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Vail Resorts Inc.

Valassis Communications Inc.


Vale Canada Ltd.

Vale Overseas Ltd.

Vale SA

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Valeo SA

Valeritas Holdings, Inc.

Valero Energy Corp.

Valero Energy Partners LP

Valero Project

Validus Holdings, Ltd.

Validus Insurance, Ltd.

Validus Reinsurance, Ltd.

Valin Mining Investments (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Vallauris II CLO plc

Valley National Bancorp

ValleyCare Health System


Valmont Industries Inc.

Valoe Corp.

Valoe Oyj

Valor Telecommunications Enterprises, LLC

Valspar Corp.

Valtech SE

ValueVision Media, Inc.

Valvoline Inc.

Van Andel Research Institute Project

Van Lanschot Kempen

Van Lanschot NV


Vanderbilt University

Vangent Inc.

Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.

Vanguard Natural Resources LLC

Vantage Drilling Co.

Vantage Drilling International

Vantage Oncology Finance Co.

Vantage Oncology, LLC

Vantiv Issuer Corp.

Vardar AS

Vardhman Polytex Ltd.

Varex Imaging Corp.

Varun Beverages Ltd.

Vattenfall AB

VCL Multi-Compartment SA

VCO CLO 2018-1 LLC

VCredit Holdings Ltd.

Vector Group Ltd.

Vectren Capital Corp.

Vectren Corp.

Vectren Utility Holdings, Inc.

Vectren Utility Services, Inc.

Vedanta Holdings Mauritius II Ltd.

Vedanta Holdings Mauritius Ltd.

Vedanta Resources Finance II plc

Vedanta Resources Ltd.

Vedanta Resources plc

Veeco Instruments Inc.

Vega ContainerVessel 2006-1 plc

Veidekke ASA

Velcora Holding AB (publ)

Venn Partners LLP

Venoco, Inc.

Ventas Canada Finance Ltd.

Ventas Capital Corp.

Ventas Realty LP

Ventas, Inc.

Ventura County Community College District

Venture 32 CLO, LLC

Venture 32 CLO, Ltd.

Venture X CLO, Corp.

Venture X CLO, Ltd.

Venture XI CLO, Ltd./Venture XI CLO Corp.

Venture XII CLO, Corp.

Venture XII CLO, Ltd.

Venture XIII CLO, Ltd./Venture XIII CLO, Corp.

Venture XIII CLO, Ltd./Venture XIII CLO, LLC

Venture XIV CLO Ltd./Venture XIV CLO LLC

Venture XIV CLO, LLC

Venture XIV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XIX CLO, LLC

Venture XIX CLO, Ltd./Venture XIX CLO LLC

Venture XV CLO, LLC

Venture XV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XVI CLO Ltd./Venture XVI CLO LLC

Venture XVI CLO, LLC

Venture XVI CLO, Ltd.

Venture XVII CLO Ltd./Venture XVII CLO LLC

Venture XX CLO LLC

Venture XX CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXI CLO Corp.

Venture XXI CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXII CLO, Ltd./Venture XXII CLO LLC


Venture XXIII CLO, Ltd.


Venture XXIV CLO, Ltd.

Venture XXV CLO, LLC

Venture XXV CLO, Ltd.

Veolia Environnement SA

VEON Holdings BV


Verallia Packaging SAS

Verallia SA

Verastem, Inc.

Verbund AG

Verde Bio Holdings Inc.

Vereit Inc.

Vereit Operating Partnership, LP

Verenium Corp.

Veresen Inc.

Vericast Corp.

VeriSign, Inc.

Verisure Holding AB

Verisure Midholding AB

Veritas Petroleum Services BV

Verizon Communications Inc.

Verizon Delaware LLC

Verizon Maryland LLC

Verizon New England Inc.

Verizon New Jersey Inc.

Verizon New York Inc.

Verizon Virginia LLC

Verizon Wireless Capital LLC

Vermont Economic Development Authority

Vermont Educational & Health Buildings Financing Agency

Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency

Vermont Municipal Bond Bank

Vermont Student Assistance Corp.



Versailles CLO M.E. I plc

Versatel AG

Verso Paper Corp.

Verso Paper Holdings LLC

Verso Paper Inc.

Vertellus Specialties Inc.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Vertis Communications

Vertis, Inc.

Vertiv Group Corp.

Vesta Energy Corp.

Vesta Energy Ltd.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Vestel Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS

Vestjysk Bank AS

Veterans Housing Assistance Program

VF Corp.

VF Ukraine PJSC

VFH Parent LLC

VFU Funding plc

Viacom Inc.

ViacomCBS Inc.

Viant Holdings, Inc.

ViaSat Inc.

Viasystems Group, Inc.

Viasystems Inc.

Viavi Solutions Inc.

Vibrant CLO II Ltd./Vibrant CLO II LLC

Vibrant CLO III Ltd./Vibrant CLO III LLC

Vibrant CLO III, LLC

Vibrant CLO III, Ltd.

Vibrant CLO IV, LLC

Vibrant CLO IV, Ltd.

Vibrant CLO V LLC

Vibrant CLO V Ltd.

Vibrant CLO V, Ltd./Vibrant CLO V, LLC

Vibrant Group Ltd.


VICI Note Co. Inc.

VICI Properties 1 LLC

VICI Properties Inc.

VICI Properties LP

Victor Technologies

Victor Technologies Group Inc.

Victoria Falls CLO, Corp.

Victoria Falls CLO, Ltd.

Victoria House SA

Victoria Park AB

Victoria plc

Vicwest Inc.

Videocon Industries Ltd.

Videotron Ltd.

Videotron Ltee.

Vieo BV


Viking Cruises, Ltd.

Viking Ocean Cruises Ltd.

Viking Supply Ships A/S

Viking Supply Ships AB

Villa Julie College

Villa Organic AS

Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp.

Village Center Community Development District


Vilmorin & Cie SA

Vimpel-Communications OJSC


VimpelCom Amsterdam BV

VimpelCom Holdings BV

VimpelCom Ltd.

Vinci SA

Vincom JSC

Vine Energy Holdings LLC

Vine Energy Inc.

Vingroup JSC

Vinpearl JSC

Vipshop Holdings Ltd.

Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority

Virgin Media Finance plc

Virgin Media Inc.

Virgin Media Ltd.

Virgin Media Receivables Financing Notes I DAC

Virgin Media Receivables Financing Notes II DAC

Virgin Media Secured Finance plc

Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc

Virgin Money UK plc


Virginia Baptist Homes

Virginia Beach

Virginia College Building Authority

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority

Virginia Electric and Power Co.

Virginia Pooled Financing Program

Virginia Port Authority

Virginia Public Building Authority

Virginia Public School Authority

Virginia Resource Authority

Virginia Resources Authority

Virginia Small Business Financing Authority

Virginia Tech Foundation

Virginia Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp.

Virginia Transportation Board

Viridian Group FinanceCo plc

Viridian Group FundCo II Ltd.

Viridian Group Ltd.

Viridian Power and Energy Holdings Ltd.

ViroPharma Inc.

Virtu Financial Inc.

Virtu Financial LLC

Virtua Health

Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.

Visa Inc.

Visant Corp.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

Viso Ltd.

Vista Joint Powers Financing Authority

Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc.

Vista Outdoor Inc.

Visteon Corp.

Vistra Energy Corp.

Visy Paper Project

Vitamin Shoppe Industries Inc.

Vitamin Shoppe, Inc.

Viterra Inc.

Vitro, SAB de CV

Vitruvian Exploration, LLC

Vivat NV

Vivendi SA

Viveracqua Hydrobond 1 Srl

Vivint Smart Home, Inc.

Vivint, Inc.

Vivo Cannabis Inc.

Vivus, Inc.

VLL International, Inc.

VNR Finance Corp.

Vocera Communications, Inc.

Vodafone Group plc

Vodafone West GmbH

Volcan Compania Minera SAA

Volcano Corp.

Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Branschweig

Volkswagen International Finance NV

Volstad Shipping AS

Volstad Subsea AS

Volusia County Educational Facilities Authority

Volvo Treasury AB

Vonovia Finance BV

Vonovia SE

Vorarlberger Landes- und Hypothekenbank AG

Vornado Realty LP

Vornado Realty Trust

Vostok New Ventures Ltd.

Voto-Votorantim Overseas Trading Operations IV Ltd.

Votorantim Cimentos SA

Votorantim Industrial SA

Votorantim Participacoes SA

Votorantim SA

Voya Alternative Asset Management LLC

Voya CLO 2012-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-1, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2012-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2012-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2012-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2013-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2013-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2013-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2013-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-2, LLC

Voya CLO 2014-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2014-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-4, LLC

Voya CLO 2014-4, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2014-4, Ltd./Voya CLO 2014-4 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-1, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-1 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-2, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2015-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2015-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-2 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-2, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2016-3, Ltd.

Voya CLO 2016-3, Ltd./Voya CLO 2016-3 LLC

Voya CLO 2016-4, Ltd./Voya CLO 2016-4 LLC

Voya CLO III Ltd./Voya CLO III, Inc.

Voya Financial, Inc.

Voya Holdings, Inc.

Voya Investment Management LLC

Voyage Care

Voyage Care BondCo plc

Voyager Aviation Holdings, LLC

Voyager Finance Co.

VStoxx Short-Term Futures Inverse Investable index

VStoxx Short-Term Futures Investable index


VTB Bank

VTB Capital plc

VTB Capital SA


VTG Finance SA

VTR Finance BV

VTR Finance NV

Vue International Bidco plc

Vulcan Materials Co.

VV Holding AS

VWR Corp.

VWR Funding Inc.

VWR International Inc.

VWR International, LLC

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