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E Com Ventures, Inc.

E-Centives Inc.

E-compass Acquisition Corp.

E-Debit Global Corp.

e-Future Information Technology Inc.

E-Qure Corp.

e-Therapeutics plc

E-Waste Systems, Inc.

E2open, Inc.

e2v Technologies plc

E4 Energy Inc.

Eacom Timber Corp.

Eagle Bancorp, Inc.

Eagle Bay Resources NL

Eagle Broadband, Inc.

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.

Eagle Ford Oil & Gas Corp.

Eagle Hill Exploration Corp.

Eagle Mountain Gold Corp.

Eagle Oil Holding Co., Inc.

Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.

Eagle Rock Energy Partners LP

Eagle Rock Exploration Ltd.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp.

Eagle Star Petroleum Corp.

Eaglecrest Explorations Ltd.

Eaglewood Energy Inc.

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.

Earth Biofuels, Inc.

Earth Energy Reserves, Inc.

EarthFirst Technologies Inc.


Earthport plc

EarthSearch Communications, Inc.

Earthshell Corp.

Earthstone Energy, Inc.

eASIC Corp.

Eason Education Kingdom Holdings, Inc.

East Africa Metals Inc.

East Asia Minerals Corp.

East Coast Diversified Corp.

East Delta Resources Corp.

East Fork Biodiesel, LLC

East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC

East West Bancorp, Inc.

East West Petroleum Corp.

East West Resource Corp.

EastBridge Investment Group Corp.

EastCoal Inc.

Eastern Drilling ASA

Eastern Goldfields, Inc.

Eastern Platinum Ltd.

Eastern Resources, Inc.

Eastern Star Gas Ltd.

Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc.

Eastgate Acquisitions Corp.

Eastgate Biotech Corp.

Eastland Medical Systems Ltd.

Eastmain Resources Inc.

Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Eastshore Energy Ltd.

EastSiberian plc

Eastside Distilling, Inc.

Easyhome Ltd.

EasyLink Services Corp.

Easymed Services, Inc.

Eat at Joe’s, Ltd.

Eaton Vance Corp.

EAU Technologies, Inc.

eAutoclaims Inc.

Ebix Inc.

eBizware, Inc.

EBT Mobile China plc

EC Development, Inc.

eCampusCash Inc.

eCareer Holdings Inc.

ECB Bancorp, Inc.

Echelon Capital Corp.

Echo Automotive, Inc.

Echo Energy Canada Inc.

Echo Metrix, Inc.

Echo Therapeutics, Inc.

Eclips Inc.

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corp.

Eclipse Resources Corp.

ECM Energy Services, Inc.

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd.

Eco Building Products, Inc.

Eco Oro Minerals Corp.

Eco Ventures Group, Inc.

Eco-Shift Power Corp.

Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc.

ECO2 Plastics, Inc.

Ecoark Holdings, Inc.

EcoBlu Products, Inc.

Ecofin Water & Power Opportunities plc

Ecologic Transportation, Inc.

Ecology Coatings, Inc.

Ecolomondo Corp. Inc.

Ecometals Ltd.

Ecopia BioSciences Inc.

EcoSecurities Group plc

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

EcoSystem Corp.

Ecotality Inc.

Ecototality, Inc.

eCrypt Technologies, Inc.

Ecstall Mining Corp.

ECU Silver Mining Inc.

Ecuador Gold & Copper Corp.

Ecuador Gold and Copper Corp.

Ecuity, Inc.


Eden Energy Corp.

Eden Energy Ltd.

Edgar Filing.net, Inc.

Edgar Online, Inc.

Edge Resources Inc.

Edge Therapeutics, Inc.

Edgefront Realty Corp.

Edgeline Holdings, Inc.

Edgemont Resources Corp.

Edgewater Bancorp, Inc.

Edgewater Exploration Ltd.

Edgewater Foods International, Inc.

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

Edgewave, Inc.

eDiets.com, Inc.

eDigital Corp.

Editas Medicine, Inc.

Edleun Group, Inc.

eDoorways Corp.

Education Realty Trust, Inc.

Edulink, Inc.

Edwards LifeSciences Corp.

EESTech, Inc.

EEStor Corp.

EFactor Group Corp.

EFactor Holdings, Inc.

EFL Overseas, Inc.

eFleets Corp.

Eflo Energy Inc.

eGain Communications Corp.

eGain Corp.

Egalet Corp.

Egdon Resources

Egdon Resources plc

EGPI Firecreek, Inc.

Eguana Technologies Inc.

egX Group Inc.

eHi Car Services Ltd.

EHouse Global, Inc.

Eiger BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.

Eiger Technology, Inc.

Einstein Noah Restaurant Group Inc.

EiRx Therapeutics plc

EIS Capital Corp.

Eitzen Chemical ASA

Eitzen Maritime Services ASA

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc.

Ekwan-X Inc.

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc.

El Condor Minerals Inc.

El Maniel International, Inc.

El Nino Ventures Inc.

El Paso Pipeline Partners, LP

El Tigre Silver Corp.

Elandia International Inc.

Elandia, Inc.

eLayaway, Inc.

Elbit Imaging Ltd.

Elbit Vision Systems Ltd.

Elcom International, Inc.

Elcora Resources Corp.

Eldorado Exploration

Eldorado Exploration, Inc.

ELE Capital Corp.

eLec Communications Corp.

Eleckra Mines Ltd.

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc.

Electric City Corp.

Electric Network.com, Inc.

Electric Transportation Engineering Corp.

Electric Word plc

Electro Energy, Inc.

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Ltd.

Electro-Optical Sciences Inc.

electroBusiness.com Inc.

Electroglas, Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd.

Electronic Control Security Inc.

Electronic Game Card Inc.

Electronic Sensor Technology Inc.

Electrovaya Inc.

Electrum Resources plc

Element 21 Golf Co.

Element 79 Capital Inc.

Element Financial Corp.

Element Solutions Inc.

Elemental Minerals Ltd.

Elephant Talk Communications Corp.

Elephant Talk Communications, Inc.

Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Elgin Mining Inc.

eLinear Inc.

Elissa Resources Ltd.

Elite Data Services, Inc.

Elite Flight Solutions, Inc.

Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Elixir Gaming Technologies, Inc.

Elixir Petroleum Ltd.

Elk Petroleum Ltd.

Elkedra Diamonds NL

Elkwater Resources Ltd.

Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd.

Ellie Mae, Inc.

Ellington Financial LLC

Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT

Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

Eloda 2006 Corp.

Eloda Corp.

Eloqua, Inc.

Eloro Resources Ltd.

Eltek ASA

Ely Gold & Minerals Inc.

eMagin Corp.

EMAK Worldwide, Inc.

EMAV Holdings Inc.

Ember Resources Inc.

EmberClear Corp.

EMC Metals Corp.

Emclaire Financial Corp.

Emcore Corp.

EMED Mining Public Ltd.

Ementor ASA

Emerald Acquisition Corp.

Emerald Bay Energy Inc.

Emerald Dairy Inc.

Emerald Medical Applications Corp.

Emerald Oil, Inc.

Emerge Energy Services LP

eMerge Interactive Inc.

Emergence Resort Canada Inc.

Emergent Capital Inc.

Emergent Group Inc.

Emergent Health Corp.

Emerging Media Holdings Inc.

Emerging Metals Ltd.

Emerita Gold Corp.,

Emerita Resources Corp.

Emerson Exploration Inc.

Emgold Mining Corp.

Emisphere Technologies Inc.

EMM Energy Inc.

Emmaus Holdings, Inc.

Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc.

Emperor Mines Ltd.

Emperor Oil Ltd.

Empire Capital Corp.

Empire Energy Corp. International

Empire Energy Holdings, Inc.

Empire Financial Holding Co.

Empire Global Corp.

Empire Industries Ltd.

Empire Iron Works Ltd.

Empire Minerals Corp.

Empire Mining Corp.

Empire Petroleum Corp.

Empire Resorts, Inc.

Empire Resources Inc.

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc.

Empower Technologies Corp.

Empowered Products, Inc.

EMPS Corp.

Empyrean Energy plc

Empyrean Holdings, Inc.

Emrise Corp.

EMS Find Inc.

EMTA Holdings, Inc.

Emtec, Inc.

En2Go International, Inc.

Enable Holdings, Inc.

Enable Midstream Partners LP

Enablence Technologies Inc.

Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Enbridge Energy Management LLC

Enbridge Energy Partners, LP

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.

Encanto Potash Corp.

Encision Inc.

Enclaves Group, Inc.

Encore Clean Energy Inc.

Encore Renaissance Resources Corp.

Encorium Group, Inc.

Encounter Resources Ltd.

Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Endavo Media and Communications Inc.

Endeavor Energy Corp.

Endeavour International Corp.

Endeavour Silver Corp.

Endocare, Inc.


Endocoal Ltd.

Endocyte, Inc.

Endologix, Inc.

Endonovo Therapeutics Inc.

Endurance Explorations Group Inc.

Endurance Fund Corp.

Endwave Corp.

Enegi Oil plc

Ener-Core, Inc.

Ener1, Inc.

Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp.

Energas Resources, Inc.

Energem Resources Inc.

Energenx, Inc.

Energetix Group plc

Energia Minerals Ltd.

Energie Holdings Inc.

Energizer Resources Inc.

Energold Drilling Corp.

Energold Mining Ltd.

Energous Corp.

Energroup Holdings Corp.

Energtek Inc.

EnerGulf Resources Inc.

Energy & Engine Technology Corp.

Energy Composites Corp.

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.

Energy Edge Technologies Corp.

Energy Exploration Technologies Inc.

Energy Focus, Inc.

Energy Fuels, Inc.

Energy Hunter Resources, Inc.

Energy Infrastructure Acquisition Corp.

Energy Investments Ltd.

Energy Metals Corp.

Energy Metals Ltd.

Energy Quest, Inc.

Energy Services of America Corp.

Energy Telecom Inc.

Energy Transfer Equity LP

Energy Transfer Partners LP

Energy Ventures Ltd.

Energy West, Inc.

Energy World Corp. Ltd.

Energybuild Group plc

EnergyConnect Group, Inc.

EnergyMixx AG

Energytec, Inc.

EnergyTek Corp.

EnerJex Resources, Inc.

Enerji Ltd.

EnerLume Energy Management Corp.

Enermad Corp.

Enerpulse Technologies, Inc.

EnerTeck Corp.

Enertopia Corp.

Enfis Group plc

Engage Mobility, Inc.

Engagement Labs Inc.

Engima Software Group, Inc.

English Wines Group plc

ENGlobal Corp.

EnGlobe Corp.

Enhance Skin Products Inc.

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc.

Enigma Software Group, Inc.

EnLink Midstream Partners, LP

Ennstone plc

Enova Systems, Inc.

Enpar Technologies Inc.

Enphase Energy, Inc.

Enseco Energy Services Corp.

Enservco Corp.

Enssolutions Group Inc.

Enstar Group Ltd.

Ensurge, Inc.

Entech Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Entech Solar Inc.

Entek Energy Ltd.

Entellus Medical, Inc.

Entelos, Inc.

Enter Corp.

EnterConnect, Inc.

EnteroMedics Inc.

Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.

Enterprise Energy Resources Ltd.

Enterprise Financial Services Corp.

Enterprise GP Holdings LP

Enterprise Group, Inc.

Enterprise Informatics, Inc.

Enterprise Metals Ltd.

Enterprise Oil Ltd.

Enterprise Products Partners LP

enterpriseAsia plc

Enterra Energy Trust

Entertainment Media and Telecoms Corporations Ltd.

Entest BioMedical Inc.

Entheos Technologies, Inc.

Entia Biosciences, Inc.

Entourage Metals Ltd.

Entourage Mining Ltd.

Entree Gold Inc.

EntreMed Inc.

eNucleus Inc.

Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc.

Envesta Telecom plc

EnviroGold Ltd.

Envirokare Tech, Inc.

EnviroMission Ltd.

Environment Ecology Holding Co. of China.

Environmental Applied Research Technology House Corp. (Earth)

Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd.

Environmental Energy Services, Inc.

Environmental Group Ltd.

Environmental Management Solutions Inc.

Environmental Power Corp.

Environmental Science and Technologies, Inc.

Environmental Sensors Inc.

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc.

Environmental Tectonics Corp.

Environmental Waste International Inc.

Envirozel Ltd.

Envision Solar International, Inc.

Envivio, Inc.

Envoy Capital Group Inc.

EnWave Corp.

Enzo Biochem, Inc.

Enzymotec Ltd.

eOn Communications Corp.

EP Global Communications, Inc.

EP MedSystems Inc.

ePals Corp.

ePals, Inc.

Epcylon Technologies, Inc.

Epec Biofuels Holdings, Inc.

Epic Data International Inc.

Epic Energy Resources, Inc.

Epic Stores Corp.

EpiCept Corp.

Epiq Systems Inc.

Epirus Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

Epistem Holdings plc

Epitan Ltd.

EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Epixtar Corp.

Epizyme, Inc.

ePlus Inc.

EPM Mining Ventures Inc.

Epoch Holding Corp.

EPOD International Inc.

EPOD Solar Inc.

Epoxy, Inc.

Epsilon Corp.

ePunk, Inc.

EQ Inc.

EQM Technologies & Energy, Inc.

Equalan, LLC

Equator Exploration Ltd.

Equatorial Palm Oil plc

Equicap, Inc.

Equinox Exploration Corp.

Equinox Minerals Ltd.

Equisource Hotel Fund I, LLP

Equitable Financial Corp.

Equitable Group Inc.

Equitas Resources Corp.

EquiTech Corp.

Equitex, Inc.

Equity Bancshares, Inc.

Equity Media Holdings Corp.

Equity One, Inc.

Equity Technologies & Resources, Inc.

ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd.

Era Group Inc.

Erdene Gold Inc.

Erdene Resource Development Corp.

Eredene Capital plc

ERF Wireless Inc.

Ergoresearch Ltd.

ERHC Energy Inc.

Erickson Air-Crane Inc.

Erin Mills Investment Corp.

Erin Ventures Inc.

Eros International plc

Escalon Medical Corp.

Escue Energy, Inc.

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc.

Eskay Mining Corp.

ESO Uranium Corp.

ESP Resources, Inc.

Esperanza Resources Corp.

Esperanza Silver Corp.

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc.

Espial Group Inc.

Espre Solutions, Inc.

Essa Pharma Inc.

Essential Innovations Technology Corp.

Essex Angel Capital Inc.

Essex Rental Corp.

Estrella Gold Corp.

Estrella International Energy Services Ltd.

ESV Group plc

Et-China.com International Holdings Ltd.


Etelos, Inc.

Eternal Energy Corp.

Eternity Healthcare Inc.

Ethan Minerals Ltd.

Ethanex Energy, Inc.

Ethos Capital Corp.

Ethos Environmental Inc.

Etna Resources Inc.

eTotalSource Inc.

ETRE Residential, LLC

Etrion Corp.

Etruscan Resources Inc.

Etsy, Inc.

eTwine Holdings, Inc.

Eugene Science, Inc.

Eurasia Energy Ltd.

Eurasia Gold Inc.

Eurasia Mining plc

Eurasian Minerals Inc.

Eureka Energy Ltd.

Eureka Mining

Euro Ressources SA

Eurocan Holdings Ltd.

Eurocastle Investment Ltd.

Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc.

Eurocontrol Technics Inc.

Eurogold Ltd.

Euromax Resources Ltd.

Euronet Worldwide Inc.

Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc

Europa Trade Agency Inc.

EuropAsia Education plc

European Diamonds plc

European Gas Ltd.

European Goldfields Ltd.

European Minerals Corp.

European Nickel plc

European Uranium Resources, Ltd.

Euroseas Ltd.

EuroSite Power Inc.

Eurotin Inc.

EuroTrust A/S

Eurovestech plc

EV Energy Partners, LP

Evans Brewing Co. Inc.

Evcarco, Inc.

Even Technologies Inc.

Event Cardio Group Inc.

Events International Holding Corp.

Eventure Interactive, Inc.

Ever-Glory International Group, Inc.

EverBank Financial Corp.

Everbridge, Inc.

Evercore Partners Inc.

Eveready Income Fund

Everest Ventures Corp.

Everest Ventures Inc.

Evergreen Energy, Inc.

Everspin Technologies, Inc.

Everton Resources Inc.

EveryWare Global Inc.

Evine Live Inc.

Evogene Ltd.

Evogy, Inc.

Evoke Pharma, Inc.

Evolucia Inc.

Evolutec Group plc

Evolve Oncology Inc.

Evolve One, Inc.

Evolved Digital Systems Inc.

Evolving Gold Corp.

Evotec AG

Evrim Resources Corp.

eWan1 Inc.

eWellness Healthcare Corp.

Exa Corp.

Exabyte Corp.

Exact Sciences Corp.

Exactech, Inc.

Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.

Exall Energy Corp.

Exall Resources Ltd.

ExAlta Energy Inc.

Excalibur Mining Corp. Ltd.

Excalibur Resources Ltd.

Exceed Capital Holdings Ltd.

Exceed Energy Inc.

Excel Corp.

Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd.

Excel Trust Inc.

Excellon Resources Inc.

Excelsior Energy Ltd.

Excelsior Mining Corp.

Exchange Industrial Income Fund

Exco Resources Ltd.

Exco Resources NL

EXCO Resources, Inc.

Execute Sports, Inc.

Executive Access India Pte. Ltd.

eXegenics, Inc.

Exelixis, Inc.

ExelTech Aerospace Inc.

Exergetic Energy, Inc.

Exeter Resource Corp.

Exide Technologies, Inc.

Exile Resources Inc.

Exillon Energy plc

Exiqon AS

Exmin Resources Inc.

EXO U Inc.

Exobox Technologies Corp.

ExoBox Technologies Inc.

Exoma Energy Ltd.

ExOne Co.

ExonHit Therapeutics SA

Exosome Sciences, Inc.

eXpansys plc

Expatriate Resources

Expedite 5, Inc.

Expedition Energy Inc.

Expedition Mining Inc.

Experience Art and Design Inc.

Explor Resources Inc.

Exploration Co.

Exploration Drilling International Inc.

Exploration Orbite V.S.P.A. Inc.

Explorator Resources Inc.

ExploreCo Ltd.

Express-1 Expedited Solutions Inc.

Extend Health, Inc.

Extenway Solutions Inc.

Exterra Energy Inc.

Extorre Gold Mines Ltd.

Extra Space Storage Inc.

Extract Resources Ltd.

Exxel Energy Corp.

Eye Care International Inc.

Eye On Media Network, Inc.

Eyecarrot Innovations Corp.

EyeGate Pharma

Eyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Eyes on the Go, Inc.

EYI Industries, Inc.

Ezenet Ltd.


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