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F Elephant Corp.


F&C Asset Management plc

F&C Bancorp Inc.

F&C Global Smaller Cos. plc

F&C Investment Trust plc

F&G Global Funding

F&G Life Re Ltd.

F&H Acquisition Corp.

F&H Acquisitions, Inc.

F&M Bancshares Inc.

F&M Bank Corp.

F&M Financial Corp.

F&N Treasury Pte. Ltd.

F&W Publications Inc.

F+W Media Inc.

F-Brasile SpA

F-Brasile US LLC

F. Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.

F. van Lanschot Bankiers NV

F.D.G Mining Inc.

F45 SPV Finance Co., LLC

F45 Training Holdings Inc.

F5 Networks Inc.

F5, Inc.

FAB Sukuk Co. Ltd.

Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici

Fabege AB (publ)

Fabric (BC) SpA

Fabric (BC) SpA (Fedrigoni)

Fábrica de Produtos Alimentícios Vigor SA

Fabrica International Inc.

Fabrics Estate Holdings Inc.

Fabrics Estate Inc.


Fabtech Projects & Engineers Ltd

Facebank Group, Inc.

Facebook, Inc.

Facebook, Inc. Class A

Facebook, Inc., Amazon.com, Inc.

FacePrint Global Solutions Inc.

Facet Biotech Corp.

Facileasing, SA de CV

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Project

Factor Banka

Factor Banka dd

Factory 2-U Stores, Inc.

Factory Card & Party Outlet Corp.

Factory Point Bancorp, Inc.

FactSet Research Systems Inc.

Faegre Drinker

Faenza GmbH

Faerch Bidco ApS

Faerch Group A/S

Faerch Midco ApS

Faerch Plast Bidco ApS

Faerch Plast Group AS

Faerch Plast Midco ApS

Faeton Co.

Fage Dairy Industry SA

FAGE International SA

FAGE USA Dairy Industry Inc.

Fagron NV

FAH Liquidating Corp.

Fair Financial Corp.

Fair Isaac Corp.

Fair Oaks Capital Ltd.

Fair Oaks Income Fund LP

Fair Oaks Income Fund Ltd.

Fair Oaks Loan Funding I DAC

Fair Oaks Loan Funding II DAC

Fair Oaks Loan Funding III DAC

Fair Oaks Loan Funding IV DAC

Fair Sky Resources Inc.

Fairbanks Morse Defense

Fairborne Energy Ltd.

Fairborne Energy Trust

Fairchild Corp.

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.

Faircourt Asset Management Inc.

Faircourt Split Trust

Fairfax (US) Inc.

Fairfax Africa Holdings Corp.

Fairfax County

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

Fairfax County Industrial Development Authority

Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Fairfax County Water Authority

Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

Fairfax Hospital System, Inc.

Fairfax India Holdings Corp.

Fairfax Industrial Development Authority

Fairfax Media Ltd.


Fairfield City School District

Fairfield County

Fairfield Industrial Development Board

Fairfield Manufacturing

Fairfield Medical Center

Fairfield Residential LLC

Fairfield University

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District

Fairhold Securitisation Ltd.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Inc.

Fairmont Insurance Co.

Fairmont State University

Fairmount Energy Inc.

Fairmount Minerals Ltd.

Fairmount Santrol Holdings Inc.

Fairmount Santrol Inc.

FairPoint Communications, Inc.

Fairquest Energy Ltd.

Fairstar Heavy Transport NV

Fairstone Financial Inc.

Fairview Energy Corp., Inc.

Fairview Extended Care Services Inc.

Fairview Health Services

Fairview Obligated Group

Fairway Energy, LP

Fairway Group Acquisition Co.

Fairway Group Holdings Corp.

Fairway Loan Funding (Delaware) Corp.

Fairway Loan Funding Co.

Fairway Market LLC

FairWest Energy Corp.

Faith Regional Health Services

Faiveley Transport Group

Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk.

FAL Exploration Corp.

Falabella SA

Falco Pacific Resource Group Inc.

Falco Resources Ltd.

Falcon 2019-1 LLC

Falcon Energy Group Ltd.

Falcon Gold Corp.

Falcon Group Holdings (Cayman) Ltd.

Falcon Insurance Co. Ltd.

Falcon Minerals Corp.

Falcon Minerals Operating Partnership, LP

Falcon Natural Gas Corp.

Falcon Natural Gas, Inc.

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Falcon Products, Inc.

Falconbridge Ltd.

Falconridge Oil Technologies Corp.

Falconstor Software, Inc.

Falkirk Resources Corp.

Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd.

Fall River Resources Ltd.

Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF

Fallen Angel U.S.$ Bond ETF

Fallen Angels Income Fund

Fallen Angels Value Fund

Falls City ISD

Falvez Energy

FAM Small Cap Fund

Fame India Ltd.

Family Christian Stores

Family Christian, LLC

Family Dollar Stores Inc.

Family Dollar, Inc.

Family Home Health Services, Inc.

Family Memorials Inc.

Family Mosaic

Family Room Entertainment Corp.

Famous Commercial Ltd.

Famous Kind International Ltd.

Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs & Grille, Inc.

Fana Sparebank Boligkreditt AS


Fanapel SA

Fanatics Commerce

Fanatics Commerce Intermediate Holdco, LLC

Fanatics Holdings Inc.

Fanatics, Inc.

Fancamp Exploration Ltd.

FanFood, Inc.

Fang Holdings Ltd.

Fannie Mae


Fantasia Group (China) Co. Ltd.

Fantasia Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Fantasy 6 Sports Inc.

Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp.

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Fantasy, Inc.

Fantex, Inc.

FAO, Inc.

Far City Mining Ltd.

Far East Capital Ltd. SA

Far East Consortium International Ltd.

Far East Energy Corp.

Far East Horizon Ltd.

Far East Hospitality Trust

Far East International Bank

Far East Telecom

Far East Textile Ltd.

Far Eastern Bank

Far Eastern Generating Co.

Far Eastern International Bank

Far Eastern New Century Co. Ltd.

Far Eastern New Century Corp.

Far Eastern Shipping Co. plc

Far Eastern Textiles Ltd.

Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd.

FAR Ltd.

Far Sighted Media, Inc.

Far West Mining Ltd.

Fara ASA

Faraday Future

Farallon Resources Ltd.

Fareport Capital Inc.

Farfetch Ltd.

Farfetch UK Ltd.

Farglory Construction Co., Ltd.

Farglory Land Development Co., Ltd.


Fargo Public School District No. 1

Farleigh Dickinson University

Farley Group plc

Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc.

Farm & Home Oil Co. LLC

Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.

Farm Credit Bank of Texas

Farm Credit Canada

Farm Lands of Guinea


Farmaceutici Formenti SpA

Farmax Retail India Ltd.

Farmer Bros. Co.

Farmer Bros. Co.’s

Farmer Mac

Farmers & Merchants Bancorp, Inc.

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach

Farmers & Merchants Financial Corp.

Farmers Bank of China

Farmers Capital Bank Corp.

Farmers Enterprises Inc.

Farmers Exchange Capital

Farmers Exchange Capital II

Farmers Exchange Capital III

Farmers Group, Inc.

Farmers Insurance Exchange

Farmers Insurance Group, Inc.

Farmers National Banc Corp.


Farmington Public School District

Farmland Dairies, LLC

Farmland Industries

Farmland Partners Inc.

Farmland Partners Operating Partnership LP

Farms of New Kent Community Development Authority

Farmstead Telephone Group, Inc.

Farnsworth Bancorp Inc.

FARO Technologies, Inc.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Petroleum plc

Faroy SA

Farsail Goldman International Ltd.

Farstad Shipping ASA

Fashion House Holdings, Inc.

Fashion Tech International Inc.

Fast Eddie Racing Stables Inc.

Fast One, Inc.

Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.

Fasteel Corp.

Fastenal Co.

Fastener Acquisition Inc.

Fasteners For Retail Inc.

FastenTech, Inc.

FastFunds Financial Corp.

Fastighets AB Balder

Fastlane Holding Co. Inc.

Fastly, Inc.

FastMed Urgent Care

Fastnet Securities 2 plc

Fastnet Securities 7 Ltd.

FastPartner AB

FasTracks Project

FAT Brands Inc.

Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

Fateh Chand Charitable Trust

FAU Finance Corp.

Fauquier County

Fauquier Hospital Obligated Group

Faurecia SA

Faurecia SE

Faurecia, Hella GmbH & Co KGaA

Favor Sea Ltd.

Favorita Fruit Co. Ltd.

Favrille, Inc.

Faxtor ABS 2005-1 BV


Faze Three Ltd.

FB Financial Corp.

FB Liquidating Estate, Inc.

FBC Holding Inc.

FBCC Lending I LLC

FBD Insurance plc

FBEC Worldwide, Inc.

FBI Wind Down, Inc.

FBL Financial Group Inc.

FBN Finance Co. BV

FBN Holding plc

FBN Holdings plc

FBNK Finance SarL

FBO Air Inc.

FBOP Corp.

FBR & Co.

FBR Capital Markets Corp.

FBT Financial Indices, LLC

FC Banc Corp.


FC BSL Management LLC Series IV

FC BSL X Management LLC

FC BSL XI Management LLC

FC BSL XII Management LLC

FC BSL XIII Management LLC

FC BSL XIV Management LLC

FC BSL XVII Management LLC

FC Compassus, LLC

FC Domino Acquisition, LLC

FC Holdings Inc.

FC-GEN Operations Investment, LLC

FCA Bank SpA

FCA Capital Ireland plc

FCA Italy SpA


FCC Aqualia SA

FCC Holdings Finance Subsidiary, Inc.

FCC Holdings LLC

FCDC Sales and Marketing Inc.

FCE Bank plc

FCF Capital Inc.

FCG Acquisitions, Inc.

FCI Asia Pte. Ltd.

FCI International SAS

FCN MTN Pte. Ltd.





FCOD CLO Management LLC

FCOT Treasury Pte. Ltd.

FCS Software Solutions Ltd.

FCStone Group Inc.

FCT Lafayette 2021

FCT MTN Pte. Ltd.

FDC Holdings Inc.

FDC Ltd.

FDF I Ltd.





FDF Management LLC Series IV

FDF V Ltd.

FDF V Management LLC

FDO Holdings Inc.

FDS Holdings BV

FE Investments Ltd.

Fearless International, Inc.

Feather Bidco Ltd.

Feather Investments Holdings SCA

FEC Finance Ltd.

FEC Resources Inc.

Fedders Corp.

Fedders Lloyd Corp. Ltd.

Federacion Uruguaya de Cooperativas Ahorro y Credito

Federacion Uruguaya de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Credito

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. (Farmer Mac)

Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

Federal Bank Ltd.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Federal Express Corp.

Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corp.

federal funds effective rate

Federal Grid Co. of the Unified Energy System

Federal Grid Co. of the Unified Energy System PJSC

Federal Grid Co. of Unified Energy System

Federal Grid Co. UES

Federal Grid Finance DAC

Federal Grid Finance Designated Activity Co.

Federal Grid Finance Ltd.

Federal Guaranty Insurance Co.

Federal Highway Trust Fund

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Federal Home Loan Bank System

Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Federal Housing Finance Agency

Federal Hydrogeneration Co. HydroOGK

Federal Information Technology Systems LLC

Federal Insurance Co.

Federal International Finance

Federal Open Market Committee

Federal Passenger Co.

Federal Passenger Co. JSC

Federal Passenger Co. OJSC

Federal Realty Investment Trust

Federal Realty OP LP

Federal Republic of Germany

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Federal Reserve Board

Federal Signal Corp.

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Transit Administration

Federal Trust Corp.

Federal-Mogul Corp.

Federal-Mogul Financing Corp.

Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp.

Federal-Mogul Holdings, LLC

Federal-Mogul, LLC

Federated Bond Fund

Federated Capital Income Fund II

Federated Co-operatives Ltd.

Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Federated Hermes, Inc.

Federated Investors, Inc.

Federated Managed Volatility Fund II

Federated Max-Cap Index Fund

Federated National Holding Co.

Federated Ohio Municipal Cash Trust

Federated Premier Intermediate Municipal Income Fund

Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund

Federated Student Finance Corp.

Federated Total Return Bond Fund

Federation des caisses Desjardins du Quebec

Federation Employment & Guidance Service

Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc.

FedEx Corp.

FedEx Express

FedNat Holding Co.



Feedback plc

Feedback Technology Corp.

Feegrade & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Feel Golf Co.

Feel Golf Co., Inc.

Feel Good Cars Corp.

FEH, Inc.


Feigeda Electronic Technology, Inc.

Feingold O’Keefe Capital, LLC


Feintool International Holding AG

FEL Energy VI Sarl

FelCor Lodging LP

FelCor Lodging Trust Inc.

Feldman Mall Properties, Inc.

Felix Group plc

Felix Resources Ltd.

Fellow Finance plc

Fellows Energy Ltd.

Fells Point Funding Trust

Fem T AS

Female Health Co.

FemOne, Inc.

Femsa SA de CV

Femsa, SAB de CV

Femur Buyer, Inc.

Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Fenghui Leasing Co., Ltd.

Fenix Parts, Inc.

Fenix Power Peru SA

Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fenner plc

Fentura Financial, Inc.

Fenwal Inc.

Fenwick Automotive Products Ltd.

Ferde AS

Ferguson Finance plc

Ferguson plc

Feria Valencia

Feringghi Capital Ltd.

Fermaca Enterprises S de RL de CV

Fermat Ltd.

FermaVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fermiscan Holdings Ltd.

Feronia Inc.

Ferrara Candy Co. Holdings Inc.

Ferrara Candy Co. Inc.

Ferrari NV

Ferraris Group plc

Ferratum Bank plc

Ferratum Capital Germany GmbH

Ferratum Oyj

FerrAus Ltd.

Ferrell Cos.

Ferrellgas Escrow, LLC

Ferrellgas Finance Corp.

Ferrellgas Inc.

Ferrellgas LP

Ferrellgas Partner, LP

Ferrellgas Partners Finance Corp.

Ferrellgas Partners LP

Ferrero International SA

Ferretti SpA

Ferrexpo AG

Ferrexpo Finance plc

Ferrexpo plc

Ferreycorp SAA

Ferreyros SAA

Ferring International Center, SA

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferro Corp.

Ferro Iron Ore Corp.

Ferro Specialty Plastics

Ferro-Alloy Resources Ltd.

Ferrocarril Mexicano SA de CV

FerroChina Ltd.

Ferroglobe Finance Co. plc

Ferroglobe plc

Ferromex SA de CV

Ferrovial SA

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane SpA

Ferrowest Ltd.

FertiNitro Finance Inc.

Fertitta Colony Partners LLC

Fertitta Entertainment, LLC

Fertitta Morton

Fesco plc

Fesco Transportation Group

Festino Venture Corp.

Festival Fun Parks, LLC

Fetch Acquisition LLC

Fetch Holdco LLC

FFastFill plc

FFF Enterprises, Inc.


FFP Holdings Group Inc.


FG Financial Group, Inc.

FG Operating Finance Escrow Corp.


FGA Acquisition Corp.

FGBC Bancshares, Inc.


FGC UES, PJSC, Transneft, PJSC

FGI Acquisition Corp.

FGI Finance Inc.

FGI Operating Co. LLC

FGIC Corp.

FGL Holdings

FGL Holdings and CF Bermuda Holdings Ltd.

FGL US Holdings, Inc.

FGX International Holdings Ltd.

FH MD Parent Inc.

FH-REIT Treasury Pte. Ltd.

FHB Mortgage Bank

FHC Health Systems Inc.

FHC Holdings Corp.

FHLBank System

FHR Propylene, LLC

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV

Fiat Chrysler Automotive NV

Fiat Chrysler Finance Europe SA

Fiat Finance & Trade Ltd., SA

Fiat Industrial SpA

Fiat SpA

FiatAvio SpA

Fiba Holding

Fibabanka Anonim Sirketi

Fibabanka AS

Fiber Optic Systems Technology Inc.

FiberMark Inc.

FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc.

Fiberstar, Inc.

Fibertech Holding Corp.

Fibertech Networks

Fibertech Networks LLC

FiberTower Corp.

FiberTower Network Services, Corp.

FiberVisions LLC

Fibo Group AS

Fibra Inn

Fibra Macquarie Mexico

Fibra Mty

Fibra Prologis

Fibra Uno

Fibrek Inc.

Fibria Celulosa SA

Fibria Celulose SA

Fibria NL BidCo BV

Fibria Overseas Finance Ltd.

Fibria Overseas Ltda.

Fibrocell Science, Inc.

FibroGen, Inc.

FIC Restaurants, Inc.


FICC Markets Standards Board



Fiddler's Business Improvement District City of Greenwood Village

Fideicomiso CIB/3484

Fideicomiso de Fomento Minero

Fideicomiso Fibra Uno

Fideicomiso Financiero de Infraestructura Electrica

Fideicomiso Financiero Multipyme I

Fideicomiso Financiero Secupyme XVIII

Fideicomiso Irrevocable CIB/3332

Fideicomiso Numero CIB/3332

Fideicomiso PA Autopista Rio Magdalena

Fideicomiso PA Costera (Concesión Costera Cartagena Barranquilla SAS)

Fideicomiso PA Pacifico Tres

Fideicomiso Petacalco

Fidelidade Viagens e Turismo SA

Fidelis Energy, Inc.

Fidelis Insurance Holdings Ltd.

Fidelis SeniorCare, Inc.

Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Co.

Fidelity & Guaranty Life

Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Co. of New York

Fidelity & Guaranty Life Holdings, Inc.

Fidelity Advisor Balanced Fund

Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate High Income Fund

Fidelity Advisor Global Bond Fund

Fidelity Advisor Global Capital Appreciation Fund

Fidelity Advisor International Bond Fund

Fidelity Advisor Investment Grade Bond Fund

Fidelity Advisor Multi-Asset Income Fund

Fidelity Advisor Municipal Income 2023 Fund A

Fidelity Advisor Series Short-Term Credit Fund

Fidelity Advisor Stock Selector Mid Cap Fund

Fidelity Advisor Stock Selector Small Cap Fund

Fidelity Advisor Total International Equity Fund

Fidelity Advisors Large Cap Growth Fund

Fidelity Balanced Fund

Fidelity Bank plc

Fidelity China Region Fund

Fidelity Commonwealth Trust

Fidelity Conservative Income Municipal Bond Fund

Fidelity Equity-Income Fund

Fidelity Equity-Income II Fund

Fidelity Federal Bancorp

Fidelity Financial Corp.

Fidelity Financial Inc.

Fidelity Fixed-Income Trust

Fidelity Global Bond Fund

Fidelity Government Income Fund

Fidelity Grand Harbour CLO 2021-1 DAC

Fidelity Income Fund

Fidelity International Bond Fund

Fidelity International Value Fund

Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments Canada ULC

Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Co.

Fidelity Japan Fund

Fidelity Large Cap Growth Fund

Fidelity Multifactor Yield index 5% ER

Fidelity Municipal Income 2023 Fund

Fidelity National Financial Inc.

Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

Fidelity National Information Systems, Inc.

Fidelity National Services Inc.

Fidelity New Jersey AMT Tax-Free Money Market Fund

Fidelity Newport Holdings, LLC

Fidelity Nordic Fund

Fidelity Overseas Fund

Fidelity Puritan Fund

Fidelity Salem Street Trust

Fidelity Sedgwick Holdings, Inc.

Fidelity Select Wireless Portfolio

Fidelity Series All-Sector Equity Fund

Fidelity Series Global ex U.S. Index Fund

Fidelity Series Inflation-Protected Bond Index Fund

Fidelity Series Short-Term Credit Fund

Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities Fund

Fidelity Short Duration High Income Fund

Fidelity Southern Corp.

Fidelity Stock Selector Small Cap Fund

Fidelity Tactical Fixed Income Fund

Fidelity Title

Fidelity Total International Equity Fund

Fidelity Value Discovery Fund

Fidia Farmaceutici SpA

Fidji Luxembourg (BC4) Sarl

Fiduciary Asset Management, LLC

Fidum (Fideicomiso para el Desarrollo Urbano de Mexicali)

Fidus Investment Corp.

Field Container Queretaro (USA), LLC

Field Museum of National History

Field Museum of Natural History

Fieldex Exploration Inc.

FieldLink NV

Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp.

Fieldstone Investment Corp.

Fieldstone Mortgage Co.

Fieldwood Energy LLC

Fiera Axium Infrastructure Inc.

Fiera Capital Corp.

Fiera High Yield Bond Fund

Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc

Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.

Fifth & Pacific Cos., Inc.

Fifth Avenue Diversified Inc.

Fifth Avenue LP

Fifth Avenue Place

Fifth Pocket Production, LLC

Fifth Street Asset Management Inc.

Fifth Street CLO Management LLC

Fifth Street Finance Corp.

Fifth Street Holdings LP

Fifth Street Management LLC

Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp.

Fifth Street Senior Loan Fund I, LLC

Fifth Street Senior Loan Fund II, LLC

Fifth Street SLF II Ltd.

Fifth Street SLF II Ltd./Fifth Street SLF II LLC

Fifth Third All Cap Value Fund

Fifth Third Asset Management, Inc.

Fifth Third Bancorp

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank, NA

Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund

Fifth Third Funds

Fifth Third Processing Solutions LLC

Fifth Third Securities, Inc.

Fifty-Plus.Net International Inc.


Figeac Aero

FIGS, Inc.

Figtree Financing

Figueroa CLO 2013-1, Ltd./ Figueroa CLO 2013-1, LLC

Figueroa CLO 2013-2, Ltd./Figueroa CLO 2013-2, LLC

Figueroa CLO 2014-1 LLC

Figueroa CLO 2014-1, Ltd.

Figueroa CLO 2014-1, Ltd./Figueroa CLO 2014-1, LLC

Figure Lending LLC

Figure Technologies, Inc.

FIH Erhvervsbank A/S

FIIC Holdings, Inc.


FIL Investments International

FIL Ltd.

Fil-Estate Land, Inc.

Filatex India Ltd.

Filecoin NNI Renewable Energy fund

Filene’s Basement

Filene’s Basement, LLC

Filinvest Development Cayman Islands

Filinvest Development Corp.

Filinvest Land

Filinvest Land Inc.

Fillmore Park CLO LLC

Fillmore Park CLO Ltd.

Filmcity Media Ltd.


Filmed Entertainment Inc.

FilmYard Holdings LLC

Filtration Group Corp.

Filtronic plc

Fimag Finanz Industrie Management AG

Fina Finance & Trading Co., Ltd.

Finance & Credit Ukraine BV

Finance and Credit Bank Ltd.

Finance Authority of Maine

Finance Co. Ltd.

Finance Co. plc

Finance for Danish Industry A/S

Finance for Danish Ministry

Finance Leasing Co.

Finance of America Cos. Inc.

Finance of America Equity Capital LLC

Finance of America Funding LLC


Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos – FINEP

Financial 15 Split Corp. II

Financial Accounting Standards Board

Financial Assurance Co. Ltd.

Financial Commerce Corp.

Financial Engines, Inc.

Financial Eyes India Ltd.

Financial Federal Corp.

Financial Federal Credit Inc.

Financial Guaranty Insurance Co.

Financial Guaranty UK Ltd.

Financial Inclusion Network and Operations Ltd.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

Financial Institutions, Inc.

Financial Insurance Co. Ltd.

Financial Management and Oversight Board for Puerto Rico

Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico

Financial Preferred Securities Corp.

Financial Sector fund

Financial Security Assurance Holdings Ltd.

Financial Security Assurance Inc.

Financial Select Sector index

Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF

Financial Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund

Financial Select Sector SPDR fund

Financial Select SPDR fund

Financial Services Select Sector index

Financial Services Trust

Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council

Financial Technologies India Ltd.

FinancialContent, Inc.

Financials Select Sector index

Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund

Financiera Bajio, SA de CV Sofom ER

Financiera CMR SA

Financiera Compartamos SA de CV SFOL

Financiera Cordillera SA

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional SA

Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial SA

Financiera de los Trabajadores

Financiera Energetica Nacional

Financiera Finca, SA de CV Sofom ENR

Financiera Finsol, SA de CV

Financiera Independencia SAB de CV

Financiera Independencia SAB de CV Sofom ENR

Financiere Agache

Financiere Callista Sarl

Financiere CEP

Financière Colisée SAS

Financiere Daunou 1 SA

Financiere Daunou 5 Sarl

Financière Dry Mix Solutions SAS

Financiere Efel SAS

Financiere Gaillon 7 SAS

Financiere Gaillon 8 SA

Financiere Groupe Persea

Financiere Holding CEP

Financiere Holding CEP (France)

Financiere IKKS

Financiere IKKS SAS

Financiere Labeyrie Fine Foods SAS

Financiere Lully C

Financiere Lully C SAS

Financiere Mendel SAS

Financiere N

Financiere Pax SAS

Financiere Persea

Financiere Quick SA

Financiere Santec SA

Financiere SPIE

Financiere Top Mendel SAS

Financiere Verdi I SAS

Financing of Infrastructural Projects

Finans Finansal Kiralama

Finans Finansal Kiralama AS

Finansa PCL

Finansa plc

Finansa Public Co. Ltd.

Finansal Kiralama

Finansbank AS

Finansbank Russia Capital SA

Finansbank SA

Finansia Syrus Securities PCL

FinanSure Student Loan Master Trust I

Finantic Ltd.

Finarvedi SpA

Finastra Group Holdings Ltd.

Finastra Ltd.


Finaventure Capital Ltd.

Finavera Renewables Inc.

Finavera Wind Energy Inc.


Finbar International Ltd.

Finca Armenia

Finca Impact Finance

Finca Microfinance Bank

Fincantieri SpA


FinComún Servicios Financieros Comunitatios SA de CV Sociedad Financiera Popular

Fincraft Group LLP

Find Energy Ltd.

Findel plc

Finders Resources Ltd.

Findex.com, Inc.


Findomestic Banca SpA


Findus Bondco SA

Findus Group

Findus PIK SCA

Findus PledgeCo Sarl

Fine Perfection Investment Ltd.

FinecoBank Banca Fineco SpA

Finep & Partners as

FineTech Laboratories Ltd.

Fingerhut Direct

Fingerprint Cards AB (publ)

Fingrid Oyj

Finial Holdings Inc.

Finisar Corp.

Finish Line, Inc.

Finisterre Capital


Finlay Enterprises, Inc.

Finlay Minerals Ltd.

Finlombarda SpA


Finmeccanica SpA

FinMetal Mining Ltd.

Finn Square CLO Ltd.

Finnair plc

Finning International Inc.

Finnvera Oyj

Finnvera plc

Finotec Group, Inc.

Finova Financial

Finova Group Inc.


Finsbury Square 2016-1 plc

Finsbury Square 2016-2 plc

Finsbury Square 2017-1 plc

Finsbury Square 2019-2 plc

Finsbury Square 2019-3 plc

Finspace SA

Fintegra LLC

Fintest Trading Co. Ltd.


Fintrax International Holdings Ltd.

Fintry Enterprises Inc.


Fiore Exploration Ltd.

Fir Tree Partners

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp.

Fire & Flower Inc.

Fire (BC) Sarl

Fire (BC) SpA

Fire Insurance Exchange

Fire River Gold Corp.

Fire Safety and Oil Additives Business

FireEye Inc.

FireEye Products

FireKeepers Development Authority

Firelands Regional Medical Center

Firepond, Inc.

Firestar Diamond International, Inc.

Firestar Diamond, Inc.

Firestar International Pvt. Ltd.

Firesteel Resources Inc.

Firestone Diamonds plc

Firestone Energy Ltd.

Firestone Ventures Inc.

Fireswirl Technologies Inc.

Firethorn Holdings, LLC

Firm Capital American Realty Partners Corp.

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp.

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Trust

Firm Capital Property Trust

Firmenich International SA

First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC

First Advantage

First Advantage Bancshares Inc.

First Advantage Corp.

First Advantage Holdings, LLC

First Albany Cos. Inc.

First Alliance Bancshares Inc.

First American Capital Trust

First American Corp.

First American Financial Corp.

First American Insurance Cos.

First American Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II, Inc.

First American Payment Systems, LP

First American Payments Systems

First American Title Insurance Co.

First Asia Holdings Ltd.

First Asset CanBanc Split Corp.

First Asset Exchange Traded Funds

First Asset Investment Management Inc.

First Australian Resources Ltd.

First Avenue Networks

First BanCorp

First BanCorp of Puerto Rico

First Bancorp, Inc.

First Bancshares, Inc.

First Bank

First Bank Co., Ltd.

First Bank of Nigeria Ltd.

First Bank of Nigeria plc

First Banks, Inc.

First Bauxite Corp.

First Blue Home Finance Ltd.

First Brands Group LLC

First Bridge

First Busey Corp.

First Business Financial Services, Inc.

First Calgary Petroleums Ltd.

First California Financial Group, Inc.

First Capital

First Capital Bancorp, Inc.

First Capital Bancshares, Inc.

First Capital Commercial Bank

First Capital Group Ltd.

First Capital Holdings, Inc.

First Capital Ltd.

First Capital Real Estate Investment Trust

First Capital Realty Inc.

First Caribbean International Bank Ltd.

First Cash Financial Services Inc.

First Century Bancorp

First Charter Corp.

First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.

First Choice Bank

First Choice Emergency Room, LLC

First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

First Choice Holidays plc

First Choice Power

First Citizens (St. Lucia) Ltd.

First Citizens Banc Corp.

First Citizens BancShares Inc.

First Citizens Bank and Trust Co., Inc.

First Citizens Bank Ltd.

First City Monument Bank

First City Monument Bank Ltd.

First City Monument Ltd.

First Coastal Bancshares

First Cobalt Corp

First Colombia Gold Corp.

First Columbia Gold Corp.

First Commercial Bank

First Commercial Bank (Taiwan)

First Commercial Bank Ltd.

First Commonwealth Bank

First Commonwealth Financial Corp.

First Communications LLC

First Community Bancorp

First Community Bancshares, Inc.

First Community Bank Corp. of America

First Community Corp.

First Community Financial

First Community Financial Partners Inc.

First Community Village Obligated Group

First Consulting Group, Inc.

First Contact

First Container Terminal

First Corp.

First Data Corp.

First Data Holdings Inc.

First Defiance Financial Corp.

First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC, Inc.

First Eagle Alternative Credit EU LLC

First Eagle Alternative Credit, LLC

First Eagle Berkeley Fund CLO LLC

First Eagle BSL CLO 2019-1 Ltd.

First Eagle Clarendon Fund CLO LLC

First Eagle Commercial Loan Funding 2016-1 LLC

First Eagle Funds

First Eagle Gold Fund

First Eagle High Yield Fund

First Eagle Holdings Inc.

First Eagle Investment Management

First Eagle Investment Management Inc.

First Eagle Investment Management, LLC

First Eagle Private Credit Advisors LLC

First Eagle Private Credit, LLC

First Empire Securities

First Factor Developments Inc.

First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

First Financial Bancorp

First Financial Bankshares, Inc.

First Financial Holding Co.

First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

First Financial Holding Company, Ltd.

First Financial Holdings Inc.

First Financial Service Corp.

First Flexible (No. 7) plc

First Flexible No. 4 plc

First Flexible No.5 plc

First Fortune Investments Inc.

First Foundation Advisors

First Foundation Inc.

First Freedom Bancshares Inc.

First FZ Bond Ltd.

First Gen Corp.

First Georgia Community Corp.

First Global Data Ltd.

First Gold Exploration Inc.

First Gothenburg Bancshares, Inc.

First Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.

First Gulf Bank

First Gulf Bank PJSC

First Harvest Ltd.

First Hawaiian Bank

First Health Group

First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC

First Heartland Jysan Bank

First Horizon Bank

First Horizon Corp

First Horizon International Corp.

First Horizon National Corp.

First Horizon Pharmaceutical Corp.

First Huntingdon Finance Corp.

First Hydro Finance plc

First Independence Corp.

First Indiana Corp.

First Industrial LP

First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.

First Insurance Co. Ltd.

First Intercontinental Bank

First International Bank of Israel

First Internet Bancorp

First Interstate BancSystem, Inc.

First Investment Bank AD

First Investors Financial Services Group, Inc.

First Investors Floating Rate Fund

First Investors Life Series Limited Duration High Quality Bond Fund

First Investors Limited Duration High Quality Bond Fund

First Investors Management Co., Inc.

First Investors Value Fund

First Ipswich Bancorp

First Keystone Bank

First Keystone Corp.

First Keystone Financial, Inc.

First Liberty Power Corp.

First Magnus Financial Corp.

First Majestic Resource Corp.

First Majestic Silver Corp.

First Marblehead Corp.

First Mariner Bancorp

First Mariner Bank

First Merchants Bank

First Merchants Corp.

First Mercury Financial Corp.

First Mercury Holdings Inc.

First Metals Inc.

First Metro Investment Corp.

First Mexican Gold Corp.

First Mid Bancshares, Inc.

First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc.

First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.

First Midwest Bank

First Mining Finance Corp.

First Montauk Financial Corp.

First Mortgage LP

First Mountain Exploration Ltd.

First Mover Group AS

First Mutual Bancshares, Inc.

First Mutual Holding Co.

First Narrows Resources Corp.

First National Bancshares, Inc.

First National Bank of Kansas

First National Bank of Omaha

First National Bank of Pennsylvania

First National Bankshares

First National Bankshares of Florida Inc.

First National Community Bancorp, Inc.

First National Corp.

First National Finance LP

First National Financial Corp.

First National Financial GP Corp.

First National of Nebraska, Inc.

First Nations Finance Authority

First NBC Bank Holding Co.

First Niagara Bank, NA

First Niagara Commercial Bank

First Niagara Financial Group Inc.

First Nickel Inc.

First NLC Financial Services, LLC

First North 25

First North Bond Market

First North Denmark

First North Finland

First North Iceland

First North Sweden

First Northwest Bancorp

First of Long Island Corp.

First Pacific Co. Ltd.

First Pacific Finance Ltd.

First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc.

First Philippine Holdings Corp.

First Place Financial Corp.

First Point Minerals Corp.

First Potomac Realty Investment LP

First Potomac Realty Trust

First Preferred Capital Trust IV

First Priority Financial Corp.

First Pursuit Ventures Ltd.

First Quality Enterprises, Inc.

First Quality Finance Co. Inc.

First Quantum Minerals Ltd.

First Rate Staffing Corp.

First Real Estate Investment Trust

First Regional Bancorp

First REIT

First REIT Management Ltd.

First Reliance BancShares Inc.

First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank Corp.

First Republic Co., LLC

First Republic Preferred Capital Corp.

First Reserve Corp.

First Reserve Crestwood Holdings LLC

First Resource Bank

First Resources Ltd.

First Sahara Energy Inc.

First Savings Financial Group, Inc.

First Securities Inc.

First Security Benefit Life Insurance Co. of New York

First Security Fund Advisers, Inc.

First Security Group, Inc.

First Security Municipal Bond Fund

First Sensor AG

First Sentinel plc

First Ship Lease Trust

First Solar Inc.

First Sound Bank

First South Bancorp Inc.

First Southwest Bancorporation Inc.

First Southwest Co.

First Sponsor Group Ltd.

First Star Resources Inc.

First State Bancorp.

First State Financial Corp.

First Steamship Co.

First Steamship Co., Ltd.

First Student & First Transit

First Student Bidco Inc.

First Tennessee Bank NA

First Tennessee Bank, NA Memphis

First Tennessee National Corp.

First Tractor Co. Ltd.

First Transit Parent Inc.

First Trust Advantaged Short Duration High Yield Bond Fund

First Trust Advisors LP

First Trust CBOE VIX Tail Hedge index fund

First Trust Combined Series 295

First Trust Combined Series 374

First Trust Combined Series 384

First Trust Combined Series 385

First Trust Combined Series 386

First Trust Combined Series 387

First Trust Combined Series 388

First Trust Combined Series 389

First Trust Combined Series 390

First Trust Combined Series 391

First Trust Combined Series 392

First Trust Combined Series 393

First Trust Combined Series 394

First Trust Combined Series 395

First Trust Combined Series 396

First Trust Combined Series 397

First Trust Convertible Securities Income Fund

First Trust Corp.

First Trust Developed Markets ex-U.S. Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Dividend AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index fund

First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund

First Trust Emerging Markets Dividend AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETF

First Trust Emerging Markets Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Energy Income and Growth Fund

First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund

First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF

First Trust Exchange-Traded Alphadex Fund II

First Trust Global Commodity AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Global Equity Dividend Fund

First Trust Global Resource Solution Fund

First Trust Hedge Fund Manager Holdings Index Fund

First Trust High Income Long/Short Fund

First Trust High Yield Long/Short ETF

First Trust Institutional Preferred Securities and Income ETF

First Trust International Dividend AlphaDEX Fund

First Trust Low Duration Mortgage Opportunities ETF

First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF

First Trust Managed Municipal ETF

First Trust Municipal Income Term Fund

First Trust Nasdaq CEA Smartphone Index Fund

First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy index fund

First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund

First Trust Portfolios LP

First Trust Preferred Securities and Income ETF

First Trust S&P Civets 60 Index Fund

First Trust Senior Floating Rate Income Fund II

First Trust Senior Loan exchange-traded fund (CAD-Hedged)

First Trust Senior Loan Fund

First Trust Short Duration High Income Fund

First Trust Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF

First Trust Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF (CAD-Hedged)

First Trust Short Duration High Yield Bond exchange-traded fund

First Trust SSI Strategic Convertible Securities exchange-traded fund

First Trust Strategic Allocation Fund

First Trust Strategic Floating Rate ETF

First Ukrainian International Bank, CJSC

First ULB Corp.

First Union Real Estate Equity and Mortgage Investments

First United Bank

First United Corp.

First United Ethanol, LLC

First Uranium Corp.

First US Bancshares, Inc.

First Venture Technologies Corp.

First Watch Restaurant Group, Inc.

First Watch Restaurants, Inc.

First West Credit Union

First Western Financial Inc.

First Western Short Duration High Yield Credit Fund

First Wind

First Wind Capital, LLC

First Wind Holdings Inc.

First Wind Holdings, LLC

First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co.

First-To-Default Trust

FirstAfrica Oil plc

Firstar Realty LLC

Firstbank Corp.

FirstBank Puerto Rico

FirstCash, Inc.

FirstCity Financial Corp.

FirstEnergy Corp.

FirstEnergy Generation Corp.

FirstEnergy Generation LLC

FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation Co.

FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation Corp.

FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation Corp. Project

FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation LLC

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.

FirstEnergy Solutions

FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

FirstEnergy Transmission

FirstEnergy Transmission LLC

FirstFarms A/S

FirstFed Financial Corp.

Firstgold Corp.

FirstGroup plc

FirstGrowth Capital Inc.

FirstGrowth Exploration & Development Services Corp.

Firsthand Technology Leaders Fund

Firsthand Technology Opportunities Fund

Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc.

FirstHealth of the Carolinas

FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Inc.

Firstland Energy Ltd.

FirstLight Fiber

FirstLight Holdco Inc.

FirstLight Hydro Generating Co.

FirstLight Power Resources Inc.

FirstMerit Bank, NA

FirstMerit Corp.

Firstplus Financial Group, Inc.

FirstRand Bank Holdings Ltd.

FirstRand Bank Ltd.

FirstRand Ltd.

FirstService Corp.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd.

Firstway Enterprises, Inc.

Firth Rixson Ltd.


Fisch Asset Management

Fischbein LLC

Fischer Imaging Corp.

Fischer-Watt Gold Co. Inc.

Fiserv Inc.

Fiserv Insurance Solutions Inc.

Fiserv Investment Solutions, Inc.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Ltd.

Fisher Communications, Inc.

Fisher Scientific International Inc.

Fisher, LLC

Fisher-Gartman Risk index


FishNet Security Inc.

FishWorks plc

Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc.

Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Fisker Inc.

Fission Energy Corp.

Fission Uranium Corp.

Fister Automotive Holdings, Inc.

Fitbit, Inc.

Fitbug Holdings plc

Fitch Ratings

Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co.

Fitness International LLC

Fitness Quest Inc.

Fitzgeralds Gaming

Fitzwilliam Capital plc

Five Arrows Managers LLP

Five Arrows Managers North America LLC

five Asian indexes

Five Below, Inc.

five commodities

five commodities futures contracts

Five Corners Funding Trust

Five Corners Funding Trust II

five currencies against the yen

five exchange-traded funds

Five Guys Holdings, Inc.

Five Mile Capital Partners LLC

Five Oaks Investment Corp.

Five Point Capital Corp.

Five Point Holdings, LLC

Five Point Operating Co., LP

Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.

Five Star Holding

Five Star Holding Corp.

Five Star Intermediate Holding LLC

Five Star Lower Holding LLC

Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

Five Star Senior Living Inc.

five-year CMS rate

five-year Constant Maturity Swap rate

five-year euro ICE swap rate

five-year JPY swap rate

five-year U.S. dollar ICE swap rate

five-year U.S. dollar SOFR ICE swap rate

five-year yen swap rate

Five9, Inc.

Fiven ASA

Fiverr International Ltd.

Fixed Income Clearing Corp.

Fixed Income Opportunity Portfolio

Fixed Income Securities, Inc.

Fixed Income Trust for Goldman Sachs Subordinated Notes, Series 2011-1

Fixed Income Trust for Prudential Financial, Inc. Notes, Series 2012-1

Fixed-Link Finance BV

Fjord Line AS

Fjord1 ASA

Fjordland Exploration Inc.

FKI plc

FKP Property Group

FL 6801 Spirits LLC

Flacon Oil & Gas Ltd.

Flag Luxury Properties LLC

Flag Telecom Holdings Ltd.

Flagler County

Flagship CLO VI

Flagship CLO VII Ltd.

Flagship CLO VIII Ltd./Flagship CLO VIII LLC

Flagship Credit Corp.

Flagship Energy Inc.

Flagship Global Health, Inc.

Flagship Industries Inc.

Flagship VII Ltd./Flagship VII LLC

Flagship VIII Ltd./Flagship VIII LLC


Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.

Flagstar Bank, FSB

Flagstone Foods, Inc.

Flagstone Reassurance Suisse, SA

Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings Ltd.

Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings, SA

Flaherty & Crumrine Inc.

Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Allocation Fund Inc

Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc.

Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Inc.

Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Securities Income Fund Inc.

Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc.

Flakeboard Co. Ltd.

Flamel Technologies SA

Flamingo Group International Ltd.

Flamingo II Lux Sarl

Flamingo Lux II SCA

Flamingo SAS

Flamingo Underground

FlashPoint Technologies, Inc.

FlashPoint Technology, Inc.

Flasr Inc.

Flatiron 2012-1 CLO Ltd./Flatiron CLO 2012-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 17 LLC

Flatiron CLO 17 Ltd./Flatiron CLO 17 LLC

Flatiron CLO 18 LLC

Flatiron CLO 18 Ltd.

Flatiron CLO 19 LLC

Flatiron CLO 19 Ltd.

Flatiron CLO 20 LLC

Flatiron CLO 20 Ltd.

Flatiron CLO 2007-1 Inc.

Flatiron CLO 2007-1 Ltd.

Flatiron CLO 2011-1 Ltd./Flatiron CLO 2011-1 Inc.

Flatiron CLO 2012-1 Ltd./Flatiron CLO 2012-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 2013-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 2013-1 Ltd./Flatiron CLO 2013-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 2014-1 Ltd./ Flatiron CLO 2014-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 2015-1 Ltd.

Flatiron CLO 2015-1 Ltd./Flatiron CLO 2015-1 LLC

Flatiron CLO 21 Ltd.

Flatiron Re Ltd.

Flatiron RR CLO 22 LLC

Flatiron RR LLC

Flatworld Acquisition Corp.

Flavors Holdings Inc.

FLCT Treasury Pte. Ltd.

Fleet Bidco Ltd.

Fleet Topco Ltd.

Fleet U.S. Bidco Inc.

FleetCor Technologies Operating Co. LLC

FleetCor Technologies, Inc.

Fleetcorp Operasyonel Tasit Kiralama ve Turizm AS

Fleetmatics Group plc

FleetPride Corp.

Fleetpride Inc.

Fleetwood Acquisition Corp.

Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

Fleming Cos., Inc.

Flender Holding Gmbh

Flender International GmbH

Fletcher Allen Health Care

Fletcher Allen Health Care Project

Fletcher Building Ltd.


Flex Acquisition Co., Inc.

Flex Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

Flex Fuels Energy, Inc.

Flex Industries Ltd.

FLEX Intermediate HoldCo LLC

Flex Ltd. 

Flex Pharma, Inc.


Flexential Intermediate Corp.

Flexera Software Inc.

Flexera Software LLC

Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc.

Flexible Funding, LLC

Flexible Income Portfolio

Flexible Solutions International, Inc.

FlexiGroup Ltd.

Flexion Therapeutics Inc.


Flexiti Financial Inc.

Flexituff International Ltd.

Flexium Interconnect, Inc.


Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc.

FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

FlexShares Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond Index Fund

FlexShares Credit-Scored US Long Corporate Bond Index Fund

FlexShares ESG & Climate Developed Markets ex-US Core Index Fund

FlexShares ESG & Climate High Yield Corporate Core Index Fund

FlexShares ESG & Climate Investment Grade Corporate Core Index Fund

FlexShares ESG & Climate US Large Cap Core Index Fund

FlexShares iBoxx 3-Year Target Duration TIPS index fund

FlexShares iBoxx 5-Year Target Duration TIPS index fund

FlexShares Morningstar Global Upstream Natural Resources index fund

FlexShares Morningstar U.S. Market Factor Tilt index fund

FlexShares Ready Access Variable Income Fund

FlexShares STOXX Global ESG Impact Index Fund

FlexShares STOXX US ESG Impact Index Fund

FlexShopper Inc.

Flexsys Inc.

Flexsys Verkauf GmbH

Flextronics International Ltd.

Flextronics International Termelo es Szolgaltato Vamszabadteruleti Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag

Flight Bidco Inc.

Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd.

Flinders Mines Ltd.

Flinders Resources Ltd.

Flint Energy Services Ltd.

Flint Group

Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical, LLC

Flint Hills Resources LLC

Flint Holdco Sarl

Flint Hospital Building Authority

Flint Telecom Group, Inc.

FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLNG Liquefaction 2 LLC

FLNG Liquefaction 3, LLC

Flngi Option Holdco, LLC

FLO Corp.

Floatel International Ltd.

Floating Rate Multi-Sector Account Portfolio

Floating Rate Strategies Fund

Floating Rate Trust Series 2010-04 (IP)

Floor & Décor

Floor & Decor Holdings Inc.

Floor & Décor Outlets of America Inc.

Floor and Decor Outlets of America, Inc.

Flora Food Group


Florence County


Florida Atlantic University Finance Corp.

Florida Bank Group, Inc.

Florida Board of Education

Florida Children’s Trust Fund Tobacco Settlement

Florida Choice Bankshares, Inc.

Florida Community Bank

Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Florida Department of Management Services

Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Development Finance Corp.

Florida East Coast Holdings Corp.

Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.

Florida East Coast Industries, LLC

Florida East Coast Railway Corp.

Florida East Coast Railway Holdings Corp.

Florida Educational Loan Marketing Corp.

Florida Food Products

Florida Food Products, LLC

Florida Forever

Florida Gaming Centers, Inc.

Florida Gaming Corp.

Florida Gas Transmission Co. LLC

Florida Gas Utility

Florida Governmental Utility Authority

Florida Higher Educational Facilities Financing Authority

Florida House

Florida Housing Finance Corp.

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Finance Corp.

Florida I-595 highway project

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority

Florida Municipal Loan Council

Florida Municipal Power Agency

Florida Ports Financing Commission

Florida Power & Light Co.

Florida Power and Light Co.

Florida Power Corp.

Florida Public Utilities Co.

Florida Rock Industries, Inc.

Florida Rural Utility Financing Commission

Florida Rural Utility Financing Corp.

Florida State Board of Administration Finance Corp.

Florida State Board of Education

Florida State University

Florida Turnpike Enterprise

Florida University System Board of Governors

Florida Water Pollution Control Financing Corp.

Flotek Industries, Inc.

Flourishing Reach Ltd.

Flow Capital

Flow Control Group

Flow International Corp.

Flow Merger Sub Inc.

Flower Foods Inc.

Flower One Holdings Inc.

FlowerFarm, Inc.

Flowers Foods, Inc.

FlowMedica, Inc.

Floworks International LLC

Flowserve Corp.

Floyd County Development Authority

Floyd County Hospital Authority

Floyd Medical Center

Fluent, LLC

Fluid Media Networks, Inc.

Fluid Music Canada, Inc.

Fluidigm Corp.


Fluidra Finco, SLU

Fluidra, SA

Fluor Corp.

Fluormin plc

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc.

FluoroPharma, Inc.

Flushing Financial Corp.

Flutter Entertainment plc

Flutter Financing BV

Fluvanna County

Fluvius System Operator CV

Flux Power Holdings Inc.

Flux Technologies, Corp.

Fluxys Belgium

Fly Funding II Sarl

FLY Leasing Ltd.

Fly Willow Aircraft Holding DAC

Fly Willow Funding Ltd.

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

FLYi, Inc.

Flying A Petroleum Ltd.

Flying Fortress Holdings LLC

Flying Fortress Inc.

Flying J Inc.

Flynn Canada Ltd.

Flynn Restaurant Group LP

FM Coal, LLC

FMC Corp.

FMC Finance VII SA


FMC Real Estate CDO 2005-1, Ltd.

FMC Technologies Inc.

FMF Capital Group Ltd.

FMG Acquisition Corp.

FMG Finance Pty Ltd.

FMG Resources (August 2006) Pty Ltd.

FMG Resources Pty. Ltd.

FML Ltd.


FMR LLC Fidelity

FMS Wertmanagement

FMS Wertmanagement AoR

FMSA Holdings Inc.



FNB Corp.

FNB United Corp.

FNBH Bancorp, Inc.

FNC Realty Corp.

FNCB Bancorp, Inc.

FNDS3000 Corp.

FNX Mining Co. Inc.

Foamex International Inc.

Foamex LP

Foamix Ltd.

Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Focal Communications Corp.

Foci Fiber Optic Communications Inc.

Focus Brands Inc.

Focus Corp.

Focus Diagnostics Inc.

Focus DIY Holdings Ltd.

Focus Enhancements, Inc.

Focus Financial Partners Inc.

Focus Financial Partners LLC

Focus Gold Corp.

Focus Graphite Inc.

Focus Media Holding Ltd.

Focus Metals Inc.

Focus Minerals Ltd.

Focus Value Portfolio

Focus Ventures Ltd.

Focus Wickes plc

Focused Growth and Income Portfolio

Fogo de Chao Churrascaria (Holdings) LLC

Fogo de Chao, Inc.

Foldera, Inc.

FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Foley & Mansfield

Foley Products Co. LLC

Foley Products Company, LLC

Folgers Coffee Co.

Folkestone Senior Living Community

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas SA

Fomento Económico Mexicano, SAB de CV

Fonar Corp.

FonCaixa Pymes 5, FTA

FonCaixa Pymes 7, FT

Foncia Group

Foncia Groupe SA

Foncia Holding SAS Group

Foncia Management SAS

Fonciere des Regions SA

Fonciere Environnementale Sainte-Victoire

Fonciere Euris

Fonciere Inea

Fonda Group, Inc.

Fondiaria Assicurazioni SpA

Fondiaria-SAI SpA

Fondo de Garantías Buenos Aires

Fondo de Reestructuracion Ordenada Bancaria

Fondo de Titulizacion del Deficit del Sistema Electrico FTA

Fondo Especial de Asistencia Tecnica y Garantia para Creditos Agropecuarios

Fondo Especial para Financiamientos Agropecuarios

Fondo Financiero Privado Eco Futuro

Fondo Financiero Privado Fassil

Fondo Latinoamericano de Reservas

Fondo Latinoamericano de Reservas (FLAR)

Fondo Mivivienda SA

Fong's Industries Co. Ltd.

Fonix Corp.


Fontaine Ltd.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Holdings LLC

Fontainebleau Las Vegas LLC

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Fontana Unified School District

Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd.

FONU2 Inc.

Food & Drink Group plc

Food Contract Corp.

Food Corp. of India

Food Empire Holdings Ltd.

Food Service Project, SA

Foodco Bondco, SAU

Foodcorp Pty. Ltd.

Foot Locker Inc.

Football Funding II LLC

Football Funding LLC

Football Network

Football Trust

Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency

Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor District

Foothills Resources, Inc.

Foothills-DeAnza Community College District

Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development LP

Footstar, Inc.

for Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc.

Foraco International SA

Foran Mining Corp.

Forbes & Co. Ltd.

Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp.

Forbes Energy Services LLC

Forbes Energy Services Ltd.

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc.

Forbright Inc.

Force Fuels, Inc.

Force Protection Inc.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp.


Forchem plc

Ford Auto Securitization Trust

Ford Capital BV

Ford Credit Canada Co.

Ford Credit Canada Ltd.

Ford Credit de Mexico SA de CV Sofal

Ford Credit de Mexico SA de CV Sofol

Ford Credit de Mexico SA de CV, Sofom ENR

Ford Credit de Mexico, SA de CV

Ford Foundation

Ford Holdings LLC

Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Co. Brasil Ltda.

Ford Motor Credit Co.

Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC

Ford Otomotiv

Ford Otosan AS

Fordgate Commercial Securitisation No. 1 plc

Fordham University

Fording Canadian Coal Trust

Forebase International Holdings Ltd.

Forefront Dermatology

Forefront Group Ltd.

Forefront Income Trust

Forefront International Holdings Ltd.

Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust plc

Foreign Economic Industrial Bank

Foreign Economic Industrial Bank Ltd.

Forent Energy Ltd.

Foresight Energy Finance Corp.

Foresight Energy GP LLC

Foresight Energy LLC

Foresight Energy LP

Foresight Group LLP

Foresight Italian Green Bond fund

Foresight Solar Fund Ltd.

Forest Alaska Operating LLC

Forest City Enterprises Inc.

Forest City Enterprises LP

Forest City Realty Trust

Forest City Realty Trust, Inc.

Forest City Rental Properties Corp.

Forest Enterprises Australia Ltd.

Forest Gate Resources Inc.

Forest Health Services Project

Forest Hills Public Schools

Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Forest Lake Independent School District 831

Forest Oil Corp.

Forest Park Realty Partners III, LP

Forest Park – Dallas

Forest Park – Fort Worth

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Forest Preserve District of Will County

Forest Resources LLC

Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group Inc.

Forestar Group, Inc.

Forestar Real Estate Group Inc.

Forester Ltd.

Foresters Financial

Forethought Financial Group

Forethought Financial Group Inc.

Forethought Life Insurance Co.

Forever 21, Inc.

Forever XXI ULC

Forex International Trading Corp.

Forex365, Inc.

ForgeHouse, Inc.

Forgital Group

Forgital Italy SpA

Forgiven Bottling Group, Inc.

Form Technologies LLC

Form Technologies, Inc.

Formation Capital Corp.

Formation Capital Corp. U.S. Project

Formation Fluid Management Inc.

Formation Fluid Technology Inc.

Formation Metals Inc.

Formcap Corp.

Forme Capital, Inc.

FormFactor, Inc.

Formica Bermuda Holdings Ltd.

Formica Corp.

Forming Machining Industries Holdings LLC

Formjet plc


Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corp.

Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corp.

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp.

Formosa Group (Cayman) Ltd.

Formosa Petrochemical Corp.

Formosa Plastics Corp.

Formosa Plastics Corp. USA

Formosa Plastics Group

FormTech Industries LLC

FormTech Industries, LLC

Formula 1

Formula One

Formula One Group

Formula Systems (1985) Ltd.

Formula Systems Ltd.


Forrest County General Hospital

Forrester Research

Forshey Prostok LLP

Forsys Metals Corp.

Forsys Technologies Inc.


Forsyth County

Forsyth County School District

Forsyth County Water and Sewerage Authority

Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County Industrial Development Corp.

Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority

Fort Bend Independent School District

Fort Chicago Energy Partners LP

Fort Dearborn Co.

Fort Dearborn Holding Co. Inc.

Fort Dearborn/Multi-Color Corp.

Fort Jackson Housing LLC

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Fort Mill School District No. 4 of York County

Fort Mill School Facilities Corp.

Fort Mitchell

Fort Myers

Fort Myers City

Fort Norfolk Retirement Community Inc. – Harbor’s Edge

Fort Partners

Fort Pitt Capital

Fort Sanders Alliance Obligated Group

Fort Smith

Fort Washington CLO 2019-1 Ltd.

Fort Washington CLO 2021-2 LLC

Fort Washington CLO 2021-2 Ltd.

Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.

Fort Wayne Hospital Authority

Fort Worth

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fortaleza Leasing SA

Fortaleza Materiales, SAB de CV

Forte Energy NL

Forte Resources Inc.


ForteBank JSC

ForteBio, Inc.

Fortegra Financial Corp.

Fortenova grupa dd


Forterra Environmental Corp.

Forterra Finance LLC

Forterra plc

Forterra, Inc.

Fortescue Metals Group Finance Pty. Ltd.

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.

Fortescue Resources

Forth Worth Independent School District

Forthnet SA

Fortified Holdings Corp.

Fortinet, Inc.


Fortis Alberta Inc.

Fortis Bank

Fortis Bank (Nederland)

Fortis Bank (Nederland) NV

Fortis Bank AS

Fortis Bank SA/NV

Fortis Bank, Cayman Islands Branch

Fortis Group

Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

Fortis Hybrid Financing

Fortis Inc.

Fortis Insurance Co. (Asia) Ltd.

Fortis NV

Fortis SA/NV

Fortis TCI Ltd.

FortisBC Energy Inc.

FortisBC Holdings Inc.

FortisBC Inc.

Fortissimo Holding BV


Fortitude Group Holdings LLC

Fortitude Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

Fortive Corp.

Fortress Biotech Inc.

Fortress Credit BSL III Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL III Ltd./Fortress Credit BSL III LLC

Fortress Credit BSL IV Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL IX LLC

Fortress Credit BSL IX Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL Ltd./Fortress Credit BSL LLC

Fortress Credit BSL V LLC

Fortress Credit BSL V Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL VI LLC

Fortress Credit BSL VI Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL VII LLC

Fortress Credit BSL VII Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL VIII LLC

Fortress Credit BSL VIII Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL X LLC

Fortress Credit BSL X Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL XI LLC

Fortress Credit BSL XI Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL XII LLC

Fortress Credit BSL XII Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL XIII LLC

Fortress Credit BSL XIII Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL XIV LLC

Fortress Credit BSL XIV Ltd.

Fortress Credit BSL XVII LLC

Fortress Credit BSL XVII Ltd.

Fortress Credit Funding IV Ltd.

Fortress Credit Funding V LP

Fortress Credit Funding VI LP

Fortress Credit Investment IV CM LLC

Fortress Credit Investments I Ltd.

Fortress Credit Investments II Ltd.

Fortress Credit Investments IV LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities III CLO LP

Fortress Credit Opportunities IX CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities IX CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities V CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities V CLO LP

Fortress Credit Opportunities V CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities V CLO Ltd./Fortress Credit Opportunities V CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities VI CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities VI CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities VI CLO Ltd./Fortress Credit Opportunities VI CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities XI CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities XI CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities XIII CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities XIII CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities XV CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities XV CLO Ltd.

Fortress Credit Opportunities XVII CLO LLC

Fortress Credit Opportunities XVII CLO Ltd.

Fortress Energy Inc.

Fortress Global Enterprises Inc.

Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group FinCo I LLC

Fortress Investment Group LLC

Fortress Minerals Corp.

Fortress Paper Ltd.

Fortress REIT Ltd.

Fortress Resources LLC

Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure LLC

Fortress/Drawbridge Fund

Fortsum Business Solutions Inc.

Fortum Oyj

Fortuna (Empresa de Generacion Electrica Fortuna SA)

Fortuna Gaming Corp.

Fortuna SA

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.

Fortuna Ventures Inc.

Fortune Bank

Fortune Bay Corp.

Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.

Fortune Brands, Inc.

Fortune Diversified Industries, Inc.

Fortune Financial Services India Ltd.

Fortune Industries, Inc.

Fortune Informatics Ltd.

Fortune Joy Ventures Ltd.

Fortune Management Inc.

Fortune Minerals Ltd.

Fortune Oil plc

Fortune Oil PRC Holdings Ltd.

Fortune River Resource Corp.

Fortune River Resources Corp.

Fortune Star (BVI) Ltd.

Fortune Valley Resources Inc.

Fortunet e-Commerce Group Ltd.


Fortunoff Fine Jewelry & Silverware LLC

Fortunoff Holdings, LLC

Forum Bank

Forum Development Corp.

Forum Energy plc

Forum Energy Technologies Inc.

Forum Equity Partners Inc.

Forum Funds

Forum Health Obligated Group

Forum National Investments Ltd.

Forum Servicios Financieros SA

Forum Uranium Corp.

Forward Air Corp.

Forward Financing

Forward Global Credit Long/Short Fund

Forward Income Allocation Fund

Forward Income Builder Fund

Forward International Equity Fund

Forward Managed Futures Strategy Fund

Forward Management, LLC

Fosamprenavir Royalty, LP

Foshan S.L.P. Special Materials Co., Ltd.

Fosse Master Issuer plc

Fossil Group, Inc.

Fossil Inc.


Foster Wheeler AG

Foster Wheeler LLC

Foster Wheeler Ltd.

Foster's Group Ltd.

Foster-Glocester Regional School District

Fosun International Ltd.

Fotolia Holdings, Inc.

Fotolia LLC

FOTV Media Networks Inc.

Foundation Bancorp, Inc.

Foundation Building Materials Holding Co. LLC

Foundation Building Materials Holdings Co. LLC

Foundation Building Materials Inc.

Foundation Building Materials LLC

Foundation Coal Holdings Inc.

Foundation Healthcare, Inc.

Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Foundation PA Coal Co., LLC

Foundation Resources Inc.

Foundational Education Group Inc.

Foundations America Strategic Income Corp.

Founder Information (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Founder Securities (Hong Kong) Financial Holdings Ltd.

Founders Advantage Capital Corp.

Founders Insurance Co.

Foundry Networks Inc.

Fountain Short Duration High Income Fund

Fountain View

four commodities and six commodity futures contracts

four commodity futures contracts

four commodity spot prices

Four Corners CLO II, Ltd./Four Corners CLO II, Corp.

Four Corners Operating Partnership, LP

Four Corners Property Trust, Inc.

Four Corners Public Financing Authority

Four Energies, Inc.

four indexes

Four Oaks Fincorp, Inc.

Four Rivers BioEnergy Co. Inc.

Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc.

Four Seasons Health Care

Four Seasons Holdings Inc.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons Hotels Inc.

Four Seasons Hotels Ltd.

four spot prices

Four Springs Capital Trust

Four Star Holdings, Inc.

Fouress Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

FourPoint Energy, LLC

Fovea Pharmaceuticals SA


Fox Acquisition Sub LLC

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Fox Corp.

Fox Factory Holding Corp.

Fox Family Worldwide

Fox Ortega Enterprises, Inc.

Fox Petroleum Inc.

Fox Rent-A-Car

Fox Resources Ltd.

Fox Valley Technical College District

FoxCo Acquisition LLC

FoxCo Acquisition Sub LLC

Foxconn (Far East) Ltd.

Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd.

Foxhall Gold and Precious Metals Fund

FoxHollow Technologies, Inc.

Foxpoint Capital Corp.

Foxtrot Escrow Corp.

Foxtrot Escrow Issuer, LLC

Foxwoods Resort Casino

FP Canadian Newspaper LP

FP Technology, Inc.

FPA International Value Fund

FPC Finance Ltd.

FPC Holdco, LLC

FPC Holdings, Inc.

FPC Resources Ltd.

FPIC Insurance Group

FPL Energy American Wind LLC

FPL Energy Caithness Funding Corp.

FPL Energy LLC

FPL Energy National Wind

FPL Energy National Wind LLC

FPL Energy National Wind Portfolio LLC

FPL Energy Virginia Funding Corp

FPL Energy Wind Funding LLC

FPL FiberNet, LLC

FPL Group Capital Inc.

FPL Group Capital Trust I

FPL Group Inc.

FPS Pharma Inc.

FQF Trust

FR BR Holdings

FR Brand Acquisition Corp.

FR Dixie Acquisition Corp.

FR Flow Control Luxco 1 Sarl

FR Flow Control Midco Ltd.

FR Refuel LLC

FR Utility Services LLC

FR X Ohmstede Acquisitions Co.

Frac Tech International LLC

Frac Tech Services, LLC

Fragrance Group Ltd.

Fralex Therapeutics Inc.

Fram Exploration ASA

FRAM Group Holdings Inc.

FrameWaves Inc.

Franc-Or Resources Corp.

Francaise des Jeux


France Telecom SA

France Titrisation

Francesca’s Collections, Inc.

Francesca’s Holdings Corp.

Franchise Group Intermediate Holdco, LLC

Franchise Group Newco PSP, LLC

Franchise Group Newco S, LLC

Franchise Group, Inc.

Franchise Holdings International, Inc.

Franchise Services of North America Inc.

Francis Coppola Winery

Francis Howell R-III School District

Franciscan Alliance Inc.

Franciscan Missionaires of Our Lady Health System

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System Project

Franciscan Services Corp.

Franciscan Services Corp. Obligated Group

Franco-Nevada Corp.

Franconia Minerals Corp.

Frank's Nursery & Crafts

Franklin Bancorp Inc.

Franklin Bank Corp.

Franklin BSP Capital Corp.

Franklin California Insured Tax-Free Income Fund

Franklin California Tax-Exempt Money Fund

Franklin Capital Corp.

Franklin CLO VI, Ltd./Franklin CLO VI, Corp.

Franklin County

Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority

Franklin County Hospital

Franklin County Industrial Development Authority

Franklin Covey Co.

Franklin Credit Holding Corp.

Franklin Credit Management Corp.

Franklin Double Tax-Free Income Fund

Franklin Electric Co. Inc.

Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc.

Franklin Energy

Franklin Financial Network Inc.

Franklin Financial Services Corp.

Franklin Insured Tax-Free Income Fund

Franklin International Aggregate Bond ETF

Franklin Ireland Topco Ltd.

Franklin Liberty High Yield Corporate ETF

Franklin Liberty Senior Loan ETF

Franklin Limited Duration Income Trust

Franklin Real Estate Securities Fund

Franklin Resources, Inc.

Franklin Square Capital Partners

Franklin Square Holdings, LP

Franklin Street Properties Corp.

Franklin Tax-Exempt Money Fund

Franklin Templeton Emerging Market Debt Opportunities Fund

Franklin Templeton Investments

Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Real Return Fund

Franklin Towers Enterprises, Inc.

Franklin Township Board of Education

Franklin Township School Building Corp.

Franklin UK Bidco Ltd.

Franklin UK Midco Ltd

Franklin Universal Trust

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Frankly Inc.

Franklyn Resources III, Inc.

Frank’s International NV

Fransabank SAL

Franshion Brilliant Ltd.

Franshion Capital Ltd.

Franshion Development Ltd.

Franshion Investment Ltd.

Franshion Properties (China) Ltd.

Franshion Properties Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd.

Fraser & Neave Ltd.

Fraser and Neave Ltd.

Fraser Centrepoint Trust

Fraser Papers Inc.

Fraser Sullivan CLO I Inc

Fraser Sullivan CLO I Ltd.

Fraser Sullivan CLO VII Ltd.

Frasers Centrepoint Asset Management (Commercial) Ltd.

Frasers Centrepoint Asset Management Ltd.

Frasers Centrepoint Ltd.

Frasers Centrepoint Trust

Frasers Centrepoint Trust MTN Pte. Ltd.

Frasers Commercial Trust

Frasers Group plc

Frasers Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust

Frasers Hospitality Trust

Frasers Logistics & Commercial Asset Management Pte. Ltd.

Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust

Frasers Logistics & Industrial Asset Trust

Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust

Frasers Property AHL Ltd.

Frasers Property Ltd.

Frasers Property Treasury Pte. Ltd.

Fravega SA

Frazier Healthcare Partners


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Authority

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Foundation

Fred. Olsen Energy ASA

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac Multifamily


Frederick County

Frederick County Industrial Development Authority

Frederick Memorial Hospital

Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority

Fredericksburg Industrial Development Authority

Frederick’s of Hollywood Group Inc.

Frederick’s of Hollywood, Inc.

Fred’s Inc.

Free Energia SpA

Free Lance-Star Publishing Co.

Free Lance-Star Publishing Co. of Fredericksburg, Va.

FreeButton Inc.

Freedom Acquisition Holdings Inc.

Freedom Bank

Freedom Bank of Virginia

Freedom Capital Corp.

Freedom Communications Holdings, Inc.

Freedom Communications Inc.

Freedom Energy Holdings Inc.

Freedom Finance

Freedom Finance JSC

Freedom Financial Group, Inc.

Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc.

Freedom Forum

Freedom Group, Inc.

Freedom Holding Corp.

Freedom Intermediate LLC

Freedom Mortgage Corp.

Freedom Oil & Gas Ltd.

Freedom4 Group plc

FreedomRoads LLC

Freegold Ventures Ltd.

FreeHand Systems International, Inc.

Freehold Royalties Ltd.

Freeman Corp. Ltd.

Freeman Financial Corp. Ltd.

Freeman Health System

Freeman Hospital Project

Freemont Unified School District

Freenet AG

Freeplay Energy plc

Freepoint Commodities Holdings LLC

Freepoint Commodities LLC

Freeport Bancshares Inc.

Freeport Capital Inc.

Freeport Financial Partners LLC

Freeport LNG Development, LP

Freeport LNG Expansion, LP

Freeport LNG Investments LLLP

Freeport Minerals Corp.

Freeport Resources Inc.

Freeport Terminal (Malta) Ltd.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc.

Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd.

FreeSeas Inc.

Freestar Technology Corp.

Freewest Resources Canada Inc.

Freeze Tag, Inc.

Freif NAP I Holdings III LLC

FREIF North American Power I

FREIF North American Power I LLC

Freight Links Express Holdings Ltd.

Freight One

FreightCar America Inc.

Fremont Capital Corp.

Fremont General Corp.

Fremont Redevelopment Agency

Fremont Unified School District

Fremont Union High School District

French Lick Resorts & Casino, LLC

French ParentCo

Frenship Independent School District

Frequency Networks, Inc.

Fresenius AG

Fresenius Finance BV

Fresenius Finance Ireland plc

Fresenius Helios

Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd.

Fresenius Medical Care AG

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KG

Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care US Finance II, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care US Finance, Inc.

Fresenius Medical Care USA

Fresenius Medical Group AG

Fresenius Medical US Finance III Inc.

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA

Fresenius US Finance II Inc.

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Inc.

Fresh & Easy, LLC

Fresh Cash Financial Services, Inc.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.

Fresh Diet, Inc.

Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc.

Fresh Market, Inc.

Fresh Start Bakeries Inc.

Fresh-G Restaurant Corp.

Fresh-G Restaurant Intermediate Holding, LLC

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Freshpet, Inc.

Freshworld Holding III

Freshworld Holding III GmbH

Freshworld Holding IV GmbH

FreshXtend Technologies Corp.

Fresnillo plc


Fresno County

Fresno Joint Powers Financing Authority

Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Unified School District

Fresno Wastewater Enterprise

FressSeas Inc.

Frete 2020-ML-07 Trust

Frete 2020-ML-10 Trust

Freudenberg SE



Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Friede Goldman Halter

Friedman Billings Ramsey Group Inc.

Friedman Industries Inc.

Friedman's Inc.

Frief North American Power I LLC

Friendable, Inc.

Friendfinder Networks Inc.

Friendly Ice Cream Corp.

Friendlyway Corp.

Friendly’s Restaurants

Friends Life Holdings plc

Friends Life Ltd.

Friends Provident Group plc

Friends Provident Holdings (UK) plc

Friends Provident Life And Pensions Ltd

Friends Provident plc

Friendship Village

Friendship Village of Schaumburg

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Friendswood Independent School District

Friesland Bank

Frigaard Property Group AS

Frigoglass Finance BV

Frigoglass SA

Frigoglass SAIC


Frigorifico BFC SA

Frigorífico Concepcion SA


Frisco Economic Development

Frisco Independent School District

FRN Amagerbanken A/S

FRN Pexip AS

Frode Bjorn AS

Froedtert & Community Health

Froedtert & Community Health Inc. Obligated Group

Froedtert & Community Health Obligated Group

Froedtert Health, Inc.

Froley Revy Investment Co. Inc.

Fromageries Bel

Froneri International Ltd.

Froneri International plc

Froneri Lux FinCo Sarl

Froneri US, Inc

Fronsac Capital Inc.

Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust

Front Exploration AS

Front Line Management Group Inc.

Front Line Power Construction, LLC

front month futures contract for deliverable grade Brent crude oil

front month palladium futures contract

Front Range BidCo, Inc.

Front Yard Residential Corp.

front-month Brent crude oil futures contract

front-month corn futures contract

front-month platinum futures contract


Frontdoor, Inc.

Fronteer Development Group Inc.

Frontera Copper Corp.

Frontera Energy Corp.

Frontera Generation Holdings LLC

Frontera Holdings LLC

Frontera Resources Corp.

Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.

Frontier Airlines, Inc.

Frontier California Inc.

Frontier Central School District

Frontier Communications Corp.

Frontier Communications Holdings, LLC

Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings LLC

Frontier Communications Parent Inc.

Frontier Corp.

Frontier Drilling ASA

Frontier Financial Corp.

Frontier Florida LLC

Frontier Mining Ltd.

Frontier North Inc.

Frontier Oil and Refining Co.

Frontier Oil Corp.

Frontier Oilfield Services, Inc.

Frontier Pacific Mining Corp.

Frontier Southwest Inc.

Frontier West Virginia Inc.

Frontline Gold Corp.

Frontline Ltd.

Frontline Real Estate Partners

Frost Bank

Frost Investment Advisors

Frost Low Duration Municipal Bond Fund

Frost National Bank

Frost National Bank San Antonio

Frostbite 1 AB

Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc.

FRTA Finance Corp.

Fruit Farm Group

Fruit of the Loom

FS Africa Ltd

FS Agrisolutions Industria de Biocombustiveis

FS Bancorp, Inc.

FS Credit Opportunities Corp.

FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust, Inc.

FS CREIT Finance Holdings LLC


FS Energy & Power Fund

FS Energy and Power Fund

FS Energy, LLC

FS Funding A/S

FS Global Advisor, LLC

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund - A

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund - D

FS Investment Corp.

FS Investment Corp. II

FS Investment Corp. III

FS Investment Corp. IV

FS Investments

FS KKR Capital Corp.

FS KKR Capital Corp. II





FS Luxembourg Sarl

FS Rialto 2021-FL3 Issuer, LLC

FS Rialto 2021-FL3 Issuer, Ltd.

FS Senior Funding CLO LLC

FS Senior Funding Ltd.

FS Senior Funding Ltd./FS Senior Funding CLO LLC

FS Structured Products Advisor, LLC

FS/KKR Advisor, LLC

FSA Seguros Mexico SA de CV

FSB Bancorp, Inc.

FSC Denver LLC

FSC Phoenix LLC

FSEP Term Funding LLC


FSH Funding Co., LLC

FSI Energy Services Inc.

FSI International, Inc.


FSL Issuer SAU

FSO Jones, LLC

FSU Financial Assistance Inc.

FSUE Post of Russia

FT 3144

FT 3175

FT 3176

FT 3177

FT 3178

FT 3179

FT 3180

FT 3181

FT 3189

FT 3190

FT 3191

FT 3192

FT 3194

FT 3195

FT 3196

FT 3197

FT 3198

FT 3199

FT 3200

FT 3201

FT 3202

FT 3203

FT 3204

FT 3205

FT 3206

FT 3207

FT 3208

FT 3209

FT 3210

FT 3211

FT 3212

FT 3213

FT 3214

FT 3215

FT 3216

FT 3217

FT 3218

FT 3219

FT 3220

FT 3221

FT 3222

FT 3223

FT 3224

FT 3225

FT 3226

FT 3228

FT 3230

FT 3231

FT 3232

FT 3233

FT 3234

FT 3235

FT 3236

FT 3237

FT 3238

FT 3239

FT 3240

FT 3241

FT 3242

FT 3243

FT 3244

FT 3245

FT 3246

FT 3247

FT 3248

FT 3249

FT 3250

FT 3251

FT 3252

FT 3253

FT 3254

FT 3255

FT 3256

FT 3257

FT 3258

FT 3259

FT 3260

FT 3261

FT 3262

FT 3263

FT 3264

FT 3265

FT 3266

FT 3267

FT 3268

FT 3269

FT 3270

FT 3271

FT 3272

FT 3273

FT 3274

FT 3275

FT 3276

FT 3277

FT 3278

FT 3279

FT 3280

FT 3281

FT 3282

FT 3283

FT 3284

FT 3285

FT 3286 trust

FT 3287

FT 3288

FT 3289

FT 3290

FT 3291

FT 3292

FT 3293

FT 3294

FT 3295

FT 3296

FT 3297

FT 3298

FT 3299

FT 3300

FT 3301

FT 3302

FT 3303

FT 3304

FT 3305

FT 3306

FT 3307

FT 3308

FT 3309

FT 3310

FT 3311

FT 3312

FT 3313

FT 3314

FT 3315

FT 3316

FT 3317

FT 3318

FT 3319

FT 3320

FT 3321

FT 3322

FT 3323

FT 3324

FT 3325

FT 3326

FT 3327

FT 3328

FT 3329

FT 3330

FT 3331

FT 3332

FT 3333

FT 3334

FT 3335

FT 3336

FT 3337

FT 3338

FT 3339

FT 3340

FT 3341

FT 3342

FT 3343

FT 3344

FT 3345

FT 3346

FT 3347

FT 3348

FT 3349

FT 3350

FT 3351

FT 3352

FT 3353

FT 3354

FT 3355

FT 3356

FT 3357

FT 3358

FT 3359

FT 3360

FT 3361

FT 3362

FT 3363

FT 3364

FT 3365

FT 3366

FT 3367

FT 3368

FT 3369

FT 3370

FT 3371

FT 3372

FT 3373

FT 3374

FT 3375

FT 3376

FT 3377

FT 3378

FT 3379

FT 3380

FT 3381

FT 3382

FT 3383

FT 3384

FT 3385

FT 3386

FT 3387

FT 3388

FT 3389

FT 3390

FT 3391

FT 3392

FT 3393

FT 3394

FT 3395

FT 3396

FT 3397

FT 3398

FT 3399

FT 3400

FT 3401

FT 3402

FT 3403

FT 3404

FT 3405

FT 3406

FT 3407

FT 3408

FT 3409

FT 3410

FT 3411

FT 3412

FT 3413

FT 3414

FT 3415

FT 3416

FT 3417

FT 3418

FT 3419

FT 3420

FT 3421

FT 3422

FT 3423

FT 3424

FT 3425

FT 3426

FT 3427

FT 3428

FT 3429

FT 3430

FT 3431

FT 3432

FT 3433

FT 3434

FT 3435

FT 3437

FT 3438

FT 3439

FT 3440

FT 3442

FT 3443

FT 3444

FT 3446

FT 3447

FT 3449

FT 3450

FT 3451

FT 3452

FT 3453

FT 3459

FT 3460

FT 3461

FT 3462

FT 3463

FT 3464

FT 3465

FT 3466

FT 3467

FT 3468

FT 3469

FT 3470

FT 3472

FT 3473

FT 3474

FT 3475

FT 3476

FT 3477

FT 3478

FT 3480

FT 3481

FT 3482

FT 3485

FT 3494

FT 3495

FT 3496

FT 3511

FT 3512

FT 3513

FT 3514

FT 3515

FT 3516

FT 3517

FT 3520

FT 3523

FT 3527

FT 3530

FT 3533

FTA Pymes Santander 10

FTA Pymes Santander 11

FTA Pymes Santander 15

FTA Pymes Santander 8

FTA Pymes Santander 9

FTC Solar, Inc.

FTD Cos., Inc.

FTD Group Inc.

FTD Inc.

FTE Automotive GmbH

FTE Networks, Inc.

FTE Verwaltungs GmbH

FTI Consulting Inc.

FTL Capital Ltd.

FTLife Insurance Co. Ltd.

FTN Financial

FTN Financial Capital Markets

FTOH Corp.

FTS Group, Inc.

FTS International Inc.

FTS International Manufacturing, LLC

FTS International Services LLC

FTS Wireless

FTSE 100

FTSE 100 Dividend Index – RDSA Withholding

FTSE 100 index

FTSE Canada 2024 Maturity Corporate Bond index

FTSE Canada 2025 Maturity Corporate Bond index

FTSE China 25 index

FTSE China 50 index

FTSE China A50 index

FTSE China index

FTSE Emerging Markets index

FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe index

FTSE index

FTSE MIB index

FTSE NAREIT All Mortgage Capped index

FTSE Russell

FTSE Russell Emerging Markets index

Fu Gang Construction Group Co. Ltd.

Fu Ji Food and Catering Services Holdings Ltd.

Fubon Bank

Fubon Bank (China) Co. Ltd.

Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Co.

Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Fubon Financial Holding Co.

Fubon Financial Holding Co. Ltd.

Fubon Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.

Fubon Hyundai Life Insurance Co.

Fubon Insurance Co. Ltd.

Fubon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Fubon Securities

Fubon Securities Co. Ltd.


fuboTV Inc.

Fucerep - Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito

Fuda Faucet Works, Inc.

Fuel Cell Technologies Corp.

Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc.

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.

Fuel Tech, Inc.

FUEL Trust Securities

FuelCell Energy Inc.

Fuelstream Inc.

Fuerstenberg Capital Erste GmbH

Fuerstenberg Capital GmbH (I)

Fuerstenberg Capital II GmbH

Fufeng Group Ltd.

Fugao Wantai Group Co. Ltd.

Fugro NV

Fugue Finance BV

Fuguiniao Co. Ltd.

Fuh Hwa Yu-Li Bond Fund

Fuhu, Inc.

Fuhwa Bank

Fuhwa Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

Fuji Photo Film Co.

Fuji Xerox

Fujian International Trust & Investment

Fujian Septwolves Group

Fujian Shishi State-owned Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd.

Fujian Yango Group Co. Ltd.

Fujian Zhanglong Group Co., Ltd.

Fujifilm Holdings Corp.

Fujirebio Inc.

Fujitsu Ltd.

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd.

Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.

Fulcrum Capital Partners Inc.

Fulcrum Centerpoint, LLC

Fulcrum Strategy Partners

Fulgent Genetics, Inc.

Fulham Road Finance Ltd.

Fulin Plastic Industry (Cayman) Co., Ltd.

Fuling Global Inc.

Full Circle Capital Corp.

Full Circle Generation

Full Dragon (Hong Kong) International Development Ltd.

Full House Resorts

Full House Resorts, Inc.

Full Metal Minerals Ltd.

Full Metal Zinc Ltd.

Full Moon Holdco 7 Ltd.

Full Spectrum Inc.

Full Wang International Development Co., Ltd.

FullBeauty Brands

Fullbeauty Brands Holdings Corp.

Fullbeauty Brands Inc.


FullCircle Registry Inc.

Fuller Capital Corp.

Fuller, Smith & Turner plc

Fullerton Healthcare Corp.

Fullerton Healthcare Corp. Ltd.

Fullerton India Credit Co.

Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.

Fulltech Fiber Glass Corp.

Fulton Bank

Fulton Bank of New Jersey

Fulton Bank, NA

Fulton County

Fulton County Development Authority

Fulton County Facilities Corp.

Fulton County Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Authority

Fulton Coutny Development Authority

Fulton Financial Corp.

Fulton Homes Corp.

Fulton State Hospital

Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority

Fulucai Productions Ltd.

Fumapharm AG

Func Food Group Oyj

Funcom NV

Function (X) Inc.

Functional Technologies Corp.

Fund American Cos., Inc.

Fund of Financial Support for Agriculture JSC

Fund of Problem Loans

Fund.com Inc.

Fundacion Bancaria Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona

Fundacion Integral Comunitaria AC

Fundamental Advisors LP

Fundamental Growth Portfolio

Fundation Group LLC

Funding Circle Ltd.

Fundo de Investimento em Direitos Creditorios Canguru


Fundtech Ltd.

Fundworks, LLC

FundX Investment Group

Fung Choi Media Group Ltd.

Funko Acquisition Holdings, LLC

Funko Games, LLC

Funko Holdings LLC

Funko, Inc.

Funko, LLC

Fuqi International, Inc.

Fuqing Investment Management Ltd.

Fuquay-Varina Town

Fura Emeralds Inc.

Furia Organization, Inc.

Furie Operating Alaska, LLC

Furman University

Furmanite Corp.

Furmanite Worldwide, Inc.

Furnas Centrais Eletricas SA

Furniture Brands International Inc.

Furukawa Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd.

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

Fury Explorations Ltd.

Fuse Media Inc.

Fuse Media, LLC

Fuse Medical Inc.

Fuse Science, Inc.

Fuse, LLC

Fushi Copperweld Inc.

Fushi International, Inc.


Fusion BCHI Acquisition LLC

Fusion CB Holdings Inc.

Fusion Cloud Co. LLC

Fusion Cloud Services, LLC

Fusion Communications, LLC

Fusion Connect, Inc.

Fusion IP plc

Fusion LLC

Fusion Management Services LLC

Fusion MPHC Group Inc.

Fusion MPHC Holding Corp.

Fusion NBS Acquisition Corp.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fusion PM Holdings Inc.

Fusion Telecom LLC

Fusion Telecom of Kansas LLC

Fusion Telecom of Missouri LLC

Fusion Telecom of Oklahoma LLC

Fusion Telecom of Texas Ltd. LLP

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc.

Fusion Texas Holdings Inc.

Fusion UK Holding Ltd.

Fusion-io, Inc.

FusionTech, Inc.

Futomic Industries, Inc.

Futu Holdings Ltd.

Futura Banc Corp.

Futura Loyalty Group Inc.

Futura Medical plc

Futura Pictures, Inc.

Futuragene plc

Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd.

Future Consumer Ltd.

Future Corporate Resources Ltd.

Future Days Ltd.

Future Diamond Ltd.

Future Education Group Inc.

Future Energy Solutions

Future Energy Solutions Lighting Group, LLLP

Future Enterprises Ltd.

Future Financial Services Ltd.

Future Healthcare of America

Future Land Development Holdings Ltd.

Future Land Holdings Co., Ltd.

Future Land Holdings Ltd.

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.

Future Now Group Inc.

Future Retail Ltd.

Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.

Future Systems, Inc.

Future Value Consultants

Future Value Retail Ltd.

Future World Group Inc.

FutureFuel Chemical Co.

FutureFuel Corp.

FutureLand Corp.

Futuremedia plc

FutureWorld Corp.

Futuris Corp.

Fuyuan Worldwide Ltd.

Fuzhou Digital Economy Investment Group Co., Ltd.

FVCBankcorp, Inc.

FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

FWD Group Holdings Ltd.

FWD Group Ltd.

FWD Life Insurance Co. (Bermuda) Ltd.

FWD Ltd.

FWD Management Holdings Ltd.

FWR Holding Corp.

FX Alliance Inc.

FX Energy, Inc.

FX Luxury I, LLC

FX Luxury Las Vegas I, LLC

FX Luxury Realty, LLC

FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc.

FXCM Holdings, LLC


FXI Holdings, Inc.

FYI Properties

Føroya Landsstýri

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