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H & H Imports, Inc.

H&E Equipment Services LLC

H&E Equipment Services, Inc.


H&R Block Canada, Inc.

H&R Block Financial Advisors, Inc.

H&R Block Inc.

H&R Real Estate Investment Trust


H-Cyte Inc.

H-Food Holdings LLC

H-Lines Finance Holding Corp.

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

H. Roe Bartle Convention Center

H.B. Fuller Co.

H.C. Wainwright & Co., LLC

H.D. Vest

H.E.A.T. Mezzanine SA

H.I.G. Bayside Capital

H.I.G. Bayside Loan Opportunity Fund IV

H.I.G. WhiteHorse

H.I.G. WhiteHorse Capital, LLC

H.J. Heinz Co.

H.J. Heinz Finance Co.

H.J. Heinz Finance UK plc

H.J. Heinz Holding Corp.

H/2 Asset Funding 2015-1 LLC

H/2 Asset Funding NRE 2015-1 Ltd.

H/2 Asset Funding RE 2015-1 Ltd.

H2Diesel Holdings, Inc.

H2Diesel, Inc.

H2O Innovation (2000) Inc.

H2O Innovation Inc.

H3C Holdings Ltd.

Haamid Real Estates Pvt. Ltd.

Haas Group International

Habanero Resources Inc.

Habas Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar Istihsal Endustrisi AS

Habib Bank Ltd.

Habit Restaurants, Inc.

Hacienda Investments Ltd.

Hackensack University Medical Center

Hadera Paper Ltd.

Haemacure Corp.

Haemonetics Corp.


Hafoo Co., Ltd.

Hafslund ASA

Hafslund Eco AS

Hagemeyer NV

Haggar Corp.

Haggen Holdings, LLC

Hague Corp.

HAH Group Holding Co. LLC

Hahn & Hahn LLP

Hahn & Hessen LLP

Hahnemann University Hospital

Hai Chao Trading Co. Ltd.

Haichuan International Investment Co., Ltd.

Haidilao International Holding Ltd.

Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

Haier Shareholdings (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd.

Haights Cross Communications, Inc.

Haiguo Xintai Capital Ltd.

Haikou Meilan International Airport

Hailiang Education Group Inc.

Haimen Zhongnan Investment Development (International) Co. Ltd.

Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

Hainan Airlines (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hainan Airlines Co. Ltd.

Hainan Meilan International Airport Co. Ltd.

Hainan State Farms International (HK) Co., Ltd.

Hainan State Farms Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Haining Yangshan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.


Haitian (BVI) International Investment Development Ltd.

Haitian International Holdings Ltd.

Haitong Banco de Investimento do Brasil S

Haitong Banco de Investimento do Brasil SA

Haitong Bank SA

Haitong International Finance 2015 Ltd.

Haitong International Finance Holdings 2015 Ltd.

Haitong International Finance Holdings Ltd.

Haitong International Securities Group Ltd.

Haitong Securities Co., Ltd.

Haitong Unitrust International Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.

Haitong UT Brilliant Ltd.

Haitong UT Capital Group Co., Ltd.

Haixi Overseas Investment Co. Ltd.

Haiyan Hangzhou Bay Investment Development Group Co. Ltd.

HAL Concepts Ltd.

Halcon Holdings, LLC

Halcon Resources Corp.

Halcyon Agri Corp. Ltd.

Halcyon Asset Management LLC

Halcyon Cabot Partners, Ltd.

Halcyon Group Ltd.

Halcyon Jets Holdings, Inc.

Halcyon Loan Advisors (U.K.) LLP

Halcyon Loan Advisors 2013-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors 2014-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors 2014-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors 2014-3 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors 2015-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors A LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2014 BV

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2014-1 DAC

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2016 DAC

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2017-1 DAC

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2017-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2017-1 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors European Funding 2018-1 DAC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2012-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2012-2 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2013-1 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2013-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2013-2 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2013-2 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2013-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-1 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 BV

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-3 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-3 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-3 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-3 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-1 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-1 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-2 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-3 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2015-3 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2017-1 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2017-1 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2017-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2017-2 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2018-2 LLC

Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2018-2 Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Advisors LP

Halcyon Loan Investors CLO I, Inc.

Halcyon Loan Investors CLO I, Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Investors CLO II, Inc.

Halcyon Loan Investors CLO II, Ltd.

Halcyon Loan Management, LLC

Halcyon Structured Asset Management European CLO 2006-1 BV

Halcyon Structured Asset Management European CLO 2006-I BV

Halcyon Structured Asset Management European CLO 2006-II BV

Halcyon Structured Asset Management European CLO 2007-I BV

Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured/Short Unsecured 2007-2 Corp.

Halcyon Structured Asset Management Long Secured/Short Unsecured 2007-2 Ltd.

Hale County Water Authority

Haleon plc

Halex Energy Corp.

Halfmoon Parent, Inc.

Halifax Bank of Scotland plc

Halifax Health

Halifax Hospital Medical Center

Halifax International Airport

Halifax International Airport Authority

Halifax Media Holdings LLC

Halifax Port Authority

Halitron Inc.

Halk Bankasi AS

Hall County

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co.

Hallador Energy Co.

Hallador Petroleum Co.

Halliburton Co.

Hallin Marine Subsea International plc

Hallmark Entertainment

Hallmark Financial Services, Inc.

Hallmark Health System

Hallsville Independent School District

Hallwood Group Inc.

HALO Branded Solutions

Halo Buyer, Inc.

Halo Collective Inc.

Halo Cos. Inc.

Halo Investing

Halo Resources Ltd.

Halo Technology Holdings, Inc.

Halogen Software Inc.

Halozyme Therapeutics Inc.

Halozyme, Inc.

HalseyPoint Asset Management LLC

HalseyPoint CLO 3, LLC

HalseyPoint CLO 3, Ltd.

HalseyPoint CLO 4, Ltd.

HalseyPoint CLO 5, Ltd.

HalseyPoint CLO I, LLC

HalseyPoint CLO I, Ltd.

HalseyPoint CLO II, LLC

HalseyPoint CLO II, Ltd.

Halt Medical, Inc.

Halyard Health Inc.

Halyk Bank

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan

Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

Hamaca Holding LLC (Petrolera Hamaca, SA)

Hambledon Mining plc

Hamburger Hochbahn AG


Hamilton Bancorp, Inc.

Hamilton Beach Brands Canada, Inc.

Hamilton Beach Brands Inc.

Hamilton Beach Inc.

Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex

Hamilton City School District

Hamilton Co.

Hamilton College Civic Facility

Hamilton County

Hamilton Finance LLC

Hamilton Health Care System

Hamilton Health Sciences Corp.

Hamilton Lane

Hamilton Lane Advisors LLC

Hamilton Projects Acquiror LLC

Hamilton Proper Partners Golf Partnership, LLC

Hamilton Proper Partners Golf Partnership, LP

Hamilton Southeastern Consolidated School Building Corp.

Hamilton Specialty Bar

Hamilton Sundstrand Industrial

Hamilton Thorne Ltd.

Hamilton Township


Hamlin High Dividend Equity Fund

Hammerson Ireland Finance DAC

Hammerson plc

Hammond Multi-School Building Corp.

Hampshire First Bank


Hampton Roads Bankshares, Inc.

Hampton Roads Proton Beam Therapy Institute at Hampton University, LLC Project

Hampton Roads Sanitation District

Hampton University

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority

Hana Bank

Hana Biosciences, Inc.

Hana Funding Ltd.

Hana Mining Ltd.

Hanaro Telecom

Hancock Capital Management

Hancock County

Hancock Fabrics Inc.

Hancock Financial Co.

Hancock Holding Co.

Hancock Horizon Burkenroad Fund

Hancock Park Corporate Income, Inc.

Hancock Whitney Corp.

Handelsbanken plc

Handelseiendom II AS

Handeni Gold Inc.

Handheld Entertainment, Inc.

Handleman Co.


HandMade plc

Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging

HandStands Holding Corp.

Handy & Harman Group Ltd.

Handy & Harman Ltd.

Handy Hardware Wholesale, Inc.

Handy Holdings LLC

Hanesbrands Finance Luxembourg SCA

Hanesbrands Inc.

Hanfeng Evergreen Inc.

Hang Fat Ginseng Holdings Co. Ltd.

Hang Fung Gold Technology Ltd.

Hang Lung Properties Ltd.

Hang Seng

Hang Seng Bank (China) Ltd.

Hang Seng Bank Ltd.

Hang Seng China Enterprises index

Hang Seng General Insurance (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd

Hang Seng index

Hang Seng Indexes Co. Ltd.

Hang Seng Insurance Co. Ltd.

Hang Seng Life Ltd.

Hangdarm Island Development Co. Ltd.

Hangdeli Holdings Ltd.

Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc.

Hanger, Inc.

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp.

Hangzhou Bay Overseas Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Finance and Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Fuyang Chengtou Group (HK) Ltd.

Hangzhou Fuyang City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Jianggan District Urban Construction & Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Linjiang Investment Development Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Qiantang New Area Construction and Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Shangcheng District Urban Construction & Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Water Group Co., Ltd.

Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Hanhui International Ltd.

Hanjiang Guotou Group Co., Ltd.

Hanjin International Corp.

Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd.

Hankook Tire Co. Ltd.

Hankook Tire Manufacturing Tennessee LP

Hankook Tires Manufacturing Tennessee, LP

HanKore Environment Tech Group Ltd.

Hankyu Department Stores, Inc.

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc.

Hankyu Holdings Inc.

Hanley Road Corridor Transportation Development District

Hanley Wood Inc.

Hanley Wood, LLC

Hanley-Wood, LLC

Hanlong (USA) Mining Investment, Inc.

Hanlong Mining Investment Inc.

Hanmi Financial Corp.

Hannibal Lease

Hannon Armstrong Capital, LLC

Hannon Armstrong Co.

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc.

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure, Inc.

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure, LP

Hannover Finance (Luxembourg) SA

Hannover Life Reassurance Africa Ltd.

Hannover Re

Hannover Reinsurance Africa Ltd.

Hannover Reinsurance Co.

Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C.

Hannover ReTakaful Labuan Family

Hannover ReTakaful Labuan General

Hannover Rueck SE

HannStar Board Corp.

HannStar Display Corp.

Hanny Holdings Ltd.

Hanon Systems

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd.

Hanover Bancorp, Inc.

Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings, Inc.

Hanover Compressor Co.

Hanover County Economic Development Authority

Hanover Finance Ltd.

Hanover Insurance Co.

Hanover Insurance Group Inc.

Hanover Street Finance Ltd.

HanRui International Investment Co. Ltd.

Hanrui Overseas Investment Co., Ltd.

Hansa Corp.

Hansa Group AG

Hansa Metallics Ltd.



Hansen Gray & Co. Inc.

Hansen Medical, Inc.

Hansen Natural Corp.

Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd.

Hanson Building Products

Hanson Ltd.

Hanson Permanente Cement, Inc.

Hanson plc

Hansteen (Jersey) Securities Ltd.

Hansteen Holdings plc

Hantover Inc.

Hanumant Vanijya Pvt. Ltd.

Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd.

Hanwei Energy Services Corp.

Hanwha Energy USA Holdings Corp.

Hanwha Galleria Co., Ltd.

Hanwha General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Hanwha Q Cells Co. Ltd.

Hanwha SolarOne Co. Ltd.

Hanwha SolarOne Ltd.

Hanwha Solutions Corp.

Hanwha Total Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

Hao Tian Resources Group Ltd.

Hapag-Lloyd AG

Hapag-Lloyd Holding

Hapag-Lloyd Holding AG

Hapag-Llyod AG

Hapoalim BM

Hapoalim International NV

Hapoalim Securities USA, Inc.

Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.

Happy Kids, Inc.

Hapto Biotech

HaptoGuard, Inc.

Harakosan Co., Ltd.

Harbin Bank Co., Ltd.

Harbin Electric Co., Ltd.

Harbin Electric, Inc.

Harbinger Capital Partners

Harbinger Group Inc.

Harbor BioSciences Inc.

Harbor Custom Development Inc.

Harbor Department of the City of Los Angeles

Harbor Domestic Equity Funds

Harbor Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools USA, Inc.

Harbor Funds

Harbor Group International, LLC

Harbor Park CLO LLC

Harbor Park CLO Ltd.

Harbor Point Infrastructure Improvement District

Harbor Point Re Ltd.

Harbor Small Company Value Fund

Harbor Unconstrained Bond Fund

HarborOne Bancorp, Inc.

Harborside Inc.

Harbortouch LLC

Harbortouch Payments, LLC

Harborview Medical Center

Harborwalk Funding Trust

Harbour Energy plc

Harbourmaster CLO 11 BV

Harbourmaster CLO 3 Ltd.

Harbourmaster CLO 4 BV

Harbourmaster CLO 7 BV

Harbourmaster CLO 8 BV

Harbourmaster CLO 9 BV

Harbourmaster Pro-Rata CLO 2 BV

HarbourVest Global Private Equity Ltd.

HarbourVest Partners LLC

HarbourVest Partners LP

HarbourView Asset Management Corp.

HarbourView CLO VII LLC

HarbourView CLO VII, Ltd.

HarbourView CLO VII, Ltd./HarbourView CLO VII, LLC

Hard Creek Nickel Corp.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel Holdings, LLC

Hard Rock Hotel Inc.

Hard Rock Northern Indiana

Hard Rock Park

Hard To Treat Diseases, Inc.

Harden Healthcare

Hardide plc

Hardinge Inc.

Hardman Resources Ltd.

Hardware Holdings LLC

Hardwood Funding, LLC

Hardwoods Distribution Inc.

Hardy Oil and Gas plc

Harel Financial Group

Harford County

Hargray Acquisition Holdings, LLC

Hargray Communications Corp.

Hargray Communications Group, Inc.

Hargray Holdings LLC

Hargray Intermediate Holdings

Hargray Merger Sub Corp.

Hargreaves Services plc

Harkand EMEA Ltd.

Harkand Finance Inc.

Harken Energy Corp.

Harlan Group Parent LLC

Harlan Laboratories, Inc

Harlan Merger Sub, Inc.

Harlan Sprague Dawley Inc.

Harland Clarke Holdings Corp.

Harlem Globetrotters International Inc.

Harley Marine Services Inc.

Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc.

Harley-Davidson Funding Corp.

Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Trust 2011-1

Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Harleysville Group Inc.

Harleysville Mutual Ins. Co.

Harleysville National Corp.

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Harman Finance International SCA

Harman International Industries, Inc.

Harmon Koval

Harmonic Inc.

Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc.

Harmony Biosciences, LLC

Harmony Foods Corp.

Harmony Gold Corp.

Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.

Harmony Public Schools

Harnett County

Harold’s Stores, Inc.

Harper Creek Community Schools

Harper Lake Solar Funding Corp.

Harrah's Chester

Harrah's Entertainment Inc.

Harrah's Operating Co. Inc.

Harrah’s Entertainment Corp.

Harrah’s New Orleans Management Co.

Harriman Park CLO LLC

Harriman Park CLO Ltd.

Harrington Group Ltd.

Harrington Holdings Inc.

Harrington West Financial Group, Inc.

Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Harris Bank

Harris Corp.

Harris County

Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp.

Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Financing Authority

Harris County Cultural Educational Facilities

Harris County Cultural Educational Facilities Finance Corp.

Harris County Education Facilities

Harris County Facilities Development Corp.

Harris County Flood Control District

Harris County Flood District

Harris County Health Development Facilities Development Corp.

Harris County Health Facilities Development Corp.

Harris County Healthcare Facilities Development Corp.

Harris County Hospital District

Harris County Housing Finance Corp.

Harris County Improvement District No. 18

Harris County Industrial Development Corp.

Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority

Harris County Toll Authority

Harris County Toll Road Authority

Harris County-Houston Sports Authority

Harris Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp.

Harris Health Facilities Development Corp.

Harris Interactive, Inc.

Harris NA

Harris Preferred Capital Corp.

Harris Stratex Networks, Inc.


Harrisburg Authority

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Harrisburg University Science and Technology Project

Harrison County Coal Co.

Harrison County Utility Authority

Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC

Harrisonburg Industrial Development Authority

Harron Communications LP

Harron Entertainment, LP

Harrow Health, Inc.

Harry & David Holdings Inc.

Harry Winston Diamond Corp.

Harry Winston Inc.

Harsco Corp.

Harte Gold Corp.

Harte-Hanks, Inc.

Hartest Holdings plc


Hartford Advisers Fund

Hartford Advisers HLS Fund

Hartford Balanced Fund

Hartford Core Bond ETF

Hartford County Metropolitan District

Hartford Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund

Hartford Equity Growth Allocation Fund

Hartford Financial Services Group

Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.

Hartford Funds

Hartford Global Enhanced Dividend Fund

Hartford Global Impact Fund

Hartford Global Impact NextShares Fund

Hartford Growth Allocation Fund

Hartford Healthcare

Hartford Healthcare Corp.

Hartford Healthcare Inc.

Hartford Life & Accident

Hartford Life Global Funding

Hartford Life Insurance Co.

Hartford Metropolitan District

Hartford Money Market HLS Fund

Hartford Municipal Income Fund

Hartford Municipal Opportunities Fund

Hartford Municipal Short Duration Fund

Hartford Mutual Funds

Hartford Quality Bond Fund

Hartford Small/Mid Cap Equity HLS Fund

Hartford Stadium Authority

Hartford Stock HLS Fund

Hartford Sustainable Income ETF

Hartford Total Return Bond HLS Fund

Hartford U.S. Government Securities HLS Fund

Hartland Consolidated Schools

Hartmarx Corp.

Hartshorne Holdings, LLC

Hartshorne Mining Group, LLC

Hartshorne Mining, LLC

Hartville Group Inc.

Hartz Mountain Corp.

Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc.

Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

Harvard College

Harvard Drug Group, LLC

Harvard University

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Issue

Harvest Capital Credit Corp.

Harvest CLO III plc

Harvest CLO IV plc

Harvest CLO IX DAC

Harvest CLO V plc


Harvest CLO VII Ltd.


Harvest CLO X DAC

Harvest CLO XI DAC

Harvest CLO XI Ltd.


Harvest CLO XII Ltd.

Harvest CLO XIV Designated Activity Co.


Harvest CLO XV DAC

Harvest CLO XV Designated Activity Co.



Harvest CLO XX DAC







Harvest Energy Trust

Harvest Gold Corp.

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.

Harvest II CLO SA

Harvest Intermediate Bond Fund

Harvest International Co.

Harvest IX CLO Ltd

Harvest Midstream I LP

Harvest Natural Resources, Inc.

Harvest Oil & Gas Corp.

Harvest Oil & Gas LLC

Harvest One Cannabis Inc.

Harvest Operations Corp.

Harvest Portfolios Group Inc

Harvest US Investment Grade Bond Plus ETF

Harvest VIII CLO Ltd.

Harvest X CLO Ltd.

HarvestRoad Ltd.

Harvey Electronics, Inc.

Harvey Gulf International Marine Corp.

Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC

Harworth Group plc

Hasbro Inc.

Hastings Entertainment Inc.

Hastings Group (Finance) plc

Hastings Group Holding plc

Hastings Group Holdings Ltd.

Hastings Group Holdings plc

Hastings Insurance Group (Finance) plc

Hastings Insurance Group plc

HAT Holdings I LLC

HAT Holdings II LLC

Hat Pin plc

Hatfield Metallurgical Holdings, LLC

Hathor Exploration Ltd.

Hathor Exporation Ltd.

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd.

Hathway Cable & Datacom Pvt Ltd.

Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.

Hatten Land Ltd.

Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund

Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies Variable Fund

Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund

Hatteras Financial Corp.

Hatteras Funds

Hatteras Hedged Strategies Fund

Hatteras Long/Short Debt Fund

Hatteras Long/Short Equity Fund

Hatteras Multi-Strategy Fund

Hatteras Sector Select Fund

Hatteras Sector Select Institutional Fund

Hatton National Bank

Hatton National Bank Ltd

Hatton National Bank plc


Havells India Ltd.

Havelock Europa plc

Haven Eldercare LLC

Haven Funding plc

Haven Healthcare Management, LLC

Haven Home Media, LLC

Haverford College

Haversham Holdings plc


Havila AS

Havila Holding AS

Havila Shipping ASA

Havilafjord AS

Havyard Group ASA

Haw Par Healthcare

Hawa Valves (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Hawaii Biotech, Inc.

Hawaii County

Hawaii Department of Budget and Finance

Hawaii Department of Transportation

Hawaii Electric Light Co., Inc.

Hawaii Gas

Hawaii Municipal Bond Fund

Hawaii Pacific Health

Hawaii Pacific Health Obligated Group

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Inc.

Hawaiian Brand Intellectual Property, Ltd.

Hawaiian Electric Co.

Hawaiian Electric Co. Inc.

Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.

Hawaiian Miles Loyalty, Ltd.

Hawaiian Telcom Communication Inc.

Hawaiian Telcom Communications Inc.

Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc.

Hawk Corp.

Hawk Exploration Ltd.

Hawk Holding Co. LLC

Hawk Merger Sub, Inc.

Hawk Parent Holdings LLC

Hawk Precious Minerals Inc.

Hawk Uranium Inc.

Hawker Beechcraft Acquisition Co., LLC

Hawker Beechcraft Corp.

Hawker Beechcraft Inc.

Hawker Energy, Inc.

Hawkeye Energy Holdings, LLC

Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc.

Hawkeye Growth

Hawkeye Holdings Inc.

Hawkeye Renewables LLC

Hawkins, Inc.

Hawkley Oil and Gas Ltd.

Hawthorn Resources Ltd.

Hawthorne Gold Corp.

Hawthorns Golf & Country Club

HAYA Finance 2017 SA

Haya Holdco 2 plc

Haya Real Estate SAU

Haya Real Estate SLU

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc.

Hayfin Capital Management LLC

Hayfin Capital Management LLP

Hayfin Emerald CLO I DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO II DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO III DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO IV DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO IX DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO V DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO VI DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO VII DAC

Hayfin Emerald CLO VIII DAC

Hayfin Emerald Management LLP

Hayfin Kingsland VIII, LLC

Hayfin Kingsland VIII, Ltd.

Hayfin Kingsland X, LLC

Hayfin Kingsland X, Ltd.

Hayfin Kingsland XI, LLC

Hayfin Kingsland XI, Ltd.

HayFin Ruby II Luxembourg SCA

HayFin Ruby Luxembourg CLO

Hayfin U.S. XII, LLC

Hayfin U.S. XII, Ltd.


Hayfin US XIV Ltd.

Hayleys MGT Knitting Mills Ltd.

Hayleys MGT Knitting Mills plc

Hayleys plc

Haymarket Financial LLP

Haynes and Boone, LLP

Haynes International Inc.

Hays Consolidated Independent School District

Hays County

Hayward Holdings, Inc.

Hayward Industries Inc.

Hayward Unified School District

Hazel Metals and Minerals Ltd.

Hazelwood Resources Ltd.

Hazelwood School District

Hazine Müsteşarlığı Varlık Kiralama

Hazine Mustesarligi Varlik Kiralama Anonim Sirketi

Hazine Mustesarligi Varlik Kiralama AS

Hazleton Area School District

HB Estate Developers Ltd.

HB Holdings, LLC

HBanc Capital Securities Trust


HBC Chemical LLC

HBC Holdings LLC


HBI Australia Acquisition Co. Pty Ltd.

HBIS Group Co., Ltd.

HBIS Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

HBME Sukuk Ltd.

HBOS Capital Funding No. 1 LP

HBOS Euro Finance (Jersey) LP

HBOS plc

HBOS Sterling Finance (Jersey) LP

HBT Financial, Inc.

HBW Services, LLC

HC Capital Core Fixed Income Portfolio

HC Capital Fixed Income Opportunity Portfolio

HC Group Holdings II

HC Group Holdings III Inc.

HC Group Inc.

HC Innovations, Inc.

HC Innovest Holdings Ltd.

HC International, Inc.

HC Investments Sarl

HC2 Holdings, Inc.

HCA Healthcare, Inc.

HCA Holdings Inc.

HCA Inc.

HCA West, Inc.

HCA-The Healthcare Co.

HCC Industries Inc.

HCC Insurance Holdings Inc.

HCI Direct

HCI Group Inc.

HCi Viocare

HCL America Inc.

HCL Infosystems Ltd.

HCL Liquidation Ltd.

HCL Technologies Ltd.

HCN Canadian Holdings - 1 LP

HCP Acquisition Inc.

HCP Global Ltd.

HCP, Inc.

HCR HealthCare LLC

HCR III Healthcare, LLC

HCR ManorCare

HCR ManorCare, Inc.

HCRX Investments HoldCo, LP

HCSB Financial Corp.

HD Capital SA

HD Supply Holdings, Inc.

HD Supply Waterworks

HD Supply Waterworks Ltd.

HD Supply, Inc.

HDB Financial Services Ltd.

HDFC Bank Ltd.

HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

HDI Lebensversicherung AG, Cologne

HDI Plastics, Inc.

HDI-Gerling America Insurance Co.

HDS International Corp.

HDT Global

HDT HoldCo Inc.

HDT Worldwide LLC

Head NV

HeadHunter Group plc

Headliners Entertainment Group Inc.

Headwaters Inc.

Heafner Tire Group, Inc.

Healey Capital Corp.

Healios K.K.

Healogics Inc.

Health & Retirement Properties Trust

Health and Educational Facilities Board

Health and Educational Facilities Board of the City of Johnson City

Health and Happiness (H&H) International Holdings Ltd.

Health Benefits Direct Corp.

Health Benefits Direct, Inc.

Health Care Authority for Baptist Health

Health Care Authority of Lauderdale County and the City of Florence

Health Care Authority of the City of Huntsville

Health Care Property Investors, Inc.

Health Care REIT Inc.

Health Care Select Sector index

Health Care Select Sector SPDR fund

Health Care Service Corp.

Health Care Trust No. 1

Health Catalyst Inc.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.

Health Discovery Corp.

Health Enhancement Products, Inc.

Health First Inc.

Health Fitness Corp.

Health Insurance Innovations, Inc.

Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York

Health Management Associates, Inc.

Health Montreal Collective LP

Health Net, Inc.

Health Revenue Assurance Holdings, Inc.

Health Sciences Group Inc.

Health Services, Inc.

Health Systems Solutions, Inc.

Health Technology Intermediate Inc.

Health, Educational and Housing Facilities Board of the County of Knox

Health, Educational and Housing Facility Board of Shelby County

Health, Educational and Housing Facility Board of the County of Shelby

Healthaxis Inc.

Healthbridge, Inc.

Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inc.

Healthcare Corp. of America

Healthcare Enterprise Group plc

Healthcare Investors, Inc.

HealthCare Partners LLC

HealthCare Partners Medical Group

Healthcare Realty Trust Inc.

Healthcare Royalty Inc.

Healthcare Sector SPDR fund

Healthcare Services Group, Inc.

Healthcare Staffing Services, Inc.

Healthcare Support (Newcastle) Finance plc

Healthcare Support (Newcastle) Ltd.

Healthcare Technology Intermediate, Inc.

Healthcare Trust of America Holdings, Inc.

Healthcare Trust of America Holdings, LP

Healthcare Trust of America Inc.

Healthcare Trust of America, LP

Healthcare Trust Operating Partnership, LP

Healthcare Trust, Inc.


HealthChannels Inc.

HealthEast Care System

HealthEquity, Inc.

Healtheuniverse Inc.

HealthGrowth Capital, LLC

HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

HealthMarkets Inc.

HealthNow New York Inc.

HealthPartners Inc

Healthpeak Properties, Inc.

HealthPort Inc.

HealthPricer Interactive

HealthQuest Systems Inc.

HealthRenu Medical Inc.

HealthRIGHT 360

Healthscope Ltd.

Healthscreen Solutions Inc.

HealthSouth Corp.

HealthSouth Corp.’s Surgery Division

HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.

HealthSport, Inc.

HealthSpring, Inc.

HealthStream, Inc.


HealthTrans LLC

HealthTronics, Inc.

HealthWarehouse.com, Inc.

Healthways Inc.

Healthy Directions LLC

Healthzone Ltd.

HearAtLast Holdings, Inc.

Hearst Corp.

Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.

Heart Center of Indiana LLC

Hearthside Bidco BV

Hearthside Food Solutions LLC

Hearthside Group Holdings LLC

Heartland Advisors, Inc.

Heartland Automotive Services Inc.

Heartland BancCorp

Heartland Building Society

Heartland Dental Care Inc.

Heartland Dental Care, LLC

Heartland Dental, LLC

Heartland Express, Inc.

Heartland Financial Statutory Trust III

Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

Heartland Grain Fuels, LP

Heartland International Small Cap Fund

Heartland International Value Fund

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Heartland Publications, LLC

Heartland Regional Medical Center

Heartland Resources Inc.

Heartland Wind II, LLC

Heartland Wind, LLC

Heartscape Technologies, Inc.

HeartSTAT Technology Inc.

HeartWare International, Inc.

HeartWare Ltd.

HearUSA, Inc.

Heat Biologics, Inc.

Heatherdale Resources Ltd.

Heathrow (AH) Ltd.

Heathrow (SP) Ltd.

Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd.

Heathrow Airport Ltd.

Heathrow Express Operating Co. Ltd.

Heathrow Finance plc

Heathrow Funding Ltd

Heating Finance plc

heating oil

Heating Oil Partners Income Fund

Heating Oil Partners, LP

Heatwurx, Inc.

Heavy Earth Resources, Inc.

Hebei Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.

Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd.

Hebei Shunde Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Hebron Technology Co., Ltd.

Hechang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

Hecic New-energy Co., Ltd.

Heckler & Koch AG

Heckler & Koch GmbH

Heckmann Corp.

Hecla Mining Co.

HedgePath Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

HedgeStreet Exchange

Hedman Resources Ltd.

Heelys Inc.

Heemskirk Consolidated Ltd.

Heeton Holdings Ltd.

Hefei Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd.

Hefei Xingtai Finance Holding Group Co. Ltd.

HEG Ltd.

Hegra Sparebank

HEI, Inc.

Heico Corp.

Heico Cos. LLC

Heidelberg Pharma GmbH

HeidelbergCement AG

HeidelbergCement Finance Luxembourg SA

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.

Heilig-Meyers Co.

Heimstaden AB

Heimstaden Bostad AB

Heimstaden Bostad Treasury BV

Heineken Malaysia Bhd.

Heineken NV

Hejun Shunze Investment Co. Ltd.

Helen of Troy Ltd.

Helen of Troy Texas Corp.

Helenbergh China Holdings Ltd.

Heliatek GmbH

Helical Bar plc

Helical plc

Helicon Therapeutics Inc.

Helicos BioSciences

Helicos BioSciences Corp.

Helicos BioSciences Inc.

Helio Resource Corp.

Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd

Helios & Matheson North America Inc.

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc.

Helios and Matheson Information Technology Ltd.

Helios Energy Research Facility

Helios Kliniken GmbH

Helios Software Holdings, Inc.

Helios Strategic Mortgage Income Fund

Helios Technologies

Helios Total Return Fund, Inc.

Helios Towers Africa LLP

Helios Towers Africa Ltd.

Helios Towers Finance Netherlands BV

Helios Towers Nigeria Ltd.

Helios Towers plc

Helios Towers, Ltd.

Helium Capital Ltd.

Helius Energy plc

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc.

Helix Acquisition Holdings Inc.

Helix BioMedix, Inc.

Helix BioPharma Corp.

Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.

Helix Gen Funding LLC

Helix Generation Funding LLC

Helix Holdco SA

Helix Q5000 Holdings Sarl

Helix Wind Corp.

Hella Finance International BV

Hella GmbH & Co.  KGaA

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

Hellas Telecommunications

Hellas Telecommunications (Luxembourg) II SCA

Hellas Telecommunications Finance SARL

Hellenic Bank Ltd.

Hellenic Bank PCL

Hellenic Petroleum

Hellenic Petroleum Finance plc

Hellenic Petroleum plc

Hellenic Republic

Hellenic Solutions Corp.

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization,

Heller Financial


HellermannTyton Group plc

Hello Living Developer Nostrand LLC

Hellofresh SE

Helly Hansen

Helm Financial Corp.

Helm Holding Corp.

Helma Eigenheimbau AG

Helma Wohnungsbau GmbH

Helmerich & Payne International Drilling

Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Co.

Helmerich & Payne Intl. Drilling Co.

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Help at Home LLC

Help Worldwide

Help/Systems Holdings Inc.

Help/Systems Inc.

Help/Systems LLC

Helpful Alliance Co.

Helphire Group plc


Helvetia Europe

Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG


HEMA Bondco I BV



HEMA Stores

Hema UK I Ltd.

HemaCare Corp.

Hemagen Diagnostics Inc.

Hemas Holdings plc

Hemcure Inc.

Hemet Unified School District

Hemfosa Fastigheter AB

Hemisphere Energy Corp.

Hemisphere GPS Inc.

Hemisphere Insurance Co. Ltd

Hemisphere International Properties BV

Hemisphere Media Group Inc.

Hemisphere Media Holdings LLC

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.

HemoBioTech, Inc.

HemoSense Inc.

Hemosol Corp.

Hemostemix Inc.

HempAmericana, Inc.

Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.

Hempfield Township


Hempstead CLO LP

Hempstead II CLO Ltd.

Hempstead Local Development Corp.

Hemptown Clothing Inc.

Hemso Fastighets AB

Hemso Treasury OYJ

Henan Investment Group Co. Ltd.

Henan Railway Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Water Conservancy Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhongfu Industries Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhongyuan Financial Holding Co. Ltd.


Henderson All Asset Fund

Henderson County

Henderson Dividend Income Builder Fund

Henderson Enterprises Group, Inc.

Henderson Group plc

Henderson High Income Trust plc

Henderson High Yield Opportunities Fund

Henderson International Opportunities Fund

Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

Henderson Land MTN Ltd.

Henderson Morley plc

Hendrick Medical Center

Hendricks County

Hendricks Regional Health

Heng Tai Consumables Group Ltd.

Heng Yuan International Co. Ltd.

Hengan International Group Co. Ltd.

Hengda Real Estate Group Co. Ltd.

Hengdeli Holding Ltd.

Hengdeli Holdings Ltd.

Hengjian International Investment Ltd.

Hengli (Hong Kong) Real Estate Ltd.

Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd.

Hengtou Securities

Henley CLO 1 DAC




Henley CLO V DAC



Hennepin County

Hennessy Advisors, Inc.

Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.

Henniges Automotive Holdings, Inc.

Hennion & Walsh, Inc.

Henrico County

Henrico County Economic Development Authority

Henry Co.

Henry Co., LLC

Henry County

Henry County School District

Henry Ford Health Systems

Henry Ford Village, Inc.

Henry Holdings Inc.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

Henry Products, Inc.

Henry Schein Inc.

Hensall District Co-Operative

Heorot Power LLC

HepaLife Technologies, Inc.

Hera SpA

Herald National Bank

Herald Resources Ltd.

Herbalife International Inc.

Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.

Herbert Park BV

Herbert Park BV CLO

Herbert Park BV European CLO

Herbert Park CLO

Herbst Gaming, Inc.

HERC Holdings Inc.

HERC Rentals Inc.

Herc Spinoff Escrow Issuer, LLC

Hercule Debtco Sarl


Hercules Achievement Inc.

Hercules Capital Funding Trust 2014-1, LLC

Hercules Capital, Inc.

Hercules Inc.

Hercules LLC

Hercules Offshore Inc.

Hercules Offshore LLC

Hercules Public Financing Authority

Hercules Technology Growth Capital Inc.

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co.

Herdron Capital Corp.

Hereford Biofuels, LP

Herencia Resources plc

Herens HoldCo Sarl

Herens Midco Sarl

Herens US Holdco Corp.

Herff Jones, Inc.

Heritage Bank Ltd.

Heritage Bankshares, Inc.

Heritage Capital Credit Corp.

Heritage Commerce Corp.

Heritage Financial Corp.

Heritage Home Group, LLC

Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Heritage Investment Capital I Ltd.

Heritage Oaks Bancorp

Heritage Oil Corp.

Heritage Oil plc

Heritage Petroleum Co. Ltd.

Heritage Power LLC

Heritage Property Investment Trust, Inc.

Heritage Southeast Bancorporation, Inc.

Heritage Valley Health System Inc.

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc.

Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC

Herley Industries Inc.

Herman Miller Inc.

Hermitage Insurance Co.

Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd.

Hernando County School Board

Hero Acquisitions Ltd.

Hero Asia Investment Ltd.

Hero FinCorp Ltd.

Hero Future Energies Pvt. Ltd.

Hero Horse Ltd.

Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Heron Lake BioEnergy LLC

Heron Resources Ltd.

Heron Therapeutics Inc.

Heron Ventures

Heroux-Devtek Inc.

Herschend Adventure Holdings LLC

Herschend Entertainment Co. LLC

Herschend Family Entertainment

Hersha Hospitality Trust

Hershey Co.

Hertford International Group plc

Hertz Canada Ltd.

Hertz Corp.

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.

Hertz Global Holdings Inc.

Hertz Holdings Netherlands BV

Hertz International Ltd.

Hertz UK Receivables Ltd.


HeSaLight A/S

Heska Corp.

HESM Holdco

Hesperia Holding Inc.

Hesperia Unified School District

Hess Corp.

Hess Infrastructure Partners

Hess Infrastructure Partners Finance Corp.

Hess Infrastructure Partners LP

Hess Midstream LP

Hess Midstream Operations LP

Hess Midstream Partners LP

Hesteel Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

Hester Biosciences Ltd.

Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Hestia Holding SAS

Hestiafloor 2

Heta Asset Resolution AG

Heubach Group

Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.

Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Hewitt Associates LLC

Hewitt Associates, Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co.

Hewlett-Packard International Bank plc

Hewlett-Packard Partners Inc.

Hexagon AB

Hexagon Composites ASA

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

Hexcel Corp.

Hexion 2 U.S. Finance Corp.

Hexion Coatings and Composites (US) Inc.

Hexion Finance Escrow LLC

Hexion Holdings Corp.

Hexion Inc.

Hexion International Holdings BV

Hexion Specialty Chemicals

Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

Hexion U.S. Finance Corp.

Hexo Corp.

HF Financial Corp.

HF Foods Group Inc.

HF Sinclair Corp.

HF2 Financial Management Inc.

HFC Prestige International U.S. LLC

HFC Prestige Products, Inc.

HFCL Infotel Ltd.

HFF, Inc.

HFI International (HK) Ltd.


HFP Capital Markets LLC

HG Global Ltd.

HGI Holding Inc

HGI Holdings Inc.

HGIM Corp.

HGIT Properties, LP


HH Liquidation, LLC

HHG Distributing LLC

hhgregg, Inc.

HHI Automotive

HHI Group Holdings LLC

HHI Holdings, LLC

Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.

Hi-Crush Inc.

Hi-Crush Partners LP

Hi-Crush Partnership LP

Hi-Rise Recycling

Hi-Shear Technology Corp.

Hi-Tech Gear Ltd.

Hi-Tech Gears Ltd.

Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.

Hi-Tech Wealth Inc.

hi/fn, inc.

HIA Trading Associates

Hiap Hoe Ltd.

Hiap Teck Venture Bhd.

Hibbett Sports, Inc.

Hibbett, Inc.

Hibernia Corp.

Hibernia Gold Ltd.

Hibernia Networks

Hibernia REIT plc

Hibiscus Capital Ltd.

Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd.

Hibshman Optical Corp.

hibu Connect SAU

hibu Finance (UK) Ltd.

Hibu Group 2013 Ltd.

Hibu Group Ltd.

hibu Inc.

Hibu Midco Ltd.

hibu plc

HickoryTech Corp.

Hicks Acquisition Co. II, Inc.

HICL Infrastructure Co. Ltd.

HICL Infrastructure plc


Hidalgo County Drainage District No. 1

Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority

Hidary Group

Hidefield Gold plc

Hidili Industrial International Development Ltd.

Hidili Industry (China) Group Ltd.

Hidili Industry International Development Ltd.

Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico, SA

Hidroelectrica El Chocón SA

Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Aguila SA

Hidroelectrica SA

Hidrovias do Brasil SA

Hidrovias International Finance Sàrl

Hienergy Technologies, Inc.

HIG Capital LLC

HIG Finance 2 Ltd.

HIG Holdings Inc.


Higginbotham Insurance Agency Inc.

High Arctic Energy Services Inc.

High Arctic Energy Services Trust

High Desert Gold Corp.

High Grade Mining Corp.

High Income Fund

High Liner Foods Inc.

High North Resources Ltd.

High Performance Beverages Co.

High Plains Diversified Energy Corp.

High Plains Energy Inc.

High Plains Gas, Inc.

High Plains Uranium, Inc.

High Point Regional Health System

High Point University

High Ridge Brands

High Ridge Brands Co.

High Ridge Resources Inc.

High River Gold Mines Ltd.

High Rock Canadian High Yield Bond Fund

High Rock Capital Management Inc.

High Sierra Energy, LP

High Speed Rail Finance plc

High Tech Computer

High Tide Inc.

High Voltage Engineering Corp.

High Yield Fund

High Yield Multi-Sector Account Portfolio

High Yield Portfolio

High-Trend International

High-Yield Bond Portfolio

High-Yield/Treasury Bond ETF

Highbank Resources Ltd.

Highbridge Capital Management

Highbridge Capital Management, LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 2012-1 Ltd.

Highbridge Loan Management 2012-1, LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 2013-2, Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 2013-2 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 3-2014 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 3-2014 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 4-2014 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 4-2014 Ltd.

Highbridge Loan Management 4-2014 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 4-2014 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 5-2015 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 5-2015 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 5-2015 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 5-2015, Ltd.

Highbridge Loan Management 6-2015 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 6-2015 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 7-2015 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 7-2015 Ltd.

Highbridge Loan Management 7-2015 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 7-2015 LLC

Highbridge Loan Management 8-2016 Ltd./Highbridge Loan Management 8-2016 LLC

Highbridge Principal Strategies, LLC

Highbury Financial Inc.

Highclere Holdings Ltd.

Higher Education Capital Improvement Fund

Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund

Higher Education Student Assistance Authority of New Jersey

Higher Education Student Facility Authority

Higher Education Student Loan Corp.

Higher One Holdings, Inc.

Highland Acquisition Holdings LLC

Highland Alpha Trend Strategies Fund

Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management, LP

Highland Cellular LLC

Highland Clan Creations Corp.

Highland CLO 2014-3R LLC

Highland CLO 2014-3R Ltd.

Highland CLO Management, LLC

Highland Copper Co. Inc.

Highland Credit Strategies Fund

Highland Distressed Opportunities, Inc.

Highland Fixed Income Fund

Highland Floating Rate High Income Fund

Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund

Highland Funds

Highland Funds Asset Management, LP

Highland Funds I

Highland Funds II

Highland Global Credit Allocation Fund

Highland Gold Mining Ltd.

Highland Group Holdings Ltd.

Highland Holdings Sarl.

Highland Hospitality Corp.

Highland Income Fund

Highland Opportunistic Credit Fund

Highland Park Independent School District

Highland Premium Dividend Fund

Highland Premium Long/Short Healthcare Fund

Highland Resources Inc.

Highland Tax-Exempt Fund

Highlander Euro CDO III BV

Highlander Euro CDO IV BV

Highlands Bancorp, Inc.

Highlands Bankshares Inc.

Highlands County Health Facilities Authority

Highlands Holdings Bond Co-Issuer, Inc.

Highlands Holdings Bond Issuer, Ltd.

Highlands Pacific Ltd.

Highlands REIT, Inc.

Highline Aftermarket

Highline Aftermarket Acquisition LLC

Highline Aftermarket Acquisition Parent LLC

Highline Medical Center

Highline Public School District No. 401

Highline School District No. 401

HighMark California Intermediate Tax-Free Bond Fund

HighMark California Tax-Free Money Market Fund

HighMark Funds

Highmark Health Services

Highmark Inc.

HighMark Large Cap Core Equity Fund

HighMark Large Cap Value Fund

HighMark Value Momentum Fund

HighPeak Energy, Inc.

Highpine Oil & Gas Ltd.

HighPoint Energy Corp.

HighPoint Operating Corp.

HighPoint Resources Corp.

Highpower International, Inc.

Hightemp Furnaces Ltd.


HighTower Holding LLC

HighTower Holdings LLC

Highview Resources Ltd.

Highway 93 Advance Construction project

Highway Holdings Ltd.

Highway Technologies, Inc.

Highway Ventures Borrower LLC

Highwealth Construction Corp.

Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwoods Properties Inc.

Highwoods Realty LP

HII Holding Corp.

HII Technologies, Inc.

Hikal Ltd.

Hikma Finance USA LLC

Hikma Pharmaceuticals plc

Hiku Brands Co. Ltd.

Hilal Services Ltd.

Hiland Holdings GP, LP

Hiland Partners GP, LLC

Hiland Partners LP

Hilb Group LLC

Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs Co.

Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton Co.

Hilco SP LLC

Hilcorp Energy

Hilcorp Energy Co.

Hilcorp Energy Finance Co.

Hilcorp Energy I, LP

Hilcorp Finance Co.

Hilcorp North Slope, LLC

Hildene Capital Management, LLC

Hildene CLO I Ltd./Hildene CLO I LLC

Hildene CLO II LLC

Hildene CLO II, Ltd.

Hildene CLO II, Ltd./Hildene CLO II LLC

Hildene CLO III, Ltd./Hildene CLO III LLC

Hildene CLO IV Ltd./Hildene CLO IV LLC

Hildene Community Funding CDO, Ltd.

Hildene Leveraged Credit, LLC

Hildene Structured Advisors, LLC

Hildene TruPS Securitization 2020-3, Ltd.

Hilding Anders International AB

Hilex Poly Co., LLC

Hilex Poly LLC

Hilite International, Inc.

Hill City Funding Trust

Hill International Inc.

Hill International NV

Hill Station plc

Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.

Hill-Rom, Inc.


Hillenbrand Industries, Inc.

Hillenbrand Partners (Ireland) Ltd.

Hillenbrand, Inc.

Hilleren Invest AS

Hilleren Tomteselskap AS

Hillgrove Resources Ltd.

Hilliard City School District

Hillman Cos. Inc.

Hillman Group Inc.

Hillman Solutions Corp.

HillMark Capital Management, LP

HillMark Funding Ltd./HillMark Funding Corp.


Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County and Polk County Industrial Development Authorities

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

Hillsborough County Industrial Development Authority

Hillsborough County School Board

Hillsborough County School District

Hillsborough Resources Ltd.

Hillshire Brands Co.

Hilltop Holdings Inc.

Hilltop Securities Inc.


Hillview Enterprises Inc.

Hilong Holding Ltd.

Hilton Domestic Operating Co. Inc.

Hilton Escrow Issuer Corp.

Hilton Escrow Issuer LLC

Hilton Grand Vacations Borrower Escrow Inc.

Hilton Grand Vacations Borrower Escrow LLC

Hilton Grand Vacations Borrower LLC

Hilton Grand Vacations Inc.

Hilton Grand Vacations Parent LLC

Hilton Group plc

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Hotels Corp.

Hilton Worldwide Finance Corp.

Hilton Worldwide Finance, LLC

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.

Himachal Futuristic Communications

Himadri Chemicals & Industries Ltd.

Himadri Specialty Chemical Ltd.

Himalaya Drug Co.

Himalayan Capital Corp.

Himatsingka Seide Ltd.

HIMC Corp.

Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd.

Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Hinduja Finance Ltd.

Hinduja Foundries Ltd.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.

Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd.

Hindustan Motors Ltd.

Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.

Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Hines Global II Properties LP

Hines Global Income Trust, Inc.

Hines Global REIT II Properties, LP

Hines Global REIT Properties, LP

Hines Global REIT, Inc.

Hines Horticulture Inc.

Hines Nurseries LLC

Hines Nurseries, Inc.

Hines Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.

Hines REIT Properties, LP

Hingham Campus, LLC

Hinterland Metals Inc.

Hinto Energy Inc.

Hip Interactive Corp.

Hipcricket, Inc.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Ltd.

Hipotecaria Credito y Casa

Hipotecaria Credito y Casa, SA de CV

Hipotecaria Nacional SA de CV

Hipotecaria Su Casita SA de CV Sofom ENR

Hipotecaria Su Casita SA de CV SOFOM ENR (HSC)

Hipotecaria Su Casita, SA de CV Sofol

Hipototta No. 8 Ltd.

Hipso Multimedia Inc.

Hiran Orgochem Ltd.

HireRight Holdings Corp.

HireRight, Inc.

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

Hiscox Ltd.

Hiscox plc

hison Whampoa International (14) Ltd.

Hispanica International Delights of America, Inc.

Histogenics Corp.

Historic Time Warner Inc.

Historic TW Inc.

HIT Entertainment Ltd.

HIT Entertainment, Inc.

HIT Finance BV

Hit Technologies Inc.

Hitachi Business Finance

Hitachi Capital (U.K.) plc

Hitachi Capital America Corp.

Hitachi Capital Corp.

Hitachi Capital Insurance Corp.

Hitachi Capital Management (China) Ltd.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Hitachi Zosen Corp.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitkari Fibres Ltd.


HJ Sims

HK Battery Technology Inc.

HK Electric Investments Ltd.

HK Onlink Technology Co. Ltd.

HK Zhiyuan Group Ltd.

HKBN Group Ltd.

HKCG (Finance) Ltd.

HKI Properties Ltd.

HKR International Ltd.

HKScan Corp.

HKT Capital No. 1 Ltd.

HKT Capital No. 2 Ltd.

HKT Capital No. 4 Ltd.

HKT Capital No. 5 Ltd.

HKT Capital No. 6 Ltd.

HKT Group Holdings Ltd.

HKT Ltd.

HLD Europe

HLEND Holdings A. LP

HLF Financing Sarl, LLC

HLF Financing, Inc.

HLP Finance Ltd.

HLR Schools Ltd.

HLS Therapeutics Inc.

HLT Ltd.

HLTH Corp.

HLX PLY Holdings Inc.

HM Rivergroup plc

HMC Polymers Co. Ltd.


HMH Publishers LLC

HMI Liquidating Inc.

HMK Mattress Holdings LLC

HMN Financial Inc.

HMN Publishers LLC

HMP Equity Holdings

HMS Group

HMS Holdings Corp.

HMS Hydraulic Machines & Systems Group plc

HMS Income Fund, Inc.

HMSC Corp.

HMT Inc.

HMT Ltd.

HMV Group plc

HMX Acquisition Corp.

HMX Corp. 1

HMY RoomStore, Inc.

HNA Capital Holding Co. Ltd.

HNA Ecotech Panorama Cayman Co. Ltd.

HNA Ecotech Vision Cayman Co. Ltd.

HNA Group Co., Ltd.

HNA Group International Co.

HNA Tourism Group Co. Ltd.

HNAG Funding Ltd.

HNB Assurance Ltd.

HNB Assurance plc

HNB Finance Ltd.

HNB Finance plc

HNB Grameen Finance Ltd.

HNC Holdings

HNC Software

HNI Corp.

HNP Growth and Preservation Fund

HNVR Holdco Ltd.

HNVR Midco Ltd.

Ho Bee Investment Ltd.

Ho Bee Land Ltd.

Ho Chi Minh City Development JSC Bank

HOA Restaurant Group, LLC

HoA Restaurants Group LLC

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Co.

Hoang Anh Gia Lai JSC

Hobbico, Inc.

Hochdorf Holding AG

HoChi Minh City Investment Fund for Urban Development

Hochschild Mining plc

Hochtief AG

Hochtief VSB a.s.

Hockey Co.

Hoegh LNG Holdings Ltd.

Hoegh LNG Partners LP


Hoffmaster Group Inc.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University Project

Hoist Finance AB

Hoist Group Holding AB

Hoist Kredit AB

Hoku Corp.

Hoku Scientific, Inc.

Holcim (Argentina) SA

Holcim (Canada) Inc.

Holcim (US) Inc.

Holcim Apasco SA de CV

Holcim Capital (Thailand) Ltd.

Holcim Finance (Canada) Inc.

Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) SA

Holcim Ltd.

Holcim Ltd.Apasco SA de CV

Holcim US Finance Sarl & Cie SCS

Holdco Advisors LP

HoldCo CDO Opportunities Fund Ltd.

Holdco I SA

Holdelis SAS

Holdgrove Ltd.


Holding Bercy Investissement SCA

Holding Co. Metalloinvest

Holding d

Holding d'Infrastructures de Transport

Holding KazExportAstyk JSC

Holding Medi-Partenaires SAS

Holding Slovenske Elektrarne

Holding Socotec SAS

Holdings Gaming Borrower LP

Holdrs Trusts


Holiday Inn



Holland & Barrett

Holland and Barrett

Holland Home Obligated Group

Holland Park CLO

Holland Park CLO DAC

Holland Park CLO Ltd.

Holland School District

Hollander Sleep Products, LLC

Holley Inc.

Holley Performance Products

Holley Performance Products Inc.

Holley Purchaser Inc.

Hollinger Inc.

Hollinger International Publishing Inc.

Hollinger Participation

Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Hollister Construction Services, LLC

Holloman Energy Corp.

Holloway Lodging Corp.

Holloway Lodging Investment Trust

Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust

Holly Corp.

Holly Energy Finance Corp.

Holly Energy Partners LP

Holly Energy Partners – Operating LP

HollyFrontier Corp.

Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd.


Hollywood Casino Corp.

Hollywood Casino Shreveport

Hollywood Entertainment Corp.

Hollywood Media Corp.

Hollywood Theaters, Inc.

Holmes Biopharma, Inc.

Holmes Group

Holmes Herbs, Inc.

Holmetjern Invest AS

Hologic, Inc.

Holt Public Schools, Counties of Ingham and Eaton

Holy Cross Health System Corp.

Holy Spirit Hospital of the Sisters of Christian Charity

Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Holzer Health System Obligated Group

Homax Group

Homburg Invest Inc.

Home Bancorp Wisconsin, Inc.

Home Bancshares, Inc.

Home Box Office, Inc.

Home Buyers Warranty Corp.

Home Capital Group Inc.

Home Credit & Finance Bank LLC

Home Credit & Finance Bank Ltd.

Home Credit and Finance Bank LLC

Home Credit and Finance Bank Ltd.

Home Credit Slovaki

Home Credit Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Home Credit Vietnam Finance Co. Ltd.

Home Depot of Canada, Inc.

Home Depot, Inc.

Home Diagnostics, Inc.

Home Finance Guarantors (Insurance) Ltd.

Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.

Home Interiors & Gifts Inc.

Home Loan Guarantee Co.

Home Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd.

Home Point Capital Inc.

Home Point Financial Corp.

Home Products International Inc.

Home Properties Inc.

Home Properties, LP

Home REIT plc

Home Solutions of America Inc.

Home System Group, Inc.

Home Trust Co.

Home Trust Ltd.

HomeAway Inc.

HomeBanc Corp.

HomeBanc Mortgage Corp.


Homecare Homebase

HomeFed Corp.

Homegold Financial Inc.

Homeland Defense/Neighborhood Capital Improvement

Homeland Energy Group Ltd.

Homeland Resources Ltd.

Homeland Security Capital Corp.

Homeland Security Network, Inc.

Homeland Uranium Inc.

Homeowners Choice, Inc.

Homeq Corp.

HomEquity Bank

Homer City Funding LLC

Homer City Generation, LP

Homestake Resource Corp.

Homestore, Inc.

HomeStreet, Inc.

Hometown America, LLC

HomeTown Bankshares Corp.

HomeVi SaS

Homeward Residential Inc.

Homex Desalladora SAB de CV

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Hon Kwok Land Investment Co., Ltd.

Honda Canada Finance Inc.

Honda Finance Co., Ltd

Honda Financial Services

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Hondo Minerals Corp.


Honey Badger Exploration Inc.

Honey Grove Independent School District

Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell Technologies Sarl

Hong Fok Corp. Ltd.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airport Authority

Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong Aviation Ltd.

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd.

Hong Kong Building and Loan Agency Ltd.

Hong Kong dollar

Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd.

Hong Kong Education (Int’l) Investments Ltd.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.

Hong Kong Highpower Technology, Inc.

Hong Kong Huafa Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong International Construction

Hong Kong International Construction Investment Management Group Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Jia Yuan Holdings Ltd.

Hong Kong JunFa Property Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong JY Flower Ltd.

Hong Kong Link 2004 Ltd.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Hong Kong Mortgage Corp.

Hong Kong Mortgage Corp. Ltd.

Hong Kong Red Star Macalline Universal Home Furnishings Ltd.

Hong Kong Resources Holdings Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp.

Hong Kong Sukuk 2014 Ltd.

Hong Kong Sukuk 2015 Ltd.

Hong Kong Sukuk 2017 Ltd.

Hong Kong Telecommunications

Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Ltd.

Hong Kong Telecommunications Ltd.

Hong Kong Xiangyu Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong-delivered Chinese renminbi

Hong Leong Asia Ltd.

Hong Leong Assurance Bhd.

Hong Leong Bank Bhd.

Hong Leong Financial Group Bhd.

Hong Leong Industries Bhd.

Hong Long Holdings Ltd.

Hong Run International Co., Ltd.

Hong Seng Ltd.

Hong Yang Group Co. Ltd.

Honghe Development Group Co. Ltd.

Honghua Group Ltd.

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Ltd.

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Ltd. India branch

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Ltd. Singapore branch

Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd.

Hongkong Baorong Development Ltd.

Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd.

Hongkong Electric Finance Ltd.

Hongkong Electric Holdings Ltd.

Hongkong Ideal Investment Ltd.

Hongkong International (Qingdao) Co. Ltd.

Hongkong JHC Co., Ltd.

Hongkong Land Co. Ltd.

Hongkong Land Finance (Cayman Islands) Co. Ltd.

Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd.

HongKong Xiangyu Investment Co., Ltd.


Honolulu Board of Water Supply

Honours plc

Honsel AG

Hood River County School District

Hoodoo Hydrocarbons Ltd.

Hooker Furniture Corp.

Hookipa Pharma

Hoop Holdings, LLC

Hooper Holmes, Inc.

Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative Inc.

Hooters of America Inc.

Hooters Restaurants

Hoover City Board of Education

Hoover Container Solutions

Hoover Group, Inc.

Hoover Group, Inc. (New)

Hoover Hydroelectric Project

Hope Bancorp Inc.


Hopewell Holdings Ltd.

Hopson Capital International Group Co. Ltd.

Hopson Development Holdings Ltd.

hopTo Inc.

Horace Mann Educators Corp.

Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc.

Horizon Active Asset Allocation Fund

Horizon Bancorp

Horizon Financial Corp.

Horizon Funding Trust 2013-1

Horizon Funding Trust 2019-1 LLC

Horizon Global Corp.

Horizon Health Corp.

Horizon Healthcare Services Inc.

Horizon Holdings I

Horizon Holdings I (Verallia)

Horizon Holdings I SAS

Horizon Holdings III SA

Horizon Holdings III SAS

Horizon Holdings Inc.

Horizon Lines LLC

Horizon Lines, Inc.

Horizon Natural Resources Co.

Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Horizon Offshore, Inc.

Horizon Oil Ltd.

Horizon Parent Holdings Sarl

Horizon PCS Inc.

Horizon Petroleum Ltd.

Horizon Pharma Investment Ltd.

Horizon Pharma plc

Horizon Pharma USA, Inc.

Horizon Pharma, Inc.

Horizon Secured Loan Fund I LLC

Horizon Securities Co., Ltd.

Horizon Securities Corp.

Horizon Technology Finance Corp.

Horizon Technology Group

Horizon Telcom

Horizon Therapeutics Investment Ltd.

Horizon Therapeutics plc

Horizon Therapeutics USA Inc.

Horizons Active Emerging Markets Bond ETF

Horizons Active ESG Corporate Bond ETF

Horizons Active Preferred Share exchange-traded fund

Horizons Cdn Select Universe Bond exchange-traded fund

Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

Horizons Exchange Traded Funds Inc.

Horizons S&P Green Bond Index ETF

Horizonte Minerals plc

Hormann Industries GmbH

Hormel Foods Corp.

Horn Petroleum Corp.

Hornbach Baumark AG

Hornbach Holding AG

Hornbach International GmbH

Hornbach-Baumarkt AG

Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc.

Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC

Hornblower HoldCo LLC

Hornblower Holdings

Hornblower Sub, LLC

Hornby Bay Exploration Ltd.

Horne International, Inc.

Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza, as

Horry County

Horry County School District

Horsburgh & Scott

Horse Butte Wind Project

Horse Gallop Finance

Horse Gallop Finance Ltd.

Horsehead Holding Corp.

Horsehead Holding LLC

Horsepower Holdings, Inc.

Horseshoe Baltimore

Horseshoe Gaming Holding Corp.

Hortonworks, Inc.

Hosa International Ltd.

Hospice Compassus

Hospira Inc.

Hospital Acquisition

Hospital Acquisition LLC

Hospital Acquisition Sub I LLC

Hospital Authority No. 1 of Lancaster County

Hospital Authority No. 1 of Lincoln County

Hospital Authority No. 1 of Madison County

Hospital Authority No. 1 of Saline County

Hospital Authority No. 2 and No. 3 of Douglas County

Hospital Authority No. 2 of Douglas County

Hospital Authority No. 3 of Douglas County

Hospital Authority of Clarke County

Hospital Authority of Hall County and the City of Gainesville

Hospital Authority of Richmond

Hospital Authority of Savannah

Hospital Auxilio Mutuo Obligated Group

Hospital Corp. of China Ltd.

Hospital Corporation of America

Hospital District No. 1 of Tangipahoa Parish

Hospital Facilities Authority of Multnomah County

Hospital Facilities Authority of the City of Medford

Hospital Facility Authority of Clackamas County

Hospital Facility Authority of Ontario

Hospital Facility Authority of the City of Ontario

Hospital for Sick Children

Hospital for Special Surgery

Hospital Infrastructure Partners Partnership

Hospital Partners of America

Hospital Partners of America Corp.

Hospital Partners of America, Inc.

Hospital Sisters Services Inc.

Hospital Sisters Services, Inc. – Obligated Group

Hospitality Investors Trust Operating Partnership, LP

Hospitality Investors Trust, Inc.

Hospitality Liquidation I, LLC

Hospitality Liquidation II, LLC

Hospitality Properties Trust

Hospitality Properties Trust Co.

Hospitality Properties Trust, Inc.

Hospitality Staffing Solutions Group, LLC

Hospitals and Higher Education Facilities Authority of Philadelphia

Host America Corp.

Host Hoteleiendom AS

Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Host Hotels & Resorts, LP

Host Marriott Corp.

Hosted Data Transaction Solutions Inc.

Hostess Brands LLC

Hostess Brands, Inc.

Hostess Holdco LLC

Hostess Snacks


Hostway Corp.

Hot Chili Ltd

Hot Pot PCL

Hot Topic Inc.

Hot Tuna (International) plc

Hotai Finance Co., Ltd.

Hotai Motor

Hotai Motor Co., Ltd.

Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management

Hotel Corp. plc

Hotel Investors I Inc.

Hotel Leelaventure Ltd.

Hotel Outsource Management International, Inc.

Hotel Properties Ltd.

Hotel Property Investments Ltd.


Hotung Securities

Houghton International Inc.

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers Co.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers Inc.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co.

Houghton Mifflin Riverdeep Group plc

Houlihan Lokey

Houlihan Lokey, Inc.

Houlihan Smith & Co., Inc.

Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.

Hour Glass Ltd.

House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan

House of Brussels Chocolates Inc.

House of Finance NV

House of Fraser

House of Fraser (Funding) plc

House of Fraser (Stores) Ltd.

House of Fraser (UK & Ireland) Ltd.

House of Fraser Ltd.

House of His Royal Majesty the Customer II NV

House of HR NV

House of Investments, Inc.

House of Taylor Jewelry, Inc.


Household Finance Corp

Household International Inc.

Houseraising Inc.

Housevalues Inc.

Housing & Urban Development Corp. Ltd.

Housing and Development Board

Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Housing and Urban Development Corp. Ltd.

Housing Association Funding plc

Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan

Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd.

Housing Development Corp. Ltd.

Housing Development Finance Corp. Bank of Sri Lanka

Housing Development Finance Corp. Ltd.

Housing Finance Bank

Housing Financing Fund

Housing Securities Ltd.


Houston Airport System

Houston American Energy Corp.

Houston Area Water Corp.

Houston Casualty Company Europe Seguros & Reaseguros SA

Houston Combined Utility System

Houston Community College System

Houston Community College System Public Facility Corp.

Houston Convention & Entertainment Facilities Department

Houston Exploration Co.

Houston Foods, Inc.

Houston Fuel Oil Terminal Co.

Houston Higher Education Finance Corp.

Houston Independent School District

Houston Independent School District Public Facility Corp.

Houston Industrial Development Corp.

Houston Lake Mining Inc.

Houston Lighting & Power Co. Project

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Houston NFL Holdings LP

Houston Wire & Cable Co.

HOV Services Ltd.

Hovensa LLC

Hovnanian Enterprises Inc.

Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc.

Howard Bancorp, Inc.

Howard Berger Co. LLC

Howard County

Howard County General Hospital

Howard Hughes Corp.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Howard Midstream Energy Partners, LLC

Howard University


Howden Group Holdings Ltd.


Howell Public Schools

Howmet Aerospace

Howmet Aerospace Inc.

Hoya Midco, LLC


Hoyts Group Holdings LCC

Hoyts Group Holdings LLC

HP Co.

HP Inc.

HP International Bank plc

HP Pelzer Holding GmbH

HP Purchaser, LLC

HP Troplast GmbH

HPC Acquisitions, Inc.

HPCC Merger Sub, Inc.

HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd.

HPCL-Mittal Pipeline Ltd.

HPEV, Inc.

HPH Trust

HPHT Finance (15) Ltd.

HPHT Finance (17) Ltd.

HPHT Finance (19) Ltd.

HPHT Finance (21) (II) Ltd.

HPHT Finance (21) Ltd.


HPIL Holding

HPL Electric & Power Private Ltd.

HPL Electric & Power Pvt. Ltd.

HPQ Silicon Resources Inc.

HPS Corporate Lending Fund

HPS Investment Partners CLO (UK), LLP

HPS Investment Partners CLO (US), LLC

HPS Investment Partners, LLC

HPS Loan Management 10-2016 Ltd./HPS Loan Management 10-2016 LLC

HPS Loan Management 10-2016, LLC

HPS Loan Management 10-2016, Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 11-2017 Ltd./HPS Loan Management 11-2017 LLC

HPS Loan Management 11-2017, LLC

HPS Loan Management 11-2017, Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 12-2018 LLC

HPS Loan Management 12-2018 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 13-2018 LLC

HPS Loan Management 13-2018 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 14-2019 LLC

HPS Loan Management 14-2019 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 15-2019 LLC

HPS Loan Management 15-2019 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 2013-2 LLC

HPS Loan Management 2013-2 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 2013-2, Ltd./HPS Loan Management 2013-2, LLC

HPS Loan Management 2021-16, Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 3-2014, Ltd./HPS Loan Management 3-2014 LLC

HPS Loan Management 4-2014 LLC

HPS Loan Management 4-2014, Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 5-2015 LLC

HPS Loan Management 5-2015 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 8-2016 LLC

HPS Loan Management 8-2016 Ltd.

HPS Loan Management 9-2016 Ltd./HPS Loan Management 9-2016 LLC

HPS Loan Management 9-2016, Ltd.

HPS Mezzanine Partners Fund II


HQ Global Education Inc.

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc.

HQI Transelec Chile SA

HQI Transelec SA

HRB Winddown, Inc.

HRG Group, Inc.

HRNI Holdings LLC

HRP Myrtle Beach Holdings LLC

HRP Myrtle Beach Operations, LLC

HRPT Properties Trust

Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak

Hrvatska Elektropriveda dd

Hrvatska Elektroprivreda dd

HS Group Holdings Inc.

HS Market Neutral Index Powered by HOLT

HS Midco Inc.

HS Orka

HS Purchaser LLC

HS Spinco, Inc.

HS1 Ltd.

HSBC Asia Pacific

HSBC Bank (China) Co. Ltd.

HSBC Bank (Panama) SA.


HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Ltd.

HSBC Bank (Uruguay ) SA

HSBC Bank Argentina

HSBC Bank Argentina SA


HSBC Bank AS-Turkey

HSBC Bank Australia Ltd.

HSBC Bank Bermuda

HSBC Bank Brasil SA

HSBC Bank Brasil SA - Banco Multiplo

HSBC Bank Canada

HSBC Bank Capital Funding (Sterling 1) LP

HSBC Bank Kazakhstan JSC

HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd.

HSBC Bank Middle East Ltd.

HSBC Bank Oman


HSBC Bank Panama

HSBC Bank plc

HSBC Bank USA Inc.


HSBC Bank USA NA, New York Branch

HSBC Capital Funding (Dollar 1) LP

HSBC Capital Funding (Sterling 1) LP

HSBC Casa de Bolsa, SA de CV

HSBC Corp. Ltd. (Singapore)

HSBC Dynamic 5 ETF index

HSBC Emerging Markets Debt Fund

HSBC Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund

HSBC Finance Corp.

HSBC France

HSBC Frontier Markets Fund

HSBC Global Asset Management

HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Ltd.

HSBC Global Asset Management (U.K.) Ltd.

HSBC Global High Income Bond Fund

HSBC Global High Yield Bond Fund

HSBC Holdings plc

HSBC India

HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Ltd.

HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Ltd.

HSBC Investor International Equity Fund

HSBC Investor Overseas Equity Fund

HSBC Investor Value Fund

HSBC Latin America Holdings (UK) Ltd.

HSBC Malaysia

HSBC Mexico, SA

HSBC Middle East

HSBC New York Tax-Free Money Market Fund

HSBC Private Banking Holdings (Suisse) SA

HSBC RMB Bond Fund

HSBC RMB Fixed Income Fund

HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.

HSBC Singapore

HSBC Sri Lanka

HSBC Tax-Free Money Market Fund

HSBC Total Return Fund

HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG

HSBC UK Bank plc

HSBC Uruguay


HSBC Vantage+ Index (USD) Excess Return

HSBC Vantage5 Index (USD) Excess Return

HSBC Vantage5 Index (USD) Excess Return index

HSE Finance Sarl

HSE Integrated Ltd.


HSH N Funding II

HSH Norbank AG

HSH Nordbank AG

hsh portfoliomanagement

Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd.

Hsin Chong Group Holdings Ltd.

Hsinchu International Bank Co.

Hsinchu International Bank Co. Ltd.

Hsiu Fong Machinery Co., Ltd.

HSN, Inc.

HSP Gaming LP

HSP Gaming Prop. Mezz. LP

HSS Financing plc

HSS Hire

HSS Hire Group plc

HSS Hire Services Group

HSW International, Inc.

HT Global IT Solutions Holdings Ltd.

HT Intermediate Holdings Corp.

HT Media Ltd.

HT Troplast GmbH

HTA Group, Ltd.

HTC Hydrogen Technologies Corp.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

HTH Operating Partnership LP

HTI Ventures Corp.

HTM Sport GmbH

HTM Sport- und Freizeitgeräte AG

Hu An Cable Holdings Ltd.

Hua Han Health Industry Holdings Ltd.

Hua Nan Bills Finance Corp.

Hua Nan Commercial Bank

Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd.

Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hua Nan Securities Co., Ltd.

Hua Xia Bank

Hua Xia Bank Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou Branch

Hua Xia Bank Co., Ltd. Changsha Branch

Huachen Energy Co., Ltd.

Huadian Fuxin Energy Corp. Ltd.

Huadian Power International Co. Ltd.

Huadian Power International Corp. Ltd.

Huadian Power International Ltd.

Huafa 2019 I Co. Ltd.

Huafa 2020 I Co. Ltd.

Huafa 2021 I Co. Ltd.

Huafa Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhuhai

Huafeng Group Holdings Ltd.


Huai An Traffic Holding Co., Ltd.

Huaibei City Construction Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Huaiyuan County New Urbanization Construction Co. Ltd.

Huai’an Development Holdings Co., Ltd.

Huai’an Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Huajun Holdings Ltd.

Huakan International Mining Inc.

Hualu Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hualu International Finance (BVI) Ltd.

Huan Zhi Co. Ltd.

Huaneng Power International Ltd.

Huaneng Power International, Inc.

Huaneng Renewables Corp. Ltd.

Huangshan Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

Huangshi State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.

Huantaihu International Investment Co. Ltd.

Huarong Finance 2017 Co., Ltd.

Huarong Finance 2019 Co., Ltd.

Huarong Finance Co. Ltd.

Huarong Finance II Co., Ltd.

Huarong Industrial Investment & Management Co., Ltd.

Huarong International Financial Holdings Ltd.

Huarong Leasing Management Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

Huarong Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Huarong Universe Investment Holding Ltd.

Huarui Investment Holding Co. Ltd.

Huasing International Holdings Co. Ltd.

Huatai International Finance Ltd.

Huatai International Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd.

Huatong International Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

Huawei Investment & Holding Co. Ltd.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Huaxia Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd.

Huaxin Cement International Finance Co. Ltd.

Huaxin Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Huaxing Investment Holding Co. Ltd.

Huayi Finance I Ltd.

Huayi Group (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Huayuan Property Co. Ltd.

Huazhang Technology Holding Ltd.

Huazhu Group Ltd.

Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd.

Hub Group, Inc.

Hub Holding Corp

Hub Holdings Finance, Inc.

Hub Holdings, LLC

Hub International Canada West ULC

Hub International Holdings

Hub International Ltd.

Hubbard Broadcasting Inc.

Hubbard Radio LLC

Hubbell Inc.

Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Hubei Science & Technology Investment Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hubei Science & Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Hubei United Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Huber Heights School District

Hubline Bhd.

HubSpot Inc.

Huckabay Ridge

HudBay Minerals Inc.

HudBay Mining & Smelting, Inc.

Hudbay Peru SAC

Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd

Hudson City Bancorp Inc.

Hudson Clean Energy Partners

Hudson County Improvement Authority

Hudson Greenland A/S

Hudson Group

Hudson Highland Group, Inc.

Hudson Holding Corp.

Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc.

Hudson Pacific Properties, LP

Hudson Power, LLC

Hudson Product Holdings, Inc.

Hudson Products Corp.

Hudson Products Holdings, Inc.

Hudson Resources Inc.

Hudson Respiratory Care Inc.

Hudson River Minerals Ltd.

Hudson River Trading LLC

Hudson Securities, Inc.

Hudson Sustainable Group

Hudson Technologies, Inc.

Hudson Transmission Partners, LLC

Hudson United Statutory Trust I

Hudson Valley Bank

Hudson Valley Holding Corp.

Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corp.

Hudson's Bay Co.

Hudsonville Public Schools

Huffy Corp.

Hufvudstaden AB

Hughes Communications, Inc.

Hughes Electronics

Hughes Network Systems LLC

Hughes Satellite Systems Corp.

Hughes Supply, Inc.

Hughes Telematics Inc.

Hughes Watters Askanase, LLP

Hugo International Telecom, Inc.

Huhtamaki Oyj

Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.

Huifeng Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology, Inc.

Huijing Holdings Co. Ltd.

Huish Detergent, Inc.

Huish Detergents, Inc.

Huishang Bank Corp Ltd.

Huisheng International Holdings Ltd.


Huiyin Household App. (Hold.) Co., Ltd.

Huiyin Household Appliances (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

Huldra Silver Inc.

Hull Street CLO LLC

Hull Street CLO Ltd.

Hull Street CLO Ltd./Hull Street CLO LLC

Human BioSystems, Inc.

Human Genome Sciences Inc.

Human Touch

Human Touch LLC

Humana Health Plans of Puerto Rico Inc.

Humana Inc.

Humana Insurance of Puerto Rico Inc.

Humanigen, Inc.

Humankind Investments

Humber Capital Corp.

Humberts Group plc

Humble Independent School District

Humble Surgical Hospital, LLC

Humboldt County

Humlegården Fastigheter AB

Hummel Station LLC

Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods Inc.

Humpuss Funding

Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi, Tbk

Hunan Hua Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Hunan Xiangjiang New Area Development Group Co., Ltd.

Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd.

Hungarian CIB Bank Zrt

Hungarian Development Bank Ltd.

Hungarian Development Bank plc

Hungarian Development Bank Private Ltd. Co.

Hungarian Export Import Bank Private Ltd. Co.

Hungarian Export-Import Bank

Hungarian Government Debt Management Agency (AKK)

Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.

Hungarian State Holding Co.

Hungarian State Railways Co. Ltd.

Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp.


Hunt & Sons, Inc.

Hunt Cos.

Hunt Cos., Inc.

Hunt Gold Corp.

Hunt Memorial Hospital District

Hunt Mining Corp.

Hunt Mortgage Group

Hunt Oil Co.

Hunt Oil Co. of Peru

Hunt Oil Co. of Peru LLC

Hunt Petroleum Corp.

Hunt Refining Co.

Hunt Refining Project

Hunter Bay Minerals plc

Hunter Defense Technologies, Inc.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Fan Co.

Hunter Holdco 3 Ltd.

Hunter US Bidco Inc.

Hunterstown Generation

Hunting Dog Capital Corp.

Hunting plc

Huntingdon Capital Corp.

Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust

Huntington Bancshares Inc.

Huntington Beach Unified High School District

Huntington Beach Union High School District

Huntington Capital Trust I

Huntington Capital Trust II

Huntington Exploration Inc.

Huntington Fixed Income Securities Fund

Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.

Huntington Longer Duration Fixed Income Fund

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Huntington Mid Corp America Fund

Huntington National Bank

Huntington New Economy Fund

Huntington Ohio Municipal Money Market Fund

Huntington Ohio Tax-Free Fund

Huntington Tax-Free Money Market Fund

Huntington U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund

Hunton & Williams LLP


Huntsman Corp.

Huntsman International LLC


Huntsville Health Care Authority

Huntsville Hospital

Huntsworth plc

Hupah Finance Inc.

Hupah Holdings SA

Hurco Cos., Inc.


Hurley Medical Center

Huron Consulting Group Inc.

Hurray! Holding Co., Ltd.

Hurricane Bidco Ltd.

Hurricane Energy plc

Hurricane Finance plc

Hurricane GLA Ltd.

Hurricane Hydrocarbons

Hurriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacilik AS

Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District

Hurtigruten AS

Hurtigruten ASA

Hurtigruten Group AS

Huskies Parent Inc.

Husky Energy Inc.

Husky III Holding Ltd.

Husky IMS International Ltd.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

Husky International Ltd.

Hussey Copper Corp.

Hussey Copper, Ltd.

Hussman Strategic International Equity Fund

Hussmann International Inc.

Hut Group

Hutama Karya

Hutchinson Port Holdings Management Pte. Ltd.

Hutchinson Technology Inc.

Hutchinson Telephone Co.

Hutchison China Meditech Ltd.

Hutchison Essar Ltd.

Hutchison Finance (16) Ltd.

Hutchison Meditech

Hutchison Port Holdings Management Pte. Ltd.

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust

Hutchison Ports (U.K.) Ltd.

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd.

Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa Europe Finance (12) Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa Finance (14) Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa International (14) Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa International Ltd.

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.

Huttig Building Products, Inc.

Huveaux plc

Huvepharma AD

Huvepharma EOOD

Huvepharma International BV

Huws Gray

Huzhou City Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Nanxun New Town Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Wuxing City Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Wuxing Economic Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Wuxing Industrial Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

HV Bancorp, Inc.

HVB Group AG

HVB Splitska Banka



HVHC, Inc.

HVL Inc.

HWC Wire & Cable Co.

HXPN, Inc.

Hy Lake Gold Inc.

Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd.

Hyatt Hotels Corp.

Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport Hotel Project

hybrid basket

Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc.

Hybrid Fuel Systems Inc.

Hybrid Paytech World Inc.

Hybridon Inc.

Hybrigenics SA

Hycroft Mining Corp.

Hyd International Holding Ltd.

Hyde Housing Association

Hyde Park Acquisition Corp. II.

Hyder Consulting plc

Hydis Technologies Co., Ltd.

Hydoo International Holding Ltd.

Hydra Dutch Holdings 2 BV

Hydra Industries Acquisition Corp.

HydraLogic Systems Inc.

Hydril Corp.

Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc.

Hydro One Inc.

Hydro One Ltd.

Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.


Hydroair Tectonics Ltd.

Hydrocarb Energy Corp.

HydroChem Industrial Services Inc.


Hydrodec Group plc

Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc.

Hydroflo, Inc.

HydroGen Corp.

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.

Hydrogen Power, Inc.

Hydrogen Technologies Corp.

HydroGen, LLC

Hydrogenics Corp.

HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc.

Hydropothecary Corp.

Hyduke Energy Services Inc.

Hyflux Ltd.

Hygea Holdings Corp.

Hygenic Corp.

Hyland Software Inc.

Hylsa SA de CV

Hylsamex, SA de CV

Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

Hypera SA

Hypercom Corp.

Hypercom, Inc.

Hyperdynamics Corp.

HyperFeed Technologies, Inc.

Hyperion Bancshares, Inc.

Hyperion Bank

Hyperion Biotechnology Inc.

Hyperion Exploration Corp.

Hyperion Insurance Group Ltd.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies

Hyperion Materials & Technologies Inc.

Hyperion Refinance Sarl

Hyperion Solutions Corp.

Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc.


Hypermarcas SA

HyperSpace Communications, Inc.

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc.

Hypesol Solar Inversiones SAU

Hypnion, Inc.

Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank International AG

HYPO NOE Gruppe Bank AG

Hypo Noe Landesbank Fur Niederoesterreich Und Wien AG

Hypo Real Estate Bank AG

Hypo Real Estate Capital Corp.

Hypo Real Estate group

Hypo Real Estate Holding AG

Hypo Tirol Bank AG

Hypo Vorarlberg AG

Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG

Hyprop Investments Ltd.

Hyro Ltd.

Hysan (MTN) Ltd.

Hysan Development Co. Ltd.

Hysan Ltd.

Hyster-Yale Group Inc.

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

Hytera America, Inc.

Hytera Communications America (West), Inc.

Hythiam Inc.

Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret AS

Hyundai Capital America

Hyundai Capital America Inc.

Hyundai Capital Canada Inc.

Hyundai Capital Service Inc

Hyundai Capital Services Inc.

Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Card Corp.

Hyundai Glovis Co. Ltd.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

Hyundai Kia Automotive Group

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. Ltd.

Hyundai Mobis Co.

Hyundai Mobis Co. Ltd.

Hyundai Motor Co.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech sro

Hyundai Steel Co. Ltd.

HyundaiCard Funding I Ltd.

Hyundia Motor Co.

Hyva Global BV

Hyve Group plc

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