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J-Pacific Gold Inc.

J. Alexander's Holdings, Inc.

J.A.G. Mines Ltd.

J.C. Penney Co., Inc.

J.D. Hutt Corp.

J.U.M. Capital Inc.

JA Energy

Jabiru Metals Ltd.

Jacka Resources Ltd.

Jackgreen Ltd.

Jackson Minerals Ltd.

Jackson Rivers Co.

Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc.

Jacobs Financial Group

Jacobs Financial Group, Inc.

Jadela Oil Corp.

JAG Media Holdings, Inc.

Jagged Peak, Inc.

Jaguar Animal Health, Inc.

Jaguar Minerals Ltd.

Jaguar Mining Inc.

Jalna Minerals Ltd.

Jamba Juice Co.

Jamba, Inc.

James Bay Resources Ltd.

Jameson Inns, Inc.

Jameson Stanford Resources Corp.

Jammin Java Corp.

Janel World Trade Ltd.

Janina Resources Ltd.

Janus Resources, Inc.

Jarvis plc

Jasper Mining Corp.

Java Capital Inc.

Java Detour, Inc.

Javelin Capital Corp.

Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp.

Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Javo Beverage Co., Inc.

Javo Beverage, Inc.

Jayden Resources Inc.

Jayhawk Energy, Inc.

Jazz Golf Equipment Inc.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc.

JBI, Inc.

JCM Partners LLC

JD International Ltd.

Jeantex Group, Inc.

JED Oil Inc.

Jefferies & Co., Inc.

Jefferies Group, Inc.

Jelf Group plc

Jemi Fibre Corp.

Jenex Corp.

Jensyn Acquisition Corp.

JER Envirotech International Corp.

Jericho Oil Corp.

Jerini AG

Jernigan Capital, Inc.

Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc.

Jesup & Lamont, Inc.

Jet Gold Corp.

Jet Metal Corp.

JetPay Corp.

JH Designs Inc.

Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jilbey Gold Exploration Ltd.

Jiminex Inc.

Jingwei International Ltd.

Jinhao Motor Co.

Jinpan International Ltd.

Jinshan Gold Mines Inc.

Jintai Mining Group, Inc.

Jinzanghuang Tibet Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jishanye, Inc.

Jite Technologies Inc.

JJB Sports plc

JKX Oil & Gas plc

JM Capital Corp.

JM Global Holding Co.

JMAR Technologies Inc.

JML Resources Ltd.


JNR Resources Inc.

Joe’s Jeans Inc.

John D. Oil and Gas Co.

Johnson Outdoors Inc.

Joint Corp.

Jomar Capital Corp.

Jones Energy, Inc.

Jones Lang LaSalle Income Property Trust, Inc.

Jones Soda Co.

Josephine Mining Corp.

Jourdan Resources Inc.

Journey Group plc

Journey Resources Corp.

Jovian Capital Corp.

Joystar Inc.

Jpak Group Co., Ltd.

JPak Group, Inc.

JPX Global, Inc.

JRSIS Health Care Corp.

JSX Energy Inc.

Jubilant Flame International Ltd.

Jubilee Platinum plc

Juhl Energy, Inc.

Juhl Wind, Inc.

Juma Technology Corp.

Jumbo Development Corp.

Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd.

JumpTV Inc.

Junex Inc.

Juniper Content Corp.

Juniper Group, Inc.

Juno Therapeutics, Inc.

Jupai Holdings Ltd.

Jupiter Global Holdings Corp.

Jupiter Mines Ltd.

Jura Energy Corp.

Jurak Corp. World Wide

JV Global Ltd.

JV Group, Inc.

JWC Acquisition Corp.

JYW Capital Corp.

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