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T H Agriculture & Nutrition, LLC

T-Mobile US, Inc.

T-Mobile USA, Inc.


Tabletop Holdings

Taco Bueno Restaurants

Taco Bueno Restaurants LP

Taco Bueno Restaurants, Inc.

Tahera Diamond Corp.

Tahoe Group Co. Ltd.

Tahoe Group Global (Co.,) Ltd.

Taiga Building Products Ltd.

Tailored Brands Inc.

Takata Corp.

Takefuji Corp.

Takko Fashion Group

Takko Fashion Sarl

Takko Holding GmbH

Takko Luxembourg 2 SCA

Talam Corp. Bhd.

Talbots, Inc.

Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc.

Talen Energy Corp.

Talen Energy Supply LLC

Talisman Capital SA

Talisman Energy Inc.

Talisman-4 Finance plc

Tallgrass Energy LP

Tallgrass Energy Partners LP

Tallinna Moekombinaat AS

TallyGenicom AG

TallyGenicom, LP

Talon PIKco NV

Talos Energy LLC

Talos Production LLC

Talvivaara Mining Co. plc

Talvivaara Sotkamo Ltd.

TAM Linhas Aereas SA


Tamarac 10200, LLC

Taminco Global Chemical Corp.

Taminco Global Chemicals Corp.

Tanco Holdings Bhd

Tandberg ASA

Tank Holdings Wind-Down Corp.

Tanner & Haley Resorts

Tapstone Energy LLC

Target Canada Co.

Target Corp.

Targus Group International, Inc.

Tarjeta Naranja SA

Tarjetas Cuyanas SA

Tarragon Corp.

Tarrant County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp.

Tarrant County Senior Living Center, Inc.

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP


Taseko Mines Ltd.

Tasty Baking Co.

Tata Motors Ltd.


Tatneft PJSC

Taurus CMBS (Germany) 2006-1 plc

Taurus CMBS (Pan-Europe) 2007-1 Ltd.

Taylor Express, Inc.

Taylor Wimpey plc

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.

Taylor-Wharton International, LLC


TBLA International Pte. Ltd.

TBS International Ltd.

TBS International plc

TCEH Corp.

TCH-2 Holdings LLC

TCM Media, Inc.

TCO Funding Corp.

TCP International Holdings Ltd.

TCW Group

TCW Group, Inc.

TCW/Scoggin LLC

Tea Olive I, LLC

Team Finance LLC

Team Financial, Inc.

Team Health Holdings Inc.

Team Health Inc.

Team Internet AG

TeamWork Technologies Inc

Tech 6

Technical Olympic USA, Inc.


Technicolor SA

Technicolor USA, Inc.

Techniplas Finance Corp.

Techniplas LLC

Technitrol, Inc.

Teck Cominco Ltd.

Teck Resources Ltd.

TECO Energy Inc.

Teco Panda

Tecomet Inc.

TecoStar Holdings Inc.

Tecpetrol Internacional SL

Tecpetrol Internacional, SLU

Tecpetrol SA

TECT Aerospace Group Holdings, Inc.

Tecumseh Products Co.

Teekay Corp.

Teekay Offshore Partners LP

Tegrant Corp

Teine Energy Ltd.

Tejas Securities Group


Tekni-Plex, Inc.

Tekoil & Gas Corp.

Tekoil Oil & Gas Corp.

Teksid Aluminum Ltd.

Teksid Aluminum Luxembourg Sarl SCA

Teksid SpA

Telcordia Technologies, Inc.


Tele Columbus GmbH & Co. KG

Telecom Argentina SA

Telecom Argentina STET-France Telecom SA

Telecom de Argentina

Telecom Personal SA

Telecommunications Management LLC

Telefónica de Argentina SA (TASA)

Telefonica Holding de Argentina SA

Telemar Norte Leste SA

Telenet Communications NV

Telesat Canada

Telesat LLC

Telesystem International Wireless Inc.

Telewest Communications plc


Telford Offshore Ltd.

Teligent Inc.

Telogy, Inc.

Telx Group Inc.

Tembec Inc.

Tembec Industries Inc.

Tembec USA LLC

Temecula Public Finance Authority

Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc.

Temirbank JSC

Tempel Steel Co.

Templar Energy LLC

Temple-Inland Inc.

Tempo Acquisition LLC

Tempur Sealy International, Inc.


Tenders 2003

Tenders 2004

Tenders 2005

Tenders 2006

Tenders 2007

Tenders 2008

Tenders 2009

Tenders 2010

Tenders 2011

Tenders 2012

Teneo Holdings LLC

Tenet Healthcare Corp.

Tenneco Inc.

Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC

Tenrgys, LLC

Tensar Corp.

Tensar International Corp. Inc.

Teradyne, Inc.

TeraForce Technology, Inc.

Terayon Communication Systems, Inc.

Terex Corp.

TermoEmcali Funding Corp.

TerniEnergia SpA

Terphane Holding Corp.

Terra Capital plc

Terra Millennium Corp.

Terra Nostra Resources Corp.

Terra-Gen Finance Co., LLC

Terrace Energy Corp.

TerraForm Global Operating LLC

TerraForm Global, Inc.

TerraForm Power Operating LLC

TerraForm Power, Inc.

TerraForm Power, LLC

TerraForm Private Holdings, LLC

TerraVia Holdings, Inc.

Terremark Worldwide, Inc.

TerreStar Corp.

TerreStar Holdings Inc.

TerreStar Networks Inc.

Terrier Media Buyer Inc.

Territorial Generation Co. No. 2

Tervita Corp.

Tervita Escrow Corp.

TES Finance plc

TES Global Financial Sarl

TES Global Holdings Ltd.

Tesco Personal Finance Group Ltd.

Tesla Inc.

Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesoro Corp.

Teton Energy Corp.

Tetra Technologies, Inc.

TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Teva Pharmaceutical Finance Co., BV

Teva Pharmaceutical Finance IV, BV

Teva Pharmaceutical Finance Netherlands III BV

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Tevecap SA

Tewoo Group Co., Ltd.

Texas Competitive Electric Holdings Co. LLC

Texas Competitive Electric Holdings Corp.

Texas Industries, Inc.

Texas Pellets

Texas Petrochemicals Corp.

Texas Petrochemicals LP

Texas Petrochemicals, Inc.

Texas Rangers Baseball Partners

Texas State Affordable Housing Corp.

Textron Financial Corp.

TFI Enterprises Inc.

TFS Acquisition Corp. (Textron Fastening Systems)

TGF Acquisition Parent Ltd.

TGHI, Inc.

TH Global plc

TH Heavy Engineering Bhd.

Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP

Thame and London Ltd.

Thane Direct Co.

The Hillman Group Inc.

The Nature

The Picture People

Theatre (Hospitals) No. 2 plc


Therakos Inc.

Thermadyne Holdings Corp.

Theta Capital Pte. Ltd.

THI Selling Corp.

Thiel Logistik AG

Things Remembered, Inc.

Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund

Third Avenue Management LLC

Third Coast Midstream, LLC

Thomas Cook Finance 2 plc

Thomas Cook Group Finance plc

Thomas Cook Group plc

Thomas Cook plc

Thomas Equipment Inc.

Thomas Health System

Thomas Health System, Inc.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Thomas Petters, Inc.

Thompson & Knight LLP

Thompson Creek Metals Co. Inc.

Thompson Hine LLP

Thompson Publishing Holding Co., Inc.

Thomson Corp.

Thomson Creek Metals Co. Inc.

Thomson SA

Thornberry Holdings Pty Ltd.

Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.

THQ Inc.

Thule Drilling AS

TI Automotive Ltd.

TI Group Automotive Systems, LLC

Tianji Holding Ltd.

Tianjin Binhai New Area Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Tianqi Finco Co., Ltd.

Tianqi Lithium Corp.

Tianrui (International) Holding Co. Ltd.

TIBCO Software Inc.

Tidelands Bancshares, Inc.

Tidewater Inc.

TierPoint LLC

Tierra Solutions, Inc.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Gate Foods Inc.

TIG Finco plc

TIM Hellas Telecommunications SA

TimberWest Forest Corp.

Timco Aviation Services, Inc.

Time Warner Cable Inc.

Time Warner Telecom Inc.

Times China Holdings Ltd.

Timothy Place, NFP

Tiscali SpA

Tishman Speyer Real Estate D.C. Area Portfolio (Borrower) LP

TISP Finance, Inc.

Titan Acquisition Ltd.

Titan Energy, LLC

Titan Europe 2006-3 plc

Titan Holdings II BV

Titan International, Inc.

Titan Petrochemicals Group Ltd.

Titan Specialties Ltd.

Titanium Metals Corp.

TK Aluminum Ltd.

TK Elevator Holdco GmbH

TK Elevator Midco GmbH

TK Elevator Topco GmbH

TK Holdings Inc.

TKC Holdings Inc.

TLC Health Care Services Inc.

TLC Vision (USA) Corp.

TLC-Vision Corp.

TM Capital Corp.

TM Healthcare Holdings, LLC

TMF Group Holding BV

TMG Liquidation Co.

TMK Hawk Parent, Corp.

TMS International Corp.

TMST, Inc.

TMT USA Shipmanagement LLC

TMX Finance LLC

TNP Strategic Retail Trust, Inc.

TNS, Inc.

TNT Crane & Rigging Inc.

TNT Crane & Rigging LLC

Togolese Republic

Toisa Ltd.

Tokai Preferred Capital Co.

Toll Brothers Inc.

Tom's Foods, Inc.

Tomen Corp.



Tongyi (BVI) Ltd.

Tongyi Industrial Group Co. Ltd.

Tonon Bioenergia SA

Tonon Luxembourg SA

Tonopah Solar Energy, LLC

Top Gun Realisation 61 Ltd.

TOP Ships Inc.

Top Wise Excellence Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd.

Topaz Marine SA

Topaz Solar Farms LLC

Topgolf International, Inc.

Tops Holding II Corp.

Tops Holding LLC

Tops Markets LLC

Tops PT, LLC

TopSpin Medical, Inc.

Torch Offshore Inc.

Torch Offshore, LLC


Toro Private Holding I, Ltd.

Toro Private Holdings I, Ltd.

Toro Private Holdings II, Ltd.

Toro Private Holdings III, Ltd.


Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC

Tortoise North American Energy Corp.

TortoiseEcofin Borrower, LLC

TortoiseEcofin Parent Holdco LLC

Toscana Energy Income Corp.

Toshiba Corp.

Total Energy Services Inc.

Total Hockey, Inc.

Total SA

Total Safety Inc.

Total Safety U.S., Inc.

Totes Isotoner Corp.

Touch America

Touchstone Credit Opportunities Fund

Tousa, Inc.

Tower Automotive Inc.

Tower Group International, Ltd.

Tower Records

Tower Semiconductor Ltd.

Towergate Finance plc

Towergate Holdings II Ltd.

Towergate Insurance

Town Sports International Holdings Inc.

Town Sports International, Inc.

Town Sports International, LLC

Townsends, Inc.

Toyota Compania Financiera SA


Toys 'R' Us Delaware Inc.

Toys 'R' Us Inc.

Toys R Us Property Co. I LLC

Toys ‘R’ Us (Canada) Ltd.

Toys “R” Us Property Co. II, LLC

TP Financing 3 Ltd.

TP Franchising Ltda.

TP RemainCo, LLC

TPC Group Inc.

TPG-Austin Portfolio Holdings LLC

TPH Seller, Inc.

TPO Hess Holdings, Inc.

TPP Acquisition, Inc.

TPS Oldco, LLC

TRAC Intermodal LLC

Tracoma Holdings Bhd.

Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia LLC

Trade House Kopeyka

Tradedoubler AB

Trailer Bridge, Inc.

Trans Energy, Inc.

Trans-Lux Corp.

Transact Holdings Inc.

TransAsia Airways Corp.

TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.

Transcendia Holdings Inc.

Transcom AB

Transcom Holding AB

Transcom TopCo AB

TransDigm Group Inc.

TransDigm Inc.


Transener (Compania de Transporte de Energia Electrica en Alta Tension SA)

Transeuro Energy Corp.

TransFirst Holdings Inc.


TransLand Financial Services, Inc.

Transmar Commodity Group Ltd.

TransMeridian Exploration Inc.

Transocean Inc.

Transocean Ltd.

Transocean Mid Holdings 1 Ltd.

Transocean Mid Holdings 2 Ltd.

Transocean Mid Holdings 3 Ltd.

Transocean Sentry Ltd.

Transport Industries LP

Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana SA de CV (TFM)

Transportadora de Gas del Norte SA

Transportadora de Gas del Sur SA

Transportadora de Gas del Sur SA (TGS)

Transportation Technologies Industries

Transportes Aereos Portugueses, SA

Transregionalcapital DAC

TransRegionalCapital Ltd. 

Transtar Holding Co.

Transtel Intermedia SA

Transtel SA

Transtelco Holding, Inc.

TransTexas Gas

TransUnion Corp.

TransUnion Holding Co., Inc.

TransUnion LLC

TranSwitch Corp.

TransWorld Corp.

Transworld Systems Inc.

Tranz Rail Ltd.

Travel Leaders Group LLC

TravelCenters of America Inc.

TravelClick Inc.

Travelex Banknotes Ltd.

Travelex Financing plc

Travelex Holdings Ltd.

Travelex Issuerco Ltd.

Travelex Ltd.

Travelex plc

Travelodge Ltd.

Travelport (Luxembourg) Sarl

Travelport Finance (Luxembourg) Sarl

Travelport Holdings Ltd.

Travelport Holdings, Inc.

Travelport Inc.

Travelport LLC

Travelport Ltd.

Travelport Worldwide Ltd.

TRC Cos. Inc.

Trenwick Group Ltd.

Treofan Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Tresu Investment Holding A/S

Tri Harbor Holdings Corp.

Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems, LLC

Tri-Union Development Corp.

Triad Energy Corp.

Triad Financial Corp.

Triad Guaranty, Inc.

Triad Resources, Inc.

Triangle Petroleum Corp.

Triangle USA Petroleum Corp.

Tribal Capital Markets, LLC

Tribe Buyer LLC

Tribune Co.

Tribune Corp.

Tribune Media Co.

Trico Marine Co.

Trico Marine International, Inc.

Trico Marine Services Inc.

Trico Shipping AS

Trico Shipping SA

Trico Subsea Holding AS

Trico Supply AS

Tricom SA

Trident Clinical Services Holdings Inc.

Trident Exploration Corp.

Trident Holding Co. LLC

Trident Resources Corp.

Trident TPI Holdings Inc.

TridentUSA Health Services, LLC

Trigeant Holdings, Ltd.

Trigeant, LLC

Trigeant, Ltd.

Trigon Agri A/S

Trikomsel Oke Tbk

Trikomsel Pte. Ltd.

Trilogy International Partners Inc.

Trilogy International Partners LLC

Trilogy International South Pacific LLC

TriMark USA Corp.


TriMas Corp.

TriNet HR Corp.

Trinidad Cement Ltd.

Trinidad Cement Ltd. Group

Trinidad Drilling Ltd.

Trinity Coal Corp.

Trinity Health

Trinity Industries Inc.

Trinity Place Holdings Inc.

Trinity River Resources, LP

Trionista HoldCo GmbH

Triple Crown Media Inc.

Triple Crown Media LLC

Triple Point Group Holdings, Inc.

Trishield Capital Management LLC

Tristan Oil Ltd.

Triton Aviation Finance

Triton PCS

Triton UK Midco Ltd.

Triton Water Holdings, Inc.

Triumph Group, Inc.

Triumph HealthCare LLC

Triumph HealthCare LLP

Trivium Packaging BV

Trivium Packaging Finance BV

Trizetto Corp.

TriZetto Group Inc.

TRM Corp.


Tronox Inc.

Tronox Ltd.

Tronox Worldwide LLC

Tropical Sportswear International

Tropicana Atlantic City Casino and Resort

Tropicana Atlantic City Resort & Casino

Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City

Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

Tropicana Entertainment LLC

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Inc.

TRU Creditor Litigation Trust


Truck Hero Holdings Inc.

Truck Hero Inc.

Truck Holdings Inc.

True Corp. PCL

True Health Diagnostics LLC

True Move Co. Ltd.

True Religion Apparel, Inc.

True Temper Sports Inc.


Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.

Trump International Puerto Rico Project

Trump Marina Associates, LLC

Truven Health Analytics Inc.

Truvo Belgium Comm. V

Truvo Intermediate LLC

Truvo NV

Truvo Subsidiary Corp.


TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.

TRW Automotive Inc.

TSA Stores, Inc.

TSAWD Holdings, Inc.

TSB Bank plc

Tsesnabank JSC

TSG Group, Inc.

TSI Acquisition LLC

TSIC, Inc.

Tsinghua UNIC Ltd.

Tsinghua Unigroup Co. Ltd.


TTM Technologies Inc.


Tudor Investment Corp.

Tuesday Morning Corp.


TUI Cruises GmbH

Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil plc

Tunghsu Group Co. Ltd.

Tunica-Biloxi Gaming Authority

Tunnel Hill Partners LP

Tuomey Healthcare System

Tuomey Medical Professionals

Tupi BV

Tupperware Brands Corp.

TuranAlem Finance BV

Turbo Alpha II Ltd

Turbo Alpha Ltd.

Turbo Beta Ltd

Turbo Beta plc

TurboCombustor Technologies, Inc.

TurboCombustor Technology, Inc.

Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS

Turkiston Bank

Turnaround Management Association

Turnstone Midco 2 Ltd.

Tus-Holdings Co. Ltd.

Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority

Tuscany International Drilling Inc.

Tuscany International Holdings (U.S.A.) Ltd.

Tuspark Forward Ltd.

Tutor Perini Corp.

TV Azteca, SAB de CV

TVL Finance plc

TVM Europe GmbH

TW Liquidation Corp.

TWC Holdings LLC

Tweddle Group Inc.

Tweddle Holdings Inc.

Tween Brands, Inc.

Tweeter Home Entertainment Corp.

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc.

TwentyEighty Inc.

Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

Twin River

Twin River Worldwide Holdings Inc.

Twin Star Holdings Ltd.

Twinkle Pizza Holdings plc

Twinlab Corp.

Twitter Inc.


TXCO Resources Inc.

TXU Corp.

TXU Europe

Tyco International Ltd.

Tyson Foods, Inc.

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