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N-Viro International Corp.

Nabriva Therapeutics AG

NABUfit Global Inc.

NAC Global Technologies, Inc.

Nagambie Mining Ltd.

NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc.

Naked Brand Group Inc.

Namakwa Diamonds Ltd.

Namaste Technologies Inc.

Namex Explorations Inc.

Nano Chemical System Holdings Inc.

Nano Dimension Ltd.

Nano Labs Corp.

Nano Superlattice Technology Inc.

Nano Vibronix, Inc.

Nano-Proprietary Inc.

Nano-Textile Ltd.

Nanoco Group plc

NanoFlex Power Corp.

Nanogen, Inc.

NanoPhase Technologies Corp.

Nanophase Technologies, Inc.

NanoPierce Technologies, Inc.

Nanoscience Technologies, Inc.

NanoSensors, Inc.

Nanosonics Ltd.

Nanosphere, Inc.

Nanostring Technologies, Inc.

NanoStruck Technologies Inc.

Nanotech Sciences Corp.

Nanotech Security Corp.

NanoViricides, Inc.

Nant Health, LLC

NantHealth, Inc.

Napa Sonoma Group Inc.

Napec Inc.

Napier Environmental Technologies Inc.

Naples Capital Corp.

Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Napster Inc.

Nara Bancorp, Inc.

Narrowstep Inc.

Nascent Wine Co., Inc.

Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc.

Nasdaq Private Market, LLC

Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

Naspers Ltd.

Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.

Nastech Pharmaceutical Co. Inc.

Nasus Consulting, Inc.

Natan Resources Ltd.

Natcore Technology Inc.

Nateís Foods Co.

Nathaniel Energy Corp.

Nathanís Famous, Inc.

Nation Energy Inc.

National Automation Services, Inc.

National Bank of Greece SA

National City Corp.

National Coal Corp.

National Commerce Corp.

National Diversified Services, Inc.

National General Holdings Corp.

National Graphite Corp.

National Holdings Corp.

National Investment Managers Inc.

National Lampoon Inc.

National Penn Bancshares, Inc.

National Storm Management, Inc.

National Technical Systems, Inc.

NationsHealth, Inc.

Nationwide Financial Solutions, Inc.

Native American Energy Group, Inc.

Naturade, Inc.

Natural Gas Fueling and Conversion Inc.

Natural Gas Systems, Inc.

Natural Health Trends Corp.

Natural Nutrition, Inc.

Naturally Advanced Technologies, Inc.

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.

NaturalNano, Inc.

NaturalShrimp Inc.

Nature Group plc

Nature Vision, Inc.

Naturewell, Inc.

Natus Medical Inc.

Nautilus Marine Acquisition Corp.

Nautilus Minerals Inc.

Navarre Corp.

Navasota Resources Ltd.

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Navigator Equity Solutions NV

Navigator Resources Ltd.

Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp.

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners LP

Navios Maritime Partners LP

Navistar International Corp.

Navstar Media Holdings, Inc.

Navtech, Inc.

Nayarit Gold Inc.

Nayna Networks, Inc.

NBOG Bancorporation, Inc.

NCI Building Systems, Inc.

NCM Financial, Inc.

nCoat, Inc.

Ncondezi Coal Co. Ltd.

NCR Corp.

NCT Group Inc.

Neah Power Systems, Inc.

Nearctic Nickel Mines Inc.

Nektar Therapeutics Inc.

NELX, Inc.

Nemaska Exploration Inc.

Nemaska Lithium Inc.

Nemi Northern Energy & Mining Inc.

Nemus Bioscience, Inc.

Neo Alliance Minerals Inc.

Neo Lithium Corp.

Neo Material Technologies Inc.

Neogen Corp.

NeoGenomics, Inc.

Neohydro Technologies Corp.

NeoMagic Corp.

NeoMedia Technologies Inc.

Neon Energy Ltd.

Neonode Inc.

NeoPhotonics Corp.

Neoprobe Corp.

NeoRx Corp.

Neos Therapeutics, Inc.

Neose Technologies Inc.

NeoStem, Inc

Neotel International Inc.

Neothetics, Inc.

Neovasc Inc.

NephroGenex, Inc.

Nephros, Inc.

Neptune Industries, Inc.

Neptune Marine Services Ltd.

Neptune Minerals plc

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.

Nesco Industries, Inc.

Ness Energy International, Inc.

Nesscap Energy Inc.

Nestor Inc.

Nestor Partners Inc.

Nestor Partners LP

Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc.

Net Element Inc.

net mobile AG

Net Profits Ten Inc.

Net Savings Link, Inc.

NetBank, Inc.

NetCo Investments Inc.

NetFabric Holdings, Inc.

Netflix, Inc.

netGuru Inc.

Netlist, Inc.

NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.

Netsmart Technologies, Inc.

NetSol Technologies Inc.

Netstore plc

netTALK.com, Inc.

Nettel Holdings Inc.

Network 1 Security Solutions Inc.

Network CN Inc.

Network Exploration Ltd.

Network Installation Corp.

Network Life Sciences Inc.

Networking Partners, Inc.

NetWorth Technologies, Inc.

NeuLion, Inc.

NeuMedia, Inc.

Neuralstem Inc.

Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Neuro-Hitech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Neuro-Hitech, Inc.

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.

Neurochem Inc.

Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.

NeuroDerm Ltd.

NeuroDiscovery Ltd.

Neurogen Corp.

NeurogesX, Inc.

Neurologix, Inc.

NeuroMetrix, Inc.

NeuroSigma, Inc.

Neurotrope, Inc.

NeutriSci International Inc.

Neutron Enterprises Inc.

Nevada Copper Corp.

Nevada Exploration Inc.

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.

Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc.

Nevada Gold Holdings, Inc.

Nevada Iron Ltd.

Nevada Pacific Gold Ltd.

Nevada Star Resource Corp.

Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.

Nevada Zinc Corp.

Nevado Resources Corp.

Nevado Venture Capital Corp.

Nevarro Energy Ltd.

Nevgold Resource Corp.

Nevoro Inc.

Nevsun Resources Ltd.

New America Energy Corp.

New Asia Energy, Inc.

New Bancorp, Inc.

New Cantech Ventures Inc.

New Century Cos., Inc.

New Century Energy Corp.

New Dawn Mining Corp.

New Design Cabinets, Inc.

New Destiny Mining Corp.

New Dimension Resources Ltd.

New Dragon Asia Corp.

New Dynamic Marketing, Inc.

New Energy Technologies, Inc.

New Era Minerals Inc.

New Frontier Energy Inc.

New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc.

New Global Energy, Inc.

New Global Ventures International Ltd.

New Gold Discoveries, Inc.

New Gold Inc.

New Guinea Energy Ltd.

New Guinea Gold Corp.

New Home Co., Inc.

New Horizon Equity Group, Inc.

New Horizon Uranium Corp.

New Horizons Worldwide Inc.

New Island Resources Inc.

New Jersey Mining Co.

New Jersey Mining Corp.

New Leaf Brands, Inc.

New Life Scientific, Inc.

New Look Eyewear Inc.

New Media Insight Group, Inc.

New Media Lottery Services plc

New Medium Enterprises, Inc.

New Meridian Mining Corp.

New Millennium Capital Corp.

New Mountain Finance Corp.

New Nadina Explorations Ltd.

New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp.

New Pacific Metals Corp.

New Paradigm Productions, Inc.

New Peoples Bankshares, Inc.

New Resource Bank

New Sage Energy Corp.

New Source Energy Partners LP

New Standard Energy Ltd.

New University Holdings Inc.

New Visual Corp.

New West Energy Services Inc.

New Western Energy Corp.

New World Brands, Inc.

New World Oil and Gas plc

New World Resource Corp.

New York Global Innovations Inc.

New York Mortgage Trust, Inc.

New York Times Co.

Newalta Corp.

Newbridge Bancorp

Newbridge Securities Corp.

NewCardio, Inc.

NewCastle Gold Ltd.

Newcastle Resources Ltd.

Newfound NV

Newfoundland Goldbar Resources Inc.

NewGen Technologies, Inc.

Newgold, Inc.

Newkirk Realty Trust, Inc.

Newland Resources Ltd.

NewLead Holdings Ltd.

NewLink Genetics Corp.

Newlook Industries Corp.

Newmac Resources Inc.

Newmarket Gold Inc.

NewMarket Technology Inc.

Newmex Minerals Inc.

Newnan Coweta Bancshares, Inc.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc.

Newport International Group, Inc.

Newport Networks Group plc

NewSat Ltd.

NewStar Financial, Inc.

Newstrike Capital Inc.

Newstrike Resources Ltd.

NewTech Brake Corp.

Newtech Resources Ltd.

Newtek Business Services Corp.

Newton Energy Corp.

Newton Gold Corp.

Newtown Lane Marketing, Inc.

Nexaira Wireless, Inc.

Nexeo Solutions Holdings, LLC.

NexGen Energy Ltd.

NexgenRx Inc.

Nexia Holdings, Inc.

Nexicon, Inc.

Nexient Learning Inc.

NexMed, Inc.

Nexoptic Technology Corp.

NexPoint Capital, Inc.

Nexstar Energy Ltd.

Next 1 Interactive, Inc.

Next Fuel Inc.

Next Galaxy Corp.

Next Graphite, Inc.

Next Inc.

Next Millennium Commercial Corp.

NexTech Solutions, Inc.

NextEra Energy Inc.

NextEra Energy Partners, LP

NextGen Group plc

NextMart, Inc.

Nextraction Energy Corp.

Nextraction Energy Inc.

NextWave LLC

NextWave Wireless Inc.

Nexus Energy Ltd.

Nexus Gold Corp.

Nexvet Biopharma plc

Nexxus Lighting, Inc.

NF Energy Saving Corp.

NF Investment Corp.

nFinanSe Inc.

NGAS Resources Inc.

NGEx Resources Inc.

NGL Energy Partners LP

NGM Resources Ltd.

NGP Capital Resources Co.

NHC Communications Inc.

Niblack Mining Corp.

Niche Group plc

Nickel Australia Ltd.

Nickel North Exploration Corp.

NiCo Mining Ltd.

Nicola Mining Inc.

NicOx SA

Nido Petroleum Ltd.

NightCulture, Inc.

Nighthawk Energy plc

Nighthawk Gold Corp.

Nighthawk Systems, Inc.

Nightingale Informatix Corp.


Niko Resources Ltd.

Nikos Explorations Ltd.

Nilam Resources Inc.

Nile Therapeutics, Inc.

NiMin Energy Corp.

Nimrodel Resources Ltd.

Niocan Inc.

NioCorp Developments Ltd.

Niogold Mining Corp.

NiPlats Australia Ltd.

NIR Diagnostics Inc.

Nirek Resources Inc.

NIS Holdings Corp.

Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC

Nitar Technology Corp.

Nitches, Inc.

Nitinat Minerals Corp.

Nitro Petroleum Inc.

Nitromed Inc.

Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc.

NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group, Inc.

NMC Resource Corp.

NMI Holdings, Inc.

NMT Medical, Inc.

No Borders, Inc.

Noah Holdings Ltd.

Nobel Learning Communities Inc.

Nobel Real Estate Investment Trust

Nobilis Health Corp.

Noble House Entertainment Inc.

Noble International, Ltd.

Noble Investments (UK) plc

Noble Iron Inc.

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.

Noble Mineral Resources Ltd.

Noka Resources Inc.

Nokia Corp.

Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Noodles & Co.

Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.

Norcon plc

Norcor Technologies Corp.

Nord Resources Corp.

Nordex Explosives Ltd.

NorDiag ASA

Nordic American Inc.

Nordic American Offshore Ltd.

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.

Nordic Diamonds Ltd.

Nordic Mines AB

Nordic Mining ASA

Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd.

Nordic Realty Trust, Inc.

NordTech Aerospace Inc.

Norex Exploration Services Inc.

Normabec Mining Resources Ltd.

Norman Broadbent plc

Norman Cay Development, Inc.

Noront Resources Ltd.

Norpac Technologies, Inc.

Norsat International Inc.

Norse Energy Corp.

Norseman Gold plc

Norsemont Mining Inc.

Norstra Energy, Inc.

Nortec Minerals Corp.

Nortec Ventures Corp.

Nortem NV

North American Galvanizing & Coatings, Inc.

North American Gem Inc.

North American Gold Inc.

North American Nickel Inc.

North American Oil & Gas Corp.

North American Palladium Ltd.

North American Scientific, Inc.

North American Technologies Group, Inc.

North American Tungsten Corp. Ltd.

North Arrow Minerals Inc.

North Atlantic Resources Ltd.

North Australian Diamonds Ltd.

North Bay Resources Inc.

North Country Gold Corp.

North Energy ASA

North Jersey Community Bancorp, Inc.

North Peace Energy Corp.

North Queensland Metals Ltd.

North Springs Resources Corp.

North Sur Resources Inc.

North Texas Energy, Inc.

North Valley Bancorp

North West Upgrading Inc.

Northacre plc

Northaven Resources Corp.

Northcliff Resources Ltd.

Northcore Technologies Inc.

Northeast Automotive Holdings Inc.

Northeast Bancorp

Northern Abitibi Mining Corp.

Northern Aspect Resources Ltd.

Northern Bear plc

Northern Canadian Minerals Inc.

Northern Continental Resources Inc.

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Northern Empire Resources Corp.

Northern Energy & Mining Inc.

Northern Energy Corp. Ltd.

Northern Ethanol, Inc.

Northern Financial Corp.

Northern Freegold Resources Ltd.

Northern Gold Mining Inc.

Northern Graphite Corp.

Northern Hemisphere Development Corp.

Northern Iron Ltd.

Northern Lion Gold Corp.

Northern Mining Explorations Ltd.

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc.

Northern Oil ASA

Northern Peru Copper Corp.

Northern Petroleum plc

Northern Platinum Ltd.

Northern Power Systems Corp.

Northern Securities Inc.

Northern Shield Resources Inc.

Northern Spirit Resources Inc.

Northern Star Mining Corp.

Northern Sun Exploration Co. Inc.

Northern Sun Mining Corp.

Northern Superior Resources Inc.

Northern Technologies International Corp.

Northern Tiger Resources Inc.

Northern Vertex Capital Inc.

Northern Vertex Mining Corp.

Northfield Laboratories Inc.

Northgate Information Solutions plc

Northgate plc

Northisle Copper and Gold Inc.

Northland Power Inc.

Northland Resources Inc.

Northquest Ltd.

Northrock Resources Inc.

Northsight Capital, Inc.

Northstar Healthcare Inc.

NorthStar Realty Finance Corp.

Northwest Bancorporation, Inc.

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.

NorthWest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

Northwest Resources Ltd.

Northwestern Mineral Ventures Inc.

Norton Gold Fields Ltd.

Norwegian Energy Co. ASA

Norwegian Property ASA

Norwood Abbey Ltd.

Norwood Immunology Ltd.

Norwood Resources Ltd.

Norwood Systems Ltd.

Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Co. plc

Notch Novelty Corp.

Notis Global, Inc.

Nouveau Monde Mining Enterprises Inc.

Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc.

Nova Energy Holding, Inc.

Nova Energy, Inc.

Nova Lifestyle, Inc.

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.

Nova Oil, Inc.

Nova Smart Solutions Inc.

Nova Uranium Corp.

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Novacoat Holdings Ltd.

NovaCopper Inc.

Novadaq Technologies, Inc.

NovaDel Pharma Inc.

Novadx Ventures Corp.

NovaGold Resources Inc.

Novamex USA Ltd.

Novan, Inc.

NovaRay Medical, Inc.

NovaStar Financial, Inc.

Novastar Resources Ltd.

Novatel Wireless, Inc.

Novavax Inc.

Noveko Echographs Inc.

Noveko International Inc.

Novelos Therapeutics Inc.

Noventa Ltd.

Novera Energy Ltd.

Novera Energy plc

Novik Inc.

Novint Technologies, Inc.

Novo Resources Corp.

Novogen Ltd.

Novori Inc.

Novus Gold Corp.

NovX21 Inc.

Now Corp.

NPN Investment Group Inc.

NPQ Holdings Ltd.

NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NQ Exploration Inc.

NQ Mobile Inc.

NRG Energy, Inc.

NRG Investments Inc.

NS8 Corp.

NSGold Corp.

NSP Pharma Corp.

Nstein Technologies Inc.

NT Mining Corp.

NTG Clarity Networks Inc.

NTN Buzztime, Inc.

NTR Acquisition Co.

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

Nuance Communications Inc.

Nuenco NL

NuGene International, Inc.

Nuinsco Resources Ltd.

NuLegacy Gold Corp.

NuLoch Resources Inc.

Numbeer, Inc.

Numerex Corp.

NuPathe Inc.

NUR Macroprinters Ltd.

Nuran Wireless Inc.

NuRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

NuStar Mining Corp.

Nutra Pharma Corp.

NutraCea, Inc.

Nutrastar International Inc.

Nutrition 21, Inc.

Nuvel Holdings, Inc.

Nuvelo, Inc.

Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Nuvilex, Inc.

NuVista Energy Ltd.

NUVO Network Management Inc.

Nuvo Research Inc.

Nuvolt Corp.

Nuway Medical, Inc.

NuZee, Inc.

NV Gold Corp.

NV5 Holdings, Inc.

NW18 HSN Holdings plc

NWest Energy Corp.

NWest Energy Inc.

NWM Mining Corp.

NWT Uranium Corp.

NXA Inc.

NXGen Holdings Inc.

NxStage Medical, Inc.

NXT Capital LLC

NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc.

NXT plc

Nxt-ID, Inc.

Nyfix Inc.

Nymet Holdings, Inc.

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp.

Nyota Minerals Ltd.

Nytex Energy Holdings, Inc.

NYX Gaming Group Ltd.

Nyxio Technologies Corp.

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