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F&M Bank Corp.

F.D.G Mining Inc.

FacePrint Global Solutions Inc.

Fair Sky Resources Inc.

Fairborne Energy Ltd.

Fairborne Energy Trust

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

Fairfax India Holdings Corp.

Fairmount Energy Inc.

Fairquest Energy Ltd.

Fairstar Heavy Transport NV

Fairview Energy Corp., Inc.

FairWest Energy Corp.

FAL Exploration Corp.

Falco Pacific Resource Group Inc.

Falco Resources Ltd.

Falcon Gold Corp.

Falcon Natural Gas Corp.

Falcon Natural Gas, Inc.

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Falconridge Oil Technologies Corp.

Falconstor Software, Inc.

Falkirk Resources Corp.

Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd.

Fall River Resources Ltd.

Family Home Health Services, Inc.

Family Room Entertainment Corp.

Famous Uncle Alís Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc.

Fancamp Exploration Ltd.

Fannie Mae

Fantasy 6 Sports Inc.

Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp.

Fantex, Inc.

Far City Mining Ltd.

Far East Energy Corp.

FAR Ltd.

Far Sighted Media, Inc.

Far West Mining Ltd.

Fara ASA

Farallon Resources Ltd.

Fareport Capital Inc.

Farley Group plc

Farm Lands of Guinea

Farmland Partners Inc.

Farmstead Telephone Group, Inc.

Farnsworth Bancorp Inc.

FARO Technologies, Inc.

Faroe Petroleum plc

Fashion House Holdings, Inc.

Fashion Tech International Inc.

Fast Eddie Racing Stables Inc.

Fast One, Inc.

FastFunds Financial Corp.

Fastighets AB Balder

Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

Favrille, Inc.

FBC Holding Inc.

FBEC Worldwide, Inc.

FBO Air Inc.

FBR & Co.

FC Banc Corp.

FCF Capital Inc.

Fearless International, Inc.

FEC Resources Inc.

Fedders Corp.

Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

Federal Trust Corp.

Federal-Mogul Corp.

Federated National Holding Co.

Feedback plc

Feel Golf Co.

Feel Golf Co., Inc.

Feel Good Cars Corp.

Feigeda Electronic Technology, Inc.

Feldman Mall Properties, Inc.

Felix Group plc

Fellows Energy Ltd.

FemOne, Inc.

Fenix Parts, Inc.

Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fenwick Automotive Products Ltd.

FermaVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fermiscan Holdings Ltd.

Feronia Inc.

FerrAus Ltd.

Ferrellgas Partners LP

Ferro Iron Ore Corp.

Ferrowest Ltd.

Festino Venture Corp.

FFastFill plc

FGBC Bancshares, Inc.

Fiber Optic Systems Technology Inc.

FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc.

Fibrek Inc.

Fibrocell Science, Inc.

FibroGen, Inc.

Fidelis Energy, Inc.

Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

Fidelity Southern Corp.

Fidus Investment Corp.

Fieldex Exploration Inc.

Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp.

Fifth Avenue Diversified Inc.

Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp.

Fifty-Plus.Net International Inc.

FIIC Holdings, Inc.

Filtronic plc

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

FinancialContent, Inc.

Finavera Renewables Inc.

Finavera Wind Energy Inc.

Finbar International Ltd.

Find Energy Ltd.

Finders Resources Ltd.

Findex.com, Inc.

Finlay Minerals Ltd.

FinMetal Mining Ltd.

Finotec Group, Inc.

Fintry Enterprises Inc.

Fiore Exploration Ltd.

Fire River Gold Corp.

Firepond, Inc.

Firesteel Resources Inc.

Firestone Diamonds plc

Firestone Energy Ltd.

Firestone Ventures Inc.

Fireswirl Technologies Inc.

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Trust

Firm Capital Property Trust

First Albany Cos. Inc.

First Asia Holdings Ltd.

First Australian Resources Ltd.

First Avenue Networks

First BanCorp

First Bancorp, Inc.

First Bancshares, Inc.

First Bank

First Bauxite Corp.

First Busey Corp.

First Business Financial Services, Inc.

First Capital Bancorp, Inc.

First Capital Group Ltd.

First Capital Ltd.

First Capital Realty Inc.

First Century Bancorp

First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.

First Choice Bank

First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

First Colombia Gold Corp.

First Columbia Gold Corp.

First Community Bancorp

First Community Bancshares, Inc.

First Community Corp.

First Community Financial Partners Inc.

First Corp.

First Factor Developments Inc.

First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

First Fortune Investments Inc.

First Foundation Inc.

First Georgia Community Corp.

First Global Data Ltd.

First Gold Exploration Inc.

First Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.

First Independence Corp.

First Intercontinental Bank

First Internet Bancorp

First Interstate BancSystem, Inc.

First Investors Financial Services Group, Inc.

First Ipswich Bancorp

First Keystone Bank

First Keystone Financial, Inc.

First Liberty Power Corp.

First Majestic Resource Corp.

First Majestic Silver Corp.

First Marblehead Corp.

First Mariner Bancorp

First Merchants Corp.

First Metals Inc.

First Mexican Gold Corp.

First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc.

First Mining Finance Corp.

First Montauk Financial Corp.

First Mountain Exploration Ltd.

First Narrows Resources Corp.

First Nickel Inc.

First of Long Island Corp.

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc.

First Point Minerals Corp.

First Potomac Realty Trust

First Pursuit Ventures Ltd.

First Rate Staffing Corp.

First Reliance BancShares Inc.

First Republic Bank

First Sahara Energy Inc.

First Security Group, Inc.

First Sound Bank

First Star Resources Inc.

First State Bancorp.

First ULB Corp.

First Union Real Estate Equity and Mortgage Investments

First Uranium Corp.

First Venture Technologies Corp.

FirstAfrica Oil plc

Firstgold Corp.

FirstGroup plc

FirstGrowth Capital Inc.

FirstGrowth Exploration & Development Services Corp.

Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc.

Firstland Energy Ltd.

Firstway Enterprises, Inc.

Fischer Imaging Corp.

Fischer-Watt Gold Co. Inc.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Ltd.

FishWorks plc

Fission Energy Corp.

Fission Uranium Corp.

Fitbug Holdings plc

Fitzwilliam Capital plc

Five Oaks Investment Corp.

Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.

Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

Five9, Inc.

Fjordland Exploration Inc.

FKP Property Group

Flacon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Flagship Credit Corp.

Flagship Energy Inc.

Flagship Global Health, Inc.

Flagship Industries Inc.

Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.

Flamel Technologies SA

Flasr Inc.

Flatworld Acquisition Corp.

Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

Flex Fuels Energy, Inc.

Flex Pharma, Inc.

Flexible Solutions International, Inc.

Flexion Therapeutics Inc.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc.

FlexShopper Inc.

Flextronics International Ltd.

Flinders Mines Ltd.

Flinders Resources Ltd.

Flint Telecom Group, Inc.

FLO Corp.

Florida Bank Group, Inc.

Florida Choice Bankshares, Inc.

Florida Gaming Corp.

Flotek Industries, Inc.

Flow International Corp.

Fluid Media Networks, Inc.

Fluid Music Canada, Inc.

Fluidigm Corp.

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc.

Flux Power Holdings Inc.

Flux Technologies, Corp.

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

Flying A Petroleum Ltd.

FNB United Corp.

FNBH Bancorp, Inc.

FNDS3000 Corp.

FNX Mining Co. Inc.

Foamex International Inc.

Foamix Ltd.

Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Focus Enhancements, Inc.

Focus Gold Corp.

Focus Graphite Inc.

Focus Metals Inc.

Focus Minerals Ltd.

Focus Ventures Ltd.

Fogo de Chao, Inc.

Foldera, Inc.

Fonix Corp.

FONU2 Inc.

Food & Drink Group plc

Football Network

Foothills Resources, Inc.

Foran Mining Corp.

Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp.

Forbes Energy Services Ltd.

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc.

Force Fuels, Inc.

Force Protection Inc.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp.

Forent Energy Ltd.

Forest Enterprises Australia Ltd.

Forest Gate Resources Inc.

Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Forex International Trading Corp.

Forex365, Inc.

ForgeHouse, Inc.

Forgiven Bottling Group, Inc.

Formation Capital Corp.

Formation Fluid Management Inc.

Formation Fluid Technology Inc.

Formation Metals Inc.

Formcap Corp.

Forme Capital, Inc.

Formjet plc

Formula Systems Ltd.

Forsys Metals Corp.

Forsys Technologies Inc.

Forte Energy NL

Forte Resources Inc.

Forterra Environmental Corp.

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.

Fortified Holdings Corp.

Fortis Inc.

Fortress Biotech Inc.

Fortress Energy Inc.

Fortress Minerals Corp.

Fortress Paper Ltd.

Fortsum Business Solutions Inc.

Fortuna Gaming Corp.

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.

Fortuna Ventures Inc.

Fortune Bank

Fortune Bay Corp.

Fortune Diversified Industries, Inc.

Fortune Industries, Inc.

Fortune Management Inc.

Fortune Minerals Ltd.

Fortune River Resource Corp.

Fortune River Resources Corp.

Fortune Valley Resources Inc.

Forum Development Corp.

Forum Energy plc

Forum Energy Technologies Inc.

Forum National Investments Ltd.

Forum Uranium Corp.

Foshan S.L.P. Special Materials Co., Ltd.

FOTV Media Networks Inc.

Foundation Bancorp, Inc.

Foundation Healthcare, Inc.

Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Foundation Resources Inc.

Founders Advantage Capital Corp.

Four Energies, Inc.

Four Oaks Fincorp, Inc.

Four Rivers BioEnergy Co. Inc.

Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc.

Four Star Holdings, Inc.

Fox Petroleum Inc.

Fox Resources Ltd.

FoxHollow Technologies, Inc.

Foxpoint Capital Corp.

FP Technology, Inc.

FPS Pharma Inc.

FrameWaves Inc.

Franc-Or Resources Corp.

Franchise Holdings International, Inc.

Franconia Minerals Corp.

Franklin Bank Corp.

Franklin Capital Corp.

Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.

Franklin Financial Network Inc.

Franklin Towers Enterprises, Inc.

Frankly Inc.

Franklyn Resources III, Inc.

Frederickís of Hollywood Group Inc.

Frederickís of Hollywood, Inc.

FreeButton Inc.

Freedom Bank

Freedom Bank of Virginia

Freedom Energy Holdings Inc.

Freedom Financial Group, Inc.

Freedom4 Group plc

Freegold Ventures Ltd.

FreeHand Systems International, Inc.

Freehold Royalties Ltd.

Freeplay Energy plc

Freeport Capital Inc.

Freeport Resources Inc.

FreeSeas Inc.

Freestar Technology Corp.

Freewest Resources Canada Inc.

Freeze Tag, Inc.

Fremont General Corp.

Frequency Networks, Inc.

Fresh Diet, Inc.

Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc.

FreshXtend Technologies Corp.

Friendable, Inc.

Friendlyway Corp.

Fronsac Capital Inc.

Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust

Fronteer Development Group Inc.

Frontera Resources Corp.

Frontier Mining Ltd.

Frontier Oilfield Services, Inc.

Frontier Pacific Mining Corp.

Frontline Gold Corp.

Frontline Ltd.

Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc.

FS Bancorp, Inc.

FS Investment Corp. II

FSB Bancorp, Inc.

FSI Energy Services Inc.

FTOH Corp.

FTS Group, Inc.

FTS Wireless

Fuda Faucet Works, Inc.

Fuel Cell Technologies Corp.

Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc.

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.

FuelCell Energy Inc.

Fuelstream Inc.

Fulgent Genetics, Inc.

Fuling Global Inc.

Full Circle Capital Corp.

Full House Resorts, Inc.

Full Metal Minerals Ltd.

Full Metal Zinc Ltd.

Full Spectrum Inc.

FullCircle Registry Inc.

Fuller Capital Corp.

Fulucai Productions Ltd.

Funcom NV

Function (X) Inc.

Functional Technologies Corp.

Fund.com Inc.

Fura Emeralds Inc.

Furia Organization, Inc.

Fury Explorations Ltd.

Fuse Medical Inc.

Fuse Science, Inc.

Fushi Copperweld Inc.

Fushi International, Inc.

Fusion IP plc

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc.

FusionTech, Inc.

Futomic Industries, Inc.

Futura Loyalty Group Inc.

Futura Medical plc

Futura Pictures, Inc.

Futuragene plc

Future Education Group Inc.

Future Healthcare of America

Future Now Group Inc.

Future World Group Inc.

FutureLand Corp.

Futuremedia plc

FutureWorld Corp.

FX Alliance Inc.

FX Energy, Inc.

FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc.

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