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T Bancshares, Inc.

T-Rex Oil Inc.

T2 Biosystems, Inc.

T3 Motion, Inc.

Tabcorp Holdings Ltd.

Table Mountain Minerals plc

Tactex Controls Inc.

Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc.

Tactile Systems Technology, Inc.

Tag Entertainment Corp.

TAG Oil Ltd.

Tag-It Pacific Inc.

Tagalder Global Investment, Inc.

Taggares Agriculture Corp.

Taggart Capital Corp.

Tagish Lake Gold Corp.

TagLikeMe Corp.

Tahera Diamond Corp.

Taipan Resources Inc.

Tajzha Ventures Ltd.

Takara Resources Inc.

Takedown Entertainment Inc.

Takoradi Ltd.

Taku Gold Corp.

Takung Art Co., Ltd.

Talend SA

Talga Gold Ltd.

Talisman Mining Ltd.

Tallgrass Energy Corp.

Tally Ho Ventures, Inc.

Talmer Bancorp, Inc.

Talon International, Inc.

Talon Metals Corp.

Talon Real Estate Holding Corp.

Talon Therapeutics Inc.

Talvivaara Mining Co. plc

Tamandare Explorations Inc.

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.

Tamarack Ventures Inc.

Tamaya Resources Ltd.

Tamerlane Ventures Inc.

Tamir Biotechnology, Inc.

Tamm Oil and Gas Corp.

Tan Range Exploration Corp.

Tanager Energy Inc.

Tanami Gold NL

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

Tanfield Group plc

Tanganyika Oil Co. Ltd.

Tangent Communications plc

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.

Tangiers Petroleum Ltd.

Tango Energy Inc.

Tango Gold Mines Inc.

Tango Mining Ltd.

Tangoe, Inc.

Tank Sports, Inc.

Tanke Biosciences Corp.

Tankless Systems Worldwide, Inc.

Tanqueray Resources Ltd.

Tantalex Resources Corp.

Tantech Holdings Ltd.

Tanzania Minerals Corp.

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.

TanzaniteOne Ltd.

Tao Minerals, Ltd.

Tap Oil Ltd.

Tapango Resources Ltd.

Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc.

TapImmune Inc.

Tapinator Inc.

Tara Gold Resources Corp.

Tara Minerals Corp.

Taranis Resources Inc.

Targa Resources Corp.

Targacept Inc.

Target Energy Ltd.

Target Exploration and Mining Corp.

Target Resources plc

Targeted Genetics Corp.

Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.

Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc.

Tarpon Industries, Inc.

Tarquin Group Inc.

Tarquin Resources plc

Tarrant Apparel Group

Tarsis Capital Corp.

Tarsis Resources Ltd.

Tarsus Group plc

Tartan Energy Inc.

Taseko Mines Ltd.

Tasex Capital Ltd.

Tasker Capital Corp.

Tasker Products Corp.

Tasman Metals Ltd.

Tasman Resources NL

Tassal Group Ltd.

TAT Technologies Ltd.

Tatyana Designs Inc.

Tauriga Sciences, Inc.

Tawsho Mining Inc.

TaxMasters, Inc.

Taylor Capital Group, Inc.

Taylor Madison Corp.

Taylor Wimpey plc

TBS International Ltd.

TC PipeLines, LP

TCP Capital Corp.

TCP International Holdings Ltd.

Team Nation Holdings Corp.

Teamsphere Ltd.

TeamStaff Inc.

TearLab Corp.

Tech Laboratories, Inc.

TechAlt Inc.

TechCana Inc.

TechMedia Advertising Inc.

Technest Holdings, Inc.

Technical Ventures RX Corp.

Technicoil Corp.

TechniScan, Inc.

TechnoConcepts Inc.

Technology Applications International Corp.

Technology Integration Group, Inc.

TechTarget, Inc.

Teck Resources Ltd.

Teckmine Industries, Inc.

Tecnoglass Inc.

Tecogen Inc.

Tectonic Resources NL

Teekay Corp.

Teekay LNG Partners LP

Teekay Offshore GP LLC

Teekay Offshore Partners LP

Teekay Tankers Ltd.

Teesland plc

Tefron Ltd.

TEG Environmental plc

TEG Group plc

Tegal Corp.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Tekoil & Gas Corp.

Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp.

Telanetix, Inc.

Telatinos Inc.

TelcoPlus Enterprises Inc.

Telecom Communications Inc.

Telecom New Zealand Ltd.

Telecomm Sales Network, Inc.

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.

Teleconnect Inc.

Telegraph Gold Corp.

Telegraph Gold Inc.

TeleHealthCare, Inc.

Telephonetics plc

Teleplus Enterprises Inc.

Teleplus World, Corp.

Teleset Networks plc

Telesta Therapeutics Inc

Telestone Technologies Corp.

Telferscot Resources Inc.

Telford Homes plc

Telik Inc.

Telit Communications plc

Telkonet, Inc.

Telular Corp.

Telvent Git, SA

Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc.

Tembo Gold Corp.

Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc.

Temex Resources Corp.

Tempest Energy Corp.

Temple Energy Inc.

Temple Hotels Inc.

Temple Real Estate Investment Trust

Ten Alps plc

Ten Network Holdings Ltd.

Tenajon Resources Corp.


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Tenergy Ltd.

Tenex Health Inc.

TenFold Corp.

Tengasco, Inc.

Tengion, Inc.

Tengtu International Corp.

Tenke Mining Corp.

Tennant Creek Gold Ltd.

Tennessee Commerce Bancorp, Inc.

Tenth Power Technologies Corp.

TenthGate Inc.

Tepnel Life Sciences plc

Tequila Minerals Corp.

Terabeam, Inc.

TeraForce Technology, Inc.

Teranga Gold Corp.

Teras Resources Inc.

Terax Energy, Inc.

Tercica Inc.

Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.

Terra Energy Corp.

Terra Firma Capital Corp.

Terra Gold Mining Inc.

Terra Industries Inc.

Terra Nostra Corp.

Terra Nostra Resources Corp.

Terra Nova Energy Ltd.

Terra Nova Gold Corp.

Terra Nova Minerals Inc.

Terra Tech Corp.

Terra Ventures Inc.

TerraBioGen Technologies Inc.

Terrace Energy Corp.

Terrace Ventures Inc.

Terraco Gold Corp.

TerraForm Global, Inc.

TerraForm Power, Inc.

Terrain Minerals Ltd.

Terramin Australia Ltd.

Terrane Metals Corp.

TerraVia Holdings, Inc.

Terrax Minerals Inc.

Terremark Worldwide, Inc.

Terreno Realty Corp.

Terreno Resources Corp.

TerreStar Corp.

TerreStar Networks Inc.

Terrex Energy Inc.

Territory Resources Ltd.

Tesaro, Inc.

Tesco Corp.

Tesla Motors Inc.

Teslin River Resources Corp.

Tesoro Minerals Corp.

Tethyan Copper Co. Ltd.

Tethys Petroleum Ltd.

Teton Energy Corp.

Tetra Technologies, Inc.

TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

TetriDyn Solutions, Inc.

Teuton Resources Corp.

Texada Capital Corp.

Texada Software Inc.

Texalta Petroleum Ltd.

Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.

Texas Gas & Oil Inc.

Texas Oil and Gas plc

Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp.

Texas South Energy, Inc.

TexCom, Inc.

Texhoma Energy, Inc.

Textmunication Holdings, Inc.

Textura Corp.

TG Therapeutics, Inc.

TG World Energy Corp.

TGR Financial, Inc.

Thar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

That Marketing Solution Inc.

THB Group plc

The Bancorp, Inc.

The9 Ltd.

Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group Inc.

TheGlobe.com Inc.

Thelon Capital Ltd.

Thelon Ventures Ltd.

Themac Resources Group Ltd.

Theralase Technologies Inc.

TherapeuticsMD Inc.

Theravance Biopharma Inc.

Theravance Inc.

TheRetirementSolution.com, Inc.

Therma-Wave, Inc.

Thermal Energy International Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

ThermoCeramix Corp.

ThermoEnergy Corp.

ThermoGenesis Corp.

theScore, Inc.

TheStreet.com, Inc.

Thin Film Electronics ASA

Think Holdings, SA

Think Partnership Inc.

ThinkEngine Networks, Inc.

Thinkpath Inc.

Thinspace Technology Inc.

Third Wave Technologies Inc.

THL Credit, Inc.

Thomas Equipment Inc.

Thomas Properties Group, Inc.

Thor Explorations Ltd.

Thor Mining plc

Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.

Thoroughbred Capital Inc.

Threegold Resources Inc.

Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ThromboGenics NV

THT Heat Transfer Technology, Inc.

Thundelarra Exploration Ltd.

Thunder Energy Inc.

Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc.

Thunder Sword Resources Inc.

Thunderbird Energy Corp.

Thunderbird Resorts Inc.

Thundermin Resources Inc.

Thus Group plc

Tianli Agritech, Inc.

Tianshan Goldfields Ltd.

Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

Tiaro Coal Ltd.

TIB Financial Corp.

TICC Capital Corp.

Tidel Technologies Inc.

Tidelands Oil & Gas Corp.

Tidelands Oil & Gas, Inc.

Tierra Grande Resources Inc.

Tiex Inc.

TiGenix NV

Tiger Ethanol International

Tiger Resources Ltd.

Tiger Team Technologies Corp.

Tiger Telematics Inc.


Tigray Resources Inc.

Tigris Uranium Corp.

Tikcro Technologies Ltd.

Tilting Capital Corp.

Timbercorp Ltd.

Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corp.

Timbercreek Senior Mortgage Investment Corp.

Timberjack Sporting Supplies Inc.

Timberline Resources Corp.

TimberWest Forest Corp.

Timco Aviation Services, Inc.

Time America, Inc.

Times Three Wireless Inc.

Timestrip plc

Timia Capital Corp.

Timios National Corp.

Timminco Ltd.

Timmins Gold Corp.

Tinka Resources Ltd.

TintinaGold Resources Inc.

TIO Networks Corp.

Tiomin Resources Inc.

TIR Systems Ltd.

Tirex Resources Ltd.

Tissera, Inc.

Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.

Titan Exploration Ltd.

Titan Global Holdings, Inc.

Titan Iron Ore Corp.

Titan Logix Corp.

Titan Medical Inc.

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Titan Trading Analytics Inc.

Titan Uranium Inc.

Titanium Corp. Inc.

Titanium Group Ltd.

Titanium Resources Group Ltd.

Titanium Transportation Group Inc.

Tix Corp.

TK Star Design Inc.

TLC Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd.

TLC Ventures Corp.

Tm Bioscience Corp.

TMAC Resources Inc.

TMM, Inc.

TNG Ltd.

TNI BioTech, Inc.

TNR Gold Corp.

TNX Television Holdings, Inc.

TOA Holdings, Inc.

TOA Optical Tech, Inc.

Toachi Mining Inc.

Toba Industries Ltd.

Tobahmaoz, Inc.

Tobira Therapeutics, Inc.

Tofutti Brands Inc.

Tokai Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Tom Exploration Inc.

TomaGold Corp.

TomCo Energy plc

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Tompkins Financial Corp.

Tonbridge Power Inc.

Tone Resources Ltd.

Tonga Capital Corp.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.

Tootie Pie Co., Inc.

Top Image Systems, Ltd.

TOP Ships Inc.

TOP Tankers Inc.

Toptent Inc.

TOR Minerals International, Inc.

Torbay Holdings Inc.

TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.

Torch River Resources Ltd.

Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc.

Toreador Resources Corp.

Tornado Gold International Corp.

Toro Energy Ltd.

Toro Oil & Gas Ltd.

Toro Resources Corp.

Torotrak plc

Torquay Oil Corp.

Torque Energy Inc.

Torrent Energy Corp.

Torrential Energy Ltd.

Torvec, Inc.

Tosca Mining Corp.

Toscana Energy Income Corp.

Total Energy Services Trust

Touchpoint Metrics, Inc.

Touchstone Applied Science Associates Inc.

Touchstone Exploration Inc.

Touchstone Gold Ltd.

Touchstone Resources Ltd.

Touchstone Resources USA Inc.

Toumaz Ltd.

Tourmaline Oil Corp.

Tournament Energy Ltd.

Tournigan Energy Ltd.

Tournigan Gold Corp.

Tower Energy Ltd.

Tower Financial Corp.

Tower Group, Inc.

Tower Resources Ltd.

Tower Resources plc

Tower Semiconductor Ltd.

Tower Tech Holdings Inc.

Towerstream Corp.

Townsquare Media, Inc.

Tox Free Solutions Ltd.

Toyzap.com, Inc.

TPG Specialty Lending, Inc.

TPI Composites, Inc.

TPTX, Inc.

Traceguard Technologies, Inc.

Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Trade Desk, Inc.

Trade Street Residential, Inc.

Trade Winds Ventures Inc.

Tradequest International, Inc.

Tradeshow Marketing Co., Ltd.

Trafalgar Energy Ltd.

Traffic Technologies Ltd.

Trafford Resources Ltd.

Trafina Energy Ltd.

Trailblazer Resources, Inc.

Trans National Minerals Inc.

Trans-Lux Corp.

Trans-Orient Petroleum Ltd.

Trans-Siberian Gold plc

TranS1 Inc.

TransAct Energy Corp.

TransAKT Ltd.

TransAlta Corp.

TransAmerican Energy Inc.

Transatlantic Mining Corp.

TransAtlantic Petroleum Corp.

TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.

Transax International Ltd.

Transbiotec, Inc.

Transcendent One, Inc.

Transcept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Transco Resources Corp.

Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Transeastern Power Trust

Transense Technologies plc

TransEnterix, Inc.

Transerv Energy Ltd.

Transeuro Energy Corp.

TransForce Inc.

TransGaming Inc.

Transgenomic Inc.

Transglobal Assets, Inc.

Transglobe Internet & Telecom Co. Ltd.

Transition Metals Corp.

Transition Therapeutics Inc.

TransMeridian Exploration Inc.

Transmeta Corp.

Transnational Automotive Group, Inc.

Transnational Financial Network Inc.

Transnational Group, Inc.

Transocean Inc.

Transol Corp. Ltd.

Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.

Transport America, Inc.

TransTechnology Corp.

TranSwitch Corp.

TransWorld Corp.

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.

Tranzyme Inc.

Trap Oil Group plc

TravelCenters of America LLC

Travelzest plc

Traverse Energy Ltd.

Traxion Energy Inc.

TRC Cos. Inc.

Treasury Metals Inc.

Treat Systems Inc.

Tree Island Wire Income Fund

Tree Top Industries, Inc.

Tree.com, Inc.

Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc.

Trelawney Resources Inc.

Trellis Earth Products, Inc.

Tremor Video, Inc.

Trend Mining Co.

Tresoro Mining Corp.

Trestle Holdings, Inc.

Trevali Mining Corp.

Trevali Resources Corp.

Trevena, Inc.

Tri Origin Exploration Ltd.

Tri Origin Minerals Ltd.

Tri-County Financial Corp.

Tri-Gold Resources Corp.

Tri-Isthmus Group, Inc.

Tri-Mark Mfg., Inc.

Tri-River Ventures Inc.

Tri-S Security Corp.

Tri-Valley Bank

Tri-Valley Corp.

Tri-Vision International Ltd.

Tria Beauty, Inc.

Triangle Capital Corp.

Triangle Petroleum Corp.

Triant Holdings Inc.

Triausmin Ltd.

Tribune Minerals Corp.

Tribune Publishing Co.

Tribune Resource Corp.

Tribute Minerals Inc.

Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Tribute Resources Inc.

Tricell Inc.

Trico Marine Services Inc.

Tricor plc

Trident Brands Inc.

Triex Minerals Corp.

Trig Acquisition 1, Inc.

Trigon Exploration Canada Ltd.

Trigon Uranium Corp.

Trilliant Exploration Corp.

Trillium Therapeutics Inc.

Triloch Resources Inc.

Trilogy Metals Inc.

Trim Holding Group

Trimax Corp.

TriMedia Entertainment Group, Inc.

Trimedyne, Inc.

Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corp.

TriMetals Mining Inc.

Trimox Energy Inc.

TrinCan Capital Corp.

Trinity Biotech plc

Trinity Capital Corp.

Trinity Learning Corp.

Trinity Ltd.

Trinity Mining Holding AG

Trinity Place Holdings Inc.

Trinity Plumas Capital Corp.

Trinity Valley Energy Corp.

TriNorth Capital Inc.

Trinsic, Inc.

Trio Gold Corp.

Trio Merger Corp.

Trio Resources, Inc

TriOil Ltd.

Tripath Technology Inc.

Triple 8 Energy Ltd.

Triple Crown Petroleum Ltd.

Triple Plate Junction plc

TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.

Tripos, Inc.

TriStar Gold Inc.

TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd.

TriState Capital Holdings, Inc.

Tristel plc

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc.

Triton Emission Solutions Inc.

Triton Energy Corp.

Triumph Bancorp, Inc.

Triumph Gold Corp.

Triumph Ventures III Corp.

Trius Therapeutics, Inc.

TriVascular Technologies Inc.

TRM Corp.

Trojan Equity Ltd.

Troon Ventures Ltd.

Trovagene Inc.

Troy Resources NL

Troymet Exploration Corp.

Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

True Drinks Holdings, Inc.

True Gold Mining Inc.

True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust

True North Corp.

True North Energy Corp.

True North Gems Inc.

TrueCar Inc.

Trueclaim Exploration, Inc.

TrueContext Mobile Solutions Corp.

TrueStar Petroleum Corp.

Truett-Hurst, Inc.

TrueYou.Com, Inc.

Trulan Resources Inc.

Truli Media Group, Inc.

Trulite, Inc.

Trunity Holdings, Inc.

Trupanion, Inc.

Trust Licensing Inc.

TrustCo Bank Corp NY

Trxade Group Inc.

Trycera Financial Inc.

Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd.

Tsingda eEdu Corp.

TSO3 Inc.

Tsodilo Resources Ltd.

TSS, Inc.

TSV Holdings Ltd.

TTI Telecom International Ltd.

TTM Resources Inc.

Tube Media Corp.

TubeMogul, Inc.

Tucana Lithium Corp.

Tuckamore Capital Management Inc.

Tudor Corp. Ltd.

Tudor Gold Corp.

Tullow Oil plc

Tumi Resources Ltd.

Tungsten Corp.

Tuniu Corp.

Turbine Truck Engines Inc.

Turbo Genset Inc.

Turbo Power Systems Inc.

TurboSonic Technologies, Inc.

Turinco, Inc.

Turning Point Brands, Inc.

Turquoise Capital Corp.

Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.

Turtle Beach Corp.

Tuscany Energy Ltd.

Tusk Energy Corp.

Tut Systems, Inc.

Tutogen Medical, Inc.

TV-Loonland AG

TVAX Biomedical, Inc.

TVI Pacific Inc.

Tvia, Inc.

Twenty-Seven Capital Corp.

Twentyfour/Seven Ventures Inc.

Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

Twin Glacier Resources Ltd.

Twin Mining Corp.

Twinlab Consolidated Holdings Inc.

TWL Corp.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Co.

Two Rivers Water Co.

Twoco Petroleums Ltd.

TX Holdings, Inc.

TXCO Resources Inc.

TXP Corp.

Tyhee Development Corp.

Tyhee Gold Corp.

Tyler Resources Inc.

Tyme Technologies, Inc.

Tyner Resources Ltd.

Typhoon Exploration Inc.

Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc.

TyraTech Inc.

TZ Ltd.

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