.

MFS Absolute Return Fund

MFS California Municipal Fund

MFS Florida Municipal Bond Fund

MFS Global High Yield Fund

MFS Global New Discovery Fund

MFS High Income Municipal Trust

MFS High Yield Municipal Trust

MFS High Yield Opportunities Fund

MFS High Yield Pooled Portfolio

MFS Investment Grade Municipal Trust

MFS Investment Management

MFS Ltd.

MFS Massachusetts Investors Trust Portfolio

MFS Municipal Income Trust

MFS Special Value Trust

mg technologies

MGE Energy, Inc.

MGG Holdings LP

MGG Investment Group LP

MGG Midstream Holdings LP

MGI Funds

MGI Pharma Inc.

MGI Supply Ltd.


MGIC Investment Corp.

MGM China Holdings, Ltd.

MGM Energy Corp.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand Macau

MGM Grand Paradise, SA

MGM Growth Properties LLC

MGM Growth Properties Operating Partnership LP

MGM International Resorts Inc.

MGM Macau

MGM Mirage

MGM National Harbor, LLC

MGM Resorts International

MGM Studios

MGOC, Inc.

MGold Resources Inc.

MGP Finance Co-Issuer Inc.

MGP Ingredients, Inc.

MGT Capital Investments, Inc.

MGTF Radio Co., LLC

MGTI Finance Co. Ltd.


Mhaiskar Infrastructure Private Ltd.

Mhaiskar Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

mHealth Capital Corp.

MHGE Parent Finance, Inc.

MHGE Parent, LLC

MHI Holdings LLC

MHI Hospitality Corp.

MHI Hospitality LP





MHS Holdings Inc.

MHVC Acquisition Corp.

MI Developments Inc.

MI OpCo Holdings Inc.

MI Windows and Doors LLC

MI Windows and Doors, Inc.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach Health Facilities Authority

Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency

Miami Children’s Health Project

Miami Children’s Hospital

Miami Children’s Hospital Project

Miami Correctional Facility

Miami Gardens

Miami International Airport

Miami International Medical Center, LLC

Miami University

Miami Valley Hospital

Miami Valley Hospital Project

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County Educational Facilities Authority

Miami-Dade County Expressway Authority

Miami-Dade County Health Facilities Authority

Miami-Dade County Industrial Development Authority

Miami-Dade County Program

Miami-Dade County School Board

Miami-Dade County School District

Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer

Mianyang Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.


Mibanco Bancode la Microempresa SA

MIC Electronics Ltd.


Michael Baker Corp.

Michael Baker Holdings, LLC

Michael Baker International

Michael Baker International, LLC

Michael Foods Group, Inc.

Michael Foods Inc.

Michael James Enterprises, Inc.

Michael Kors (USA), Inc.

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.

Michael Stores Inc

Michael-Albertville Independent School

Michaels Cos., Inc.

Michaels FinCo Holdings, LLC

Michaels Stores Inc.

Michelago Ltd.

Michelin Luxembourg SCS

Michelina's Inc.

MichiCann Medical Inc.


Michigan Bell Telephone Co.

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co.

Michigan Department of Transportation

Michigan Electric Transmission Co.

Michigan Electric Transmission Co., LLC

Michigan Electric Transmission, LLC

Michigan Finance

Michigan Finance Authority

Michigan Higher Education Facilities Authority

Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority

Michigan House of Representatives Facilities

Michigan Municipal Bond Authority

Michigan Power LP LLC

Michigan Public Educational Facilities Authority

Michigan Public Power Agency

Michigan Sporting Goods Distributors, Inc.

Michigan State Building Authority

Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Michigan State University

Michigan Strategic Fund

Michigan Tobacco Settlement Finance Authority


Miclyn Express Offshore Ltd.

Miclyn Express Offshore Pte. Ltd.

Micrel, Inc.

Micrex Development Corp.

Micro Component Technology Inc.

Micro Finance Bank of Azerbaijan

Micro Focus International plc

Micro Holding Corp.

Micro Identification Technologies, Inc.

Micro Imaging Technology, Inc.

Micro Technologies India Ltd.

Micro Therapeutics, Inc.

Micro Warehouse Inc.

Micro-Cap Limited Fund

Micro-Star International Co. Ltd.

Micro-Tech Identification Systems, Inc.

Microbia, Inc.

Microbix Biosystems Inc.

Microcell Telecommunications Inc.

Microchip Technology Inc.

MicroCoal Technologies Inc.


Microelectronics Technology Inc.

Microfield Group, Inc.

MicroFinancial Inc.

Microfluidics International Corp.

Microgy Holdings

Microgy Holdings, LLC

Microgy Inc.

MicroIslet, Inc.

Microlin Bio, Inc.

Microlink Solutions Bhd.

Microlog Delaware Corp.

MicroMed Cardiovascular, Inc.

MicroMed Technology, Inc.

Micromem Technologies Inc.

Micromet AG

Micromet, Inc.

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte. Ltd.

Micron Technology, Inc.

Micronesia Renewable Energy

Micronet Enertec Technologies, Inc.

Microphase Corp.

Microplanet Technology Corp.

MicroPort Scientific Corp.

MicroSectors FANG+ Index -2X Inverse Leveraged ETN

MicroSectors FANG+ Index 2X Leveraged ETN

MicroSectors FANG+ Index Inverse ETN

Microsemi Corp.

Microsmart Devices, Inc.

Microsoft Corp.

MicroStrategy Inc.

Microtek Medical Holdings, Inc.

MicroTRAKgps, Inc.

Microtune, Inc.

Microvision Inc.

Microwave Satellite Technology, Inc.

Micrus Endovascular Corp.

Mid Cap Growth Institutional Fund

Mid Penn Bancorp, Inc.

Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.

Mid-America Apartments, LP

Mid-Atlantic Interstate Transmission LLC

Mid-Atlantic Military Family Communities LLC

Mid-Atlantic Realty Trust

Mid-Bay Bridge Authority

Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP

Mid-Continent Finance Corp.

Mid-State Capital Trust 2010-1

Mid-States plc

Mid-Western Aircraft Systems Inc.

Mida Assets PCL

MidAmerica Bank

MidAmerican Energy Co.

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co.

MidAmerican Funding LLC

Midas Gold Corp.

Midas Holdings Ltd.

Midas Inc.

Midas Intermediate Holdco II, LLC

Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc.

Midas OpCo Holdings LLC

Midasco Capital Corp.

MidCap Financial Holdings Trust

MidCap Financial Issuer Trust

MidCap Financial LLC

Midcap Financial Services Capital Management LLC

MidCap FinCo Intermediate Holdings Ltd.

MidCap FinCo Ltd.

MidCap SPDR Trust, Series 1

Midco GB SAS

Midcoast (East Texas) LLC

Midcoast Energy Partners, LP

Midcoast Energy, LLC

Midcoast Holdings (East Texas) LLC

Midcoast Operating LP

MidCon LLC

Midcontinent Communications

Midcontinent Express Pipeline LLC

Middle East


Middle East Jackup I Co.

Middle Market Credit Fund LLC

Middle River Power III

Middle Township

MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Middleburg Financial Corp.

Middleburg Heights

Middlebury College

Middlebury College Project

Middlebury Schools Building Corp.

Middleby Corp.

Middleby Marshall Inc.

Middlefield Banc Corp.

Middlesex County

Middlesex Water Co.


Middletown City School District

Middletown Rancheria Gaming Enterprises

Middletown Regional Hospital

Middletown Regional Hospital Obligated Group

Midea Group Co. Ltd.

Midea Investment Development Co. Ltd.

Midea Real Estate Group Co. Ltd.

Midea Real Estate Holding Ltd.

Midland Co.

Midland Cogeneration Venture LP

Midland County Fresh Water Supply District

Midland County Hospital District

Midland Exploration Inc.

Midland Independent School District

Midland States Bancorp, Inc.

Midlands Minerals Corp.

Midlands Minerals Inc.

Midlands Technical College

Midlothian Independent School District

MidMichigan Health Credit Group

MidMichigan Obligated Group

Midnight Holdings Group, Inc.

Midnight Oil Exploration Ltd.

Midnight Sun Mining Corp.

MidOcean Credit CLO I

MidOcean Credit CLO I LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO I/MidOcean Credit CLO I LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO II

MidOcean Credit CLO II LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO II/MidOcean Credit CLO II LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO III

MidOcean Credit CLO III LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO III/MidOcean Credit CLO III LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO IV

MidOcean Credit CLO IV LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO IV/MidOcean Credit CLO IV LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO V/MidOcean Credit CLO V LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO VI LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO VI/MidOcean Credit CLO VI LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO VII

MidOcean Credit CLO VII LLC

MidOcean Credit CLO X

MidOcean Credit CLO X LLC

MidOcean Credit Fund Management LP

MidOcean Credit Partners

MidOcean Hunter Holdings Inc.

MidOcean Partners

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Midpoint Holdings Ltd.

Midship Pipeline

MidSouth Bancorp, Inc.

MidSouth Bancorp, Inc., Statutory Trust I

Midstates Petroleum Co. Inc.

Midtown Bank & Trust Co.

Midtown Miami Community Development District

Midway Airlines

Midway Energy Ltd.

Midway Games Inc.

Midway Gold Corp.

Midway Gold US Inc.

Midway Independent School District

Midwest Air Group Inc.

Midwest Airlines Inc.

Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc.

Midwest Cable, Inc.

Midwest City-Del City Public Schools

Midwest Connector Capital Co. LLC

Midwest Energy Emission Corp.

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp.

Midwest Express

Midwest Fertilizer Corp.

Midwest Fertilizer Corp. Project

Midwest Funding

Midwest Gaming & Entertainment LLC

Midwest Gaming Borrower LLC

Midwest Gaming Finance Corp.

Midwest Generation Co., LLC

Midwest Generation LLC

Midwest Oil and Gas Inc.

Midwest Physician Admin Services, LLC

Midwest Physician Administrative Services LLC

Midwest University

Midwest Vanadium Pty. Ltd.

Midwest Veterinary Partners LLC

Midwestern United Life Insurance Co.

Midwestern University Foundation

MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc.

Midwich Group plc

MIE Holdings Corp.

Mieco Chipboard Bhd.

Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne - Lodz Sp. zoo

Miejskie Wodociagi i Kanalizacja w Bydgoszczy Sp. zoo (MWiK)

MIFA Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG

Migami Inc.

Migao Corp.

Migenix Inc.

Mighty River Power

Migo Software, Inc.

Migros Ticaret AS


MIH Food Delivery Holdings BV

MIH Parent Inc.

Mihijam Vanaspati. Ltd.

Miikana Therapeutics Inc.

MIK Holding JSC

Mikoh Corp. Ltd.

Mikohn Gaming Corp.


MIL Industries Ltd.

MILA, Inc.

Milacron Holdings Corp.

Milacron Holdings, Inc.

Milacron Inc.

Milacron Intermediate Holdings Inc.

Milacron LLC

Milagro Energy Inc.

Milagro Oil & Gas Inc.

Milano Acquisition Corp.

Milano Assicurazioni SpA

Milano Holding Corp.

Milano Serravalle-Milano Tangenziali

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP

Milberg LLP

Mile Marker International, Inc.

Mileage Plus Holding, LLC

Mileage Plus Holdings, LLC

Mileage Plus Intellectual Property Assets, Ltd.

Milestone AV Technologies

Milestone Aviation Group Ltd.

Milestone Scientific Inc.

Milestone Treasury Obligations Fund

Milford Wind Corridor Phase II

Milione SpA

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

milk futures contracts

Milk Holding Corp.

Milk Specialties Co.

Milk Specialties Global

Mill Bay Ventures Inc.

Mill City Gold Corp.

Mill City Ventures III, Ltd.

Mill Con Steel Industries PCL

Mill Creek CLO II, LLC

Mill Creek CLO II, Ltd.

Mill Creek CLO II, Ltd./Mill Creek CLO II LLC

Mill Creek CLO, LLC

Mill Creek CLO, Ltd.

Mill Road Capital

Mill US Acquisition LLC

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Millcom International Cellular SA

Millenia Hope, Inc.

Millenium Biologix Corp.

Millenium Holding Group, Inc.

Millenium Seacarriers

Millennial Lithium Corp.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc

Millennium America Inc.

Millennium bcp

Millennium Biotechnologies Group, Inc.

Millennium Cell Inc.

Millennium Chemicals Inc.

Millennium Escrow Corp.

Millennium Health LLC

Millennium HealthCare Inc.

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc.

Millennium Laboratories Inc.

Millennium New Jersey Holdco, LLC

Millennium Offshore Services

Millennium Offshore Services Superholdings, LLC

Millennium Operations LLC

Millennium Park HoldCo, Inc.

Millennium Park Intermediate LLC

Millennium Parking Garages LLC

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Millennium Pipeline Co. LLC

Millennium Radio

Millennium Trust Co.

Millenniumbcp-Ageas Group

Miller Buckfire & Co., LLC

Miller Convertible Bond Fund

Miller Convertible Plus Fund

Miller Energy Resources, Inc.

Miller Heiman

Miller Heiman Inc.

Miller Homes Group Holding plc

Miller Homes Group Holdings plc

Miller Industries Inc.

Miller Intermediate Bond Fund

Miller Petroleum Inc.

Miller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC

Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental index

Miller/Howard Strategic Dividend Reinvestor index

Miller’s Ale House Inc.

Milli Reasurans T.A.S.

Millicom International Cellular SA

Millipore Corp.

Millrock Resources Inc.

Mills Corp.

Mills Estruturas e Servicos de Engenharia

Mills Estruturas e Servicos de Engenharia SA

Millstream Mines Ltd.

Milltown Park CLO DAC

Millwall Holdings plc

Milos CLO Ltd./Milos CLO LLC

Milos CLO, LLC

Milos CLO, Ltd.

Milpitas Redevelopment Agency

Milpitas Unified School District

Miltex, Inc.

Milton Bancorp, Inc.

Milton Hospital


Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee County

Milwaukee Iron Arena Football, Inc.

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Milwaukee Public Schools

Milwaukee Public Schools – Neighborhood Schools Initiative

Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority

Mime Petroleum AS

Mimecast Ltd.

MiMedx Group, Inc.

Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mimotopes Pty Ltd.

Mimvi, Inc.

Minaean International Corp.

Minas Gerais

Minatura Gold

Minco Gold Corp.

Minco Mining & Metals Corp.

Minco plc

Minco Silver Corp.

Mind Solutions Inc.

MIND Technology, Inc.

Minda Capital Ltd.

Minda Corp. Ltd.

Minda Industries Ltd.

Minda SAI Ltd.

Mindbody Inc.

Mindesta Inc.

Mindoro Resources Ltd.

Mindpix Corp.

Mindray Medical International Ltd.

Mindready Solutions Inc.

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

MindTree Ltd.

Mine Reclamation, LLC

Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Minean International Corp.

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minefinders Corp. Ltd.

Minefinders Ltd.

Minejesa Capital BV

Minemakers Ltd.

Minera Alamos Inc.

Minera Andes Inc.

Minera Barrick Misquichilca SA

Minera Escondida Ltda.

Minera Frisco, SAB de CV

Minera IRL Ltd.

Minera Media Luna, SA de CV

Minera Mexicana el Rosario, SA de CV

Minera Mexico SA de CV

Minera Tres Valles

Minera y Metalurgica del Boleo, SAPI de CV

Minera Yanacocha SRL

Mineral and Chemical Co. EuroChem JSC

Mineral Deposits Ltd.

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.

Mineral Logistics

Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.

Mineral Park Inc.

Mineral Resources Ltd.

Mineral Securities Ltd.

MineralRite Corp.

Minerals Corp. Ltd.

Minerals Technologies Inc.

Mineraux Maudore Ltd.

Minerco Resources Inc.

Minerva Bidco Ltd.

Minerva Bunkering (USA) LLC

Minerva Luxembourg SA

Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.

Minerva Parent Ltd.

Minerva SA

Mines Management Inc.

Ming An Insurance Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ming An Insurance Co. Ltd.

Ming Lam Holdings Ltd.

Mingfa Group (International) Co. Ltd.

Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.

Minimax Viking GmbH

Minimax Viking Group

Ministry Health Care Inc.

Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic

Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea

Ministry Partners Investment Co., LLC

Ministry Partners Investment Corp.

Minmetals Bounteous Finance (BVI) Ltd.

Minmetals Bounteous Finance Ltd.

Minmetals Land Capital Ltd.

Minmetals Land Ltd.

Minmetals Resources Ltd.


Minneapolis and Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Saint Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission


Minnesota Agricultural and Economic Development Board

Minnesota Ballpark Authority

Minnesota Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees

Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Minnesota Life Insurance Co.

Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II

Minnesota Municipal Income Portfolio Inc.

Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Minnesota Public Facilities Authority

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Minnesota Tax and Aid Anticipation Borrowing Program

Minnesota Tobacco Securitization Authority

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.

Minoan Group plc

Minolta Co., Ltd.

Minor International PCL

Minotaur Acquisition, Inc.

Minotaur Exploration Ltd.

Minotaur Resources Ltd.

Minrad International, Inc.

Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Minsheng Hong Kong International Leasing Ltd.


Minsk Transit Bank

Minster Pharmaceuticals plc

Minsud Resources Corp.

Minsur SA

Mint Corp.

Mint Leasing, Inc.

Mint Technology Corp.

Mintails Ltd.

Minterra Resource Corp.

Minterra Resources Corp.

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC

Miocene Metals Ltd.

MIP V Waste, LLC

MIPL Group Ltd.

MIPL Holdings Ltd.

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corp.

Mira Bhayander Municipal Corp

Mira International Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Mira Resources Corp.


Mirabel Resources Inc.

Mirabela Nickel Ltd.

Mirabella at South Waterfront

Mirabella at South Waterfront Project

Mirabella South at Waterfront

Mirabilis Medica, Inc.


Mirach Energy Ltd.

Miraculins Inc.

Mirada plc

Mirador Project

Mirador Retirement Community

Mirae Asset Daewoo Co., Ltd.

Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd.

Mirae Asset Securities Ltd.

Mirage Energy Corp.

Mirage Energy Ltd.

Mirage Resorts

Mirai Corp.


Miramar Hydrocarbons Ltd.

Miramar Labs, Inc.

Miramar Mining Corp.

Miramax Film NY, LLC

MiraMed Global Services

Miranda Gold Corp.

Mirant Americas Generating, LLC

Mirant Americas Generation, LLC

Mirant Corp.

Mirant Marsh Landing LLC

Mirant Philippines

Mirant Trinidad Investments, LLC

Mirasol Resources Ltd.

Mirati Therapeutics, Inc.

Miravant Medical Technologies Inc.

Mirax Group Holding BV

Mirax Group LLC

Mirgor SA

Miriam Hospital

Miriam Hospital Foundation

Miriam Osborn Memorial Home Association

Mirion Technologies (Finance) LLC

Mirion Technologies (HoldingRep), Ltd.

Mirion Technologies (New FinanceCo)

Mirion Technologies Inc.

Mirion Technologies LLC

Miris AS

Mirland Development Corp. plc

Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.

Mironovskiy Hleboproduct SA

Mirova Global Green Bond Fund

Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Mirror Merger Sub 2 LLC

Mirvac Group

Mirvac Group Finance Ltd.

Mirza International Ltd.

Mirza Tanners Ltd.

MISA Investment Ltd.

MISA Investments Ltd.



MISC Capital (L) Ltd.

Mischler Financial Group

Miscor Group, Ltd.

Mises Capital Corp.

Misonix, Inc.

Mission Biofuels Ltd.

Mission Broadcasting, Inc.

Mission Coal Co., LLC

Mission Community Bancorp

Mission Consolidated Independent School District

Mission Economic Development Authority

Mission Economic Development Corp.

Mission Energy Holding Co.

Mission Health Combined Group

Mission Health Inc.

Mission Health Obligated Group

Mission Health System Inc.

Mission Marketing Group plc

Mission New Energy Ltd.

Mission Oaks Bancorp, Inc.

Mission Oil & Gas Inc.

Mission Ready Services Inc.

Mission Resources

Mission Veterinary Partners

Mission West Properties, Inc.

Mississagi Power Trust


Mississippi Baptist Health Systems Inc.

Mississippi Business Finance Corp.

Mississippi Chemical Corp.

Mississippi Department of Corrections

Mississippi Department of Corrections East Mississippi Correctional Facility

Mississippi Development Bank

Mississippi Educational Building Corp.

Mississippi Higher Education Assistance Corp.

Mississippi Home Corp.

Mississippi Hospital Equipment and Facilities Authority

Mississippi Hospital Equipment and Facility

Mississippi Hub, LLC

Mississippi Minerals, Inc.

Mississippi Phosphates Corp.

Mississippi Power Co.

Mississippi Power Co. Project

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University Educational Building Corp.



Missouri Board of Public Buildings

Missouri City

Missouri Development Finance Board

Missouri Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority

Missouri Health & Educational Facilities Authority

Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority

Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission

Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission

Missouri Housing Development Commission

Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission

Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.

Missouri Public Buildings Board

Missouri State Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority

Missouri TopCo Ltd.

Mistango River Resources Inc.

Mister Car Wash

Mister Car Wash Holdings Inc.

Mister Goody, Inc.

Misthosis Funding plc

Mistral Pharma Inc.

Mistras Group, Inc.

Misys Diagnostic Systems

Misys Healthcare Systems LLC

Misys Hospital Systems, Inc.

Misys Ltd.

Misys Newco 2 Sarl

Misys plc

Mitcham Industries, Inc.

Mitchell Entertainment Co.

Mitchell International Inc.

Mitchell Topco Holdings Inc.

Mitchells & Butlers Finance plc

Mitec Telecom Inc.

Mitek Systems Inc.

Mitel Networks (International) Ltd.

Mitel Networks Corp.

Mitel Networks Ltd.

Mitel US Holdings Inc.

Mitesco, Inc.

Mithril Resources Ltd.

Mitie Group plc

Mitra Global Telekomunikasi Indonesia

MitralSolutions, Inc.


Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp.

Mitsubishi Corp.

Mitsubishi Corp. Finance plc

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Mitsubishi Materials Corp.

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corp.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co. Ltd.

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (USA)

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (USA), Inc.

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corp.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Mitsui China

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding

Mitsui Fudosan Co.

Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd.

Mitsui Mining

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.

Mitsui OSK Lines, Ltd. Project

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. of America

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc.

Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Mittal Hospital Ltd

Mittal Hospitals Ltd.

Mittal Steel Co. NV

Mittal Steel USA Inc.

MITY Enterprises, Inc.

Miura Energy Ltd

MIV Therapeutics Inc.

Mivisa Envases, SAU

Mivisa Group

Mizar Enterprises Ltd.


Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.


Mizuho Bank

Mizuho Bank Ltd.

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho Financial Group (Cayman) 3 Ltd.

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

Mizuho Leasing

Mizuho Securities USA Inc

Mizuho Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.

Mizzen Bondco Ltd.

Mizzen Mezzco Ltd.

Mizzen Midco Ltd.

MJ Acquisition Corp.

MJ Holdings, Inc.

MJ Logistics Services Ltd.

MJ Maillis

MJH Education Assistance Illinois IV LLC

MJX Asset Management

MJX Asset Management LLC

MJX Venture Management II LLC

MJX Venture Management LLC

Mkango Resources Ltd.

MKB Bank Zrt

MKB Unionbank AD


MKS Instruments Inc.

mktg, inc.

MKY Corp. Ltd.

ML 33 Holding AS

ML California Sub, Inc.

MLB Trust Securitization

MLCX Biofuels Index – Total Return

MLCX Grains Index – Total Return

MLE Holdings, Inc.

MLM Information Services Holdings Inc.

MLM Information Services LLC

MLN UK HoldCo Ltd.


MLP & Strategic Equity Fund Inc.

MLP Energy Transfer Equity LP

MLP Legacy Reserves LP

MLV & Co. Financial LLC


MM Capital


mm2 Asia Ltd.

MM2 Group, Inc.

MMA Capital Holdings, Inc.

MMA Capital Management, LLC

MMA Energy Capital, LLC

MMA Energy Holdings, LLC

MMAX Media, Inc.

MMC Corp. Bhd.

MMC Energy, Inc.

MMC Finance DAC

MMC Finance Designated Activity Co.

MMC Finance Ltd.

MMC Norilsk Nickel

MMC Norilsk Nickel, PJSC

MMC Precision Corp.

MMC Precision Holdings Corp.



MMEX Mining Corp.

MMFX Canadian Holdings, Inc.

MMFX International Holdings, Inc.

MMFX Technologies Corp.

MMG Bank Corp.

MMI Capital Trust I

MMI Group Ltd.

MMI Holdings Ltd.

MMI International Ltd.

MMI Ltd.

MMI Products Inc.

MMI Technologies Ltd.

MMK International DAC

MML Series Investment Fund

MMM Healthcare

MMM Healthcare, LLC

MMM Holdings Inc.

MMM Holdings, LLC

MMR Information Systems, Inc.

MMRGlobal Inc.

MMS USA Financing Inc.


MN Pharmaceuticals

MNC International Ltd.

MNC Sky Vision

MNC Sky Vision Tbk

MNG Airlines Inc.

MNG Bank

MNRB Holdings Bhd.

MNRB Retakaful Bhd.

MOA Hospitality

Moberg Pharma AB


Mobetize Corp.

Mobi Ltd.

Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.

MobiFon Holdings BV


Mobile Challenger Intermediate Group SA

Mobile County

Mobile County Board of School Commissioners

Mobile Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Mobile Embrace Ltd.

Mobile Gaming International Corp.

Mobile Mini, Inc.

Mobile Public Educational Building Authority

Mobile Satellite Ventures

Mobile Satellite Ventures LP

Mobile Storage Group, Inc.

Mobile Telecommunications Co.

Mobile Telephone Networks Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC

Mobile Tornado Group plc

Mobile-8 Telecom Tbk PT

MobileActive Ltd.

MobileBits Holdings Corp.

MobilePro Corp.

Mobilepro, Inc.


MobileSmith, Inc.

Mobileye NV



Mobilinx Hurontario General Partnership

Mobilitie Investments II LLC

Mobilitie Investments III LLC

Mobilitie LLC

Mobility Electronics, Inc.


Mobilux 2 SAS

Mobilux Finance SAS

Mobimo Holding AG

Mobio Technologies Inc.

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc.

MobiTV, Inc.

Mobius Management Systems Inc.

Mobiventures Inc.

Mobivity Holdings Corp.

Moby SpA

Mobylife Holding A/S

Moceir Holdings (Ireland) Ltd.

Moda Ingleside Energy Center LLC

Moda Midstream

Model N, Inc.

Modena Resources Ltd.

Modern Continental Construction Co., Inc.

Modern Energy

Modern Green Development Co., Ltd.

Modern India Ltd.

Modern Land (China) Co., Ltd.

Modern Leasing

Modern Technology Corp.

Modern Times Group AB

Moderna, Inc.

Modernland Overseas Pte. Ltd.

Modernland Realty Tbk.


Modesto Irrigation District

Modesto Irrigation District Financing Authority

Modesto Public Financing Authority

Modigene Inc.

Modine Manufacturing Co.

Modiv Inc.

ModivCare Inc.

ModivCare Issuer Escrow Corp.

ModSys International Ltd.

Modtech Holdings Inc.

Modulaire Global Finance 2 plc

Modulaire Global Finance plc

Modulaire Group

Modulaire Investments 2 Sarl

Modulaire Investments BV

Modular Medical, Inc.

Modular Space Corp.

Modular Space Holdings, Inc.

Module Resources Inc.

ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc.

Moelis & Co.

Moelis & Co. Holdings LLC

Moelis & Co. LLC



Moggle, Inc.

Mogo Finance SA

Mogo Finance Technology Inc.

Mogo Inc.

Mogul Energy International, Inc.

Mohamed Al Barwani Holding Co. LLC

Mohamed Mustafa and Samsuddin Co. Pte. Ltd.

Mohave County Industrial Development Authority

Mohave Prison

Mohawk Capital Finance SA

Mohawk Group Holdings, Inc.

Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Mohawk River Funding I

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment

Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

Mohegan Tribal Finance Authority

Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority

Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut

Mojito Pointe Capital Inc.

Mojo Data Solutions Inc.

MOJO Organics, Inc.

Mokalbari Kanoi Tea Estate Pvt Ltd.

Moko Social Media Ltd.

MOL Group Finance SA

MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas plc

MOL Oil and Gas plc


Mold-Masters Group

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC

Moldflow Corp.


Molecular Devices Corp.

Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Molecular Partners AG

Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Ltd.

Molecular Profiling Institute, Inc.

Molecular Templates Inc.

Molecular Vision Ltd.

MolecularMD, Inc.

Moleculin Biotech, Inc.

Molex Electronic Technologies LLC

Molex Electronics Technologies LLC

Molex Inc.

Molibdenos y Metales SA

Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Molinos Rio de la Plata SA

Moliris Corp.

Moll Industries, Inc.

Molleparken 4 AS

Molleparken 4 Senior BondCo AS

Molnlycke Holding AB

Molopo Australia Ltd.

Molson Coors International LP

Molson Coors Beverage Co.

Molson Coors Brewing Co.

Moly Mines Ltd.


Molycop Ltd.

Molycor Gold Corp.

Molycorp, Inc.


Momenta (Cayman)

Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC

Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

Momentous Entertainment Group Inc.

Momentum Biofuels, Inc.

Momentum Group Ltd.

Momentum Metropolitan Life Ltd.

Momo Inc.

Monaco Coach Corp.

Monaco SpinCo Corp.

Monaco SpinCo Inc.

Monaker Group, Inc.


Monarch America, Inc.

Monarch Bank

Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc.

Monarch Communities Inc.

Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.

Monarch Dental Corp.

Monarch Energy Ltd.

Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.

Monarch Gold Mining Co. Ltd.

Monarch Landing, Inc.

Monarch-Chesterfield Levee District

Monaro Mining NL

Monarques Gold Corp.

Monarques Resources Inc.

Monash University


Monax Mining Ltd.

Moncoa Corp.

Mondas plc


Mondelez International Holdings Netherlands BV

Mondelez International, Inc.

Mondi Consumer Packaging International AG

Mondi Group

Mondi plc

mondoBiotech AG

Mondrian Investment Partners Ltd.

Moneda LatAm Fixed Income Fund

Moneda Resources Ltd.


Moneta Money Bank, as

Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Monex Casa de Bolsa SA

Monex SAB de CV

Monexa Technologies Corp.

Money Centers of America, Inc.

Money Tree Inc.

Money4Gold Holdings Inc.

Moneyflow Capital Corp.

MoneyGram International Inc.

Mong Duong Finance Holdings BV

MongoDB, Inc.


Mongolia Energy Corp. Ltd.

Mongolia Growth Group Ltd.

Mongolian Mining Corp.

Mongolian Mining Inc.

Mongolian Mortgage Corp. HFC LLC

Mongolian Resources Corp.

Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC

Monier Group Sarl

Monitchem Holdco 2 SA

Monitchem Holdco 3 SA

Monitchem Sarl

Monitise plc

Monitor Clipper

Monitor Co. Group LP

Monitor Holdings Ltd.

Monitronics International Inc.

Monkey Rock Group, Inc.

Monmouth Capital Corp.

Monmouth County

Monmouth County Improvement Authority

Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp.

Monnet Ispat Ltd.

Monocle Acquisition Corp.

MonoGen, Inc.

Monogram Biosciences, Inc.

Monogram Food Solutions LLC

Monogram Residential Trust, Inc.

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

Monomoy Capital Partners

Monongahela Power Co.

Monongalia County Building Commission

Monongalia County Coal Co.

Monongalia General Hospital

Monongalia Health System


Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.

Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.

Monro, Inc.

Monroe Capital Asset Management LLC

Monroe Capital BSL CLO 2015-1, LLC

Monroe Capital BSL CLO 2015-1, Ltd.

Monroe Capital CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Monroe Capital CLO 2014-1 LLC

Monroe Capital CLO 2015-1 Ltd.

Monroe Capital Corp.

Monroe Capital Income Plus Corp.

Monroe Capital LLC

Monroe Capital Management, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO 2016-1, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO 2017-1, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO 2017-1, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO IX, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO IX, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO VI, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO VI, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO VII, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO VII, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO VIII, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO VIII, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO X, LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO X, Ltd.

Monroe Capital MML CLO XI LLC

Monroe Capital MML CLO XI Ltd.

Monroe County

Monroe County Development Authority

Monroe County Hospital Authority

Monroe County Industrial Development Authority

Monroe County Industrial Development Corp.

Monroe County Water Authority

Monroe Hospital, LLC

Monroe Industrial Development Agency

Monroe Industrial Development Authority County

Monroe Minerals Inc.

Monroe Township

Monroeville Finance Authority

Monrovia Nursery

Monsanto Co.

Monster Arts Inc.

Monster Beverage Corp.

Monster Copper Corp.

Monster Digital, Inc.

Monster Offers

Monster Worldwide, Inc.

Mont Blanc Resources Inc.

Montage Resources Corp.

Montage Technology Group Ltd.

Montague County

Montalvo Spirits, Inc.

Montan Mining Corp.

Montana Board of Housing

Montana Board of Investments

Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education

Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Exploration Corp.

Montana Facility Finance Authority

Montana Health Facility Authority

Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corp.

Montana Higher Education Student Assistant Corp.

Montana Renewables, LLC

Montana State University

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

Montavo, Inc.

Montclair State University

Montco Offshore, Inc.

Montco Offshore, LLC

Montco Oilfield Contractors, LLC

Monte Cello Corp. NV

Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA

Monteagle Funds

Montec Holdings

MonteCedro Inc.

Montecito Broadcast Group LLC

Montefiore Medical Center

Montello Resources

Montello Resources Ltd.


Montepio Geral

Monterey Bay Tech, Inc.

Monterey Gourmet Foods

Monterey Peninsula Community College

Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.


Monterrey Power SA de CV

Monterrico Metals plc

Montes de Maria


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Higher Education and Health Authority

Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission

Montgomery County Industrial Development Authority

Montgomery County Industrial Development Board

Montgomery County Public Building Authority

Montgomery County Revenue Authority

Montgomery County Solid Waste Disposal System

Montgomery Independent School District

Montgomery McCracken

Montgomery Medical Clinic Board

Montgomery Pollution Control and Solid Waste Disposal

Montgomery Township

Monticello Insurance Ltd.

Montichem Holdco 2 SA

Montichem Holdco 3 SA

Montigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Montmartre Euro CLO 2020-2

Montmartre Euro CLO 2020-2 DAC

Monto Minerals Ltd.

Montpelier Capital Trust III

Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.

Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd.


Montreal International Fuel Facilities Corp.

Montreau Inc.

Montreign Operating Co. LLC

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.

Monument Mining Ltd.

MONY Life Insurance Co. of America

Mood Media Borrower, LLC

Mood Media Corp.

Moods Hospitality Pvt Ltd.


Moody’s Corp.

Moody’s Investors Service

Moog Inc.

Moon Area School District

Moon Group, Inc.

Moon Industrial Development Authority

Mooncor Oil & Gas Corp.

Mooney Aerospace Group Ltd

Moonlight Basin Ranch LP

Moore Corp. Ltd.

Moore Public Schools

Moore Public Schools Project

Moore School of Business

Moore Wallace Inc.

Moorland Covered Bonds LLP

Moorpark Unified School District

Mooter Media Ltd.

Mopals.com, Inc.

Moqizone Holding Corp.

Moran Foods LLC

Moran Transportation

Morarjee Textiles Ltd.


Mordovia Republic

More Boligkreditt AS


Moreno Valley Unified School District

Morepen Laboratories Ltd.

Morgain Minerals Inc.

Morgan Advanced Materials plc

Morgan Automotive Group

Morgan Beaumont Inc.

Morgan Creek Energy Corp.

Morgan Hill Redevelopment Agency

Morgan Joseph & Co. Inc.

Morgan Joseph TriArtisan LLC

Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc.

Morgan Lewis

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley & Co.

Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.

Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC

Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Bank

Morgan Stanley Bank NA

Morgan Stanley BV

Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. (

Morgan Stanley Capital Services LLC

Morgan Stanley Capital Trust III

Morgan Stanley Capital Trust IV

Morgan Stanley Capital Trust VII

Morgan Stanley Capital Trust VIII

Morgan Stanley Corporate Bond Portfolio

Morgan Stanley Credit Partners II, LP

Morgan Stanley Eastern Europe Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley ETF-Map 2 index

Morgan Stanley ETF-MAP Index (Excess Return)

Morgan Stanley Europe SE

Morgan Stanley Exchange-Traded Fund-Multi-Asset Portfolio 2 index

Morgan Stanley Finance LLC

Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Opportunities Fund

Morgan Stanley High Yield index

Morgan Stanley Inc.

Morgan Stanley India Capital Pvt. Ltd.

Morgan Stanley India Co. Private Ltd

Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc.

Morgan Stanley MAP Trend index

Morgan Stanley Mega 30 Index (Price Return)

Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.

Morgan Stanley Municipal Closed-End Funds

Morgan Stanley Real Estate

Morgan Stanley SmartInvest Alpha 5% Volatility Target index

Morgan Stanley SmartInvest Equity Index (Price Return)

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

Morgan Stanley Systematic Volatility index

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Morgans Hotel Group Co.

Morgan’s Foods, Inc.

Morguard Corp.

Morguard North American REIT

Morguard North American Residential REIT

Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust

Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

Moriah Powder River, LLC

Morien Resources Corp.

Morixe Hermanos SACI

Morlex, Inc.

Morneau Shepell Inc.

Morning Star Gold NL

Morning Star Holdings (Australia) Ltd.

Morningside Ministries Project

Morningstar MLP Composite index

Morningstar Ultimate Stock-Pickers Target Volatility 7% index

Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Target Volatility 20 index

Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Target Volatility 5 index

Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Total Return Index

Morningstar, Inc.

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen)


Morongo Band of Mission Indians

Morphe Holdings

MorphoSys AG

Morphotek Inc.

MorphySys AG

Morpol ASA

Morria Biopharmaceuticals plc

Morris County Improvement Authority

Morris Material Handling

Morris Polich & Purdy LLP

Morris Publishing Group LLC


Morrison & Foerster

Morrison Cohen LLP

Morro Bay Resources Ltd.

Morrow Sodali

Morsco Inc.

Mortgage and Land Bank of Latvia

Mortgage Contracting Services

Mortgage Corp. of Moscow Region

Mortgage Guarantee Fund of Kazakhstan

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Multi-Sector Account Portfolio

MortgageBrokers.com Holdings Inc.

Morton Industrial Group Inc.

Morton International, Inc.

Morton's Restaurant Group, Inc.

Morumbi Oil & Gas Inc.

Morumbi Resources Inc.

Mosaic Capital Corp.

Mosaic Co.

Mosaic Global Holdings Inc.

Mosaic Group

Mosaic Inc.

Mosaic Managed Futures Strategy Fund,

Mosaic Oil NL

Mosaid Technologies Inc.

Moscone Center Expansion Project

Moscone Center North Project

Moscone Center South Project


Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (MBRD)

Moscow CableCom Corp.

Moscow Capital Bank

Moscow City Telephone Network JSC

Moscow Credit Bank

Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Efes Breweries

Moscow Insurance Co.

Moscow Integrated Po. Co.

Moscow Integrated Power Co., JSC

Moscow Mortgage Agency

Moscow Narodny Bank

Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd.

Moscow Oblast

Moscow Regional Investment Trust Co. (OJSC)

Moscow Regional Mortgage Agency

Moscow Reinsurance Co.

Moscow River BV

Moscow Stars BV

Moscow United Electric Grid Co.

Moscow United Electric Grid Co. JSC

Moscow United Electric Grid Co. PJSC

Moseda Technologies Inc.

Mosel Vitelic

Mosel Vitelic Inc.

Moselle CLO SA


Mosenergo AO

Mosenergo PJSC

Moser Baer India Ltd.

Moses Cone Health System

Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Project


Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Ltd.

Moss Creek Resources Holdings, Inc.

Moss Creek Resources LLC

Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd.

Mossi & Ghisolfi International SA

Most Home Corp.

Mostermob Group plc


Mosvodokanal JSC

MoSys Inc.

Motability Hire Purchase Ltd.

Motability Operations Group plc

Motability Operations Ltd.

Motapa Diamonds Inc.

Motech Industries Inc.

Motel 6

Mother Frances Hospital Regional Health Care Center

Mother Frances Regional Health Care Center

Mothercare Global Brand Ltd.

Mothers Work, Inc.

Motherson Advanced Tooling Solutions Ltd.

Motherson Auto Ltd.

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.

Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co.

Motient Corp.

Motif Bio plc

Motif BioSciences Inc.

Motif Capital Aging of America 7 ER index

Motif Capital Artificial Intelligence 8 ER index

Motif Capital BV

Motif Capital Management, Inc.

Motif Capital National Defense 7 ER index

Motif Capital National Defense Price Return index

Motif Investing

Motion Acquisition Ltd.

Motion Bondco DAC

Motion DNA Corp.

Motion Finco Sarl

Motion Midco Ltd

Motion Picture Distribution LP

Motiva Enterprises LLC

Motiva Enterprises LLC Project

Motive, Inc.

MOTO Finance plc

Moto Goldmines Ltd.

Moto Hospitality

Moto Hospitality Ltd.

Moto Ventures Ltd.

Motopia Ltd.

Motor Coach Industries International, Inc.

Motor Coach Industries, Inc.

Motor Fuel Group

Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries SA

Motor Oil Finance plc

Motorcar Parts America, Inc.

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.

MotorCity Casino

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Motorola Inc.

Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc.

Motorola Solution Inc.

Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motors Liquidation Co.

Motors Liquidation Co. GUC Trust

Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc.

Motricity, Inc.


Motus GI Holdings Inc.

Motus Group LLC

Mouchel Group plc

Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Ltd.

Mound Financing (No. 4) plc

Mound Financing (No. 5) plc

Mound Financing No. 6 plc

Mounds View Independent School District No. 621

Mount Airy #1, LLC

Mount Airy Casino Resort

Mount Airy Lodge

Mount Burgess Mining NL

Mount Clemens Community School District

Mount Clemens General Hospital

Mount Eden Land Ltd.

Mount Gibson Iron Ltd.

Mount Logan Capital Inc.

Mount Logan Management, LLC

Mount Nittany Medical Center

Mount Nittany Physician Group

Mount Sinai Hospital Obligated Group

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida Project

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University

Mount Tam Biotechnologies Inc.

Mount Vernon

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.

Mountain China Resorts (Holding) Ltd.

Mountain Hawk I CLO Ltd./Mountain Hawk I CLO LLC

Mountain Hawk I CLO, Ltd./Mountain Hawk I CLO, Corp.

Mountain Hawk II CLO Ltd./Mountain Hawk II CLO LLC

Mountain Hawk II CLO, LLC

Mountain Hawk II CLO, Ltd.

Mountain Hawk III CLO, Ltd.

Mountain Hawk III CLO, Ltd./Mountain Hawk III CLO LLC

Mountain Lake Acquisition Co.

Mountain Lake Resources Inc.

Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.

Mountain Spinning Mills Ltd.

Mountain State Health Alliance

Mountain States Alliance

Mountain States Health Alliance

Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co.

Mountain Valley Bancshares Inc.

Mountain Valley Spring Co.

Mountain View CLO 2013-1 Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2013-1, Ltd./Mountain View CLO 2013-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2013-I Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2014-1 Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Mountain View CLO 2014-1 Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Mountain View CLO 2014-1 LLC

Mountain View CLO 2015-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2015-1, Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2015-1, Ltd./Mountain View CLO 2015-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2016-1 LLC

Mountain View CLO 2016-1 Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2016-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2016-1, Ltd./Mountain View CLO 2016-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO 2017-1 LLC

Mountain View CLO 2017-1 Ltd.

Mountain View CLO 2017-1, Corp.

Mountain View CLO II Corp.

Mountain View CLO II Ltd.

Mountain View CLO IX Ltd./Mountain View CLO IX LLC

Mountain View CLO IX, LLC

Mountain View CLO IX, Ltd.

Mountain View CLO X, LLC

Mountain View CLO X, Ltd./Mountain View CLO X, LLC

Mountain View CLO XIV, LLC

Mountain View CLO XIV, Ltd.

Mountain View CLO XV, LLC

Mountain View CLO XV, Ltd.

Mountain View Funding CLO 2006-1, Corp.

Mountain View Funding CLO 2006-1, Ltd.

Mountain-West Resources Inc.

Mountaineer Gas Co.

Mountaineer Merger Corp.

MountainView CLO 2013-1

MountainView CLO 2017-2

Mountainview Energy Ltd.

Moura Dubeux Energharia SA

Movado Group, Inc.

Movati Athletic Group

MOVE, Inc.

Moventis Capital, Inc.

Movida Communication, Inc.

Movida Communications, Inc.

Movida Europe

Movida Europe SA

Movida Participacoes SA

Movie Gallery Canada, Inc.

Movie Gallery Inc.

Movie Stop

MoviePass Inc.

Mowi ASA

Mowlem plc

Moxian China, Inc.

Moxian Inc.

Moxie Liberty

Moxie Liberty LLC

Moxie Patriot LLC

Moy Park (Bondco) plc

Moy Park Holdings (Europe) Ltd.

Moy Park Holdings Europe

Moydow Mines International Inc.


Mozart Borrower LP

Mozart Debt Merger Sub Inc.

Mozart RE Debt Merger Sub Inc.





MP CLO Management LLC


MP CLO V, Ltd.







MP Materials Corp.

MP Senior Credit Partners LP

MP TotalCare

MPC Computers LLC

MPC Container Ships AS

MPC Container Ships ASA

MPC Corp.

Mpex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

MPG Holdco I Inc.

MPG Office Trust, Inc.

MPH Acquisition Holdings LLC

MPH Ventures Corp.

mPhase Technologies Inc.



MPI Corp.

MPK Lodz

MPLC, Inc.


MPM Capital, Inc.

MPM Escrow LLC

MPM Global Pte. Ltd.

MPM Holdings III Corp.

MPM Holdings Inc.

MPM Technologies, Inc.

MPower Financing

Mpower Holding Corp.

MPS Capital Services SpA

MPS Covered Bond 2 Srl

MPS Covered Bond Srl

MPS Covered Bonds Srl

MPS Group

MPS Group, Inc.

MPT Finance Corp.

MPT Finco Inc.

MPT Operating Partnership, LP

MPX Luxembourg Sarl

MQ Associates Inc.

MR Default Services

MR Processing

Mr. Cooper Group

Mr. Cooper Group Inc.

MR3 Systems, Inc.


MRC Allied, Inc.

MRC Energy Co.

MRC Global (US) Inc.

MRC Global Inc.

MRC The Crossings


MRF Ltd.

MRI Intermediate Holdings LLC

MRI Interventions, Inc.

MRI Software

MRI Software LLC

Mriya Agro Holding plc

Mriya Agro Holding Public Ltd.

Mriya Agro Holdings

MRO Acquisition, LLC

MRO Acquisitions Corp.

MRO Holdings Inc.

MRP Generation Holdings LLC

MRS Logistica SA

Mrs. Fields Original Cookies Inc.

Mrs. Fields’ Famous Brands LLC

MRU Holding, Inc.

MRU Holdings Inc.

MRV Communications, Inc.

MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SA


MS 522 CLO Manager LLC

MS Amlin plc

MS Structured Asset Corp.

MS Structured Floating-Rate Trust Series 2011-01

MS Structured Step Up Callable Trust Units Series 2010-02

MS Structured Step Up Callable Trust Units Series 2010-03

MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.

MSA Safety Inc.

MSB Financial Corp.

MSC Holdings Inc.

MSC Income Fund, Inc.

MSC Industrial Direct Co. Inc.

MSC Industrial Supply Co.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. SA

MSC-Medical Services Co.

MSC.Software Corp.

MSCI AC (All Country) Far East Ex-Japan index

MSCI AC Asia ex Japan index


MSCI AC index

MSCI AC World index

MSCI ACWI ex USA index

MSCI ACWI Growth index

MSCI ACWI IMI Cybersecurity index

MSCI ACWI IMI Cybersecurity Innovation index

MSCI ACWI IMI Fintech index

MSCI ACWI IMI Fintech Innovation index

MSCI ACWI IMI Future Mobility index


MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target index

MSCI ACWI Sustainable Impact index

MSCI ACWI Value index

MSCI All Country (AC) Asia Ex-Japan index

MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan index

MSCI All Country World index

MSCI All County Asia ex Japan index

MSCI All County World index

MSCI All-Countries World index

MSCI All-Country World Excluding U.S. index

MSCI Brazil Capped index fund


MSCI Brazil index

MSCI China A International Index

MSCI China All Shares Index

MSCI Daily Hedged Indices

MSCI Daily Total Return Net World index

MSCI Daily Total Return Net World USD index

MSCI Daily TR Net Emerging Markets index

MSCI EAFE and MSCI Emerging Markets indexes

MSCI EAFE exchange-traded fund


MSCI EAFE Index fund

MSCI EAFE Islamic+ Index

MSCI EAFE Net Total Return Index

MSCI EAFE Price Index USD Index


MSCI Emerging Market index

MSCI Emerging Markets & Euro Stoxx 50/S&P 500 Long Short index

MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

MSCI Emerging Markets index

MSCI Emerging Markets Index fund

MSCI Emerging Markets index, the Nasdaq-100 index

MSCI Emerging Markets Net Total Return index

MSCI Emerging Markets Value index

MSCI EMU index


MSCI Europe index

MSCI India index

MSCI India Total Return index

MSCI Italy index

MSCI Italy SMID Cap index

MSCI Japan Value index

MSCI KLD 400 Social index

MSCI Singapore

MSCI Singapore Free index

MSCI Singapore Free Price Index

MSCI Singapore index

MSCI Spain 25/50 index

MSCI Spain SMID Cap index

MSCI Taiwan index

MSCI Taiwan Price index

MSCI Turkey index


MSCI USA Minimum Volatility GR USD


MSCI USA Momentum Top 50 Select index,

MSCI USA Sector Neutral Quality GR USD

MSCI USA Women’s Leadership index

MSCI World Core Infrastructure Index

MSCI World Dividend Growers Quality Select index

MSCI World Health Care index

MSCI World High Dividend Yield USD Gross Total Return index

MSCI World index

MSCI, Inc.

MSD Performance Group

MSD Performance, Inc.

MSG Holdings, LP

MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.


MSHC/Service Logic

MSIF Funding LLC

MSK Projects India Ltd.

MSO Holdings, Inc.


MSR Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

MSR Resort Golf Course LLC

MSTI Holdings Inc.


MSU Energy SA


MSW Energy Finance Co. II, Inc.

MSW Energy Finance Co., Inc.

MSW Energy Holdings II LLC

MSW Energy Holdings LLC

MSX International

MSX International Inc.

MT Investments Inc.

Mt. Diablo Health System

Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Mt. San Antonio Community College District

MTA Bridges and Tunnels

MTB Group of Funds

MTBC, Inc.

MTC Holdings

MTC Technologies, Inc.

MTE Holdings LLC


MTGE Investment Corp.

MtGox Co., Ltd.

MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc.

MTI Technology Corp.

MTL Insurance Co.

MTL Publishing

MTL Publishing LLC

mtm laboratories AG

MTM Technologies Inc.

MTN (Mauritius) Investments Ltd.

MTN Capital Partners

MTN Group

MTN Group Ltd.

MTN Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

MTN Infrastructure TopCo

MTN Infrastructure TopCo Inc.

Mtpcs Holdings LLC

MTR Corp. (C.I.) Ltd.

MTR Corp. Ltd.

MTR Gaming Group Inc.

MTS Bank

MTS International Funding Ltd.


MTS Systems Corp.

MTS, Inc.

MTU Aero Engines

MTU Aero Engines AG

MTW Cranes Escrow Corp.

MTW Foodservice Escrow Corp.

MTY Food Group Inc.

MU Finance plc

Muang Thai Life Assurance Co. Ltd

Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL

Mubadala Development Co. PJSC

Mubadala GE Capital Ltd.

Mudajaya Corp. Bhd.

Mudajaya Group Bhd.

Mudajaya Ventures Ltd.

Mudanjiang City Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Muddy Waters Capital LLC

Mudra Lifestyle Ltd.

Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp.

Mueller Group Inc.

Mueller Industries Inc.

Mueller Water Products, Inc.

Muenchener Hypothekenbank eG

MUFC Central Energy Project

MUFG Americas Holdings Corp.

MUFG Bank (Europe) NV

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

MUFG Securities (Canada) Ltd.

MUFG Securities (Europe) NV

MUFG Securities Americas Inc.

MUFG Union Bank, NA

Muganbank OJSC

Muhibbah Engineering Bhd.

Muhlenberg College Project

Muhlenberg County Coal Co.

Muir Grove CLO, Corp.

Muir Grove CLO, Ltd.

Muir Woods CLO Corp.

Muir Woods CLO Ltd.

Muirfield Fund

Muji U.S.A. Ltd.

Mukilteo School District No. 6

Mukuba Resources Ltd.

Mulhacen Pte. Ltd.

Mullen Group Income Fund

Mullen Group Ltd.

Mulpha International Bhd.

Multi Enhanced Return Investment Trust High 50 October 2011

Multi Finance Co. Ltd

Multi Financial Group

Multi Packaging Solutions Inc./Chesapeake Services Ltd.

Multi Packaging Solutions International Ltd.

Multi Packaging Solutions Ltd.

Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Multi Vest Resources Bhd.

Multi-Asset Capital Stability Fund

Multi-Color Corp.

Multi-Hedge Strategies Fund

Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Debt Opportunity Fund

Multi-Manager High Yield Opportunity Fund

Multi-State United States Steel Corp.

Multi-Strategy Growth & Income Fund

Multi-Style Equity Fund

Multiband Corp.

Multibank Inc. y Subisidiarias

Multibank Inc. y Subsidiarias

Multibank, Inc.

Multicanal SA

MultiCare Health System

Multicare Medical Center

MultiCell Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Multicell Technologies Inc.

MultiCorp International, Inc.

Multiemedia Ltd.

MultiFinanzas Compañía Financiera SA

MultiManager Core Bond Portfolio

MultiManager Multi-Sector Bond Portfolio

Multimedia Games Inc.

Multimedia Nova Corp.

Multimedia Platforms Inc.

Multinet Gas

MultiPlan Corp.

Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliários SA

MultiPlan Inc.


Multiplex Group Ltd.

Multiplex Ltd.

Multiplied Media Corp.

Multiplier Capital

Multiplus Corredora de Seguros Ltda.

Multipolar Tbk

Multipurpose Stadium Facility Project

Multisys Language Solutions, Inc.

Multitude SE

Multiversity srl

MultiVir Inc.


Multnomah & Clackamas County School District No. 51J

Multnomah County Hospital Facilities

Multnomah County Hospital Facilities Authority

Multnomah County School District No. 1

Mumbai International Airport Ltd.

Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd.

Mumbai Waste Management Ltd.

Mumtalakat Sukuk Holding Co.

Münchener Hypothekenbank eG

Münchener Rück do Brasil

Munda CLO I BV

Munder Capital Management

Munder Growth Opportunities Fund

Munder Large-Cap Growth Fund

Mundipharma International Corp. Ltd.

Mundipharma International Holdings Ltd.

Mundo Minerals Ltd.

Mundoro Capital Inc.

Muni Funding Co. of America, LLC

Munich Holdings Corp. II Sarl

Munich Mauritius Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

Munich Re

Munich Re America Corp.

Munich Re do Brasil Resseguradora SA

Munich Re Group

Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

Munich Reinsurance Co.

Munich Reinsurance Co. of Africa Ltd.

Municipal and Infrastructure Assurance Corp.

Municipal Assurance Corp.

Municipal Bank AD

Municipal Bonds for America

Municipal Corp. of Delhi

Municipal Corp. of Greater Mumbai

Municipal Corp. of Jabalpur

Municipal Corrections Finance LP

Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia

Municipal Energy Acquisition Corp.

Municipal Energy Acquisition Corp. of Tennessee

Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska

Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia Project

Municipal Gas Authority of Mississippi Natural Gas Supply Project

Municipal Gas Authority of Mississippi Project

Municipal Health Facilities Improvement Program

Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund

Municipal Improvement Corp. of Los Angeles

Municipal Improvement Corporation of Los Angeles

Municipal Money Market Fund

Municipal Mortgage & Equity LLC

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

Municipal Solutions Group Inc.

Municipality Finance plc

Municipality of Anchorage

Municipality of Sao Paulo

Municipio de Chihuahua CHIH

Municipio de Corregidora QRO

Municipio de San Pedro Garza Garcia NL


Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare Obligated Group

Munsun Capital Group Ltd.

Munters AB

Munters Corp.

Munters Group

Munters Topholding AB

Murchison Metals Ltd.

Murchison Minerals Ltd.

Murchison United NL


Murgor Resources Inc.

MuriGen Therapeutics

Murli Industries Ltd.


Murmansk Region

Murphy Energy Corp.

Murphy Exploration & Production Co.

Murphy Oil Co. Ltd.

Murphy Oil Corp.

Murphy Oil USA, Inc.

Murphy USA Inc.

Murray Alabama Coal, LLC

Murray Alabama Minerals, LLC

Murray Boiler LLC

Murray City

Murray Eagle Mining, LLC

Murray Energy Corp.

Murray Energy Holdings Co.

Murray Income Trust plc

Murray International Metals Ltd.

Murray Maple Eagle Coal, LLC

Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings, LLC

Murray Oak Grove, LLC

Murray South America, Inc.

Murray Street Investment Trust I

Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Murrin Murrin Holdings Pty

Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. SAOC

MusclePharm Corp.

Muscogee County School District

Museum of Contemporary Art Project

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Modern Art

Music Copyright Solutions plc

Musicland Holding Corp.

Musicrypt Inc.

Muskinghum County

Muskingum County

Muskox Minerals Corp.

Muskrat Falls/Labrador Transmission Asset Funding Trust

Muskrat Minerals Inc.

Mustang Alliances, Inc.

Mustang Bio, Inc.

Mustang Minerals Corp.

Mutares SE & Co. KGaA

Muthoot Finance Ltd.

Muthoot Finance Private Ltd.

Muthoottu Mini Financiers Ltd.

Mutiny Gold Ltd.

Mutual & Federal Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mutual Fund Store

Mutual of America Life Insurance Co.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co.

Mutual Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

Mutual Risk Management Ltd.

MutualFirst Financial, Inc.

MutualHedge Frontier Legends Fund

Mutuelle Assurance des Commercants et Industriels de France et des cadres et salaries de l

Mutuo Financiera

Muzak Holdings LLC

Muzak LLC

Muzinich & Co., Inc.

Muzinich Credit Opportunities Fund

Muzinich High Income Floating Rate Fund

Muzinich Short Duration High Yield Corporate Debt Fund

Muzinich U.S. High Yield Corporate Bond Fund

MV24 Capital BV

MVB Financial Corp.

MVC Capital, Inc.

MVC Financial Services Inc.

MVIS US Mortgage REITs index

MVK Intermediate Holdings, LLC

MVL Ltd.

MVM Energetika Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag

MVM Energy Private LLC

MVM Zrt.

MVP Staffing

MW Bancorp, Inc.

MW Industries

MW Industries, Inc.

MWAM CBO 2001-1, Ltd.

Mwana Africa plc

MWB Business Exchange plc

MWB Group Holdings plc

MWI Holdings Inc.

MWI Veterinary Supply Co.

MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc.

MX Gold Corp.

MXenergy Holdings Inc.

My Active Date, Inc.

My Alarm Center, Inc.

My Alarm Center, LLC

My Bank

My Net Fone Ltd.

My Screen Mobile, Inc.

MY-InfoTech Bhd.


mybet Holding SE

MyCause Beverages Inc.

Mycom Group, Inc.

MycroLab Pty. Ltd


MyDx, Inc.

MyEcheck Inc.

Myers Industries Inc.

Myers Park CLO LLC

Myers Park CLO Ltd.


MyEZSmokes Inc.

Myhome International plc


Mylan Inc.

Mylan Laboratories Inc.

Mylan NV

Mymetics Corp.

myNexus Inc.


Myogen Inc.

MyoKardia, Inc.

MYOS Corp.

MyoTech LLC

Myovant Sciences Ltd.

MYR Group Inc.

MYRA Capital

Myrexis, Inc.

Myriad Entertainment & Resorts, Inc.

Myriad Genetics Inc.

Myriad International Holdings BV

Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP)

Myrtle Beach


Mysore Paper Mills Ltd.


MyState Bank Ltd.

Mystic Logistics, Inc.

Mystic Re II Ltd.

Mystic Re Ltd.

Mystique Energy Inc.

MYT Holding Co.

Mytilineos Financial Partners SA

Mytilineos Holdings SA

Mytilineos SA

Mytrah Energy (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Mytrah Energy Ltd.


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