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W.P. Stewart & Co., Ltd.

W270, Inc.

W3 Solutions Inc.

Wabash National Corp.

WaferGen Bio-systems, Inc.

WaferGen Biosystems (M) Sdn. Bhd.

WageWorks, Inc.

Waldron Energy Corp.

Walker Financial Corp.

Walking Co. Holdings, Inc.

Walking Horse Energy Inc.

Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd.

Walloper Gold Resources Ltd.

Wally World Media Inc.

Walton Big Lake Development LP

War Eagle Mining Co. Inc.

Waratah Coal Inc.

Warnex Inc.

Warp 9 Inc.

Warp Technology Holdings, Inc.

Warren Resources Inc.

Wasabi Energy Ltd.

Washington Mutual, Inc.

Washington Resources Ltd.

Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc.

WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc.

Washmax Corp.

Washtenaw Group, Inc.

Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc.

Wataire International, Inc.

Watch Resources Ltd.

Waterloo Resources Ltd.

Watermark Global plc

Watermark Group plc

Watford Leisure plc

Watpac Ltd.

Wave Life Sciences Pte. Ltd.

Wave Systems Corp.

Wave Uranium Holding

Wave Wireless Corp.

Wavefire.com Ltd.

WaveForm Energy Ltd.

Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc.

Wavenet International Ltd.

Waxess Holdings, Inc.

Way Ventures Inc.

Wayfair Inc.

Waymar Resources Ltd.

WCA Waste Corp.

WCB Resources Ltd.

WCF Bancorp, Inc.

WDS Ltd.

Wealth Minerals Ltd.

Wearable Health Solutions, Inc.

Weatherly International plc

Webster Financial Corp.

WebTech Wireless Inc.

Webxu, Inc.

Weda Bay Minerals Inc.

Wedbush Securities

Wedgetail Exploration NL

WeedHire International, Inc.

Wega Mining ASA

Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc.

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Welichem Biotech Inc.

Well Power, Inc.

Wellesley Bancorp, Inc.

Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.

Wellness Center USA Inc.

WellPoint Systems Inc.

Wells Financial Corp.

WellStar Energy Corp.

Wellstar International, Inc.

Wellstone Filters Inc.

Welton Energy Corp.

Welund Fund, Inc.

Welwyn Resources Ltd.

Wentworth Energy, Inc.

Wentworth II, Inc.

Wescan Goldfields Inc.

Wescorp Energy Inc.

Wesdome Gold Mines Inc.

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

Wesgold Minerals Inc.

Wessex Exploration plc

West 49 Inc.

West Africa Energy Inc.

West Africa Gold Inc.

West African Diamonds plc

West African Iron Ore Corp.

West African Resources Ltd.

West China Cement Ltd.

West Coast Bancorp

West Coast Car Co.

West Coast Realty Trust, Inc.

West End Indiana Bancshares, Inc.

West Energy Ltd.

West Hawk Development Corp.

West High Yield Resources Ltd.

West Isle Energy Inc.

West Kirkland Mining Inc.

West Melville Metals Inc.

West Mountain Capital Corp.

West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.

West Timmins Mining Inc.

Westaim Corp.

Westar Energy Inc.

Westbond Enterprises Corp.

Westbow Energy Inc.

Westbridge Energy Corp.

Westbury Bancorp, Inc.

Westbury Property Fund Ltd.

Westchester Resources Inc.

Westcore Energy Ltd.

Westech Capital Corp.

Westergaard.com, Inc.

Western Alliance Bancorporation

Western Areas NL

Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp.

Western Canadian Coal Corp.

Western Capital Resources, Inc.

Western Copper Corp.

Western Energy Services Corp.

Western Financial Group Inc.

Western Gas Partners LP

Western GeoPower Corp.

Western Goldfields, Inc.

Western Graphite Inc.

Western Keltic Mines Inc.

Western Lakota Energy Services Inc.

Western Lithium Canada Corp.

Western Lithium USA Corp.

Western Pacific Resources Corp.

Western Pacific Trust Co.

Western Plains Gold Ltd.

Western Plains Petroleum Ltd.

Western Plains Resources Ltd.

Western Potash Corp.

Western Power & Equipment Corp.

Western Prospector Group Ltd.

Western Quebec Mines Inc.

Western Refining, Inc.

Western Standard Energy Corp.

Western Troy Capital Resources Inc.

Western Uranium Corp.

Western Warrior Resources Inc.

Western Wind Energy Corp.

Western Wind Energy Inc.

WesternOne Equity Income Fund

WesternZagros Resources Ltd.

Westfield Real Estate Investment Trust

Westgold Resources Ltd.

Westinghouse Solar, Inc.

WestKam Gold Corp.

Westminster Group plc

Westminster Resources Ltd.

Westmoore Holdings, Inc.

Westmoreland Coal Co.

WestMountain Gold, Inc.

Westmountain Index Advisor Inc.

Westonia Mines Ltd.

Westpoint Energy, Inc.

Westport Energy Holdings Inc.

Westport Innovations Inc.

Westridge Resources Inc.

Westshore Terminals Income Fund

Westside Energy Corp.

Weststar Resources Corp.

Westward Explorations Ltd.

Westwood One, Inc.

Wet Seal, Inc.

WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Weyland Tech Inc.

Wheelchair ADL Solutions Corp.

Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.

Wheels Group Inc.

Where Food Comes From, Inc.

WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp.

Wherify Wireless, Inc.

Whetstone Minerals Ltd.

Whispering Oaks International, Inc.

Whistler Gold Corp.

White Canyon Uranium Ltd.

White Cliff Nickel Ltd.

White Energy Co. Ltd.

White Fire Energy Ltd.

White Knight Resources Ltd.

White Mountain Titanium Corp.

White Nile Ltd.

White Pine Resources Inc.

White Tiger Gold Ltd.

White Tiger Mining Corp.

White Young Green plc

Whitecap Resources Inc.

WhiteGlove Health

Whitehall Jewelers, Inc.

Whitehaven Coal Ltd.

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc.

Whiteknight Acquisitions II Inc.

Whiteknight Acquisitions Inc.

Whitemud Resources Inc.

Whiterock Real Estate Investment Trust

Whitestone REIT

Whitney Information Network, Inc.

Whittier Energy Corp.

WhittmanHart Inc.

WHK Group Ltd.

WHL Energy Ltd.

Who's Your Daddy Inc.

Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Why USA Financial Group, Inc.

Wi-Fi TV, Inc.

Wi-Lan Inc.

Wi-Tron, Inc.

Wi2Wi Corp.

WidePoint Corp.

WiFiMed Holdings Co., Inc.

WII Components Inc.

Wild Craze, Inc.

Wild Stream Exploration Inc.

Wildcat Exploration Ltd.

Wildcat Silver Corp.

WildHorse Energy Ltd.

Wildon Productions Inc.

Wildrose Resources Ltd.

Wiless Controls Inc.

Willbros Group, Inc.

William Lyon Homes Inc.

Williams Creek Explorations Ltd.

Williams Partners LP

Willmott Forests Ltd.

Willowtree Advisor, Inc.

Wilmington Capital Management Inc.

Wilson Brothers USA Inc.

Wilson Holdings, Inc.

Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc.

Wilton Resources Inc.

WIN Energy Corp.

Win Gaming Media, Inc.

Win Global Markets Inc.

Win-Eldrich Mines Ltd.

Winalta Inc.

Winchester International Resorts Inc.

Wind River Energy Corp.

Wind River Resources Ltd.

Windamere Ventures Ltd.

Windaus Global Energy, Inc.

Windfire Capital Corp.

Windrose Medical Properties Trust

WindStream Technologies, Inc.

Windswept Environmental Group, Inc.

WindTamer Corp.

Wingstop Inc.

Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust

Wins Finance Holdings Inc.

Winslow Resources Inc.

WinSonic Digital Media Group Ltd.

Winstar Resources Ltd.

Winthrop Realty Trust

Wintrust Financial Corp.

WinWin Gaming, Inc.

Wireless Age Communications, Inc.

Wireless Professional Communication Services International Inc.

Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc.

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.

Wisdom Homes of America, Inc.

Wits Basin Precious Metals Inc.

Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc.

Wizard World, Inc.

WizCom Technologies Ltd.

Wizzard Software Corp.

WL Ross Holding Corp.

WMI Holdings Corp.

Woize International Ltd.

Wolf Minerals Ltd.

Wolfden Resources Corp.

Wolfden Resources Inc.

Wolfpack Gold Corp.

Wolseley plc

Wolverine Exploration Inc.

Wolverine Minerals Corp.

Wolverine Technologies Corp.

Wolverine Tube Inc.

Wonder Auto Ltd.

Wonder Auto Technology, Inc.

Wonhe High-Tech International, Inc.

Wood Composite Technologies Inc.

Woodruff Capital Management Inc.

WordLogic Corp.

Work Horse Capital & Strategic Acquisitions Ltd.

Workhorse Group Inc.

Workstream Inc.

World Am Inc.

World Associates, Inc.

World Energy Solutions, Inc.

World Golf League

World Health Alternatives Inc.

World Heart Corp.

World Moto Inc.

World Racing Group, Inc.

World Reach Ltd.

World Surveillance Group Inc.

World Television Group plc

World Waste Technologies, Inc.

Worldbid Corp.

WorldGate Communications, Inc.

Worlds Inc.

Worlds Online Inc.

WorldSpace Satellite Radio

WorldSpace, Inc.

Worldstar Energy, Corp.

WorldWater & Power Corp.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp.

Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA, Inc.

Worldwide Excellence, Inc.

Worthington Energy, Inc.

Worthington Nicholls Group plc

Woulfe Mining Corp.

Wound Management Technologies, Inc.

Wowio, Inc.

Wowo Ltd.

WPC Resources Inc.

WPCS International Inc.

WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust

Wrangler West Energy Corp.

Wrapmail Inc.

Wren Extra Care Group plc

Wren Homes Group plc

Writers’ Group Film Corp.

WSFS Financial Corp.

WSP Global Inc.

WSR Gold Inc.

WWA Group, Inc.

WWI Resources Ltd.

WYG plc

Wyn Developments Inc.

Wynnstay Group plc

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