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R.E.A. Holdings plc

R.G.I. International Ltd.

RAB Capital plc

Race Capital Corp.

Rackla Metals Inc.

Rackwise, Inc.

Rada Electronic Industries Ltd.

Rada Electronics Industries Ltd.

Radar Acquisitions Corp.

Radcom Ltd.

Radial Energy, Inc.

Radiant Communications Corp.

Radiant Energy Corp.

Radiant Growth Investments Ltd.

Radiant Logistics, Inc.

Radiant Oil & Gas, Inc.

Radiant Resources Inc.

Radicle Projects plc

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Radient Technologies Inc.

Radioio, Inc.

Radisson Mining Resources Inc.

RadiSys Corp.

Radius Bancorp Inc.

Radius Gold Inc.

Radius Health, Inc.

RadView Software Ltd.

Radyne Comstream Inc.

Rahaxi, Inc.

RailAmerica Inc.

Railpower Hybrid Technologies Corp.

Railpower Technologies Corp.

Raimount Energy Inc.

RainDance Technologies, Inc.

Raining Data Corp.

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.

Rainmaker Income Fund

Rainmaker Mining Corp.

Rainmaker Systems, Inc.

Rainy River Resource Ltd.

Rainy River Resources Ltd.

Raise Production Inc.

RAIT Financial Trust

Rally Energy Corp.

Rally Software Development Corp.

Ram Capital Resources, LLC

RAM Energy Resources Inc.

RAM Investment Group plc

Ram Power, Corp.

Ram Power, Inc.

Ram Resources Ltd.

Rambler Metals & Mining plc

Rambler Metals and Mining plc

Rambus Inc.

Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust

Ramelius Resources Ltd.

Ramp Corp.

Rampart Ventures Ltd.

Ramsay Health Care Ltd.

Ramtelecom Inc.

Ramtron International Corp.

Ranaz Corp.

Rancher Energy Corp.

Rancho Santa Fe Mining, Inc.

Rand A Technology Corp.

Rand Acquisition Corp.

Rand Capital Corp.

Rand Logistics Inc.

Randolph Bancorp, Inc.

Randsburg International Gold Corp.

Range Energy Resources Inc.

Range River Gold Ltd.

Rangeford Resources Inc.

Ranger Canyon Energy Inc.

Ranger Energy Ltd.

Rapid Fire Marketing Inc.

Rapid Link, Inc.

Rapid7 Inc.

Raptor Capital Corp.

Raptor Networks Technology Inc.

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp.

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Rare Earth Metals Inc.

Rare Element Resources Ltd.

RARE Hospitality International Inc.

Raser Technologies, Inc.

Ratel Gold Ltd.

Rathdowney Resources Ltd.


Rave Restaurant Group, Inc.

Raven Biofuels International Corp.

Raven Energy Ltd.

Raven Moon Entertainment Inc.

Raydan Manufacturing Inc.

Raymor Industries Inc.

Raystar Capital Ltd.

Raystream Inc.

Raytec Development Corp.

Raytec Metals Corp.

RCG Cos. Inc.

RCG Holdings Ltd.

Rcom Venture Corp.

RCR Tomlinson Ltd.

RCS Capital Corp.

RD&G Holdings Corp.

RDM Corp.

ReachLocal Inc.

Ready Credit Corp.

Real Affinity plc

Real Estate Contacts Inc.

Real Estate Investors plc

Real Goods Solar, Inc.

Real Hip-Hop Network, Inc.

Real Industry, Inc.

Real Time Measurements Inc.


RealBiz Media Group Inc.

Realgold International, Inc.

Realm Energy International Corp.

RealSource Residential, Inc.

Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rebgold Corp.

REC Minerals Corp.

Receptos, Inc.

Reclamation Consulting and Applications, Inc.

Recom Managed Systems, Inc.

Recon Technology, Ltd.

Recovery Energy, Inc.

Recro Pharma, Inc.

Red Back Mining Inc.

Red Bullet Racing Corp.

Red Crescent Resources Ltd.

Red Dragon Resources Corp.

Red Eagle Mining Corp.

Red Giant Entertainment, Inc.

Red Hill Energy Inc.

Red Lake Exploration, Inc.

Red Metal Resources Ltd.

Red Mile Entertainment, Inc.

Red Mountain Resources, Inc.

Red Pine Exploration Inc.

Red Rock Energy Inc.

Red Rock Pictures Holdings, Inc.

Red Rock Resources plc

Red Sky Resources Inc.

Red Sun Mining, Inc.

Red Tiger Mining Inc.

Redbank Mines Ltd.

Redbus Interhouse plc

redCity Search Co. Inc.

Redcliffe Exploration Inc.

Redcorp Ventures Ltd.

Redex Inc.

Redfall Technologies Inc.

RedFin Network, Inc.

Redflex Holdings Ltd.

RedFlow Ltd.

RedFork Energy Ltd.

Redhall Group plc

RedHawk Holdings Corp.

Redhawk Resources, Inc.

RedHill Biopharma Ltd.

Redhill Resources Corp.

RedHot Media International Ltd.

RediShred Capital Corp.

Redknee Solutions Inc.

Redline Communications Group Inc.

Redport Ltd.

Redstar Gold Corp.

Redstar Oil & Gas Inc.

Redstone Capital Corp.

Redstone Literary Agents, Inc.

Redstone plc

Redstone Resources Ltd.

Redtail Metals Corp.

RedWater Energy Corp.

Redzone Resources Ltd.

Reece Energy Exploration Corp.

Reed Resources Ltd.

Reedís, Inc.

Reef Resources Ltd.

ReelTime Media Ltd.

ReEnergy Group plc

Reese Corp.

Reflect Scientific, Inc.

Refocus Group Inc.

Regado Biosciences, Inc.

Regal Energy Corp.

Regal Energy Ltd.

Regal Lifestyle Communities Inc.

Regal Petroleum plc

Regal Resources Inc.

Regalito Copper Corp.

ReGen Biologics, Inc.

Regen BioPharma, Inc.

ReGen Therapeutics plc

Regency Affiliates, Inc.

Regency Energy Partners LP

Regency Mines plc

Regeneration Technologies, Inc.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Regenicin, Inc.

RegenRx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

Regent Mercantile Bancorp Inc.

Regi U.S., Inc.

Regional Brands Inc.

Regional Management Corp.

Regis Resources Ltd.

Regis Resources NL

Regulus Corp.

Regulus Resources Inc.

Regulus Therapeutics Inc.

Reign Sapphire Corp.

Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc.

RelationServe Media, Inc.

Relentless Resources Ltd.

Reliability Inc.

Reliable Energy Ltd.

Reliance Bancshares, Inc.

Reliance Resources Ltd.

Reliant Energy Inc.

Reliant Home Warranty Corp.

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc.

Relypsa, Inc.

Remark Media, Inc.

Remedent, Inc.

Remediation Services, Inc.

Remington Ventures Inc.

Remote Dynamics, Inc.

Remote Knowledge, Inc.

RemoteMDx, Inc.

Renaissance Gold Inc.

Renaissance Oil Corp.

Renasant Corp.

Rencore Resources Ltd.

Renegade Petroleum Ltd.

ReneSola Ltd.

ReNeuron Group plc

Renewable Energy Corp. ASA

Renewable Energy Generation Ltd.

Renewable Energy Group, Inc.

Renewal Fuels, Inc.

Renforth Resources Inc.

RenGen Biologics Inc.

Renison Consolidated Mines NL

Rennova Health, Inc.

Renova Energy plc

RenovaCare, Inc.

Rent-A-Wreck Capital Inc.

Rentcash Inc.

Rentech Development Corp.

Rentech, Inc.

Rentrak Corp.

Repcol Ltd.

RepeatSeat Ltd.

RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.

Repros Therapeutics Inc.

Republic First Bancorp, Inc.

Republic Gold Ltd.

Resaas Services Inc.

Resaca Exploitation, Inc.

Research Frontiers Inc.

Research Now plc

Research Solutions, Inc.

Reservoir Capital Corp.

Reservoir Minerals Inc.

Resilient Resources Ltd.

Resin Systems Inc.

Resmex plc

Resolute Mining Ltd

Resolute Oncology Inc.

Resonance Health Ltd.

Resonant Inc.

Resort Savers, Inc.

Resource America Inc.

Resource Capital Corp.

Resource Capital Gold Corp.

Resource Finance & Investment Ltd.

Resource Generation Ltd.

Resource Holdings & Investments Inc.

Resource Mining Corp. Ltd.

Resource Pacific Holdings Ltd.

Respect Your Universe, Inc.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Response Biomedical Corp.

Response Genetics, Inc.

Ressources Appalaches Inc.

Ressources Metco Inc.

Ressources Minieres Pro-Or Inc.

RestorGenex Corp.

Result Energy Inc.

Resverlogix Corp.

Retail Food Group Ltd.

Retail Opportunity Investments Corp.

Retail Pro, Inc.

Retalix Ltd.

Retrophin Inc.

Return On Investment Corp.

Reunion Gold Corp.

Revance Therapeutics, Inc.

Reve Technologies, Inc.

Revelo Resources Corp.

Reven Housing REIT, Inc.

Revett Minerals Inc.

Revett Mining Co. Inc.

Reviso Energy Ltd.

Revive Therapeutics Ltd.

Revlon, Inc.

Revo Biologics, Inc.

Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc.

Revolution Resources Corp.

Revolutions Medical Corp.

Revolver Resources Inc.

Revolymer Ltd.

Revus Energy ASA

ReWalk Robotics Ltd.

Rex Energy Corp.

Rex Minerals Ltd.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ReXit, Inc.

Rey Resources Ltd.

RG America, Inc.

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.

RGS Energy

Rhino Resource Partners LP

RHJ International

Rhyolite Resources Ltd.

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

RIA Resources Corp.

Rice Midstream Partners LP

RiceBran Technologies

Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Richards Oil & Gas Ltd.

Richardson Electronics Ltd.

Richfield Oil & Gas Co.

Richfield Ventures Corp.

Richmond Minerals Inc.

Richmond Mining Ltd.

Richmont Mines Inc.

Richview Resources Inc.

Rickís Cabaret International, Inc.

Rider Resources Ltd.

Ridge Mining plc

Ridgebury Tankers Ltd.

Ridgeline Energy Services Inc.

Ridgemont Capital Corp.

Ridgemont Iron Ore Corp.

Ridgeway Petroleum Corp.

Rifco Inc.

Rift Oil plc

Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rightscorp Inc.

Rim Semiconductor Co.


Rimfire Minerals Corp.

Rimini Street, Inc.

Rimrock Gold Corp.

Rineon Group Ltd.

Ring Energy, Inc.

Ring of Fire Resources Inc.

Ringbolt Ventures Ltd.

RingCentral, Inc.

RINO International Corp.

Rio Alto Mining Ltd.

Rio Bravo Oil, Inc.

Rio Cristal Resources Corp.

Rio Tinto plc

Rio Verde Minerals Development Corp.

Rio Vista Energy Partners LP

Ripple Lake Diamonds Inc.

Riptide Worldwide, Inc.

Rising India, Inc.

RiT Technologies Ltd.

RITA Medical Systems, Inc.

Rito Group Corp.

Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Riva Gold Corp.

Rival Energy Ltd.

River Diamonds plc

River Gold Mines Ltd.

River Valley Bancorp

RiverBanc Multifamily Investors, Inc.

Riverside Resources Inc.

Riverstone Resources Inc.

Riviera Tool Co.

RJK Explorations Ltd.

RJZ Mining Corp.

RLJ Acquisition, Inc.

RLJ Entertainment Inc.

RMA Energy Ltd.

RMG Networks Holding Corp.

RMP Energy Inc.

RMR Industrials Inc.

RMS Systems Inc.

RNC Gold Inc.

Road New Media Corp.

Roaming Messenger Inc.

Roanoke Technology Corp.

Robcor Properties, Inc.

Robex Resources Inc.

Robix Alternative Fuels Inc.

Robust Resources Ltd.

Roc Oil Co.

Roc Oil Co. Ltd.

Roca Mines Inc.

Roca Mines Ltd.

Rocap Marketing Inc.

Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp.

Rochester Energy Corp.

Rochester Resources Ltd.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rock Creek Resources Ltd.

Rock Energy Inc.

Rock Tech Lithium Inc.

RockBridge Resources Inc.

Rockcliff Copper Corp.

Rockcliff Resources Inc.

Rockdale Resources Corp.

Rockeby biomed Ltd.

Rockelle Corp.

Rocket City Enterprises, Inc.

Rocket Fuel Inc.

Rockex Mining Corp.

Rockford Corp.

Rockford Energy Corp.

Rockgate Capital Corp.

Rockhaven Resources Ltd.

Rockhopper Exploration plc

Rockridge Capital Corp.

Rockwater Capital Corp.

Rockwell Diamonds Inc.

Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc.

Rockwell Medical, Inc.

Rockwell Ventures Inc.

Rocky Mountain Resources Corp.

Rocmec Mining Inc.

Roctest Ltd.

Rodeo Capital II Corp.

Rodinia Lithium Inc.

Rodinia Minerals Inc.

Rodinia Oil Corp.

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group, Inc.

Rodman & Renshaw LLC

Rodobo International, Inc.

Rodocanachi Capital Inc.

Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogue Iron Ore Corp.

Rogue Resources Inc.

ROI Acquisition Corp.

ROI Land Investments, Ltd.

Roka BioScience, Inc.

Rokmaster Resources Corp.

Rokwader Inc.

Rolland Energy Inc.

Rolland Virtual Business Systems Ltd.

Rolling Rock Resources Corp.

Rolling Thunder Exploration Ltd.

Romag Holdings plc

Romarco Minerals Inc.

Romios Gold Resources Inc.

Ronco Corp.

ROO Group, Inc.

Rood Testhouse International NV

RoomLinX Inc.

root9B Technologies, Inc.

Rose Rock Midstream, LP

Rosetta Exploration Inc.

Rosetta Genomics Ltd.

Ross River Minerals Inc.

Rostock Ventures Corp.

Rotala plc

Rotate Black, Inc.

ROTH Capital Partners LLC

Rouge Resources Ltd.

Route1 Inc.

Rox Resources Ltd.

Roxgold Inc.

Roxi Petroleum plc

Roxmark Mines Ltd.

Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Royal Coal Corp.

Royal Energy Resources, Inc.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards LP

Royal Laser Corp.

Royal Mines and Minerals Corp.

Royal Nickel Corp.

Royal Roads Corp.

Royal Spring Water Inc.

Royal Standard Minerals Inc.

Royale Energy Inc.

Royale Globe Holding, Inc.

Royale Group Holding, Inc.

Royalite Petroleum Co. Inc.

Royalty North Partners Ltd.

Royce Resources Corp.

RPM Technologies, Inc.

RPT Resources Ltd.

RPT Uranium Corp.

RS Platou

RS Technologies Inc.

RSI International Systems Inc.

RSX Energy Inc.

RT Minerals Corp.

RTI Biologics, Inc.

RTN Stealth Software Inc.

Rubicon America Trust

Rubicon Diversified Investments plc

Rubicon Financial Inc.

Rubicon Minerals Corp.

Rubicon Technology, Inc.

Rubincon Ventures Inc.


Ruby Creek Resources, Inc.

Ruby Mining Co.

Ruby Red Resources Inc.

Rugby Mining Ltd.

Run of River Power Inc.

Running Fox Resource Corp.

Rupert Resources Inc.

Rurelec plc

Rush Financial Technologies Inc.

Rusina Mining NL

Rusoro Mining Ltd.

Russell Breweries Inc.

Ruthigen, Inc.

Ruthís Hospitality Group Inc.

Rutter Inc.

RVPlus Inc.

rVue Holdings Inc.

RX Exploration Inc.

RX Safes, Inc.

RxElite, Inc.

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp.

RXT 110 Inc.

Ryan Gold Corp.

Rye Patch Gold Corp.

Ryerson Holding Corp.

Ryland Oil Corp.

Rym Capital Corp.

RYU Apparel, Inc.

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