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N&B Industries, Inc.

N-able Inc.

N-able, LLC

N.E.W. Customer Service Cos., Inc.

NA Rail Hold Co.

NAB Holdings, LLC

Nabors Industries Inc.

Nabors Industries Ltd.

Nabriva Therapeutics AG

Nacco Industries, Inc.

Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc.

NAI Entertainment Holdings Inc.

NAI Entertainment Holdings LLC

Nalco Co.

Nalco Holding Co.

Nam Cheong Ltd.

Namic/Venous Access

NAMM Holdings, Inc.

NANA Development Corp.

Nanna Bidco AS

Nanna Midco II AS

Nanostring Technologies, Inc.

NAPA Management Services Corp.

Nara Cable Funding II Ltd.

Nara Cable Funding Ltd.

Nascar Holdings Inc.

Nascar Holdings LLC

Nasdaq Inc.

Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc.

Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

Nash Finch Co.

Naspers Ltd.

Nassa Finco AS

Nassa Midco AS

Nassa Topco

Nassa Topco AS

Natco Group Inc.

Natel EMS

Natel Engineering Co. LLC

Natel Engineering Co., Inc.

Natera, Inc.

NATG Holdings, LLC

Natgasoline LLC

Nathan Intermediate LLC

National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc.

National Amusements Inc.

National Australia Bank Ltd.

National Bank of Greece SA

National Basketball Association

National Bedding Co. LLC

National Beef Inc.

National Beef Packing Co., LLC

National CineMedia LLC

National CineMedia, Inc.

National Coal Corp.

National Consumer Cooperative Bank

National Credit Center

National Dairy Holdings LP

National Dentex

National Energy Group, Inc.

National Envelope Corp.

National Equipment Services

National Financial Partners Corp.

National Fuel Gas Co.

National General Holdings Corp.

National Golf Operating Partnership LLC

National Grid plc

National Grid Wireless US

National Group

National Healing Corp.

National Health Investors Inc.

National Healthcare Corp.

National Hockey League

National Instruments Corp.

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Co.

National Interstate Corp.

National Media Group

National Mentor Holdings, Inc.

National Mentor Inc.

National Money Mart Co.

National Mortgage Insurance Corp.

National Nephrology Associates

National Oilwell Varco, Inc.

National Processing Co. Group Inc.

National Railroad Passenger Corp.

National Renal Institutes Inc.

National Research Corp.

National Response Corp.

National Retail Properties, Inc.

National Rifle Association of America

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp.

National Seating & Mobility Inc.

National Senior Care

National Service Industries

National Service Industries Inc.

National Specialty Hospitals Inc.

National Storage Affiliates Trust

National Surgical Healthcare Inc.

National Surgical Hospitals Inc.

National Technical Systems, Inc.

National Veterinary Associates

National Vision

National Vision Holdings, Inc.

National Vision, Inc.

National Waterworks, Inc.

National Wine & Spirits, Inc.

Nations Petroleum LLC

NationsHealth, Inc.

NationsRent Cos., Inc.

Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Nationwide Health Properties, LLC

Nationwide HealthProperties Inc.

Natura Cosmeticos SA


Natura&Co Holding SA

Natura&Co. Holdings SA

Natural Gas Partners

Natural Products Group LLC

Natural Resource Partners LP

Nature’s Bounty Co.

Natus Medical Inc.

Nautilus Holdings Intermediate Corp.

Nautilus Holdings Ltd.

Nautilus Power, LLC

Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC

Nautilus, Inc.

Navacord Corp.

Navarre Corp.

Navex Acquisition LLC

Navex Global

Navex Global Holdings Co.

Navex TopCo Inc.


Navico Group AS

Navico Inc.

Navicure Inc.

Navient Corp.

Navient Solutions LLC

Navig8 Product Tankers Inc.

Navigant Consulting Inc.

Navigant International, Inc.

Navigator Co.

Navigator Energy Services, LLC

Navigator Holdings Ltd.

Navigators Group, Inc.

naviHealth Inc.

Navillus Tile, Inc.

Navios Acquisition Finance (US) Inc.

Navios Holdings Inc.

Navios Logistics Finance (US) Inc.

Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp.

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners Finance (US) Inc.

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners LP

Navios Maritime Partners LP

Navios South American Logistics Inc.

NaviSite, Inc.

Navistar Financial Corp.

Navistar International BV

Navistar International Corp.

Navistar, Inc.

Navitas Midstream Midland Basin LLC

NB Private Debt Fund LP

NB Private Equity Credit Opportunities Fund LP

NB Private Equity Partners Ltd.

NBC Acquisition Corp.

NBC Universal Media, LLC

NBCUniversal Enterprise Inc.

NBG Acquisition Inc.

NBG Home



NC Services Group Ltd.

NCI Building Systems, Inc.

NCI Group, Inc.

NCI Inc.

NCL Corp.

NCL Corp. Ltd.

NCL Finance, Ltd.


NCO Group, Inc.

NCP Finance LP

NCR Corp.

NCR Global Solutions Ltd.

NCR Ltd.

NCR Nederland BV

NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Corp.

NDCHealth Corp.

NDS Finance

NDS Finance Ltd

NDS Group Ltd.

NDS Group plc

NDS Ltd.

NE Energy, Inc.

NE Opco, Inc.

Nebraska Book Co., Inc.

Nebraska Book Holdings, Inc.

Nectar Merger

Neebo Inc.

Neenah Enterprises Inc.

Neenah Foundry Co.

Neenah Inc.

Neenah Paper Co.

Neenah Paper Inc.

Neff Corp.

Neff Rental LLC

Neff Rental, Inc.

Neftserviceholding LLC

NeighborCare, Inc.

Neighbourhood Holdings LP

Neiman Marcus Group Inc.

Neiman Marcus Group LLC

Neiman Marcus Group Ltd.

Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. Inc.

Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. LLC

Nellson Nutraceutical Inc.

Nellson Nutraceutical LLC

Nelnet, Inc.

Nelson Canada

Nelson Education Ltd.

Nemaska Lithium Inc.

Nemera Development SA

Nemera Group

Nenelite Ltd.

NEO Tech Inc.

NeoElectra Lux Sarl

Neoen SA

NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.

NeoGenomics, Inc.

Neon Holdings, Inc.

Neovia Logistics Intermediate Holdings, LLC

Neovia Logistics Intermediate Holdings, LP

Neovia Logistics LP

Neovia Logistics Services, LLC

Neovia Logistics, LLC

NEP Broadcasting LLC

NEP Europe Finco BV

NEP Group Inc.


NEP/NCP (NEP) Holdco, Inc.

NEP/NCP Holdco, Inc.

Neptco Inc.

Neptune Bidco Sarl

Neptune Energy Bondco plc

Neptune Energy Group Midco Ltd.

Neptune Finco Corp.

Neptune Holdco Sarl

Neptune US Bidco Inc.)

NES Global Talent

NES Global Talent Finance US LLC

NES Rentals Holdings Inc.

NES Tanks

Nesco Holdings II, Inc.

Nesco Holdings Inc.

Nesco LLC

Nestle Skin Health

NET Holdings Management, LLC

NET Mexico Pipeline Partners, LLC

Netafim Irrigation Inc.

Netafim Ltd.

NetApp Inc.

NetEase, Inc.

Netflix, Inc.

Netherlands Agricultural Investment Partners, LLC

NetIQ Corp.

Nets A/S

Nets Holdco 4 ApS

Nets Holding AS

Nets Topco 3 Sarl

Nets Topco Lux 3 Sarl

Nets Topco Sarl

NetScout Systems, Inc.

Netsmart LLC

Netsmart Technologies, Inc.

Netsmart, Inc.

Network Communications, Inc.

Network Finance Co. Pty Ltd.

Network i2i Ltd.

Network International Holdings plc

Network Solutions Inc.

Network Solutions LLC

Networks Holdings, Inc.

Neuberger Berman Flexible High Income Fund Inc.

Neuberger Berman Group LLC

Neuberger Berman Inc.

Neuberger Berman MLP and Energy Income Fund Inc.

Neuberger Berman MLP Income Fund Inc.

Neuberger Berman Multi-Manager Income Fund Inc.

Neuberger Berman Short Duration High Income Fund

Neuraxpharm Debtco Sarl

Neuraxpharm Holdco Sarl

Neustar Inc.

Nevada Copper Corp.

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.

Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc.

Nevada Power Co.

Never Slip Topco Inc.

New Academy Finance Co. LLC

New Academy Holding Co. LLC.

New Albertsons LP

New Albertson’s Inc.

New America High Income Fund, Inc.

New Amethyst Corp.

New Arclin U.S. Holding Corp.

NEW Asurion Corp.

New Athena Acquisition Co. Inc.

New Breed Holding Co.

New Breed Logistics Inc.

New Centaur, LLC

New Century Financial Corp.

New Century Transportation Inc.

New Co.

New Communications Holdings Inc.

New Constellis Borrower LLC

New Cotai Holdings, LLC

New Cotai LLC

New Development Holdings LLC

New Diversey

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

New Flyer Industries Canada ULC

New Flyer Industries Corp.

New Flyer Industries Inc.

New Fortress Energy

New Fortress Energy Inc.

New Frontier Corp.

New Gulf Resources, LLC

New Hampshire Business Finance Authority

New HB Acquisition LLC

New Holland Credit Co. LLC

New Home Co., Inc.

New ILC Dover

New Imagitas, Inc.

New Insight Holdings Inc.

New Jersey American Water

New Jersey Natural Gas Co.

New Jersey Resources Corp.

New Look Bonds Ltd.

New Look Financing plc

New Look Retail Holdings Ltd.

New Look Vision Group Inc.


New Media General

New Media Holdings II LLC

New Media Investment Group Inc.

New Mexico Gas Co. Inc.

New Millennium Holdco Inc.

New Mountain Finance Corp.

New Mountain Finance DB, LLC

New Mountain Finance Holdings, LLC

New Mountain Guardian III BDC, LLC

New Mountain Guardian III SPV, LLC

New Mountain Lake Acquisition Co.

New Red Finance Inc.

New Residential Investment Corp.

New San SA

New Sbarro HoldCo

New Sbarro Intermediate Holdings, Inc.

New Senior Investment Group Inc.

New Skies Satellites NV

New Source Energy Partners LP

New Star Metals Holdings LLC

New Stream Secured Capital, Inc.


New TMW TopCo, Inc.

New Trident Holdcorp, Inc.

New Trojan Parent, Inc.

New Uno Holdings Corp.

New VAC Intermediate Holdings BV


New Vision Television

New Vision Television LLC

New Wave Communications

New Werner Holding Co. Inc.

New World Gaming Partners Ltd.

New World Pasta Co.

New World Resources NV

New World Resources plc

New World Restaurant Group Inc.

New York & Co. Inc.

New York Knicks, LLC

New York Rangers, LLC

New York REIT, Inc.

New York Society of Security Analysts

New York State Electric & Gas Corp.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

New York Times Co.

New York Yankees

Newalta Corp.

Newark Group Inc.

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd.

Newcastle Investment Corp.


NewCo I BV

NewCo Sab Bidco SAS

NewCo Sab Midco SAS

Newcrest Finance Pty Ltd.

NewDay Group (Jersey) Ltd.

Newegg Inc.

Newell Brands Inc.

Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

Newfield Exploration Co.



Newgold, Inc.

Newhall Land and Farming Co.

Newkirk Master LP

NewLead Holdings Ltd.

Newmark Group, Inc.

NewMarket Corp.

Newmont Corp.

Newmont Mining Corp.

NewPage Corp.

NewPage Group Inc.

NewPage Holdings Inc.

Newpark Resources Inc.

Newport Corp.

Newport Group

Newport Group Holdings II Inc.

Newport Partners Income Fund

Newport Television Holdings LLC

Newport Television LLC

NewQuest Health Solutions LLC

NewQuest Inc.

News America Inc.

News Corp.

Newsday LLC

Newspaper Holdings

NewStar Arlington Senior Loan Program LLC

NewStar Equipment Finance I LLC

NewStar Financial, Inc.

Newtek Business Services Corp.

Newtek Business Services, Inc.

Newtek Small Business Finance, Corp.

Newtek Small Business Finance, LLC

NewWave Communications LLC

Nexa Resources SA

Nexamp, Inc.

Nexans SA

NexCen Brands Inc.

Nexeo Plastics

Nexeo Plastics Parent Inc.

Nexeo Solutions Holdings, LLC.

Nexeo Solutions LLC

Nexeo Solutions, Inc.

Nexi Capital SpA

Nexi SpA


NexPoint Capital, LLC

NexPoint Hospitality Trust

NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc.

NexPoint Residential Trust Operating Partnership, LP

NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc.

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Nexstar Escrow Corp.

Nexstar Media Group Inc.

Next Level Apparel

NexTag Inc.

NextCare Holdings

Nextel Brazil (Nextel Telecomunicações Ltda.)

Nextel Communications Inc.

Nextel Mexico

Nextel Partners, Inc.

NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd.

NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc.

NextEra Energy Inc.

NextEra Energy Operating Partners, LP

NextEra Energy Partners, LP

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC

NextEra Energy US Partners Holdings LLC

NextGen Finance LLC

NextGen Healthcare, Inc.

Nextgen Networks Group Pty Ltd.

Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd.

NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc.

Nextlink Internet

NextMedia Group, Inc.

NextMedia Operating Inc.


Nextpharma Topco GmbH

NextPoint Acquisition Corp.

NextWave Wireless Inc.

Nexus Buyer LLC

NF Investment Corp.

NF Unicorn Acquisition Ltd.

NFE Atlantic Holdings LLC

NFI Group Inc.

NFI International Ltd.

NFP Corp.

NFP Holdings LLC

NFP Parent Co. LLC

NFR Energy LLC



NGAS Resources Inc.

NGL Energy Finance Corp.

NGL Energy Operating LLC

NGL Energy Partner LP

NGL Energy Partners LP

NGP Capital Resources Co.


NH Hotel Group SA

NHT Operating Partnership, LLC

Niagara Corp.

Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

NIC Acquisition Corp.

Nice-Pak Products Inc.

Nice-Systems Ltd.

Nicholas Data Services, Inc.

Nicholas Financial, Inc.

Nicor Gas Co.

Nidda BondCo GmbH

Nidda Healthcare Holding GmbH

Nielsen & Bainbridge, LLC

Nielsen Business Media Holdings

Nielsen Co. (Luxembourg) Sarl

Nielsen Co. BV

Nielsen Finance LLC

Nielsen Holding and Finance BV

Nielsen Holdings NV

Nielsen Holdings plc

Nielsen NV


NightHawk Radiology Holdings Inc.

NII Capital Corp.

NII Holdings, Inc.

NII Holdings, Inc. (Nextel International)

NII International Telecoms SCA

Nike Inc.

Niko Resources Ltd.

Nine Energy Service, Inc.

Nine Entertainment Co. Holdings Ltd.

Nine Entertainment Group Pty. Ltd

Nine Entertainment Group Pty. Ltd.

Nine Point Energy Holdings, Inc.

Nine Point Energy, LLC

Nine West Holdings Inc.

Ninepoint Partners LP

Nippon Airlines

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.

Niska Gas Storage

Niska Gas Storage Canada Finance Corp.

Niska Gas Storage Canada ULC

Niska Gas Storage Ltd.

Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC

Niska Gas Storage Partners LP

NiSource Capital Markets Inc.

NiSource Finance Corp.

NiSource Inc.

Nivel Parts & Manufacturing Co. LLC

Nixon Inc.


NL Borrower, LLC

NL Industries Inc.


NMC Health plc

NMG Holding Co., Inc.

NMG Subsidiary LLC

NMH Holdings, Inc.

NMHG Holding Co.

NMI Holdings, Inc.

NMI Services Inc.

NMN Holdings III Corp.

NMSC Holdings Inc.

NN Inc.

NN2 Newco Ltd.

Noah Holdings Ltd.

Nobel Bidco BV

Nobel Learning Communities Inc.

Nobian Finance BV

Nobian Holding 2 BV

Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobina AB

Noble Corp.

Noble Corp. plc

Noble Energy, Inc.

Noble Environmental Power, LLC

Noble Group Ltd.

Noble Holding International Ltd.

Noble Holding UK Ltd.

Noble International Finance Co.

Noble International, Ltd.

Noble Midstream Partners LP

Noble Midstream Services, LLC

Nokia Corp.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Nomacorc LLC

Nomad Buyer, Inc.

Nomad Foods BondCo plc

Nomad Foods Europe Finco Ltd.

Nomad Foods Europe Midco Ltd.

Nomad Foods Ltd.

Nomad Foods Lux Sarl

Nomad Foods US LLC

Nomad Royalty Co. Ltd.

Nomura America Finance, LLC

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Nomura Securities International, Inc.

Noodles & Co.

Norampac Inc.

Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Corp.

Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.

Noranda Income Fund

Noranda Operating Trust

Norbord Inc.

Norcal Waste Systems Inc.

NorCell 1B AB

NorCell 1B AB (publ)

NorCell Sweden Holding 2 AB

Norcell Sweden Holding 2 AB (publ)

NorCell Sweden Holding 3 AB

Norcell Sweden Holding 3 AB (publ)

Norcraft Cos. Inc.

Norcraft Cos. LP

Norcross Safety Products LLC

Nord Anglia Education (UK) Holdings plc

Nord Anglia Education Finance LLC

Nord Anglia Education Inc.

Nord Gold NV

Nord Resources Corp.

NORD/LB Luxembourg SA Covered Bond Bank

Nordam Group LLC

Nordam Group, Inc.

Norddeutsche Landesbank-Girozentrale

Nordic American Offshore Ltd.

Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd.

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.

Nordic Biofuels of Ravenna LLC (Abengoa Bioenergy of Ravenna)

Nordic Packaging & Container (Finland) Holdings Oy

Nordic Packaging & Container (UK) Intermediate Holdings Ltd.

Nordic Packaging & Container Holdings Ltd.

Nordic Shipholding A/S

Nordic Telephone Co. Holding ApS

Nordic Telephone Co. Holdings ApS

Nordion Inc.

Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG

Nordson Corp.

Nordstrom, Inc.

Nordural ehf

Nordural Grundartangi ehf

Norfolk Southern Corp.

Norfolk Southern Railway Co.

Norit Activated Carbon

Norit Holding BV

Norit Holdings BV

Norpac Foods, Inc.

Norsk Hydro ASA

Norske Skog Canada Ltd.

Norske Skogindustrier ASA

Nortek Inc.

Nortel Networks Corp.

Nortel Networks Ltd.

North American Airlines, Inc.

North American Bancard

North American Bancard Holdings, Inc.

North American Breweries Holdings LLC

North American Breweries Inc.

North American Central School Bus

North American Coal Corp.

North American Construction Group Ltd.

North American Energy Alliance LLC

North American Energy Partners Inc.

North American Lifting Holdings, Inc.

North American Medical Instruments Corp.

North American Membership Group Inc.

North American Packaging Corp.

North American Palladium Ltd.

North American Properties-Atlanta, Ltd.

North American Senior Care Inc.

North American Van Lines, Inc.

North Atlantic Drilling Ltd.

North Atlantic Trading Co., Inc.

North Metro Harness Initiative, LLC

North Queensland Export Terminal Pty Ltd.

North Shore Gas Co.

North Sky River Energy, LLC

North State Telephone Co.

North West Redwater Partnership

Northeast Biofuels LLC

Northeast Biofuels, LP

NorthEast Gas Generation, LLC

Northeast Generation Co.

Northeast Utilities

Northeast Wind Capital II LLC

Northern Blizzard Resources Inc.

Northern Frac Proppants II, LLC

Northern Frontier Corp.

Northern Illinois Gas Co.

Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

Northern Natural Gas Co.

Northern Offshore Ltd.

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc.

Northern Powergrid

Northern Rock (Asset Management) plc

Northern States Power Co.

Northern Tier Energy LLC

Northern Tier Energy LP

Northern Tool + Equipment Co. Inc.

Northern Utilities, Inc.

Northfield Park Associates, LLC

Northgate Minerals Corp.

Northgate plc

Northland Cable Television Inc.

Northland Communications

Northland Power Inc.

Northland Resources AB

Northland Resources SA

NorthPole Newco Sarl

Northport TRS, LLC

NorthRiver Midstream Finance LP

NorthRiver Midstream Operations LP

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems Corp.

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp.

Northstar Aerospace Inc.

NorthStar Asset Management Group Inc.

NorthStar Financial Services Group LLC

NorthStar Group Services Inc.

Northstar Healthcare Income, Inc.

Northstar LLC

Northstar Merger Sub Inc.

NorthStar Real Estate Income II, Inc.

NorthStar Real Estate Income Trust, Inc.

NorthStar Realty Europe Corp.

NorthStar Realty Finance Corp.

NorthStar TopCo LLC

Northstar Travel Group

Northwest Acquisitions ULC

Northwest Airlines Corp.

Northwest Airlines Inc.

Northwest Co., LLC

Northwest Fiber LLC

Northwest Hardwoods, Inc.

NorthWest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

Northwest Natural Gas Co.

Northwest Natural Holding Co.

Northwest Pipe Co.

Northwest Pipeline Co. LLC

Northwest Pipeline Corp.

Northwest Pipeline GP

Northwest Pipeline LLC

NorthWestern Corp.

Northwestern Energy Corp.

Northwind Holdings LLC

Norton Rose Fulbright

NortonLifeLock Inc.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

Norwegian Energy Co. ASA

Norwegian Epic, Ltd.

Norwesco Inc.

Norwich Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp.

Norwood Promotional Products Inc.

Nostrum Oil & Gas plc

Nostrum Oil and Gas plc

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans


Nouryon Finance BV

Nouryon Finance BV to B2

Nouryon Holding BV

Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc.

NOVA Chemicals Corp.

Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Novacap Group Bidco

Novacap Group Holding

Novafives SAS

Novalis SAS

NovaMed Inc.

Novanta Inc.

Novaria Group


Novartex SAS

Novartis AG

Novartis International AG

Novasep Holding SAS

NovaStar Financial, Inc.

Novatek Finance Ltd.

Novation Cos., Inc.

Novelion Therapeutics Inc.

Novelis Corp.

Novelis Inc.

Novelis Sheet Ingot GmbH

Novem Group GmbH

November 2005 Land Investors, LLC

November Bank Meetings

Noveon Inc.

Novetta Solutions

Novetta Solutions LLC

Novitex Acquisition LLC

Novo Nordisk A/S

Novo Nordisk Finance (Netherlands) BV


Novocure Ltd.


Novolex Holdings Inc.

Novolex Holdings LLC

Novomatic AG

Novum Pharma, LLC

NOW Inc.


NPC Acquisition Holdings LLC

NPC International Inc.

NPC Quality Burgers, Inc.

NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc.


NQXT Capital Pty Ltd.

NRC Group Holdings LLC

NRC US Holding Co., LLC

NRG Energy, Inc.


NRG Yield Inc.

NRG Yield Operating LLC

NRP (Operating) LLC

NRP Finance Corp.

NS8 Inc.

NSA International LLC


NSG Holdings II LLC

NSG Holdings LLC

NSG Holdings LLC (Northern Star Generation Services Co. LLC)

NSM Top Holdings Corp

NSO Group

Nstar Electric Co.

Nstar Gas Co.

NStar Gas Service Co.


Ntelos Holdings Corp.

Ntelos Inc.

Ntelos Wireline One Inc.

nThrive Inc.

nThrive Technology

nThrive TSG

NTK Holdings Inc.

NTL, Inc.

Nu Horizons Electronics Corp.

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

Nuance Communications Inc.

Nuance Travel Group

NUCO2, Inc.

Nuevo Energy

Nuevo León

Nufarm Americas Inc.

Nufarm Australia Ltd.

Nufarm Ltd.

NUI Corp.

Number Holdings, Inc.


Numericable Group SA

Numericable-SFR SA

Numonyx BV


Nuoxi Capital Ltd.

Nursefinders Inc.

Nusil Technology

NuStar Energy LP

NuStar GP Holdings, LLC

NuStar Logistics, LP

NuStar Logistics, LP Project

NuStar Pipe Line Operating Partnership, LP

Nutraceutical International Corp.

Nutri/System, Inc.

Nutrien Ltd.


Nutrition & Biosciences Inc.

Nutrition Parent LLC

Nutritional Sourcing Corp.

Nutro Products Inc.

NuVasive, Inc.

Nuvectra Corp.

Nuveen California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2

Nuveen Churchill BDC SPV II, LLC

Nuveen Churchill Direct Lending Corp.

Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund

Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund

Nuveen Floating Rate income Opportunity Fund

Nuveen Global Cities REIT OP, LP

Nuveen Global Cities REIT, Inc.

Nuveen Investments Inc.

Nuveen Multi-Strategy Income and Growth Fund

Nuveen Multi-Strategy Income and Growth Fund 2

Nuveen New Jersey Investment Quality Municipal Fund, Inc.

Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunities Fund/JPC

Nuveen Senior Income Fund

Nuveen Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund

Nuvei Corp.

Nuvei Technologies Corp.

Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

NuVista Energy Ltd.

NuVox Communications

NuVox, Inc.

NV Bekaert SA

NV Broadcasting, LLC

NV Energy Inc.

NV Television LLC

NV5 Global, Inc.

NV5 Holdings, Inc.

NVA Holdings, Inc.

NVA Merger Sub Inc.

nVent Electric plc

nVent Finance Sarl

Nvidia Corp.

NVR, Inc.

NVT Holdings LLC

NVT Networks, LLC

NW Natural Water Co., LLC


NWR Financing Co. Ltd.


NXP Funding LLC

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors NV


NXT Capital CLO 2013-1, LLC

NXT Capital Inc.

NXT Capital LLC

NXT Capital Senior Loan Fund III, LP

NY Mets

Nycomed A/S

NYDJ Apparel LLC

Nyrstar Netherlands (Holdings) BV

Nyrstar NV

NYSE Euronext, Inc.

NYX Gaming Group Ltd.

NZF Money Ltd.

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