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V-One Corp.

V.I. Technologies Inc.

V2K International Inc.

Vaaldiam Resources Ltd.

Vaccinogen, Inc.

Valad Property Group

Valad Property Group Pty. Ltd.

Valcent Products Inc.

Valence Technology, Inc.

Valencia Ventures Inc.

Valentis, Inc.

Valeritas, Inc.

Valeura Energy Inc.

ValGold Resources Ltd.

Valiant Energy Inc.

Valiant Petroleum plc

Validian Corp.

ValiRx plc

Valkyries Petroleum Corp.

Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc.

Valley High Ventures Ltd.

Valley National Bancorp

Valor Gold Corp.

Valparaiso Energy Inc.

Valterra Resource Corp.

Valucap Investments Inc.

Van Dieman Mines plc

Van Eyk Three Pillars Ltd.

VANC Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Vanco plc

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Vane Minerals plc

Vangold Resources Ltd.

Vanguard Energy Corp.

Vanguard Minerals Corp.

Vanity Events Holding, Inc.

Vannessa Ventures Ltd.

Vanoil Energy Ltd.

Vantage Drilling Co.

Vantage Health

VantageMed Corp.

VantageSouth Bancshares Inc.

Vantex Resources Ltd.

Vantone International Group, Inc.

Vape Holdings, Inc.

Vapir Enterprises Inc.

Vapor Corp.

Vapor Group Inc.

Vapor Hub International Inc.

Vaporin Inc.

Vascular Biogenics Ltd.

Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vasogen Inc.

Vasomedical Inc.

Vast Exploration Inc.

Vastox plc

Vatukoula Gold Mines plc

Vaughan Foods, Inc.

Vault Minerals Inc.

VaxGen, Inc.

VBI Vaccines Inc.

VBL Therapeutics

VCampus Corp.

VCG Holding Corp.

VDM Group Ltd.

Vebnet Holdings plc

Vector Group Ltd.

Vector Intersect Security Acquisition Corp.

Vector Resources Inc.

Vector Wind Energy Inc.

Vedron Gold Inc.

Vein Associates of America, Inc.

VelaTel Global Communications, Inc.

Velo Energy Inc.

Velocity Asset Management Inc.

Velocity Energy Inc.

Velocity Express Corp.

Velosi Ltd.

Velti Inc.

Velti plc

Vemics, Inc.

Vena Resources Inc.

Venaxis, Inc.

Vencan Gold Corp.

Vendetta Mining Corp.

VendingData Corp.

Vendome Resources Corp.

VendTek Systems Inc.

Vendum Batteries Inc.

Venerable Ventures Ltd.

VenPath Investments Inc.

Vensearch Capital Corp.

Ventana Gold Corp.

Ventir Challenge Enterprises Ltd.

Ventracor Ltd.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd.

Ventrus Biosciences, Inc.

Ventura Gold Corp.

Venture Minerals Ltd.

Venture Production plc

Venture Steel Inc.

Ventures-National Inc.

Venturex Resources Ltd.

Ventus Energy Inc.

Venus Metals Corp. Ltd.

Veracel Inc.

Veracyte, Inc.

Verastem, Inc.

Verb Exchange Inc.

Verbina Resources Inc.

Verde Science Inc.

Verena Minerals Corp.

Verenex Energy Inc.

Verenium Corp.

Veri-Tek International, Corp.

VeriChip Corp.

Veridicom International Inc.

Veridien Corp.

Veridigm, Inc.

Veridium Corp.

VerifyMe, Inc.

VerifySmart Inc.

Verilink Corp.

Verint Systems Inc.

Veris Gold Corp.

Verisante Technology, Inc.

VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

Veritas Solutions, Inc.

Veritek Technologies Inc.

VeriTeQ Corp.

Veritex Holdings, Inc.

Vermillion, Inc.

Vernalis plc

Vero Energy Inc.

Verona Development Corp.

Versadial, Inc.

Versapay Corp.

Versartis, Inc.

Versatile Mobile Systems Inc.

Versatile Systems Inc.

Verso Technologies Inc.

Versus Systems Inc.

Versus Technology, Inc.

Vertex Energy Inc.

Vertex Interactive Inc.

Vertical Branding, Inc.

Vertical Communications, Inc.

Vertical Health Solutions, Inc.

Verticalnet, Inc.

Vertro, Inc.

Verus Investments Ltd.

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

Vesta Capital Corp.

Veteran Resources Inc.

VG Gold Corp.

VG Life Sciences, Inc.

VG Tech Inc.

VGS Seismic Canada Inc.

VIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ViaLogy plc

Viamet Pharmaceuticals Holdings LLC

Viaspace Inc.

Viasystems Group, Inc.

Vical Inc.

Viceroy Exploration Ltd.

Vicor Technologies, Inc.

Victhom Human Bionics, Inc.

Victoria Gold Corp.

Victoria Oil & Gas plc

Victoria Petroleum NL

Victoria Resource Corp.

Victoria Resources Corp.

Victory Divide Mining Co.

Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp.

Victory Gold Mines Inc.

Victory Mountain Ventures Ltd.

Victory Nickel Inc.

Victory Park Capital

Victory Resources Corp.

Vida Cannabis Corp.

View Resources Ltd.

ViewCast Corp.

ViewCast.com Inc.

Viewpoint Corp.

ViewRay Inc.

Viggle Inc.

Vigil Health Solutions Inc.

Vigil Locating Systems Corp.

Viisage Technology, Inc.

Viking Gold Exploration Inc.

Viking Investments Group Inc.

Viking Systems, Inc.

Viking Therapeutics, Inc.

Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp.

Vimicro International Corp.

VinaLand Ltd.

Vince Holding Corp.

Vindon Healthcare plc

Vineyard National Bancorp

Vinyl Products, Inc.

Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

VioQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vior Inc.

Viper Gold Ltd.

Viper Networks Inc.

Viper Powersports Inc.

Viper Resources, Inc.

VIPR Industries Inc

VIPR Industries Inc.

Vipshop Holdings Ltd.

VIQ Solutions Inc.

Viragen, Inc.

Viral Genetics Inc.

Viralytics Ltd.

Virco Mfg. Corp.

ViRexx Medical Corp.

Virgin Metals Inc.

Virgin Mobile USA Inc.


Virginia Commerce Bancorp, Inc.

Virginia Energy Resources Inc.

Virginia Gold Mines Inc.

Virginia Heritage Bank

Virginia Mines Inc.

Viridis Energy Inc.

VirnetX Holding Corp.

Virobay Inc.

ViroPharma Inc.

Viropro Inc.

Virtek Vision International Inc.

Virtra Systems Inc.

Virtual China Travel Services Co., Ltd.

Virtual Piggy, Inc.

Virtual Sourcing, Inc.

VirtualScopics, Inc.

Virtus Oil and Gas Corp.

Virtus Holdings, Inc.

Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.

Virtus Oil & Gas Corp.

Virtusa Corp.

ViryaNet Ltd.

VisCorp, Inc.

Viscount Mining Corp.

Viscount Systems, Inc.

Viseon, Inc.

Visible Gold Mines Inc.

VisiJet Inc.

Visiomed Group Ltd.

Vision Industries Corp.

Vision-Sciences, Inc.

VisionChina Media Inc.

visionGateway Inc.

VisionSky Corp.

Visiphor Corp.

Viskase Cos., Inc.

VIST Financial Corp.

Vista Gold Corp.

Vista International Technologies, Inc.

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc.

Vistech Capital Corp.

Visterra, Inc.

Vistula Communications Services Inc.

Visual Data Corp.

Visual Management Systems, Inc.

Visual Network Design, Inc.

Visual Networks, Inc.

Visualant, Inc.

VisualVault Corp.

Vita Food Products, Inc.

Vitacost.com, Inc.

Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vital Energy Inc.

Vital Living Inc.

Vital Metals Ltd.

Vital Resources Corp.

Vital Therapies Inc.

Vitality Biopharma, Inc.

Vitality Products Inc.

VitalStream Holdings, Inc.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.

Vitran Corp. Inc.

VitroTech Corp.

Viva International, Inc.

Vivakor, Inc.

Viventia Bio Inc.

Viveve Medical, Inc.

Viveve, Inc.

Vividas Group plc

Vivione Biosciences Inc.

Vivus, Inc.

ViXS Systems Inc.

Vizconnect Inc.

VLM Ventures Ltd.


Vmoto Ltd.

VMS Ventures Inc.

VNUE, Inc.

VocalTec Communications Ltd.

Vocera Communications, Inc.

Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Vogogo Inc.

Voice Assist Inc.

Voice Life, Inc.

Voice Mobility International, Inc.

Voiceserve, Inc.

VoIP Inc.

Volcan Holdings, Inc.

Volcanic Metals Corp.

Volcanic Metals Exploration Inc.

VolitionRX Ltd.

Volta Mining Ltd.

Volta Resources Inc.

Voltari Corp.

Vonage Holdings Corp.

VoodooVox Inc.

Vortex Resources Corp.

Voss Net plc

voxeljet AG

Voxware Inc.

Voyager Therapeutics, Inc.

Voyager Entertainment International Inc.

Voyager Gas Corp.

Voyager Oil & Gas, Inc.

Voyager Petroleum Inc.

Voyant International Corp.

Voz Mobile Cloud Ltd.

VPhase plc

VRB Power Systems Inc.

VRDT Corp.

Vringo, Inc.

VSA Capital Group plc

VSM MedTech Ltd.

VSource Inc.

Vu1 Corp.

Vuance Ltd.

Vubotics, Inc.

Vulcan Capital

Vulcan Minerals Inc.

Vuzix Corp.

Vuzix Corp. 

VVC Exploration Corp.

Vycon, Inc.

Vycor Medical Inc.

Vyke Communications plc

Vyrian Inc.

Vyrix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vystar Corp.

Vyteris Holdings (Nevada), Inc.

Vyteris Holdings, Inc.

Vyteris Inc.

Vyyo Inc.

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