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G Capital PCL

G J Steel PCL

G Steel PCL

G&K Services Inc.

G&S Minerals, Inc.

G+G Retail

G-III Apparel Group Ltd.

g-Nostics Ltd.

G. Willi-Food International Ltd.

G/O International, Inc.

G2 Resources Inc.

G4G Resources Ltd.

G8 Education Ltd.

g8wave Holdings, Inc.

GA Computer Sciences Inc.

GA Retail, Inc.

GA Telesis, LLC


Gabelli Asset Management Inc.

Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund

Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund

Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc.

Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust

Gabelli Dividend and Income Trust

Gabelli Dividend Growth Fund

Gabelli Equity Funds, Inc.

Gabelli Equity Trust Inc.

Gabelli Focus Five Fund

Gabelli Funds LLC

Gabelli Gamco Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust

Gabelli Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust

Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc.

Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust

Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust

Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust

Gabelli Healthcare & WellnessRx Trust

Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc.

Gabelli SRI Fund, Inc.

Gabelli SRI Green Fund, Inc.

Gabelli Utility Trust

Gabelli Woodland Small Cap Value Fund

Gables Residential Trust


Gabonese Republic

Gabriel Communications Finance Co.

Gabriel Communications Finance Co., Inc.

Gabriel Resources Ltd.

Gabriel Technologies Corp.

Gadot Chemical Tankers And Terminals Ltd.

Gadzooks, Inc.


Gafisa SA

Gagfah SA

Gaiam Inc.

Gail India Ltd.

GAIN Capital Holdings Inc.

Gain Silver Finance Ltd.


Gainesville and Hall County Development Authority

Gainesville Hospital Authority

Gainesville Regional Utilities

Gainesville Utility System

Gainey Corp.

Gainey Transportation Services, Inc.

Gajah Tunggal Tbk

Gajanan Agro Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Gajanan Industries

Gala Coral Group, Ltd.

Gala Electric Casinos Ltd.

Gala Electric Casinos plc

Gala Group Finance Ltd.

Gala Group Finance plc

Gala Group Ltd.

Galahad Gold plc


Galantas Gold Corp.

Galapagos Holding SA

Galapagos NV

Galapagos SA

Galaxy Bidco Ltd.

Galaxy Capital Corp.

Galaxy Casino SA (Galaxy Entertainment Finance Co. Ltd.)

Galaxy Energy Corp.

Galaxy Entertainment Finance Co. Ltd.

Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.

Galaxy Finco Ltd.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

Galaxy Minerals Inc.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.

Galaxy Resources Ltd.

Galaxy X CLO, Ltd.

Galaxy XI CLO, Ltd.

Galaxy XIV CLO, Ltd./Galaxy XIV CLO, LLC

Galaxy XIX CLO Ltd./Galaxy XIX CLO LLC


Galaxy XV CLO Ltd./Galaxy XV CLO LLC

Galaxy XVI CLO Ltd./Galaxy XVI CLO LLC

Galaxy XVII CLO Ltd./Galaxy XVII CLO LLC


Galaxy XX CLO Ltd./Galaxy XX CLO LLC

Galaxy XX CLO, LLC

Galaxy XX CLO, Ltd.

Galaxy XXI CLO Ltd./Galaxy XXI CLO LLC


Galaxy XXI CLO, Ltd.


Galaxy XXII CLO Ltd.

Galaxy XXII CLO, Ltd./Galaxy CLO XXII LLC



Galaxy XXIX CLO Ltd.

Galderma Pharma SA

Gale Force Petroleum Inc.

Galectin Therapeutics Inc.

Galen Holdings plc

Galen Ltd.

Galena Biopharma Inc.

Galena Capital Corp.

Galena CDOII (Cayman Island) Ltd.

Galenica Group

Galeries Lafayette SA

Gales Industries Inc.

Galey & Lord

Galil Medical Ltd.

Galileo Global Education Finance SARL

Gallant Ispat Ltd.

Gallant Venture Ltd.

Gallantt Ispat Ltd.

Gallatin CLO IV 2012-1, Ltd./Gallatin CLO IV 2012-1 LLC

Gallatin CLO IX 2018-1 Ltd.

Gallatin CLO V 2013-1 LLC

Gallatin CLO V 2013-1, Ltd./Gallatin CLO V 2013-1 LLC

Gallatin CLO VI 2013-2, LLC

Gallatin CLO VI 2013-2, Ltd.

Gallatin CLO VI 2013-2, Ltd./Gallatin CLO VI 2013-2, LLC

Gallatin CLO VII 2014-1, LLC

Gallatin CLO VII 2014-1, Ltd.

Gallatin CLO VII 2014-1, Ltd./Gallatin CLO VII 2014-1, LLC

Gallatin CLO VIII

Gallatin Loan Management, LLC

Galleon Energy Inc.

Galleon Holdings plc

Gallery Capital SA

Gallery Group

Gallery Media Group Ltd.

Gallery Media Holding Ltd. BVI

Gallery Place Project

Gallery Resources Ltd.

Gallery Services LLC

Gallia County

Galliard Resources Corp.

Gallic Energy Ltd.

Gallop Holding LLC

Galloway Ridge Inc.

Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Galore Resources Inc.

Galp Energia SA

Galp Energia SGPS SA

Galp Gas Natural Distribuicao SA

Galt Medical Corp

Galt Petroleum, Inc.

Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corp.

Galvao Engenharia SA

Galvao Participacoes SA

Galveston County

Galveston Independent School District

Galvex Holdings Ltd.

Galway Resources Ltd.


Gambro BCT, Inc.

Gamco Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust by Gabelli

Gamco Gold Fund Inc.

Gamco Investors, Inc.

Gamco Natural Resources Gold & Income Trust

Gamco Westwood Balanced Fund

Gamco Westwood Equity Fund

Game Trading Technologies, Inc.

Gamecorp Ltd.

Gamehost Income Fund

Gamenet Group SpA

Gamenet SpA

Games Inc.

GameStop Corp.

Gamida Cell Ltd.

Gaming & Leisure Properties Inc.

Gaming Acquisitions Ltd.

Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc.

Gaming Corp. plc

Gaming Entertainment International, Inc.

Gaming Innovation Group Inc.

Gaming Innovation Group plc

Gaming Invest Sarl

Gaming Nation Acquisition Corp.

Gamma Holding NV

Gamma Infrastructure II BV

Gamma Infrastructure III BV

Gamma Medica-Ideas, Inc.

Gamma-Sociedade de Titularizacao de Creditos, SA Atlantes SME No. 5

GammaCan International Inc.

Gammon Gold Inc.

Gammon India Ltd.

Gammon Lake Resources Inc.

Gamuda Bhd.

Gander Mountain Co.

Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd.

Ganesh Housing Corp. Ltd.

Ganesh Polytex Ltd.

Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.

Gangakhed Sugar and Energy Ltd.

Gangakhed Sugar and Energy Pvt Ltd.

Gangtai Group Co., Ltd.

Gannett Co. Inc.

Gannett Peak CLO I, Corp.

Gannett Peak CLO I, Ltd.

Gansons Ltd.

Gansu Provincial Highway Aviation Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd.

GAP Guneydogu Tekstil AS

GAP Guneydogu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret AS

Gap Inc.

Garant Auto Insurance Co.

Garanti Bank

Garanti Bank SA

Garanti Bankasi AS

Garanti BBVA International

Garanti Diversified Payment Rights Finance Co.

Garanti Factoring

Garanti Faktoring AS

Garanti Faktoring Hizmetleri AS

Garanti Finansal Kiralama AS

GarantiBank International NV

Garb Oil & Power Corp.

Garbarino SA

Garda CLO BV

Garda Security Group Inc

Garda World Security Corp.

Garda World Security Inc.

Gardant Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Garden City

Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp.

Garden Ridge

Garden Ridge Corp.

Garden State Preservation Trust

Gardner Denver Holdings Ltd.

Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc.

Gardner Denver, Inc.

Garfunkel Holding GmbH

Garfunkelux 2

Garfunkelux 3

Garfunkelux Holdco 2 SA

Garfunkelux Holdco 2 SA (Lowell)

Garfunkelux Holdco 3 SA

Garibaldi Granite Corp.

Garibaldi Resources Corp.


Garland Independent School District

Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC

Garman Research, LLC

Garmin Ltd.

Garnero Group Acquisition Co.

Garnet Construction Ltd.


Garrett Aviation Services

Garrett Motion Inc.

Garrison Capital Inc.

Garrison Funding 2013-2, Ltd.

Garrison Funding 2015-1 Ltd./Garrison Funding 2015-1 LLC

Garrison Funding 2016-1 Ltd./Garrison Funding 2016-1 LLC

Garrison Funding 2016-2 Ltd.

Garrison Funding 2018-2 LLC

Garrison Funding 2018-2 Ltd.

Garrison International Inc.

Garrison International Ltd.

Garrison Investment Group, LP

Garrison Litigation Management Group, Ltd.

Garson Gold Corp.

Garson Resources Ltd.

Gartmore Investment Management Ltd.

Gartmore Investment Management plc

Gartner Inc.

Garuda Capital Corp.

Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

Garware Offshore Services Ltd.

Garware Wall Ropes Ltd.

Gary-Williams Energy Corp.

Gas Authority (India) Ltd.

Gas Authority of Georgia

Gas City, Ltd.

Gas Malaysia Bhd.

Gas Natural Ban SA

Gas Natural Capital Markets, SA

Gas Natural de Lima y Callao SA

Gas Natural de Lima y Callao SA (Calidda)

Gas Natural Fenosa Finance BV

Gas Natural Fenosa Telecomunicaciones

Gas Natural Inc.

Gas Natural SDG, SA

Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Supply Pte Ltd.

Gas Transmission Northwest Corp.

Gas Transmission Northwest LLC

Gas Turbine Efficiency plc

Gas Utility Distribution System

Gas2Grid Ltd.

Gasco Energy Inc.

Gasco SA

GASE Energy, Inc.

Gasfrac Energy Services Inc.

GasLog Ltd.

GasLog Partners LP

GasNet Australia Group

Gasol plc


gasoline RBOB


Gastar Exploration LLC

Gastar Exploration Ltd.

Gastar Exploration USA Ltd.

Gastar Exploration USA, Inc.

Gastar Exploration, Inc.

Gastem Inc.

GasTerra BV


Gaston County

Gastrotech Pharma A/S

Gasway Inc.

Gate Capital Cayman Two Ltd.

Gate Gourmet Borrower LLC

Gate Gourmet Holdings SCA

Gate Gourmet Inc.

Gate Gourmet LLC


gategroup Finance (Luxembourg) SA

gategroup Holding AG

GateHouse Media Macomb Holdings, Inc.

GateHouse Media, Inc.

Gates Corp.

Gates Global Co.

Gates Global LLC

Gates Industrial Corp. plc

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, Inc.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd.

Gateway Casinos Income Fund

Gateway Distriparks Ltd.

Gateway Energy Corp.

Gateway Financial Holdings, Inc.

Gateway Gold Corp.

Gateway Inc.

Gateway International Fund

Gateway Rail Freight Ltd.

Gateway Telecommunications plc

Gateway Telecommunications SA

Gati Ltd.

Gator Holdco (UK) Ltd.

GATX Corp.

Gavilan Resources LLC

Gavilon Group, LLC

Gavilon LLC

Gawker Media, LLC

Gayatri Projects Ltd.

Gaylord Container Corp.

Gaylord Entertainment Co.

Gaylord Entertainment, Inc.

Gaz Capital SA

Gaz de France

Gaz Metro Inc.

Gaz Metro LP

Gazbank JSCB



Gazinvest Finance BV

GazInvest Luxembourg SA

Gazit-Globe Ltd.


Gazprom Capital LLC

Gazprom International SA

Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft JSC

Gazprom Neft PJSC

Gazprom OAO

Gazprom OJSC

Gazprom PJSC

Gazprom-Media Holding


Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Gazprombank OAO

Gazprombank OJSC

Gazprombank Switzerland

GB Batteries International Ltd.

GB Holdings, Inc.

GB Minerals Ltd.

GB Property

GB&T Bancshares, Inc.


GBL Verwaltung SA

GBM Resources Ltd.

GBS Enterprises Inc.

GBS Gold International Inc.


GC Advisors LLC

GC Aesthetics plc

GC China Turbine Corp.

GC EOS Buyer Inc.

GC Impsat Holdings I plc

GC Investment Management LLC

GC Lighthouse Merger Sub, Inc.

GC Power Acquisition

GC-Global Capital Corp.

GCA Merger Sub, Inc.

GCA Services Group Inc.

GCI Holdings, Inc.

GCI Liberty, Inc.


GCI, Inc.


GCL Holdings SCA

GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd.

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.

GCM Liquidation Corp.

GCP Applied Technologies Inc.

GCS Holdco Finance I SA

GCV Services Ltd.

GCX Ltd.

GD Finance Co. Inc.


GDC Technology Ltd.


GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc.

GDL Fund

GDS Holdings Ltd.

GE Advanced Materials

GE Capital Canada Funding Co.

GE Capital EFS Financing Inc.

GE Capital Global Holdings, LLC

GE Capital Interbanca

GE Capital International Funding Co.

GE Capital Mexican Funding Trust

GE Capital Services India

GE Capital Services India Ltd.

GE Capital Transportation Financial Services Ltd.

GE Commercial Finance

GE Commercial Finance Corporate Lending

GE Energy Financial Services

GE Equipment Finance Funding, LLC

GE Funding Capital Market Services

GE International Funding Co.

GE Plastics

GE SeaCo

GEA Group AG

Geac Computer Corp. Ltd.

Gear Energy Ltd.

Gearbulk Holding Ltd.

Geary County Public Building Commission

Geauga County

Geberit AG


Gecina SA

Gedeon Richter Chemical Works plc

Gedeon Richter plc

Gedeon Richter, Ltd.

Gee-Ten Ventures Inc.

Geeknet Inc.

Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc.

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.

Geely Automotive Holdings Ltd.

Geely Sweden Financials Holding AB


Gehl Co.

GEI Global Energy Corp.

Geico Corp.

Geier Strategic Total Return Fund

Geisinger Authority

Geisinger Health System

Geisinger Health System Foundation

Gelesis, Inc.

Gelia Group Corp.

GelStat Corp.

GelTech Solutions, Inc.

Gem Acquisition Inc.

Gem Acquisitions, Inc.

Gem Diamonds Ltd.

GeM Solutions, Inc.

Gemalto NV

Gemalto SA

Gemcom Software International Inc.

Gemdale (Asia) Holding Ltd.

Gemdale Corp.

Gemdale Ever Prosperity Investment Ltd.

Gemdale International Holding Ltd.

Gemdale Prosperity Investment Ltd.

Gemgarto 2015-1 plc

Gemgarto 2015-2 plc

Gemini Acquisitions Inc.

Gemini Air Cargo, Inc.

Gemini Communication Ltd.

Gemini Corp.

Gemini Cos.


Gemoscan Canada, Inc.

Gemphire Therapeutics Inc.

GEMS Education

GEMS MEA Sukuk Ltd.

GEMS Menasa (Cayman) Ltd.

Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.

Gemstone Investments Ltd.

Gemstones International Ltd.

Gemtek Co.

Gemtek Technology Co. Ltd.

GEN ID Lab Services, Inc.

GEN-I Sonce doo

Gen-Probe Inc.

Genability, Inc.

Genaera Corp.

Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Genalta Power Inc.

Genband Holdings

Genband US LLC

Genband, Inc.

Genbel Securities Ltd.

Genco Distribution Systems Inc.

Genco Resources Ltd.

Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.

Gencoat Inc.

Gencor Industries, Inc.

GenCorp Inc.

Gene Logic Inc.



Genel Energy Holding Co. Ltd

Genel Energy plc

Genelabs Technologies Inc.

Genelink, Inc.

GeneMax Corp.

GeneMedix plc


GeneNews Ltd.

Genentech Inc.

GeneOb, Inc.

GeneOhm Sciences Inc.

Genepharm Australasia Ltd.

Gener8 Maritime, Inc.

Gener8Xion Entertainment, Inc.

Generac Holdings Inc.

Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Generacion Frias

Generacion Independencia SA

Generacion Mediterranea SA


General 2001

General 2002

General 2003

General 2004

General 2005

General 2006

General 2007

General 2008

General 2009

General 2010

General 2011

General 2012

General Agriculture Corp.

General American Investors Co., Inc.

General American Railcar Corp. II

General Authority of Southcentral Pennsylvania

General Automotive Co.

General Bank of Greece

General Banking & Trust

General Binding Corp.

General Cable Corp.

General Cannabis Corp.

General Capital Group plc

General Chemical Holding Co.

General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.

General Chemical Performance Products LLC

General Communication Inc.

General Communications Inc.

General Components, Inc.

General de Alquiler de Maquinaria, SA

General Donlee Canada Inc.

General Donlee Income Fund

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

General Dynamics Corp.

General Electric Capital Canada

General Electric Capital Corp.

General Electric Co.

General Electric Distributed Power

General Employment Enterprises, Inc.

General Environmental Management, Inc.

General Exploration Partners, Inc.

General Finance Corp.

General Growth Properties Inc.

General Maritime Corp.

General Media

General Metals Corp.

General Mills, Inc.

General Minerals Corp.

General Mining Corp. Ltd.

General Moly, Inc.

General Motors Acceptance Corp.

General Motors Co.

General Motors Corp.

General Motors de Mexico

General Motors Finance Co.

General Motors Financial Co. of Canada, Ltd.

General Motors Financial Co., Inc.

General Motors Financial International BV

General Motors Financial of Canada Ltd.

General Motors Holdings LLC

General Motors LLC

General Motors of Canada Ltd.

General Municipal Money Market Fund

General Nutrition Centers Inc.

General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

General Properties Ltd.

General Re Corp.

General Reinsurance Corp.

General Semiconductor Inc.

General Shopping Investments Ltd.

General Shopping Brasil SA

General Shopping e Outlets do Brasil SA

General Shopping Finance Ltd.

General Shopping Investment Ltd.

General Steel Holdings, Inc.

General Wireless Operations Inc.

Generale de Sante

Generali Finance BV

Generali Garant

Generali Group

Generali Italia SpA

Generation Brands

Generation Brands Holdings, Inc.

Generation Zero Group, Inc.

Generex Biotechnology Corp.

Generic Drug Holdings Inc.

Generics International Inc.

Genertec Universal Medical Group Co. Ltd.

Genesco Inc.

Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

Genesee County

Genesis Biopharma Inc.

Genesis Bioventures, Inc.

Genesis Capital Corp. of Nevada

Genesis Care Pty Ltd.

Genesis CLO 2007-2 Ltd./Genesis CLO 2007-2 Corp.

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.

Genesis Energy LP

Genesis Energy Ltd.

Genesis Fluid Solutions Holdings, Inc.

Genesis Health System

Genesis Health Ventures

Genesis HealthCare Corp.

Genesis Healthcare Inc.

Genesis HealthCare LLC

Genesis Healthcare System

Genesis Lease Ltd.

Genesis Microchip Inc.

Genesis Minerals Ltd.

Genesis Pharmaceuticals Enterprises, Inc.

Genesis Portfolio Funding I Ltd.

Genesis Power Ltd.

Genesis Purchaser, LLC

Genesis Solar Funding, LLC

Genesis Worldwide Inc.



Genesys International Corp. Ltd.

Genesys Regional Medical Center Obligated Group

Genesys SA

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

GeneThera Inc.

Genetic Diagnostics Inc.

Genetic Diagnostics Technologies Corp.

Genetic Technologies Ltd.

Genetix Group plc

Genetronics Biomedical Corp.

Geneva Finance Ltd.

Geneva Financial Corp.

Geneva Steel LLC

Geneve Corp.

Genex Holdings Inc.

Genex Services Inc.

GenFinance II plc



Genie Energy Ltd.

Genitope Corp.

Genius Brands International, Inc.

Genius Products, Inc.

Genius Properties Ltd.

Genius World Investments Ltd.

Genivar Inc.

Genizon BioSciences

Genlyte Group Inc.

Genmab AS

Genmar Holdings, Inc.

GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.

GennConn Energy LLC


Genneia SA

Gennoma Lab Internacional SAB de CV


Genoa Healthcare Group, LLC

Genoa Healthcare LLC

Genoa Holding Co., Inc.

Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Co., LLC

Genocea Biosciences, Inc.

Genoil Inc.

GenoMed, Inc.

Genomic Health, Inc.

GenOn Americas LLC

GenOn Americas Generation, LLC

GenOn Energy Holdings Inc.

GenOn Energy Inc.

GenOn Escrow Corp.

GenOn Mid-Atlantic

GenOn Mid-Atlantic LLC


Genoptix, Inc.


Genosys, Inc.

Genova Diagnostics

Genpact International Inc.

Genpact Ltd.

Genpact Luxembourg Sarl

GenPat77 Pharmacogenetics AG

Genrent del Peru SAC

GenSight Biologics SA

Gensource Capital Corp.

Gensource Potash Corp.

GenSpera, Inc.

Genta Inc.

GenTek Inc.

Gentex Corp

Gentherm Inc.

Genting Bhd.

Genting Hong Kong Ltd.

Genting International plc

Genting Malaysia Bhd.

Genting Oil & Gas

Genting Overseas Holdings Ltd.

Genting Plantations Bhd.

Genting Singapore plc

Gentium SpA

Gentiva Health Service Inc.

Gentiva Health Services, Inc.

Gentor Resources Inc.

Gentra Systems Inc.

Gentry Resources Ltd.

Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp.

Genuine Financial Holdings LLC

Genuine Information Solutions LLC

Genuine Parts Co.

Genuity Inc.

Genus Overseas Electronics Ltd.

Genus Paper Products Ltd.

Genus plc

Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd.

GenVec, Inc.

Genworth Financial Inc.

Genworth Financial Mortgage Inc. Pty (New Zealand branch)

Genworth Financial Mortgage Indemnity

Genworth Financial Mortgage Indemnity Ltd.

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Co. Canada

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Co. of Canada

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Ltd.

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Pty Ltd.

Genworth Global Funding Trust

Genworth Holdings Inc.

Genworth Life & Annuity Insurance Co.

Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Co.

Genworth Life Insurance Co.

Genworth Life Insurance Co. of New York

Genworth MI Canada Inc.

Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp.

Genworth Residential Mortgage Insurance Corp.

Genworth Residential Mortgage Insurance Corp. NC

Genworth Seguros de Credito a la Vivienda SA

Genworth Wealth Management

Genzyme Corp.

Geo Coal International Pte. Ltd.

Geo Corp.

Geo Debt Finance SCA

Geo Energy Resources Ltd.

GEO Group, Inc.

Geo Minerals Ltd.

Geo Parent Corp.

GEO Specialty Chemicals

GEO Specialty Chemicals Inc.

Geo Travel Finance SCA

GEO Travel Finance SCA Luxembourg

Geocan Energy Inc.

Geocom Resources Inc.

Geodesic Information Systems Ltd.

Geodesic Ltd.

Geodex Minerals Ltd.

Geodynamics Ltd.

GeoEye Inc.

GeoGlobal Resources Inc.

Geoinformatics Exploration Inc.

Geokinetics Holdings USA Inc.

Geokinetics Inc.

Geologix Explorations Inc.

Geomega Resources Inc.

GeoMet, Inc.

GeoPark Chile Ltd.

GeoPark Holdings Ltd.

GeoPark Latin America Agencia en Chile

GeoPark Latin America Ltd. Agencia En Chile

GeoPark Ltd.

GeoPetro Resources Co.

GeoPharma Inc.

Geophysical Substrata Ltd.

GeoProMining Investment (CYP) Ltd.

GeoResources, Inc.

Georg Fischer AG


George Forrest International Afrique SPRL

George K. Baum & Co.

George L. Smith II Georgia World Congress Center Authority

George Little Management

George R. Moscone Convention Center

George Washington University

George Weston Ltd.

Georgetown Bancorp, Inc.

Georgetown Capital Corp.

Georgetown County School District

Georgetown Hospital System

Georgetown Independent School District

Georgetown University


Georgia Capital JSC

Georgia Department of Transportation

Georgia Development Authority

Georgia Environmental Loan Acquisition Corp.

Georgia Exploration Inc.

Georgia Finance and Investment Commission

Georgia Global Utilities

Georgia Gulf Corp.

Georgia Healthcare Group plc

Georgia Higher Education Facilities Authority

Georgia Housing and Finance Authority

Georgia Local Government

Georgia Power Co.

Georgia Power Co. Plant Hatch

Georgia Power Co., Plant Bowen Project

Georgia Power Co., Plant Scherer Project

Georgia Power Co., Plant Vogtle Project

Georgia Power Finance Corp.

Georgia Primary Bank

Georgia Private Colleges and Universities Authority

Georgia Renewable Power, Inc.

Georgia Renewable Power, LLC

Georgia State Finance & Investment Commission

Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission

Georgia State Financial and Investment Commission

Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission

Georgia State Road & Tollway Authority

Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority

Georgia Tech Athletic Association

Georgia Tech Facilities Inc.

Georgia Tech Foundation

Georgia Tech Foundation Technology Square Project

Georgia Transmission Corp.

Georgia Transmission Corp. Vogtle Project

Georgia Ventures Inc.

Georgia Worldwide plc

Georgia-Pacific Corp.

Georgia-Pacific LLC

Georgian Leasing Co. LLC

Georgian Leasing Co. Ltd.

Georgian Oil and Gas Corp. JSC

Georgian Railway LLC

Georgian Railways JSC

Georgian Water and Power LLC

Georgica plc

Georox Resources Inc.

Geos Communications Inc.

GeoSouthern Energy Corp.

Geospatial Corp.

Geospatial Holdings, Inc.

GeoStabilization International

Geotech Seismic Services

Geotech Seismic Services JSC

GeoTraq Inc.

GeoVax Inc.

GeoVax Labs, Inc.

Geovencap Inc.

GEP Haynesville LLC

Geradora Eolica Bons Ventos da Serra 2 SA

Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center

Gerawan Farming

Gerber Scientific Inc.

Gerdau Acominas SA

Gerdau Acos Especiais SA

Gerdau Acos Longos SA

Gerdau Ameristeel Corp.

Gerdau Comercial de Acos SA

Gerdau Holdings Inc.

Gerdau Macsteel, Inc.

Gerdau SA

Gerdau Trade Inc.

Gerling-Konzern Globale Ruckversicherungs AG

Gerling-Konzern Lebensversicherungs AG

German American Bancorp, Inc.

German Media Partners LP

German Pellets GmbH

German Pellets Louisiana, LLC

German Residential Asset Note Distributor plc

German Wind Power Index

Germantown Capital Corp., Inc.


Geron Corp.

Gerresheimer AG

Gerresheimer Alpha GmbH

Gerresheimer Glas AG

Gerresheimer Holdings GmbH

Gersten Savage LLP

Gespeg Copper Resources Inc.

Gestamp Automoción SL

Gestamp Automocion, SA

Gestamp Funding Luxembourg SA

GET International Investment Holdings Ltd.

GET Power Pvt. Ltd.

GetBack SA

Getco Financing Escrow LLC

Getco Holding Co. LLC

GetFugu, Inc.

Getin Bank SA

Getin Holding

Getin Noble Bank SA

Getinge AB

Getlink SE

Getronics NV

Getting Ready Corp.

Getty Copper Inc.

Getty Images Inc.

Getty Petroleum

Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc.

Getty Realty Corp.

Getty Terminals Corp.

Gettysburg Retirement Community Inc.

GetVext Hands-Free Solution, Inc.

Gevity HR Inc.

Gevo, Inc.

GEX Management, Inc.

Gexa Corp.

GF Securities Co., Ltd.

GFA Brands, Inc.

GFH Financial Group BSC

GFH Sukuk Ltd.

GFI Group Inc.

GFI Holdco Inc.

GFI Informatique SA

GFI Oil & Gas Corp.

GFK Resources Inc.



GFKL Financial Services AG

GFKL Group

GFL Environmental Corp.

GFL Environmental Inc.


GFSI Holdings

GFSI Holdings Inc.

GFSI, Inc.

GFW Capital GmbH

GG Amager Strandvej Holding ApS

GG Development 8 Aps

GG Foods Acquisition Corp.

GGC Software Holdings Inc.

GGC Software Holdings LLC

GGG Resources plc


GGL Diamond Corp.

GGL Resources Corp.

GGNSC Holdings, LLC

GGP Inc.

GH Water Supply


Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd


ghd Bond plc

ghd Bondco plc

GHD Group Holdings Ltd.

GHD Verwaltung GesundHeits GmbH Deutschland

GHG Resources Ltd.

GHL Acquisition Corp.

GHN Agrispan Holding Co.

Ghostzapper Racing Corp.

GHX Ultimate Parent Corp.

GI Chill Acquisition LLC

GI Revelation Acquisition LLC

Gia Investments Corp.

Giaconda Ltd.

Giant Eagle Inc.

Giant Funding Corp.

Giant Great Ltd.

Giant Industries, Inc.

Giant Motorsports, Inc.

Giants Stadium


Gibraltar Industries, Inc.

Gibraltar Packaging Group, Inc.

Gibson Brands, Inc.

Gibson County

Gibson Energy Inc.

Gibson Energy ULC

Gibson Guitar Corp.

Gibson Innovations USA, Inc.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Gibsons Energy Inc.

GIC Funding Ltd.

GIC Re South Africa Ltd.

Gie Engie Alliance

GIE PSA Tresorerie

GIE Suez Alliance

Gift Liquidators, Inc.

Giga Capital Corp.

Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.

Giga-tronics Inc.

GigaBeam Corp.

Gigamon Inc.

Gigaset AG

Gigastorage Corp.

Giggles N Hugs Inc.

GigOptix, Inc.

GigPeak Inc.

Gila River Power LLC

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.


Gilbert Park CLO, LLC

Gilbert Park CLO, Ltd.

Gilbert Water Resource

Gildan Activewear Inc.

Gildemeister AG

Gilead Biopharmaceutics Ireland Corp.

Gilead Palo Alto, Inc.

Gilead Science Inc.

Gilead Sciences Inc.

Gilex Holding Sarl

Gilla Inc.

Gillespie CLO plc

Gilman + Ciocia, Inc.

Gilman Metals Co., LLC

GIM Channelview Cogeneration LLC

Gimme Credit

Gimme Credit LLC

Gimus Resources Inc.

Gindalbie Metals Ltd.

Ginger Punch Racing Corp.

Ginguro Exploration Inc.

Ginn Clubs & Resorts

Ginn-LA CS Borrower, LLC

Ginni Filaments Ltd.

Gintech Energy Corp.

Giordano Fund

GIP III Stetson I, LP

GIP III Stetson II, LP

GIP Stetson

Gippsland Ltd.

Giraffe Junior Holdings, LLC

Giralda Holding Conexion, SLU

Giralia Resources NL

Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

Gitennes Exploration Inc.

Giti Tire Co. Ltd.

GITI Tire Ltd

GITI Tire Pte. Ltd.

Givaudan SA

Give & Go Prepared Foods Corp.

Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp.

Given Imaging Ltd.

Givens Estates, Inc. Project

Giyani Gold Corp.

Gjensidige Bank ASA

Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt

Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt AS

GK Holdings Inc.

GK Software AG

GKN Aerospace Services Ltd.

GKN Holdings Ltd.

GKN Holdings plc

GL Beyond Income Fund

GL Capital Partners, LLC

GL Finance II, Ltd.

Glacial Energy Holdings, Inc.

Glacier Bancorp, Inc.

Glacier Credit Card Trust

Glacier Securities Ltd.

Glacier Ventures International Corp.

Glacier Water Services, Inc.

Gladstone Capital Corp.

Gladstone Commercial Corp.

Gladstone Investment Corp.

Gladstone Land Corp.

Gladstone Pacific Nickel Ltd.

Gladwyne Funding LLC

Glamis Resources Ltd.

Glanbia Co-operative Society Ltd.

Glanbia plc

Gland Pharma Ltd.

Glas Cymru

Glass Earth Gold Ltd.

Glass Earth Ltd.

Glass Group Inc.

Glass Mountain Pipeline Holdings LLC

Glass Mountain Pipeline LLC

GlassesOff Inc.

GlassHouse Technologies, Inc.

Glasstank BV


Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers Business Unit

Glaukos Corp.

GlaxoSmithKline Capital Inc.

GlaxoSmithKline Capital plc

GlaxoSmithKline plc

GLC Advisors & Co. LLC

Gleacher & Co. Inc.

Gleacher & Co. Securities, Inc.

Gleason Corp.

Gleichen Resources Ltd.

Glen Eagle Resources Inc.

Glen Rose Petroleum Corp.

Glenayre Technologies, Inc.

Glenborough Realty Trust

Glenborough Realty Trust Inc.

Glencairn Gold Corp.

Glencar Mining plc

Glencoe Insurance Ltd.

Glencoe Principal Holdings

Glencore AG

Glencore Finance (Europe) SA

Glencore Funding LLC

Glencore International AG

Glencore International plc

Glencore Nickel Pty Ltd.

Glencore plc

Glencore Xstrata plc


Glendale Industrial Development Authority

Glendale Municipal Property Corp.

Glendale Unified School District

Glenealy Plantations (Malaya) Bhd.

Glenfarne Group, LLC

Glengarry Resources Ltd.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Glenmoor Project

Glenridge on Palmer Ranch Inc.

GlenRose Instruments Inc.

Glentel Inc.


GLG Euro CLO I Ltd.


GLG Life Tech Corp.

GLG Life Tech Ltd.

GLG Ore Hill CLO 2013-1, Ltd./ GLG Ore Hill CLO 2013-1, LLC

GLG Partners LP

GLG Partners, Inc.

Glider Enterprises, Inc.

Glimcher Realty Trust

Glitnir Banki HF


Global 45 Split Corp.

Global A&T Electronics Ltd.

Global Agri-Med Technologies, Inc.

Global Aircraft Solutions, Inc.

Global Alumina Corp.

Global Alumina Products Corp.

Global Appliance Inc.

Global Arena Holding, Inc.

Global Asset Programme Ltd.

Global Atlantic (Fin) Co.

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Global Atlantic Financial Life Ltd.

Global Auto Care

Global Auto Logistiques SA

Global Automotive Logistics SAS

Global Aviation Holdings, Inc.

Global Axcess Corp.

Global Bank

Global Bank Corp.

Global Bank Corp. y Subsidiarias

Global Bank Corporation y Subsidiarias

Global Bio-Chem Technology Group Co. Ltd.

Global Blue Acquisition BV

Global Blue Finance Sarl

Global BPO Services Corp.

Global Brass & Copper Holdings, Inc.

Global Brass & Copper Inc.

Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.

Global Brass and Copper, Inc.

Global Broadcast News Ltd.

Global Brokerage, Inc.

Global Business Markets Inc.

Global Business Travel Holdings Ltd.

Global Capacity Holdco LLC

Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc.

Global Cash Access Inc.

Global Cash Access LLC

Global Casinos, Inc.

Global Champions Split Corp.

Global Chartist Fund, LLC

Global Closure Systems

Global Cloud Xchange Ltd.

Global Concepts Ltd.

Global Construction Services Ltd.

Global Consumer Acquisition Corp.

Global Container International LLC

Global Convertibles Short Duration Fund

Global Copper Corp.

Global Crossing (UK) Finance plc

Global Crossing (UK) Telecommunications Ltd.

Global Crossing Impsat Holdings I, plc

Global Crossing Ltd.

Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc.

Global Dairy Holdings Ltd.

Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc.

Global Defense Corp.

Global Defense Technology & Defense, Inc.

Global Defense Technology & Systems Inc.

Global Development Resources, Inc.

Global Digital Solutions, Inc.

Global Diversified Income Fund

Global Diversified Industries, Inc.

Global Eagle Acquisition Corp.

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.

Global Earth Energy, Inc.

Global Ecology Corp.

Global Education Management Systems Ltd.

Global Emerging Markets Fund

Global Employment Holdings, Inc.

Global Energy Development plc

Global Energy Services, Ltd.

Global Energy, Inc.

Global Entertainment Corp.

Global ePoint, Inc.

global equity basket

Global Equity Fund

Global Equity International, Inc.

Global Fallen Angel Bond ETF

Global Financial Group Inc.

Global Finishing, Inc.

Global Fixed Income Fund

Global Fixed Income LLC

Global Franchise Group, LLC

Global Future City Holding Inc.

Global Gardens Group Inc.

Global General and Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

Global Geophysical Services Inc.

Global Gold Corp.

Global Great Consumer Fund

Global Green Co. Ltd.

Global Green Matrix Corp.

Global Green Solutions, Inc.

Global Health Ventures Inc.

Global Healthcare Exchange LLC

Global Healthcare REIT, Inc.

Global Hemp Group, Inc.

Global High Income Bond Fund

Global High Yield Bond ETF

Global High Yield U.S.$ Bond ETF

Global Holding International

Global Holdings

Global Home Products, LLC

Global Houghton Ltd.

Global Hunter Corp.

Global Hunter Securities, LLC

Global Hyatt

Global Hyatt Corp.

Global Imaging Systems, Inc.

Global Indemnity Ltd.

Global Indemnity plc

Global Index Group

Global Industries Ltd.

Global Infrastructure Partners

Global Innovative Systems, Inc.

Global Investment House

Global Investment House KSCC

Global Investments Group Finance Ltd.

Global Investor Service, Inc.

Global Knowledge Training LLC

Global Leveraged Capital

Global Liman Isletmeleri AS

Global Logistic Properties Ltd.

Global Marine

Global Maritime Investments Cyprus Ltd.

Global Market Strategies CLO 2014-2, Ltd./Carlyle Global Market Strategies CLO 2014-2 LLC

Global Matrechs, Inc.

Global Med Technologies, Inc.

Global Medical REIT Inc.

Global Medical REIT LP

Global Metals Exploration NL

Global Minerals Ltd.

Global Motorsport Group, Inc.

Global National Communications Corp.

Global Natural Resources Fund

Global Net Lease, Inc.

Global Partner LP

Global Partners LP

Global Payment Technologies, Inc.

Global Payments Inc.

Global Petroleum, Inc.

Global Pharm Holdings Group, Inc.

Global Pharmaceuticals

Global Pharmatech, Inc.

Global Ports (Finance) plc

Global Ports Investments plc

Global Power Equipment Group Inc.

Global Power Synergy PCL

Global Premium Hotels Ltd.

Global Prime Capital Pte. Ltd.

Global Property Research

Global Prospecting Ventures Inc.

Global PVQ SE

Global Real Estate Securities Fund

Global Realty Development Corp.

Global Resource Champions Split Corp.

Global Resource Corp.

Global Rig Co. ASA

Global Safety Textiles Holdings Inc.

Global Safety Textiles Holdings LLC

Global Safety Textiles LLC

Global SC Finance IV Ltd.

Global Securities

Global Security Agency Inc.

Global Self Storage, Inc.

Global Ship Lease, Inc.

Global Short Duration Credit Fund

Global Signal Inc.

Global Social Awareness Fund

Global Softech Ltd.

Global Sources Ltd.

Global Specialty Metals, Inc.

Global Sustainability Signatories Index 7.5% VC ER

Global Switch Holdings Ltd.

Global Switch Property (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Global Tel*Link Corp.

Global Tel*Link Corp. Inc.

Global Telecom & Technology, Inc.

Global Telecom Holding

Global TIP Holdings One BV

Global TIP Holdings Two BV

Global Tower Holdings

Global Traffic Network, Inc.

Global University Systems Holding BV

Global Vision Holdings, Inc.

Global Voice Group Ltd.

Global Wataire Inc.

Global Water Resources, Inc.

Global Water Resources, LLC

Global Water Technologies, Inc.

Global X Canada Preferred ETF

Global X China Bond ETF

Global X Conscious Companies ETF

Global X Emerging & Frontier Bond exchange-traded fund

Global X FinTech Thematic exchange-traded fund

Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF

Global X Funds

Global X GF China Bond ETF

Global X Internet of Things Thematic exchange-traded fund

Global X Listed Hedge Funds ETF

Global X Nasdaq China Technology

Global X Permanent ETF

Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic exchange-traded fund

Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values Custom ETF

Global X SuperIncome ETF

Global X SuperIncome Preferred ETF

Global X SuperIncome REIT ETF

Global X Top Activist Investor Holdings ETF

Global X Top Hedge Fund Equity Holdings ETF

Global X Top Value Guru Holdings ETF

Global Yatirim Holding AS


GlobalConnect A/S

Globaldrive Auto Receivables 2008-B BV

Globaldrive Auto Receivables UK 2016-A plc

Globaldrive BV

GlobalFoundries Inc.

GlobalFoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Globalink Ltd.

Globalive Wireless Management Corp.

GlobalLogic Holdings Inc.

GlobalLogic Holdings Ltd.

GlobalLogic, Inc.

GlobalNet Corp.

GlobalOptions Group, Inc.

GlobalSantaFe Corp.

GlobalScape Inc.

Globalstar Inc.

Globalstar LP

Globaltrans Investment plc

GlobalTranz Enterprises LLC

GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc.

GlobalWafers Co., Ltd.

Globalwise Investments Inc.

Globalworth Real Estate Investments Ltd.

Globant SA

Globe Energy Services LLC

Globe Life & Accident Insurance Co.

Globe Luxembourg SCA

Globe Med Tech

Globe Metals & Mining Ltd.

Globe Specialty Metals, Inc.

Globe Telecom Inc.

Globe Union Industrial Corp.

Globe Uranium Ltd.

Globecomm Systems Inc.

GlobeImmune, Inc.

Globel Direct, Inc.


Globemin Resources Inc.

GlobeOp Financial Services


Globestar Mining Corp.

GlobeTel Communications Corp.

Globetel Communications Inc.

Globetrotter Intermediate LLC

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.


Globix Corp.

Globo Cabo SA

Globo Comunicação e Participações SA

Globo Comunicacoes e Participacoes SA

Globo Mobile Inc.

Globo plc

Globoaves Finance Ltd.

Globoaves Finance SA

Globoaves Sao Paulo Agroavicola Ltda

Globoforce Ltd.

Globopar (Globo Comunicacoes e Participacoes SA)

Globus Capital Finance SA

Globus Maritime Ltd.

Glodyne Technoserve Ltd.

Glori Energy Inc.

Gloria Foods Jorb SA

Gloria SA

Glorious Property Holdings Ltd.

Glory Polyfilms Ltd.

Glory River Holdings Ltd.

Gloucester County

Gloucester County Improvement Authority

Gloucester County Pollution Control Financing Authority

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Glovis Co. Ltd.

Glowpoint, Inc.

GLP Capital LP

GLP China Holdings Ltd.

GLP Pte. Ltd.

GLR Resources Inc.

Glu Mobile Inc.


GLV Inc.

GlycoFi, Inc.

GlycoGenesys Inc.

GlycoMimetics, Inc.

Glyconix Corp.

Glycotex Inc.

GlyEco, Inc.

Glynn County School District

Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority

GM Preferred Finance Co. Holdings LLC

GMA Resources plc

GMAC (UK) plc

GMAC Bank GmbH

GMAC Capital Trust I

GMAC Compañía Financiera SA

GMAC Financial Services

GMAC Financiera, SA de CV Sofol

GMAC Financiera, SA Sofol

GMAC Hipotecaria SA de CV Sofol


GMAC International Finance

GMAC International Finance BV


GMAC Mexicana, SA de CV Sofol

GMAC Mexicana, SA Sofol

GMAC Mortgage LLC

Gmarket Inc.

GMH Communities Trust

GMO Debt Opportunities Fund

GMO Short-Duration Collateral Fund

GMP Capital Inc.

GMP Capital Trust

GMR Airports Ltd.

GMR Holdings Private Ltd.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd.

GMR Infrastructure Ltd.

GMS Capital Corp.

GMS Inc.

GMV Minerals Inc.

GMX Resources Inc.

GN Store Nord A/S

GNC Corp.

GNC Holdings, Inc.

GNC Parent Corp.


GNL Quintero SA


Go Daddy Group, Inc.

Go Daddy Operating Co. LLC

Go Healthy Inc.

Go Wireless

Go Wireless Holdings, Inc.

Goals Soccer Centres plc

GoAmerica Inc.

Goat Hill Properties

GobiMin Inc.

Gobind Sugar Mills Ltd.

GOBP Holdings Inc.

GoDaddy Inc.

GoDaddy Operating Co.

Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd.


Godrej Properties Ltd.

goeasy Ltd.

GoEnergy, Inc.

GoFish Corp.

Gogo Finance Co. Inc.

Gogo Inc.

Gogo Intermediate Holdings LLC

Gogo LLC

GoGold Resources Inc.

GOHL Capital Ltd.

GoHo Asset Management Ltd.

GOHO Financial Asset Management Co., Ltd.

GOL Finance

GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA

Gol LuxCo SA

Golar LNG Ltd.

Golar LNG Partners LP

Golconda Resources Ltd.


Gold and GemStone Mining Inc.

Gold Bullion Development Corp.

Gold Canyon Resources Inc.

Gold Canyon Resources Ltd.

Gold Country Settlement Funding Corp.

Gold County Settlement Funding Corp.

Gold Crest Mines, Inc.

Gold Fields Australasia Holding (BVI) Ltd.

Gold Fields La Cima SA

Gold Fields Ltd.

Gold Fields Orogen Holding (BVI) Ltd.

Gold Futures Contract

Gold Hawk Resources Inc.

Gold Hill Resources, Inc.

Gold Horse International, Inc.

Gold Kist Inc.

Gold Lakes Corp.

Gold Mining Inc.

Gold Mountain Mining Corp.

Gold Oil plc

Gold One International Ltd.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Ltd.

Gold Point Energy Corp.

Gold Port Resources Ltd.

Gold Reach Resources Ltd.

Gold Reserve Inc.

Gold Resource Corp.

Gold Ridge Exploration Corp.

Gold Royalties Corp.

gold spot price

Gold Standard Baking

Gold Standard Ventures Corp.

Gold Sukuk dmcc

Gold Summit Corp.

Gold Toe Investment Corp.

Gold Toe Moretz Holdings Corp.

Gold Torrent, Inc.

Gold Wheaton Gold Corp.

Gold World Resources Corp.

Gold World Resources Inc.

Gold-Ore Resources Ltd.

Goldbelt Resources Ltd.

Goldbrook Ventures Inc.

Goldcar Spain SL

Goldcliff Resource Corp.

Goldcorp Inc.

Goldcrest Resources Ltd.

Goldcup Merger Sub Inc.

Golden Age Resources, Inc.

Golden Agri-Resources Ltd

Golden Americas Ltd.

Golden Arch Resources Ltd.

Golden Arrow Resources Corp.

Golden Autumn Holdings, Inc.

Golden Band Resources Inc.

Golden Bridge Mining Corp.

Golden Cariboo Resources Ltd.

Golden Century Resources Ltd.

Golden Chalice Resources Inc.

Golden China Resources Corp.

Golden Close Maritime Corp.

Golden Close Maritime Corp. Ltd.

Golden Compass Capital JSC

Golden Credit Card Trust

Golden Crossing Finance Inc.

Golden Cycle Gold Corp.

Golden Dawn Minerals Inc.

Golden Developments Holdings Ltd.

Golden Dory Resources Corp.

Golden Dory Resources Ltd.

Golden Dragon Holding Co.

Golden Dynasty Resources Ltd.

Golden Eagle International Inc.

Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd.

Golden Elephant Glass Technology, Inc.

Golden Empire Schools Financing Authority

Golden Energy and Resources Ltd.

Golden Energy Offshore Service AS

Golden Entertainment, Inc.

Golden Fame Resources Corp.

Golden Gaming LLC

Golden Gate National Senior Care Holdings LLC

Golden Gate Petroleum Ltd.

Golden Goenka Fincorp Ltd.

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.

Golden Goose Resources Inc.

Golden Grain Energy, LLC

Golden Hippo

Golden Hope Mines Ltd.

Golden Knight II CLO, Ltd.

Golden Land Property Development PCL

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd.

Golden Legacy Pte. Ltd.

Golden Living

Golden Minerals Co.

Golden Minerals Ltd.

Golden Northwest Aluminum Inc.

Golden Nugget Biloxi Hotel and Casino

Golden Nugget Biloxi Inc.

Golden Nugget LLC

Golden Nugget, Inc.

Golden Oasis Exploration Corp.

Golden Ocean Group Ltd.

Golden Odyssey Mining Inc.

Golden Patriot Corp.

Golden Peaks Resources Ltd.

Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc.

Golden Predator Corp.

Golden Predator Mines Inc.

Golden Predator Mining Corp.

Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp.

Golden Prospect plc

Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.

Golden Raven Resources Ltd.

Golden Reign Resources Ltd.

Golden Rim Resources Ltd.

Golden River Resources Corp.

Golden Secret Ventures Ltd.

Golden Securities Ltd.

Golden Share Mining Corp.

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative Inc.

Golden Star Resources Ltd.

Golden State Bancorp Inc.

Golden State Buyer, Inc.

Golden State Foods

Golden State Medical Supply

Golden State Medical Supply, Inc.

Golden State Petroleum Transport Corp.

Golden State Resources Ltd.

Golden State Tobacco Securitization Corp.

Golden State Water Co.

Golden Sunset Trail Inc.

Golden Tag Resources Ltd.

Golden Target Pacific Ltd.

Golden Telecom Inc.

Golden Valley Mines Ltd.

Golden Ventures Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust

Golden West Financial Corp.

Golden West Resources Ltd.

Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co. Ltd.

Goldenport Holdings Inc.

GoldenTree Asset Management LP

GoldenTree Credit Opportunities 2012-1 Financing, Ltd.

GoldenTree Credit Opportunities European CLO 2013-1 BV

GoldenTree Loan Management

GoldenTree Loan Management EUR CLO 1 DAC

GoldenTree Loan Management EUR CLO 2 DAC

GoldenTree Loan Management LP

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 1 Inc.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 1 Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 1 Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 1 Inc.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 2 Inc.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 2 Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 3 Inc.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 3 Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 4 Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Management US CLO 4, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities III, Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Opportunities III. Corp.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IV, Corp.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IV, Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IX Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IX Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IX, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities IX, LLC

Goldentree Loan Opportunities V, Corp.

Goldentree Loan Opportunities V, Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VII, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VII, Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VII, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VIII, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VIII, Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VIII, Ltd./ GoldenTree Loan Opportunities VIII, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities X Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Opportunities X, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities X, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities X, Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities XI Ltd./GoldenTree Loan Opportunities XI, LLC

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities XI, Ltd.

GoldenTree Loan Opportunities XII, Ltd.

GoldenTree Opportunities 2012-1 Financing, LLC

GoldEx Resources Corp.

Goldeye Explorations Ltd.

Goldgroup Mining Inc.

Goldin Properties Holdings Ltd.

GoldLand Holdings Co.

Goldman Sachs (India) Finance Pte. Ltd.

Goldman Sachs (India) Finance Pvt. Ltd.

Goldman Sachs Absolute Return Tracker Fund

Goldman Sachs AG

Goldman Sachs Asset Management CLO, plc

Goldman Sachs Bank (Europe) plc

Goldman Sachs Bank USA

Goldman Sachs Bank, NA

Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc.

Goldman Sachs Capital I Securities-Backed Series 2004-4 Trust

Goldman Sachs Capital II

Goldman Sachs Credit Strategies Fund

Goldman Sachs Dynamic Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Goldman Sachs Dynamic Municipal Income Fund

Goldman Sachs Enhanced Strategy E143 on the Dow Jones-UBS Commodity index

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Goldman Sachs High Yield Fund

Goldman Sachs Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Goldman Sachs International

Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity exchange-traded fund

Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value Fund

Goldman Sachs Long Short Credit Strategies Fund

Goldman Sachs Managed Futures Strategy Fund

Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value Fund

Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp.

Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund

Goldman Sachs MLP Income Opportunities Fund

Goldman Sachs Multi-Manager Non-Core Fixed Income Fund

Goldman Sachs Municipal Income Fund

Goldman Sachs Private Middle Market Credit II LLC

Goldman Sachs Private Middle Market Credit LLC

Goldman Sachs Strategy E90 on the S&P GSCI Agriculture Excess Return

Goldman Sachs Strategy E90 on the S&P GSCI Agriculture Index Excess Return

Goldman Sachs Trust

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Goldmarca Ltd.

Goldmark Minerals Ltd.

Goldminco Corp.

GoldMoney Inc.

Goldnev Resources Inc.

GoldQuest Mining Corp.

Goldrea Resources Corp.

Goldrea Resources Ltd.

Goldrich Mining Co.

Goldrock Mines Corp.

Goldrush Resources Ltd.

Goldsmith Agio Helms

Goldsource Mines Inc.

GoldSpring Inc.

Goldstake Explorations Inc.

Goldstar Minerals Inc.

Goldstar Resources Ltd.

Goldstar Resources NL

Goldstone Resources Inc.

GoldStone Resources Ltd.

Goldstream Minerals Inc.

Goldstream Mining NL

Goldstrike Resources Ltd.

Goldwind New Energy (HK) Investment Ltd.

Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Golf Town

Golf Town Canada Inc.

Golfsmith International Holdings LP

Golfsmith International Holdings, Inc.

Golfsmith International, Inc.

Goliath Holding Pte. Ltd.

Goliath Offshore Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Golkonda Hospitality Services and Resorts Ltd.

Golomt Bank

Golomt Bank LLC

Golomt Bank of Mongolia

Golub Capital

Golub Capital BDC 2010-1 LLC

Golub Capital BDC 3, Inc.

Golub Capital BDC CLO 2014 LLC

Golub Capital BDC CLO III LLC

Golub Capital BDC LLC

Golub Capital BDC, Inc.

Golub Capital Investment Corp. CLO 2016(M) LLC

Golub Capital LLC

Golub Capital Partners BDC CLO 2014 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 10, LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 10, Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 10, Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 10, LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 12, LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 12, Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 14 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 14 Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 15 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 15 Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 15 Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 15 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 16 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 16, Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 16, Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 16 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 17 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 17, Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 17 LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 18 (M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 18 (M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 18 (M) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 18 (M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 19 (B) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 19 (B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 19(B)-R, Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 19(B)-R, LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 21 (M) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 21 (M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 21(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 22 (B) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 22 (B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 22 (B)-R

Golub Capital Partners CLO 22 (B)-R LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 23 (B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 23 (B) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 23 (B) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 23 (B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 24(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 24(M), Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 24(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 24(M)-R, LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 24(M)-R, Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 25(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 25(M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 25(M) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 25(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 26(B) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 26(B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 26(B)-R LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 26(B)-R Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 30(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 30(M), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 30(M), Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 30(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 31(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 31(M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 31(M) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 31(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 33 Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 33(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 33(M), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 34(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 34(M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 34(M) Ltd./Golub Capital Partners CLO 34(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 36(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 36(M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 37(B), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 37(B), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 38(M), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 38(M), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 39(B), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 39(B), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 40(B), LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 40(B), Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 41(B) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 41(B) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 42(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 42(M) Ltd.

Golub Capital Partners CLO 44(M) LLC

Golub Capital Partners CLO 44(M) Ltd.

GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.

Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings Ltd.

GOME Retail Holdings Ltd.

Gondwana Energy Ltd.

Gontermann Peipers Ltd.

Gontermann-Peipers (India) Ltd.

Gonzaga University


Goober Drilling

Gooch & Housego plc

Goochland County – Tuckahoe Creek Service District Project

Good Energy Group plc

Good Life China Corp.

Good Sam Enterprises, LLC

Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital Project

Good Shepherd Medical Center Project

Good Shepherd Village at Endwell Inc.

Good Times Restaurants Inc.

Goodfood Market Corp.

GoodFriend Management

GoodGreen 2016-1 Trust

GoodLife Fitness Centres Inc.

Goodman Australia Finance Pty Ltd.

Goodman Australia Industrial Partnership

Goodman China Logistics Holding

Goodman European Logistics Fund FCP-FIS

Goodman European Partnership

Goodman Fielder Ltd.

Goodman Funding Pty. Ltd.

Goodman Funds Management Ltd.

Goodman Global, Inc.

Goodman Group

Goodman HK Finance

Goodman Hong Kong Logistics Fund

Goodman Ltd.

Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman Networks Inc.

Goodman US Finance One, LLC

Goodman US Finance Three, LLC

Goodman US Finance Two, LLC

Goodnight Midstream, LLC

Goodpack Ltd.

Goodrich Corp.

Goodrich Petroleum Corp.



Goodway Integrated Industries Bhd.

Goodwin House Inc.

Goodwin Procter

Goodwin Procter LLP

Goody's Family Clothing Inc.

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe BV

Goodyear Europe BV

Goodyear Petroleum Corp.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Engineered Products Division

Goody’s, LLC

Google Inc.

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District

Goose Creek Correctional Center

Gopher Parent Inc.

Gopher Resource LLC

Gopher Sub Inc.

GoPro, Inc.

Gopsons Papers Ltd.

Gordmans Stores, Inc.

Gosford Quarry Holdings Ltd.

Goss International Corp.

Gossamer Bio, Inc.

Gossan Resources Ltd.

Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG

Gothaer Lebensversicherung AG


Gottaplay Interactive, Inc.

Gottex Multi-Asset Endowment Fund – I

Gottex Multi-Asset Endowment Fund – II

Gottschalks Inc.

Government and Quality Bond Portfolio

Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico

Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico

Government Employees Insurance Co.

Government Finance Officers Association

Government Housing Bank

Government Housing Bank of Thailand

Government of Abu Dhabi

Government of Argentina

Government of India

Government of Singapore Investment Corp. Pte Ltd.

Government of Swaziland

Government Properties Income Trust

Government Properties Trust, Inc.

Government Savings Bank

Governmental Accounting Standards Board

Governor and Co. of the Bank of Ireland

GoviEx Uranium Inc.

Govind Rubber Ltd.

Govinda Impex Ltd

Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.

Gowest Gold Ltd.

Goyal Energy & Steel Pvt. Ltd.

GP Investments Acquisition Corp.

GP Investments, Ltd.

GP Strategies Corp.

GPAT Compañía Financiera SA

GPB Eurobond Finance plc

GPC Biotech AG

GPC Real Estate Student Support I, LLC Project

GPH Operating Co. LLC

GPJ Ventures Ltd.

GPM Metals Inc.

GPMT 2018-FL1, Ltd.

GPMT 2018-FL1, Ltd. CRE CLO

GPMT 2019-FL2

GPMT 2019-FL2, Ltd.

GPN Capital SA

GPS Hospitality

GPS Hospitality Holding Co. LLC

GPS Industries, Inc.

GPS Online Ltd.

GPT Group

GPT Operating Partnership LP

GPT Property Trust LP

GPX International Tire Corp.

GR Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Grabal Alok Impex Ltd.

Grace 2, Inc.

Gracechurch Mortgage Financing plc

Graceway Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Graceway Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Graco Inc.

grade A copper

GrafTech Finance Inc.

GrafTech International Ltd.

Graham Corp.

Graham Holdings Co.

Graham Packaging Co. Inc.

Graham Packaging Co., LP

Grail Advisors

Grain Milling Ltd.

Grainger plc

Gram International Ltd.

Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Ltd.

Gramercy Advisors LLC

Gramercy Capital Corp.

Gramercy Funds Management LLC

Gramercy Park CLO Ltd./Gramercy Park CLO Corp.

Gramercy Property Trust

Gramercy Property Trust Inc.

Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

Gran Tierra Energy International Holdings Ltd.

Grana y Montero SAA

Granarolo SpA

Granbury Independent School District

Granby Oil and Gas plc

Grand Banks Energy Corp.

Grand Bankshares, Inc.

Grand Bills Finance Corp.

Grand Blanc Community Schools

Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

Grand Circle Holdings, LLC

Grand Circle River Cruise Lines, LLC

Grand City Properties SA

Grand Design Recreational Vehicle Co.

Grand Forks

Grand Fortune Securities Co., Ltd.

Grand Gulf Energy Ltd.

Grand Harbour I BV

Grand Harbour Marina plc

Grand Island

Grand Junction

Grand Lake Fire Protection District

Grand Lakes Municipal Utility No. 4

Grand Oceans Group Ltd.

Grand Parkway Transportation Corp.

Grand Perfecta Inc.

Grand Petroleum Inc.

Grand Power Logistics Group Inc.

Grand Prairie Independent School District

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Grand Renewable Solar LP

Grand River Dam Authority

Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority

Grand Toys International Ltd.

Grand Traverse County Hospital Finance Authority

Grand Traverse Hospital Finance Authority County

Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees

Grand Vehicle Works

Grand View Hospital

Granda Century Ltd.

Grande Asset Hotels and Property PCL

Grande Cache Coal Corp.

Grande Communications Holdings, Inc.

Grande Communications Networks LLC

Grande Portage Resources Ltd.

Grande West Transportation Group Inc.

Grandeur Products Ltd.

GrandLinq GP

Grandparents.com, Inc.

Grandview Capital Management LLC

Grandview Gold Inc.

Grange Resources Ltd.

Granite Acquisition, Inc.

Granite Broadcasting Corp.

Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd.

Granite Construction Inc.

Granite Merger Sub I, Inc.

Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc.

Granite Real Estate Investment Trust

Granite REIT Holdings LP

Granite School District

Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.

Grant County Public Utility District No. 2

Grant Enterprises, Inc.

Grant Forest Products Inc.

Grant Geophysical

Grant Grove CLO, Corp.

Grant Grove CLO, Ltd.

Grant Industries

Grant Joint Union High School District

Grant Life Sciences, Inc.

Grant Parkway Transportation Corp.

Grant Prideco, Inc.

Grant Thornton LLP

Granto, Inc.

Granules India, Ltd.

Granvia AS

Grapes Communications NV

Grapevine Finance LLC

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District

Graphene 3D Lab Inc.

Graphic Packaging Corp.

Graphic Packaging Holding Co.

Graphic Packaging International Corp.

Graphic Packaging International Inc.

Graphic Packaging International, LLC

Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc.

Graphite Corp.

Graphite India Ltd.

Graphite One Resources Inc.

GraphOn Corp.

Grasshopper Solar Corp.

Graton Economic Development Authority

Graton Resort & Casino

Gravetal Bolivia SA

Gravitas Financial Inc.

Gravity Co., Ltd.

Gravity Diamonds Ltd.

Gray Communications Systems, Inc.

Gray Fox Petroleum Corp.

Gray Television, Inc.

Gray Wolf Capital Corp.

Graybar Electric Co. Inc.

Grayd Resource Corp.

Grayling Wireless USA, Inc.

Graymark Healthcare Inc.

Graynic Metals Ltd.

Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No. 1

Grayson CLO, Ltd.

Graystone Co. Inc.

GRC Holdings, Inc.

Great Ajax Corp.

Great American Capital Partners, LLC

Great American Energy, Inc.

Great American Family Parks, Inc.

Great American Financial Resources, Inc.

Great American Group, Inc.

Great American Insurance Co.

Great American Life Insurance Co.

Great Artesian Oil & Gas Ltd.

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc.

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Inc. (A&P)

Great Basin Gold Ltd.

Great Basin Scientific, Inc.

Great Canadian Gaming Corp.

Great China International Holdings, Inc.

Great China Wall International Holdings III Ltd.

Great Chinese Bills Finance Corp.

Great Dane Merger Sub, Inc.

Great East Energy Inc.

Great Eastern Energy Corp. Ltd.

Great Eastern General Insurance Ltd.

Great Eastern Holdings Ltd.

Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd.

Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.

Great Elm Capital Corp.

Great Elm Capital Group, Inc.

Great Expectations and Associates Inc.

Great Gold Mines NL

Great Hearts Academies Project

Great Hearts Academy Project

Great Horizon Capital Pte. Ltd.

Great Lakes Advisors

Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd.

Great Lakes Bancorp, Inc.

Great Lakes Bond Fund

Great Lakes Carbon Corp.

Great Lakes Chemical Corp.

Great Lakes CLO 2012-1, Ltd./Great Lakes CLO 2012-1, LLC

Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 LLC

Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 Ltd.

Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 LLC

Great Lakes CLO 2015-1 Ltd.

Great Lakes CLO 2015-1, LLC

Great Lakes CLO 2019-1 LLC

Great Lakes CLO 2019-1 Ltd.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.

Great Lakes Gas Transmission LP

Great Lakes Graphite Inc.

Great Lakes Hydro Income Fund

Great Northwest Insurance Co.

Great Offshore Ltd.

Great Pacific International Inc.

Great Panther Mining Ltd.

Great Panther Resources Ltd.

Great Panther Silver Ltd.

Great Places Housing Group Ltd.

Great Plains Energy Inc.

Great Plains Ethanol LLC

Great Plains Exploration Inc.

Great Plains Holdings, Inc.

Great Plains Natural Gas Co.

Great Plains Regional Medical Center

Great Point Power LLC

Great Portland Estates plc

Great Prairie Energy Services Inc.

Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd.

Great Quest Metals Ltd.

Great River Energy

Great River Holding Co.

Great River Holdings Co.

Great Rivers Greenway District

Great Rock Capital Partners

Great Rolling Stock Co. Ltd.

Great Rolling Stock Co. plc

Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.

Great Thunder Gold Corp.

Great Wall Builders Ltd.

Great West Gold, Inc.

Great West Resources, Inc.

Great Western Bancorp, Inc.

Great Western Diamonds Corp.

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.

Great Western Minerals Ltd.

Great Western Petroleum LLC

Great Wolf Lodge of the Carolinas LLC

Great Wolf Resorts Holdings Inc.

Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.

Great-West Bond Index Fund

Great-West Federated Bond Fund

Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Capital, LP

Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Capital, LP II

Great-West Life Assurance Co.

Great-West Life Capital Trust

Great-West Lifeco Finance (Delaware) LP

Great-West Lifeco Finance 2018, LP

Great-West Lifeco Inc.

Greatbatch Ltd.

Greatbatch, Inc.

Greate Bay Hotel & Casino Inc.

Greater Arizona Development Authority

Greater Atlantic Financial Corp.

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Greater Bay Bancorp, Inc.

Greater Bendigo Gold Mines Ltd.

Greater Binghamton Health Center

Greater Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Greater China Fund

Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Greater Community Bancorp

Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation.

Greater Missouri Operations Co.

Greater Mumbai

Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Greater Richmond Convention Center Authority

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Greater Tzaneen Municipality

Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District

Greatfleet plc

GreatLand Connections Inc.

Greatwide Logistics Services, Inc.

Greaves Cotton Ltd.

GREC Entity Holdco LLC

Grede Holdings LLC


Greek Isles Hotel and Casino

Greektown Casino Hotel

Greektown Holdings LLC

Greektown Mothership Corp.

Greektown Superholdings, Inc.

Green Automotive Co.

Green Ballast, Inc.

Green Bancorp, Inc.

Green Bank (A Rural Bank), Inc.

Green Bankshares, Inc.

Green Bay Area, Wis., Public School District

Green Brick Partners Inc.

Green Country Energy LLC

Green Cross Corp.

Green Dot Corp.

Green Dragon Gas Ltd.

Green Dragon Wood Products, Inc.

Green Earth Fuels of Houston LLC

Green Earth Technologies, Inc.

Green Endeavors, Inc.

Green Energy Live, Inc.

Green Energy Partners/Stonewall LLC

Green Energy Technology Inc.

Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp.

Green Field Energy Services, Inc.

Green Growth Bond

Green Hygienics Holdings Inc.

Green Island Capital Securities plc

Green Lane CLO LLC

Green Lane CLO Ltd.

Green Leader Holdings Group Ltd.

Green Mountain Capital, Inc.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.

Green Mountain Power Co.

Green Mountain Power Corp.

Green Park Capital Corp.

Green Plains Cattle Co. LLC

Green Plains Grain Co. LLC

Green Plains Inc.

Green Plains Partners LP

Green Plains Processing LLC

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.

Green Polkadot Box Inc.

Green Property

Green Rock Energy Ltd.

Green Technology Solutions Inc.

Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Green Tree Credit Solutions LLC

Green Tree Financial

Green Valley Ranch Gaming LLC

Green Valley Ranch Resorts Spa Casinos

Green Veracity Acquisition, Inc.

GreenAngel Energy Corp.

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Co. LLC

GreenBank Capital Inc.

Greenbelt Resources Corp.

Greenberg Traurig LLP

Greenbriar Capital Corp.

Greenbrier Cos., Inc.

Greenbrier Hotel Corp.

Greencastle Resources Ltd.

Greenchoice International, Inc.

Greencoat Renewables plc

Greencoat UK Wind plc

Greencross Ltd.

Greene County

Greene King Finance plc

Greeneden U.S. Holdings II, LLC

Greeneden US Holdings LLC

Greenestone Healthcare Corp.

Greenfield Central Community School Corp.

Greenfield Commercial Credit Inc.

Greenfield Energy Centre LP

GreenField Ethanol Inc.

Greenfield Farms Food Inc.

Greenfield Financial Group, Inc.

Greenfield Middle School Building Corp.

Greenfield Online, Inc.

Greenfield Power South Corp.

Greenfield South Power Corp.

GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc.

Greenfields of Geneva

Greenfields Petroleum Corp.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc.

Greenhill & Co., Inc.

GreenHunter Energy, Inc.

Greenhunter Resources Inc.

Greenko Dutch BV

Greenko Energy Holdings

Greenko Group plc

Greenko Investment Co.

Greenko Investment II Ltd.

Greenko Mauritius

Greenko Solar (Mauritius) Ltd.

Greenkraft, Inc.

Greenland Global Investment Ltd.

Greenland Holding Group Co. Ltd.

Greenland Holdings Corp. Ltd.

Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd.

Greenland Resources Inc.

Greenleaf Power LLC

Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd.

Greenlight Merger Corp.

Greenlight Planet

Greenlight Reinsurance, Ltd.

GreenMan Technologies Inc.

Greenock Resources Inc.

Greenpac Mill, LLC

GreenParts International, Inc.

GreenPlex Services, Inc.

GreenPower Motor Co. Inc.

Greenpro Capital Corp.

Greenrock Finance, Inc.

Greenrock Midco Ltd.

Greens Worldwide Inc.

Greensands UK Ltd.


Greenscape Capital Group Inc.

GreenShift Corp.

Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC

GreenSky Holdings, LLC

GreenSky LLC

GreenSpace Brands Inc.

GreenStar Agricultural Corp.

Greenstone Healthcare Corp.

GreenTech Automotive, Inc.

Greentown China Holdings Ltd.

Greentree Gas & Oil Ltd.


Greenville County Project

Greenville County School District Project

Greenville Health System

Greenville Hospital System Board of Trustees

Greenville Independent School District

Greenway Health, LLC

Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.


Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Resources plc

Greenwich Therapeutics

Greenwind SA

Greenwood County

Greenwood Financial Inc.

Greenwood Hall, Inc.

Greenwood Independent School District

Greenwood Racing Inc.

Greenyard NV

GreenZap, Inc.

Greer Bancshares Inc.

Gregg Appliances, Inc.

Gregg County Health Facilities Development Corp

Gregg County Health Facilities Development Corp.

Gregorio, Numo y Noel Werthein SA

Greif Bros. Corp.

Greif Inc.

Greif Luxembourg Finance SCA

Gremach Infrastructure Equipments & Projects Ltd.


Grenkeleasing AG

Grenville Gold Corp.

Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp.


Gresham Capital CLO I BV

Gresham Capital CLO II BV

Gresham Capital CLO III BV

Gresham Capital CLO IV BV

Gresham Computing plc

Gresham Street CDO Funding 2003-1, Ltd.

Grey Global Group

Grey Horse Capital Corp.

Grey Island Systems International Inc.

Grey Wolf, Inc.


Greyhound Commissary, Inc.

Greyhound Lines Inc.

Greystar Growth and Income Fund LP

Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC

Greystar Resources Ltd.

Greystone & Co., Inc.

Greystone Bridge Lending Fund Manager LLC

Greystone Commercial Real Estate Notes 2018-HC1, Ltd.

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Project

Greywolf Capital Management LP

Greywolf CLO II, Ltd./Greywolf CLO II, LLC

Greywolf CLO III, Ltd./Greywolf CLO III, LLC

Greywolf CLO IV, Ltd./Greywolf CLO IV, LLC

Greywolf CLO V, LLC

Greywolf CLO V, Ltd.

Greywolf CLO V, Ltd./Greywolf CLO V, LLC

Greywolf CLO VII, LLC

Greywolf CLO VII, Ltd./Greywolf CLO VII, LLC

Greywolf Loan Management LP

GRI Export Credit Bank of Turkey AS

Grid Petroleum Corp.

Gridco Ltd.

GridSense Systems Inc.

GridShare LLC

Gridsum Holding Inc.

Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood ASA


Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT II, Inc.

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT, Inc.

Griffin Capital Net Lease REIT, Inc.

Griffin Coal Mining Co. Pty. Ltd.

Griffin Land & Nurseries, Inc.

Griffin Mining Ltd.

Griffin, Kubik, Stephens & Thompson Inc.

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, Inc.

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III, Inc.

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT IV, Inc.

Griffin-Benefit Street Partners BDC Corp.

Griffith Park CLO DAC

Griffiths Energy International Inc.

Griffon Corp.


Grifols SA

Grifols World Wide Operations USA, Inc.

Grifols Worldwide Operations Ltd.

Grill Concepts, Inc.

Grilled Cheese Truck, Inc.

Grinding Media Inc.

Grinnell College

Grippen Park CLO Ltd./Grippen Park CLO LLC

Gristede's Foods, Inc.


GRIT International Inc.

Grizzly Acquisitions Inc.

Grizzly Diamonds Ltd.

Grizzly Discoveries Inc.

Grizzly Gold Corp.

Grizzly Operations LP

Grocery Outlet Inc.

Groeb Farms, Inc.

Groen Brothers Aviation Inc.

Groen Gas Oude-Tonge BV

Grohe AG

Grohe Beteiligungs GmbH

Grohe Holding GmbH

GroPep Ltd.

Grossmont Healthcare District

Grossmont Union High School District

Grossmont Union School District

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District


Grosvenor Capital Management Holdings LLLP

Grosvenor Place 2013-1

Grosvenor Place 2013-1 BV

Grosvenor Place 2015-1 BV

Grosvenor Place CLO 2013-1 BV

Grosvenor Place CLO 2015-1, BV

Grosvenor Place CLO I BV

Grosvenor Place CLO II BV

Grosvenor Place CLO II1 BV

Grosvenor Place CLO III BV

Ground Rents Income Fund plc

Groundstar Resources Ltd.

Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

Group Casino

Group Health Coop of Puget Sound

Group Health Cooperative

Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound

Group Health Options, Inc.

Group Lease PCL

Groupama Assurance Mutuelles

Groupama SA

Groupe Acticall SA

Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

Groupe Akerys

Groupe Auchan SA

Groupe Bikini Village Inc.

Groupe BPCE SA

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert SA

Groupe Casino EN

Groupe Chimique Tunisien

Groupe Crédit Agricole

Groupe Distinction Inc.

Groupe Ecore Holding SAS (Luxembourg)

Groupe Eurotunnel SA

Groupe Fnac

Groupe FNAC SA

Groupe Latecoere

Groupe Les Ailes de la Mode Inc.

Groupe Monceau Fleurs

Groupe Poult

Groupe SEB

Groupe Steria

Groupon, Inc.

Grove Energy Ltd.

Groves in Lincoln, Inc.

Grow Solutions Holdings Inc.

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc.

GrowCo, Inc.

GrowLife, Inc.

Growth & Income Fund

Growth Equity Portfolio

Growthgen Equity Inc.

Growthpoint Ltd

Growthpoint Properties International (Pty) Ltd.

Growthpoint Properties Ltd.

Grubb & Ellis Co.

Grubb & Ellis Healthcare REIT, Inc.

Grubb & Ellis Realty Advisors, Inc.

Grubhub Holdings Inc.

GrubHub Inc.

Gruden Acquisition, Inc.

Gruma SA de CV

Gruma, SAB de CV

Grundy County

Grupa PKP

Grupo ACP Inversiones y Desarrollo

Grupo Aeromexico SAB de CV

Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de Mexico SA de CV

Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte, SAB de CV

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, SAB de CV

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, SAB de CV

Grupo Aje

Grupo Aldesa SA

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin Dutch BV

Grupo Antolin Irausa, SA

Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores SA

Grupo Aval Ltd.

Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicacao

Grupo Banorte

Grupo Bimbo SAB

Grupo Bimbo, SA de CV

Grupo Bimbo, SAB de CV

Grupo Carso

Grupo Casa Saba

Grupo Casa Saba, SAB de CV

Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua SA de CV

Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua SAB de CV

Grupo Clarin SA

Grupo Codere

Grupo Colombo

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar

Grupo Corporative ONO SA

Grupo Corporativo ONO SA

Grupo Cortefiel

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana SA

Grupo Dina

Grupo Elektra SA de CV

Grupo Elektra SAB de CV

Grupo Elektra, SA

Grupo Embotellador Atic SA

Grupo Embotelladora Atic, SA

Grupo Energia Bogota SA ESP

Grupo Estrella SA

Grupo Famsa SAB de CV

Grupo Farias

Grupo Ferrer Internacional, SA

Grupo Ferroviario Mexicano SA de CV

Grupo Fertinal, SA de CV

Grupo Financiero Aserta, SA de CV

Grupo Financiero Banorte

Grupo Financiero Banorte, SAB de CV

Grupo Financiero BBVA Bancomer SA

Grupo Financiero Continental

Grupo Financiero CrediQ Corp.

Grupo Financiero Galicia SA

Grupo Financiero Interacciones

Grupo Financiero Mifel

Grupo Financiero Mifel SA

Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico

Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico SAB de CV

Grupo Fleury SA

Grupo Galicia

Grupo Gayosso SA de CV

Grupo Gicsa, SA de CV

Grupo Gicsa, SAB De CV

Grupo Gigante SA de CV

Grupo Gigante SAB de CV

Grupo Gloria

Grupo Herdez SA de CV

Grupo Idesa SA de CV

Grupo Imsa SAB de CV

Grupo IMSA, SA de CV

Grupo Isolux Corsan Finance BV

Grupo Isolux Corsan, SA

Grupo JBS-Friboi

Grupo Kaltex, SA de CV

Grupo KUO SAB de CV

Grupo LALA, SAB de CV

Grupo Los Grobo

Grupo M Holding SA

Grupo Mexicana

Grupo Mexico SA de CV

Grupo Mexico, SAB de CV

Grupo Minero Mexico SA de CV

Grupo Modelo SAB de CV

Grupo Modelo, SA de CV

Grupo Nacional Provincial

Grupo Nacional Provincial SA

Grupo Nacional Provincial SAB

Grupo Oi SA

Grupo ONO

Grupo Papelero Scribe SA de CV

Grupo Petrotemex SA de CV

Grupo Posadas SA de CV

Grupo Posadas, SAB de CV

Grupo R SA de CV

Grupo Rede Empresas de Energia Eletrica SA

Grupo Rotoplas SAB de CV

Grupo Senda Autotransporte SA de CV

Grupo Senda SA de CV

Grupo Simec

Grupo Supervielle SA

Grupo Taca Holdings Ltd.

Grupo Tampico, SA de CV

Grupo Televisa SAB

Grupo Televisa, SA

Grupo Televisa, SAB de CV

Grupo TMM SA de CV

Grupo TMM SAB de CV

Grupo Unialco

Grupo Unicomer

Grupo Unicomer Co. Ltd.

Grupo Virgolino de Oliveira SA

Grupo Votorantim

Gruposura Finance

Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso SpA

Gruppo Espresso

Gruppo, Levey & Co.

Gryphon Gold Corp.

Gryphon Investors

Gryphon Minerals Ltd.

GS Auto International Ltd.

GS Caltex Corp.

GS Capital Partners

GS Carbon Corp.

GS Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

GS Engineering & Construction Corp.

GS Engineering and Construction

GS EnviroServices, Inc.

GS Finance Corp.

GS Investment Management LLC

GS Momentum Builder Multi-Asset 2 ER index

GS Momentum Builder Multi-Asset 5 ER index

GS Momentum Builder Multi-Asset 5S ER index

GS Real Estate Mezzanine Partners Offshore Fund, LP

GS Real Estate Mezzanine Partners Onshore Fund, LP

GS Real Estate Mezzanine Partners Treaty Fund, LP

GS Yuasa Corp.

GSC Capital Corp.

GSC Group

GSC Group, Inc.

GSC Holdings Corp.

GSC Investment Corp.

GSC Investment Corp. CLO 2007, Ltd.

GSC Partners

GSCI Crude Oil Index - Excess Return

GSCI Natural Gas Index Excess Return


GSE Environmental Inc.

GSE Holding, Inc.

GSE Holdings Inc.

GSE Performance Solutions, Inc.

GSE Systems, Inc.

GSH Corp. Ltd.

GSH Group plc

GSH Holdings

GSI Commerce Inc.


GSI Group, Inc.

GSI Holdings

GSI Holdings Corp.

GSI Holdings LLC

GSI Technology Inc.

GSO Capital Partners LP

GSO/Blackstone Debt Funds Management LLC

GSPC Gas Co. Ltd

GSPC Gas Co. Ltd.

GSS America Infotech Ltd.

GSS Infotech Ltd.

GST AutoLeather Inc.

GST Network Funding, Inc.

GST Telecom, Inc.

GSV Capital Corp.

GSW Immobilien AG

GT Advanced Technologies Inc.

GT Brands, LLC

GT Canada Capital Corp.

GT Capital Holdings, Inc.

GT Group Telecom Inc.

GT Loan Financing I, LLC

GT Loan Financing I, Ltd.

GT Loan Financing I, Ltd./GT Loan Financing I, LLC

GT Solar International Inc.

GTA CorpFin Capital Inc.

GTA Resources and Mining Inc.

GTA TeleGuam

GTB Bank

GTB Finance BV

GTC Bank, Inc.

GTC Biotherapeutics, Inc.

GTC Telecom Corp.

GTC Telecom, Inc.


GTCR Valor Cos. Inc.

GTCR-RevSpring Acquisition, Inc.

GTE Corp.


GTECH Holdings Corp.

Gtech SpA

GTEL Holdings, Inc.

GTH Finance BV

GTL Infrastructure Ltd.

GTL Ltd.

GTL Resources plc

GTL Trade Finance Inc.

GTLK Europe Capital DAC


GTLK Europe Ltd.

GTM Holdings, Inc.

GTO Resources Inc.

GTP Acquisition Partners I, LLC

GTSI Corp.

GTT Communications BV

GTT Communications Inc.

GTX Corp.

GTx Inc.

Guacolda Energia SA

Guacolda SA


Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority

Guala Closures SpA


Guam Department of Education

Guam Economic Development Authority

Guam Facilities Foundation Inc.

Guam Power Authority

Guam Waterworks Authority


Guanay Finance Ltd.

Guangdong Development Bank

Guangdong Energy Group Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Helenbergh Estate Group Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Helenbergh Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Hengjian Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Investment Ltd.

Guangsha Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd.

Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Communications Investment Group Corp. Ltd.

Guangxi Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Liuzhou Dongcheng Investment & Development Co. Ltd.

Guangxi Liuzhou Dongcheng Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co. Ltd.

Guangyang Antai Holdings Ltd.

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou City Construction & Development Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Development District Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Finance Holdings Group Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Fineland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Global Telecom, Inc.

Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Metro Investment Finance (BVI) Ltd.

Guangzhou Panyu Agile Realty Development Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Silk Road Investment Ltd.

Guangzhou Times Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou-Shenzhen Superhighway

Guarantee Co. of North America

Guaranty Bancorp

Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.

Guaranty Bank

Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc.

Guaranty Financial Group, Inc.

Guaranty Financial Services, Inc.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc

Guardian 8 Holdings

Guardian Europe Sarl

Guardian Exploration Inc.

Guardian Health Services

Guardian Healthcare

Guardian Industries Corp.

Guardian Industries Inc.

Guardian Insurance & Annuity Co., Inc.

Guardian Life Global Funding

Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America

Guardian Royal Exchange plc

Guardian Technologies International Inc.


Guardrisk Insurance Co. Ltd.



Guatemala Electricity Trust

Guava Technologies, Inc.

Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc.


Guerrero Exploration Inc.

Guess Corp.

Guess?, Inc.

Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

GuestLogix Inc.

Guggenheim Build America Bonds Managed Duration Trust

Guggenheim BulletShares 2012 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2012 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2016 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2017 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2018 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2018 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2019 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2019 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2020 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2020 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2021 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2022 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2023 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2023 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2024 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim BulletShares 2024 High Yield Corporate Bond exchange-traded fund

Guggenheim BulletShares 2025 Corporate Bond ETF

Guggenheim Capital Markets, LLC

Guggenheim Define Portfolios, Series 737

Guggenheim Define Portfolios, Series 829

Guggenheim Define Portfolios, Series 830

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 733

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 738

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 803

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 805

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 806

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 813

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 831

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 832

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 833

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 834

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 835

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 836

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 837

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 838

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 839

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 840

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 841

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 842

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 843

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 844

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 845

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 846

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 847

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 848

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 849

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 850

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 851

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 852

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 853

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 854

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 855

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 856

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 857

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 858

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 859

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 860

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 861

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 862

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 863

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 864

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 865

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 866

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 867

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 868

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 869

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 870

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 871

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 872

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 873

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 874

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 875

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 876

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 877

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 878

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 879

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 880

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 881

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 882

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 883

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 884

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 885

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 886

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 887

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 888

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 889

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 890

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 891

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 893

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 894

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 897

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 900

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 901

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 903

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 904

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 905

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 906

Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 907

Guggenheim Enhanced Core Bond ETF

Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund

Guggenheim Enhanced Short Duration Bond

Guggenheim Enhanced Ultra-Short Bond

Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced Equity Income Fund

Guggenheim EW Euro-Pacific LDRs ETF

Guggenheim Floating Rate & Income Fund

Guggenheim Floating-Rate Strategies Fund

Guggenheim Funds Distributors, Inc

Guggenheim Funds Investment Advisors, LLC

Guggenheim International Small Cap LDRs ETF

Guggenheim Investment Management, LLC

Guggenheim Investments

Guggenheim Limited Duration Fund

Guggenheim Macro Opportunities Fund

Guggenheim MM CLO 2018-1 LLC

Guggenheim MM CLO 2018-1 Ltd.

Guggenheim MSCI All Country World Equal Weight exchange-traded fund

Guggenheim Municipal Income Fund

Guggenheim Ocean Tomo Growth Index ETF

Guggenheim Ocean Tomo Patent ETF

Guggenheim Partners Europe Ltd.

Guggenheim Partners Investment Management Holdings

Guggenheim Partners Investment Management Holdings LLC

Guggenheim Partners Investment Management LLC

Guggenheim Partners Investments Management, LLC

Guggenheim Partners, LLC

Guggenheim Private Debt Fund Note Issuer 2.0, LLC

Guggenheim Private Debt Fund Note Issuer, LLC

Guggenheim Raymond James SB-1 Equity ETF

Guggenheim Sector Rotation ETF

Guggenheim Securities

Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund

Guggenheim Yuan Bond ETF

Guggnheim BulletShares 2020 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

Guidance Software, Inc.

Guidant Corp.

Guide Exploration Ltd.

Guided Therapeutics, Inc.

Guidehouse LLP

GuideMark Small/Mid Cap Core Fund

GuideMark Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Fund

GuideStone Funds Flexible Income Fund

Guidewire Software Inc.

Guildford Coal Ltd.


Guilford County

Guilford Mills

Guilford Pharmaceuticals



Guinness Anchor Bhd.

Guinness Partnership

Guinness Peat Group plc

Guinor Gold Corp.

Guirenniao Co., Ltd.

Guitammer Co.

Guitar Center Holdings Inc.

Guitar Center Inc.

Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.

Gujarat Borosil Ltd.

Gujarat Containers Ltd.

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.

Gujarat Foils Ltd.

Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd.

Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Co. Ltd.

Gujarat State Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd.

Gula Perak Bhd.

Gulabdas & Co

Gulf & Pacific Equities Corp.

Gulf Bank

Gulf Bank KSC

Gulf Care Inc.

Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Corp.

Gulf Coast Industrial Development Authority

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas, Inc.

Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority

Gulf Cogeneration Co. Ltd.

Gulf Cooperation Council

Gulf Finance House

Gulf Finance House GSC

Gulf Finance LLC

Gulf Financial House

Gulf General Investment Co. PSC

Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance Co. KSC

Gulf Insurance Co. KSC

Gulf Insurance Group KSCP

Gulf International Bank BSC

Gulf International Minerals Ltd.

Gulf Investment Corp.

Gulf Investment Corp. GSC

Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc.

Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd.

Gulf Offshore Logistics, LLC

Gulf Oil Corp. Ltd.

Gulf Power Co.

Gulf Resources, Inc.

Gulf Shores Resources Ltd.

Gulf South Pipeline Co.

Gulf South Pipeline Co., LP

Gulf Tanks

Gulf United Energy, Inc.

Gulf Western Petroleum Corp.

GulfMark Americas, Inc.

GulfMark Management, Inc.

GulfMark Offshore Holdings Inc.

GulfMark Offshore Inc.

Gulfport Energy Corp.

Gulfsands Petroleum plc

Gulfside Casino Partnership

Gulfside Mineral Ltd.

Gulfside Minerals Ltd.

GulfSlope Energy, Inc.

Gulfstream International Group, Inc.

Gulfstream Natural Gas System, LLC

GulfTerra Energy Partners

GulfWest Energy Corp.

GulfWest Energy Inc.

Gull Holdings Ltd.

Gulshan Polyols Ltd.

Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Authority

Gun Lake Tribe

Gundersen Lutheran

Gundersen Lutheran Administrative Services, Inc.

Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Gundersen Lutheran Obligated Group

Gundle/SLT Environmental Inc.

Gunkul Engineering PCL

Gunma Bank, Ltd.

Gunns Ltd.

Gunpoint Exploration Ltd.

Gunson Resources Ltd.

Gunvor Group Ltd.

Gunvor Investments Ltd.

Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam BV

Guo Xiang Property Co., Ltd.

Guocang Group Ltd.

Guoco Group Ltd.

GuocoLand Ltd.

GuocoLeisure Ltd.

Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corp. Ltd.

Guohui International (BVI) Co., Ltd.

Guolian Securities Co., Ltd.

Guoman Hotels Ltd.

Guorui Properties Ltd.

Guotai Junan Financial Holdings (BVI) Ltd.

Guotai Junan Holdings Ltd.

Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd.

Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd.

Gupta Synthetics Ltd.

Gurtin Fixed Income Management, LLC

Gurtin Municipal Bond Management

Gurudeva Trust

Gusbourne plc

Gushen, Inc.

Guthrie GTS Ltd.

Guthrie Health System



Guwahati Municipal Corp.

Guyana Frontier Mining Corp.

Guyana Goldfields Inc.

Guyana Precious Metals Inc.

GV Films Ltd.

GVC Holdings plc

GVI Security Solutions Inc.

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd.

GVM Metals Ltd.

GVNS Tollways

GVT Holding SA

GW Limited 51, Inc.

GW Ltd. 51, Inc.

GW Pharmaceuticals plc

GWB Immobilien AG

GWF Energy Holdings LLC

GWF Energy LLC

GWG Holdings, Inc.

Gwinnett County Development Authority

Gwinnett County Hospital Authority

Gwinnett County School District

Gwinnett County Water and Sewerage Authority

Gwinnett Hospital System

Gwinnett Hospital System, Inc. Project

GWLS Holdings Inc.

GWR Operating Partnership, LLLP

GWR Resources Inc.

GXS Corp. (Global eXchange Services)

GXS WorldWide Inc.

Gymboree Corp.

Gymboree Group, Inc.

Gymboree, Inc.

Gynesonics, Inc.

GYP Holdings III Corp.

Gypsum Management & Supply Inc.

Gypsum Management and Supply Inc.

Gypsum Transportation Ltd.

Gyrodyne Co. of America, Inc.

Gyrotron Technology Inc.

Gyrus Group plc

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