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Q & M Dental Group Ltd.

Q BioMed Inc.

Q Comm International Inc.

Q Holding Co.

Q Holdings

Q Holdings, Inc.

Q Investments Ltd.

Q Lotus Holdings, Inc.

Q Merger Sub Inc.

Q Therapeutics, Inc.

Q&M Dental Group (Singapore) Ltd.

Q-Cells AG

Q-Cells International Finance BV

Q-Cells SE

Q-Energy Group

Q-Gold Resources Ltd.

Q-GSP Large Cap Risk Controlled 5% USD ER index

Q-Med AB


Q-Park Holding BV

Q-Park Holding I BV

Q2 Holdings, Inc.

Q9 Networks Inc.

QA Group

QA Master Holdings

QAD Inc.

Qantas Airways Ltd.


Qatar Alaqaria Sukuk Co.

Qatar Electricity and Water Co. QSC

Qatar Fertiliser Co.

Qatar Gas Transport Co.

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Co. SAQ

Qatar Global Sukuk QSC

Qatar Insurance Co.

Qatar International Islamic Bank

Qatar Islamic Bank

Qatar Islamic Bank SAQ

Qatar Islamic Insurance Co.

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank Finance Ltd.

Qatar National Bank PJSC

Qatar National Bank QPSC

Qatar National Bank SAQ

Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Re

Qatar Real Estate Investment Co. PQSC

Qatar Real Estate Investment Co. QSC

Qatar Telecom QSC (Qtel)

Qatari Diar

Qatari Diar Finance QSC

Qatari Diar Real Estate Co.

QBE (Jersey) GP Ltd.

QBE (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

QBE Blue Ocean Re Ltd.

QBE Capital Funding III Ltd.

QBE Capital Funding IV Ltd.

QBE Capital Funding LP

QBE del Istmo Cía. de Reaseguros Inc.

QBE del Istmo México, Cía. de Reaseguros SA de CV

QBE Europe NV/SA

QBE Holdings, Inc.

QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Ltd.

QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

QBE Insurance Group Ltd.

QBE Specialty Insurance Co.

QBS Holding Co., Inc.

QBS Parent, Inc.

QC Holdings, Inc.

QCC Technologies Inc.

QCR Holdings, Inc.

QD Capital Corp.

Qdoba Restaurant Corp.

QED Finance plc

QED Occtech Ltd.

QEP Energy Inc.

QEP Midstream Partners, LP

QEP Resources, Inc.

QES Credit Long/Short Strategy Portfolio

Qeva Group Inc.

QGO Finance Ltd.

QGOG Atlantic/Alaskan Rigs Ltd.

QGOG Constellation SA

QGX Ltd.

QH Talbros Ltd.

QHR Technologies Inc.

QI Systems Inc.

Qiagen NV

Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc.

QIB Sukuk Ltd.

QIC (Cayman) Ltd.

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.

QIIB Senior Sukuk Ltd.

Qimonda AG

Qimonda North America Corp.

Qimonda Richmond LLC

QinetiQ Group plc

QinetiQ North America Services and Solutions Group

Qinfa Group Ltd.

Qingdao China Prosperity State-owned Capital Operation (Group) Co. Ltd.

Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Ltd.

Qingdao Conson Development (Group) Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Development Group Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Jimo District Urban Development Investment Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Jimo District Urban Tourism Development and Investment Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd.

Qingdao West Coast Development Group Co., Ltd.

Qinghai Provincial Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Qinzhou City Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Qisda Corp.

Qishloq Qurilish Bank

Qiwi Finance

QIWI plc

QL Holdings LLC

Qlik Technologies Inc.

Qliro Group AB

QLogic Corp.

QLT Inc.

QMax Financial Holdings Inc.

QMax Solutions Inc.

QMed, Inc.


QMG Holdings Inc

QNB Finance Ltd.

QNB Finans Faktoring AS

QNB Finansbank AS

Qnective, Inc.

QoLmeds, LLC

QoLmeds/Genoa Healthcare


Qorvo, Inc.

QPC Lasers Inc.


QR Energy LP

QRE Finance Corp.

QRS Capital Corp.

QRSciences Holdings Ltd.

QRx Pharma Ltd.

QS Energy, Inc.


QSolar Ltd.

QSound Labs Inc.


QSRH Borrowing Co Pty Ltd.

QT Mutual Bank Ltd.

QTC Holdings, Inc.

QTC Management, Inc.

Qtel International Finance Ltd.


QTS Finance Corp.

QTS Realty Trust, Inc.

Quad/Graphics Inc.

Quadgas Finance PLC

Quadgas Midco Ltd.


Quadion LLC


Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.

Quadra Mining Ltd.

Quadra Realty Trust, Inc.


QuadraMed Corp.

Quadrant 4 Systems Corp.

QuadReal Property Group

Quaker Chemical Corp.

Quaker Fabric Corp.

Quaker Investment Trust

Quakertown General Authority

Qualcomm Corp.

Qualcomm Inc.

Qualicorp SA

Qualigen Inc.

Qualitas Controladora SAB de CV

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals

Qualitor, Inc.

Quality Care Properties Inc.

Quality Distribution, Inc.

Quality Distribution, LLC

Quality Home Brands Holdings LLC

Quality Home Loans

Quality Houses PCL

Quality Multi-Beta Indices

Quality Stores

Quality Systems, Inc.

Quality Yield Basket of Common Stocks

QualityTech, LP


Qualys, Inc.

Quan Cheng Financial Holdings (BVI) Ltd.

Quanex Building Products Corp.

Quanex Corp.

Quant AB

Quanta Capital Holdings Ltd.

Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer Inc.

Quanta Display Inc.

Quanta Services Inc.

Quantel Group

Quantex Fund

Quantica plc

QuantRx Biomedical Corp.

QuantShares U.S. Market Neutral High Beta Fund

Quantum Corp.

Quantum Foods, LLC

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technology Worldwide Inc.

Quantum Group, Inc.

Quantum Health Inc.

Quantum International Income Corp.

Quantum LTO Holdings, LLC

Quantum Materials Corp.

Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp.

Quantum Solar Power Corp.

Quantum Technologies, Inc.

QuantumScape Corp.

QuantumSphere, Inc.

Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd.

Quark Biotech, Inc.

Quarry Oil & Gas Ltd.

Quarterhill Inc.

QuarterNorth Energy Holding Inc.

Quartet Merger Corp.

Quartz Holding Co.

Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd.

Quarzo Lease Srl

Quarzo Srl

QuaTech, Inc.

Quaterra Resources Inc.


Quatrim SAS

QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Co.

Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd.

Quay Magnesium Ltd.

Qudian Inc.

Qudos Mutual Ltd.


Quebec Iron Ore Inc.

Quebec LP

Quebecor Inc.

Quebecor Media Inc.

Quebecor World (USA) Inc.

Quebecor World Inc.

Quechan Indian Tribe

Queen Anne’s County

Queen Esther Shipping Ltd.

Queen Street CLO II BV

Queen Street Entertainment Capital Inc.

Queens Baseball Stadium

Queens Baseball Stadium Project

Queens College Project

Queens College Residences

Queens Moat Houses plc

Queensborough Co.

Queensland Minerals Ltd.

Queensland Treasury Corp.

Queensley Holdings Ltd.

Queenstake Resources Ltd.

Queenston Mining Inc.

Queen’s Health System

Queen’s Health Systems

Queiroz Galvao Oleo e Gas SA


Quepasa Corp.

Quercus Assets Selection


Queretaro Arteaga

Quess Corp. Ltd.

Quest Capital Corp.

Quest Cherokee LLC

Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Quest Energy Partners, LP

Quest Group International, Inc.

Quest Midstream Partners, LP

Quest Minerals & Mining Corp.

Quest Oil Corp.

Quest Petroleum NL

Quest PharmaTech Inc.

Quest Rare Minerals Ltd.

Quest Resource Corp.

Quest Resource Holding Corp.

Quest Software, Inc.

Quest Uranium Corp.

Quest Water Global Inc.

Quest/One Identity

Questar Corp.

Questar Gas Co.

Questar Market Resources, Inc.

Questar Pipeline Co.

Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Questerre Energy Corp.

Questex Media Group Inc.

Questfire Energy Corp.

Questus Ltd.

Quetzal Energy Ltd.

Quezon Power (Philippines) Ltd. Co

Quia Resources Inc.

Quick Base

Quick International Courier

Quick Restaurants SA

Quick SAS

Quick Service Restaurant Holdings

Quick-Med Technologies Inc.

Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans Co-Issuer, Inc.

Quicken Loans Inc.

Quicken Loans LLC

Quickflix Ltd.

Quickfood SA

QuickLogic Corp.

Quicksilver Gas Services LP

Quicksilver Production Partners LP

Quicksilver Resources Inc.

Quicksilver Resources Partners

Quickstep Holdings Ltd.

Quidditch Acquisition Inc.

Quidel Corp.

QuietTiger Inc.

Quigley Co., Inc.

Quigley Corp.

Quigley Pharma, Inc.


Quikrete Co.

Quikrete Holdings, Inc.

Quiksilver, Inc.

QuikTrak Networks Ltd

Quill Capita Trust

Quill Medical, Inc.

Quilter plc

Quimpac SA

Quimper AB

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners

Quincy Gold Corp.

Quincy Health LLC

Quincy Media Inc.

Quincy Medical Center

Quincy Medical Center, Inc.

Quincy Newspapers Inc.

Quindell Portfolio plc

Quinnipac University

Quinnipiac University

Quinpario Acquisition Corp.

Quinsam Capital Corp.

QuinStreet, Inc.

Quint Media Inc.


Quintana Energy Services LP

Quintana Maritime Ltd.

Quintana Roo

Quintegra Solutions Ltd.

Quintek Technologies, Inc.

Quintessentially English plc,

Quintet Private Bank (Europe) SA

Quintet Private Bank SA

Quintiles IMS Holdings, Inc.

Quintiles IMS Inc.

Quintiles Receivables LLC

Quintiles Transnational Corp.

Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc.

Quintis Ltd.

Quinto Mining Corp.

Quinto Project Co.

Quinto Technology Inc.

Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd.

Quipt Home Medical Corp.

Quirch Foods Co.

Quirch Foods Holdings LLC

Quirch Foods LLC

Quirky, Inc.

Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc.

Quixote Corp.


Quiznos LLC

Qunar Cayman Islands Ltd.

Quontic Bank Acquisition Corp.

Quorum Business Solutions

Quorum Health Corp.

Quorum Health Resources

Quorum Information Technologies Inc.

Quorum Software

QuoteLab, LLC

Quotient Ltd.

Quotient Technology Inc.

Quovadx, Inc.

Qurate Retail, Inc.

Qurius NV

QuStream Corp.

QVC Global Corporate Holdings, LLC

QVC Group

QVC Inc.

Qwest Capital Funding Inc.

Qwest Communications International Inc.

Qwest Corp.

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