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L International Computers Inc.

L&L Energy, Inc.

L&L International Holdings, Inc.

L.G.R. Resources Ltd.

L2 Medical Development Co.

La Cortez Energy, Inc.

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co.

La Mancha Resources Inc.

La Quinta Resources Corp.

La Ronge Gold Corp.

La Solucion, Inc.

LAB International Inc.

LAB Research, Inc.

Labopharm Inc.

Labor Smart, Inc.

Labrador Technologies Inc.

LabStyle Innovations Corp.

LabTech Systems Ltd.

Lachlan Star Ltd.

Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.

Lafayette Mining Ltd.

Lagasco Corp.

Lago Dourado Minerals Ltd.

LaJolla Pharmaceuticals Co.

Lake Shore Gold Corp.

Lake Victoria Mining Co., Inc.

Lakefield Ventures Inc.

Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.

Lakeland Industries, Inc.

Lakeland Resources Inc.

Lakes Entertainment, Inc.

Lakeside Minerals Inc.

Lakeside Steel Corp.

Lakeside Steel Inc.

Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust

Lakota Resources Inc.

Lalo Ventures Ltd.

Lamprell plc

Lancashire Holdings Ltd.

Landdrill International Inc.

Lander Energy Corp.

Landis Energy Corp.

Landis Mining Corp.

Landkom International plc

Landmark Apartment Trust of America, Inc.

Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP

Landmark Oil & Gas Corp.

Landore Resources Inc.

Landore Resources Ltd.

Lands End Resources Ltd.

Landstar Properties Inc.

Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust

Langer Inc.

Language Access Network, Inc.

LanOptics Ltd.

Lantheus Holdings, Inc.

Lantis Laser Inc.

Lantronix, Inc.

Lapis Technologies Inc.

LaPorte Bancorp, Inc.

Lapp Plats plc

Lappland Goldminers AB

Lara Exploration Ltd.

Laramide Resources Ltd.

Laredo Resources Corp.

Large Scale Biology Corp.

Largo Resources Ltd.

Las Vegas from Home Inc.

Las Vegas From Home.com Entertainment Inc.

Las Vegas Gaming, Inc.

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc.

Las Vegas Resorts Corp.

Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Laser Energetics, Inc.

LaserLock Technologies, Inc.

Lassonde Industries Inc.

Last Mile Logistics Group, Inc.

LasVegasFromHome.com Entertainment Inc.

Lateegra Gold Corp.

Lateral Capital Corp.

Latham & Watkins LLP

Latin America Ventures, Inc.

Latin American Minerals Inc.

Latin Gold Ltd.

Latin Resources Ltd.

Lattice Inc.

Laurentian Goldfields Ltd.

Laurion Gold Inc.

Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.

Laurus Capital Management

Lawrence plc

Layne Christensen Co.

Lazard LLC

Lazard Ltd.

LB Icon AB

LCC International, Inc.

LCNB Corp.

LDK Solar Co., Ltd.

LDR Holding Corp.

Le Chateau Inc.

Leadcom Integrated Solutions Ltd.

Leader Capital Corp.

Leader Energy Services Ltd.

Leading Brands, Inc.

League Now Holdings Corp.

League tables

Lear Corp.

Learnsoft Corp.

LeBoldus Capital Inc.

Lebon Gold Mines Ltd.

Lecere Corp.

LECG Corp.

LED Lighting Co.

LED Medical Diagnostics Inc.

Lee Enterprises Inc.

Leed Petroleum plc

Leerink Swann & Co.

Leeward Capital Corp.

Lefroy Resources Ltd.

Left Behind Games Inc.

Legacy Education Alliance, Inc.

Legacy Reserves LP

Legacy Ventures International, Inc.

Legacy Wine & Spirits International Ltd.

Legal Life Plans, Inc.

LegalZoom.com, Inc.

Legend Gold Corp.

Legend International Holdings, Inc.

Legend Media, Inc.

Legend Mining Ltd.

Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd.

Legend Power Systems Inc.

Legg Mason, Inc.

Legion Group plc

Legumex Walker Inc.

Lehman Trikes, Inc.

Leisure & Gaming plc

Leisure Canada Inc.

LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.

Lemontonic Inc.

Lenco Mobile Inc.

LendingClub Corp.

Leng Universal, Inc.

Leni Gas and Oil plc

Lenovo Group Ltd.

Leo Motors, Inc.

LeoNovus Inc.

Lero Gold Corp.

Leroy Seafood Group ASA

Leroy Ventures Inc.

Lev Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Level 3 Communications, Inc.

Level Vision Electronics Ltd.

Leviathan Minerals Group Inc.

Levon Resources Ltd.

Levy Acquisition Corp.

Lexam Explorations Inc.

Lexar Media, Inc.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp.

Lexaria Corp.

Lexicon Genetics Inc.

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lexington Corporate Properties Trust

Lexington Resources Inc.

Lexon Technologies Inc.

Leyshon Resources Ltd.

LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp.

LGL Group, Inc.

Li3 Energy, Inc.

Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc.

Liberator, Inc.

Liberty Coal Energy Corp.

Liberty Energy Corp.

Liberty Global, Inc.

Liberty Gold Corp.

Liberty Mines Inc.

Liberty Property Trust

Liberty Resources Ltd.

Liberty Silver Corp.

Liberty Star Gold Corp.

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.

Libra Natural Resources plc

LiDCO Group plc

Life Care Medical Devices Ltd.

Life Clips, Inc.

Life Sciences Institute Inc.

Life Stem Genetics

Life Stem Genetics, Inc.

Life Therapeutics Ltd.

Lifeline Biotechnologies Inc.

Lifeline Therapeutics, Inc.

Lifelogger Technologies Corp.

LifePoint Inc.

Lifestream Technologies Inc.

Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc.

Lifevantage Corp.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Lightbridge Corp.

Lighthouse Caledonia ASA

Lighting Science Group Corp.

LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd.

Lightning Gaming, Inc.

Lightning Poker, Inc.

LightPath Technologies, Inc.

Lightscape Technologies Inc.

Lightspace Corp.

Lightwave Logic, Inc.

Lightyear Network Solutions Inc.

Lignol Energy Corp.

Lihir Gold Ltd.

Lihua International, Inc.

Lilis Energy Inc.

LILM, Inc.

Lime Energy Co.

Limelight Media Group Inc.

Limoneira Co.

Linc Energy Ltd.

Lincoln Gold Corp.

Lincoln International Corp.

Lincoln Mining Corp.

Lindian Resources Ltd.

Linear Gold Corp.

Linear Metals Corp.

Lingo Media Corp.

Lingo Media Inc.

Link Resources, Inc.

Linkrease, Inc.

Linkwell Corp.

Linn Energy LLC

Linux Gold Corp.

Lion Biotechnologies, Inc.

Lion One Metals Ltd.

Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.

Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.

Lions Gate Lighting Corp.

Lions Gate Metals Inc.

Lipid Sciences, Inc.

Lipocine Inc.

LipoScience, Inc.

Lipoxen plc

LiqTech International, Inc.

Liqtech USA, Inc.

Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd.

Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.

Liquid Nutrition Group Inc.

Liquidation World Inc.

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.

Liquor Barn Income Fund

Liquor Stores Income Fund

Liska Biometry Inc.

Lite Access Technologies Inc.

LitFunding Corp.

Lithium Americas Corp.

Lithium Corp.

Lithium Exploration Group, Inc.

Lithium One Inc.

Lithium Technology Corp.

Lithium X Energy Corp.

Little Squaw Gold Mining Co.

Littlefield Corp.

Liuyang Fireworks Ltd.

Live Current Media Inc.

Live Event Media Inc.

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.

Live Oak Bancshares, Inc.

Live Ventures Inc.

LiveDeal, Inc.

Living Cell Technologies Ltd.

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc.

Lixte Biotechnology, Inc.

LJ International Inc.

LKA Gold Inc.

LKA International Inc.

LM Funding America, Inc.

LML Payment Systems Inc.

LMS Medical Systems Inc.

LNB Bancorp Inc.

LNG Energy Ltd.

Loblaw Cos. Ltd.

Local Corp.

Local Telecom Systems Inc.

Local.com Corp.

LocatePlus Holdings Corp.

Location Based Technologies, Inc.

Lochaird Energy Inc.

LodgeNet Entertainment Corp.

Logan Metals Inc.

Logan Resources Ltd.

Logibec Groupe Informatique Ltd.

Logic Devices Inc.

Logicom Inc.

LogicVision, Inc.

Logistical Support Inc.

Logistics Holdings International Inc.

Lombard Medical Technologies plc

Lombard Medical, Inc.

Lomiko Metals Inc.

Loncor Resources Inc.

London & Stamford Property Ltd.

London Asia Capital plc

London Mining plc

Lone Star Gold Inc.

Lonestar Resources America, Inc.

Lonestar West Inc.

Long Harbour Exploration Corp.

Long Island Iced Tea Corp.

Long Run Exploration Ltd.

Long View Resources Corp.

Long-e International, Inc.

LongBow Energy Corp.

Longbow Resources Inc.

Longford Corp.

Longford Energy Inc.

Longhai Steel Inc.

Longport, Inc.

Longreach Group Ltd.

Longreach Oil and Gas Ltd.

Longview Capital Partners Inc.

Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd.

Lonmin plc

Lonrho Mining Ltd.

Lonrho plc

Lonzim plc

Look Communications Inc.

Loon Energy Inc.

LoopNet, Inc.

Loral Space & Communications Inc.

Loral Space & Communications Ltd.

Loreto Resources Corp.

Loretta Food Group Inc.

Lorex Technology Inc.

Lorian Capital Corp.

Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc.

Lorus Therapeutics Inc.

Los Andes Copper Ltd.

Lot78 Inc.

Loton Corp.

Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Loudeye Corp.

Lounor Exploration Inc.

Lounsberry Holdings I, Inc.

Lounsberry Holdings II, Inc.

Lounsberry Holdings III, Inc.

Lowell Copper Ltd.

Loxo Oncology, Inc.

Loyalist Group Ltd.

Lpath Therapeutics, Inc.

Lpath, Inc.

LPL Financial Holdings Inc.

LPT Capital Ltd.

LRR Energy, LP

LSB Industries Inc.

LSL Property Services plc

LTC Properties, Inc.

LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc.

LTT Capital Corp.

Luca Capital Inc.

Lucara Diamond Corp.

Lucas Energy, Inc.

Lucid Entertainment Inc.

Lucid, Inc.

Lucky Boy Silver Corp.

Lucky Strike Resources Ltd.

Luckycom Inc.

Lucy’s Cafe, Inc.

Ludorum plc

Luiri Gold Ltd.

Luke Energy Ltd.

Lumena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lumenis Ltd.

Lumera Corp.

Lumina Copper Corp.

Luminus Systems Ltd.

Lumos Networks Corp.

Luna Gold Corp.

Luna Technologies International, Inc.

Lund Gold Ltd.

Lundin Mining Corp.

Lupaka Gold Corp.

Lusora Healthcare Systems, Inc.

Lustros Inc.

Lux Energy Corp.

Luxell Technologies Inc.

Luxeyard, Inc.

Luxoft Holding, Inc.

LX Ventures Inc.

LXB Retail Properties plc

Lydian International Ltd.

LYFE Communications, Inc.

Lynas Corp. Ltd.

Lynch Corp.

Lynden Energy Corp.

Lynden Ventures Ltd.

Lyris, Inc.

Lyrtech Inc.

Lysander Minerals Corp.

Lyynks Inc.

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