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Security type: BK = Bank loan, CA = Canadian bonds, CL = CLOs, CV = Convertibles, DD = Distressed Debt, EM = Emerging Markets, GN = Green finance, HY = High Yield, IG = Investment Grade, LM = Liability Management, MU = Municipals, PP = PIPEs, PF = Preferred Stock, PV = Private Placements, SP = Structured Products

M Holdings (Marnell) BK

M Waikiki LLC BK

M*Modal Inc. BK

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings Inc. (Macom) BK

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. BK

M/C Communications LLC BK

M/I Homes Inc. BK

M/I Homes, Inc. BK

MA Finance Co. (Micro Focus International plc) BK



Maax Inc. BK

Mac-Gray Corp. BK

Mac-Gray Corp. BK

Macau Co. BK

MacDermid Inc. BK

MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. BK

Macerich Co. BK

Macerich Partnership LP BK

Macerich Partnership, LP (Macerich Co.) BK



Mack-Cali Realty, LP BK

MacKeyser Holdings, LLC BK

Mackinaw Power Holdings LLC BK

Macom Technology Solutions Inc. BK

Macquarie Infrastructure Co. LLC BK

Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. BK

Macrovision Corp. BK

Mactec Inc. BK

Macy's Inc. BK

Macy's Inventory Funding LLC BK

Macy's, Inc. BK

Mad Engine Global LLC BK

Made2Manage Systems Inc. BK

Madison Gas and Electric Co. BK

Madison IAQ BK

Madison River Capital LLC BK

Madison River Communications Corp. BK

Madison Safety & Flow BK

Madison Square Garden BK

Madison Square Garden Co. BK

Madison Square Garden Co. BK

MAG Aerospace BK

MAG Industrial Automation Systems BK

Magallanes Inc. (AT&T Inc.) BK

Magellan Health Services Inc. BK

Magellan Health, Inc. BK

Magellan Midstream Holdings LP BK

Magellan Midstream Partners, LP BK

Magellan Pharmacy Services, Inc. (Magellan Health, Inc.) BK

Magic Brands, LLC BK

MagicLab BK

Magna Entertainment Corp. BK

Magna International Inc. BK

Magnequench Inc. BK

Magnequench, Inc. (Molycorp, Inc.) BK

Magnetation LLC BK

Magnetation LLC BK

Magnite BK

Magnolia BK

Magnolia Oil & Gas Operating, LLC BK

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. BK

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. BK

Magnum Hunter Resources Inc. BK

Maguire Properties Inc. BK

Mahalo Energy Ltd. BK

Maher Terminals BK

Maidenform Brands, Inc. BK

Maidenform Inc. BK

Mail-Well Inc. BK

Mail-Well, Inc. BK

MailSouth BK

Main Event Entertainment BK

Main Street Capital Corp. BK

Maisons du Monde BK

Malden Mills Industries, Inc. BK

Malibu Boats, Inc. BK

Malibu Boats, LLC (Malibu Boats, Inc.) BK

Mallinckrodt BK

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA BK

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA (Mallinckrodt plc) BK

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA and Mallinckrodt CB LLC (Mallinckrodt plc) BK

Mallinckrodt plc BK

Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. BK

Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. BK

Management Services (Amentum/Maverick Purchaser Sub LLC) BK

Mandora Shipping Ltd. BK

Manistique Papers Inc. BK

Manitok Energy Inc. BK

Manitowoc Co. Inc. BK

Manitowoc Co., Inc. BK

Manitowoc Foodservice Inc. BK

Manning & Napier, Inc. BK

Mannington Mills BK

Mannington Mills BK

Mannington Mills Inc. BK

MannKind Corp. BK

MannKind Corp. BK

Manor Care Inc. BK

ManTech International Corp. BK

Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust BK

Manulife US Real Estate Management Ptd. Ltd. BK

Mapco Express Inc. BK

Maple Energy LLC BK

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. BK

Marathon Gold Corp. BK

Marathon Oil Corp. BK

Marathon Petroleum Corp. BK

Maravai LifeSciences BK

Marcal Paper Mills, Inc. BK

Marco Polo Seatrade BV BK

Marcus Corp. BK

Marel hf BK

Marina District Finance Co., Inc. BK

MarineMax Inc. BK

MarineMax, Inc. BK

Mariner Energy Inc. BK

Mariner Health Care Inc. BK

Mariner Wealth Advisors BK

Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN) BK

Maritime Telecommunications Network Inc. BK

Maritime Telecommunications Network Inc. (MTN) BK

Mark IV Industries Inc. BK

Mark IV Industries, Inc. BK

Markel Corp. BK

Market Track BK

Market Track, LLC BK

MarketAxess Holdings Inc. BK

Marketo, Inc. BK

MarketWise, LLC (MarketWise, Inc.) BK

Markley Group BK

MarkWest Energy Partners LP BK

MarkWest Energy Partners, LP BK

MarkWest Hydrocarbon, Inc. BK

Marlin Business Services Corp. BK

Marlink Group BK

Marquee Holdings Inc. BK

Marquette Transportation Co. LLC BK

Marriott International, Inc. BK

Marriott Ownership Resorts, Inc. BK

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp. BK

Marsh & McLennan Cos., Inc. BK

Marsh Supermarkets LLC BK

Marshall Retail Group BK

Marshalls plc BK

Marsico Capital Management LLC BK

Marston BK

Mart Resources, Inc. BK

Martek Biosciences Corp. BK

Marten Transport, Ltd. BK

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. BK

Martin Midstream Partners LP BK

Martin Operating Partnership LP (Martin Midstream Partners LP) BK

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. BK

Masco Corp. BK

Masergy Communications Inc. BK

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation BK

Masimo Corp. BK

Masonite International Corp. BK

Massey Energy Co. BK

Massey Energy Co. BK

MasTec Inc. BK

MasTec, Inc. BK

MasterCard Inc. BK

Masterplan Inc. BK

Mastronardi Produce Ltd. BK

Matador Bidco BK

Matador Resources Co. BK

Match Group Inc. BK

Match Group, Inc. BK

Material Handling Systems Inc. BK

Materion Corp. BK

Matria Healthcare, Inc. BK

Matrix Medical Network BK

Matrix Service Co. BK

Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. BK

Matson Navigation Co., Inc. BK

Matson, Inc. BK

Mattamy Group Corp. BK

Mattamy Homes BK

Mattel, Inc. BK

Matthews International Corp. BK

Mattress Firm BK

Mattress Firm Holding Corp. BK

Mattress Firm, Inc. BK

Mattress Holding Corp. BK

Maui Land & Pineapple Co. Inc. BK

Maurel & Prom SA BK

Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc. BK

Mauser Group BK

Mauser Group (Mauser Holdings) BK

Mavenir Systems, Inc. BK

Maverick Gaming LLC BK

Maverick Tube Corp. BK

Maverix Metals Inc. BK

Mavis Tire Express Services Corp. BK

Mavis Tire Express Services TopCo LP BK

Max Petroleum plc BK

Maxim Crane Works BK

Maxim Crane Works Holdings Inc. BK

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. BK

Maxim Power Corp. BK

Maximus Inc. BK

Maximus, Inc. BK

MaxLinear Inc. BK

Maxus Energy Corp. BK

Mayor's Jewelers Inc. BK

Maytag Corp. BK

Mayville Engineering Co., Inc. BK

MB Aerospace BK

MB Aerospace BK

MB Aerospace Holdings II Corp. BK


MBF Healthcare Acquisition Corp. BK

MC Income Plus Financing SPV LLC (Monroe Capital Income Plus Corp.) BK

McAfee Enterprise BK

McAfee Enterprise/FireEye Products BK


MCBC Holdings, Inc. BK

MCCI Medical BK

MCCI Medical Group BK

McClatchy Co. BK

McCormick & Co., Inc. BK

McDermott International Inc. BK

McDermott International Inc./J. Ray McDermott SA BK

McDermott International, Inc. BK

McDonald's Corp. BK

McGrath RentCorp BK

McGrath RentCorp BK

McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. BK

McGraw-Hill Education Inc. BK

McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings LLC BK

McGraw-Hill School Education BK

McJunkin Corp. BK

McJunkin Red Man Corp. BK

McJunkin Red Man Corp. BK

McKechnie Aerospace BK

McKesson BK

McKesson Corp. BK

McLeodUSA Inc. BK


McMoRan Exploration Co. BK

McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC (McMoRan Exploration Co.) BK


MD America Energy BK

MD America Energy, LLC BK

MD Beauty BK

MD Beauty Inc. BK

MDA Info Products BK

MDC Holdings, Inc. BK

MDC Partners Inc. BK

MDC Partners Inc. BK




Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. BK

Meadowbrook Insurance Group Inc. BK

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. BK

Meadowbrook Run LLC (FS Investment Corp. II) BK

MeadWestvaco Corp. BK


MED ParentCo. LP (MyEyeDr.) BK

Medallia, Inc. BK

Medallion Midland Acquisition LLC BK

Medallion Midland Acquisition LP BK

MedAssets Inc. BK

MedAssets Software Intermediate Holdings Inc. (nThrive TSG) BK

MedCath Corp. BK

MedCath Corp. BK

Medco Health Solutions Inc. BK

MedData Inc. BK

MedEquities Realty Trust, Inc. BK

Medex Inc. BK

Medforth BK

Media General Inc. BK

Mediacom Broadband Group BK

Mediacom Broadband LLC BK

Mediacom Broadband LLC BK

Mediacom Broadband LLC (Mediacom Communications Corp.) BK

Mediacom Communications Corp. BK

Mediacom LLC BK

Mediacom LLC BK

Mediacom LLC (Mediacom Communications Corp.) BK

Mediacom LLC, Mediacom Broadband LLC (Mediacom Communications Corp.) BK

Median BV BK

MediaNews Group Inc. BK

Mediaocean BK

MediaOcean LLC BK

Medical Action Industries Inc. BK

Medical Action Industries Inc. BK

Medical Card Systems BK

Medical Depot, Inc. BK

Medical Depot, Inc. (Drive Medical) BK

Medical Media BK

Medical Properties Trust Inc. BK

Medical Properties Trust, Inc. BK

Medical Properties Trust, Inc./MPT Operating Partnership, LP BK

Medical Solutions BK

Medical Solutions Holdings Inc. BK

Medical Solutions Holdings, Inc. BK

Medical Specialties Distributors LLC BK

Medical Staffing Network Holdings Inc. BK

Medical Staffing Network Holdings Inc. BK

Medical Staffing Network Holdings, Inc. BK

Medicom Broadband Group BK

Medicom Broadband LLC BK

MediCor Ltd. BK

Medidata Solutions Inc. BK

Medifast, Inc. BK

MediMedia BK

MediMedia USA Inc. BK

MedImpact BK

Mediq (Magellan Dutch Bidco BV) BK

Medivation, Inc. BK

Mediware Information Systems Inc. BK

Mediware Information Systems, Inc. BK

Medley Capital Corp. BK

Medley LLC BK

Medline Industries, Inc. BK

Mednax Inc. BK

Mednax, Inc. BK

Medpace Holdings, Inc. BK

Medpace Inc. BK

MedPlast Holdings Inc. BK

MedQuest Inc. BK

MedQuist Inc. BK

MedQuist Inc. (CBaySystems Holdings Ltd.) BK

MedRisk LLC BK

MedSolutions BK

Medspace Inc. BK

Medtronic Global Holdings SCA BK

Meet Group, Inc. BK

MEG Energy Corp. BK

Mega Bloks BK

MEGA Brands Inc. BK

Mega Broadband Investments Holdings LLC BK

MegaPath Corp. BK

Mehilainen BK

Mehilainen Yhtiot Oy BK

MEI Conlux Holdings Inc. BK

Melco Crown Gaming Ltd. BK

Melco PBL Gaming Ltd. BK

Melinta Therapeutics, Inc. BK

Melissa & Doug BK

Melissa & Doug (MND Holdings III Corp.) BK

Melita Bidco Ltd. BK

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. BK

Melrose Resources plc BK

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. BK

Memorial Production Partners LP BK

Memorial Resource Development Corp. BK

Men's Wearhouse Inc. BK

Men's Wearhouse, Inc. BK

Mentor Graphics Corp. BK

Meow Mix Co. BK

Mercator Minerals Ltd. BK

MerchSource LLC BK

Mercuria Energy America, Inc. BK

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. BK

Mercury General Corp. BK

Mercury Payment Systems LLC BK

Mercury Payments Systems LLC BK

Mercury Systems Inc. BK

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center BK

Meredith Corp. BK

Merge Healthcare BK

Mergermarket BK

Mergermarket USA Inc. BK

Meridian Adhesives Group, Inc. BK

Meridian Automotive Systems Inc. BK

Meridian Automotive Systems, Inc. BK

Meridian Bioscience, Inc. BK

Meridian Gold Inc. BK

Meridian Technologies Inc. BK

Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. BK

MeridianLink Inc. BK

MeridianLink Inc./CRIF Lending Solutions BK

Merisant Co. BK

Merisant Co. BK

Merisant Worldwide, Inc. BK

MeriStar Hospitality LP BK

Merit Group, Inc. BK

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. BK

Meritage Homes Corp. BK

Meritage Hospitality Group, Inc. BK

Meritage Midstream Services II, LLC BK

Meritas BK

Meritas School Holdings LLC BK

Meritas Schools Holdings LLC BK

Meritor Inc. BK

Meritor, Inc. BK

Merkle Group Inc. BK

Merlin Entertainments plc BK

Merrill Communications LLC BK

Merrill Corp. BK

Mersana Therapeutics Inc. BK

Mervyns LLC BK

Mesa Air Group, Inc. BK

Mesa Air Group, Inc. (Mesa Airlines, Inc.) BK

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. BK

Mesaba Aviation, Inc. BK

Mesoblast Ltd. BK

Messer Industries BK

Meta Special Aerospace BK

Metal Management Inc. BK

Metal Management, Inc. BK

Metal Partners Rebar, LLC BK

Metaldyne Corp. BK

Metaldyne Corp. BK

Metaldyne LLC BK

Metaldyne Performance Group Inc. BK

Metalforming Technologies, Inc. BK

Metalico, Inc. BK

Metals USA Holdings Corp. BK

Metals USA Inc. BK

Metavante Corp. BK

Metcalf Energy Center LLC (Calpine Corp.) BK

Methanex Corp. BK

Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd. BK

Methode Electronics, Inc BK

Methode Electronics, Inc. BK

MetLife, Inc. BK

MetLife, Inc./MetLife Funding, Inc. BK

Metris Cos. Inc. BK

Metris Cos. Inc. BK

Metris Cos., Inc. BK

Metro Fuel Oil Corp. BK

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer BK

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. BK

Metro-Goldyn-Mayer Inc. BK

Metroflag BK

Metrologic Instruments Inc. BK

Metromedia Steakhouses Co., LP BK

MetroNet BK

MetroPCS Communications Inc. BK

MetroPCS Wireless Inc. BK

Metropolitan Edison Co./Pennsylvania Electric Co./Pennsylvania Power Co./West Penn Power Co. (FirstEnergy Corp.) BK

Metropolitan Health Networks Inc. BK

Metso Corp. BK

Mettler-Toledo International Inc. BK

MF Global Ltd. BK

MFA Financial, Inc. BK

MGE Energy, Inc. BK

MGI Pharma Inc. BK

MGM China Holdings Ltd. (MGM Resorts International) BK

MGM Grand Macau BK

MGM Growth Properties LLC BK

MGM Growth Properties Operating Partnership LP BK

MGM Macau BK

MGM Mirage BK

MGM National Harbor, LLC (MGM Resorts International ) BK

MGM Resorts International BK

MGM Resorts International BK

MGM Studios BK

MGP Ingredients, Inc. BK

MHI Holdings LLC BK

MHS (Material Handling Systems) BK

MHS Holdings Inc. BK

MHS Holdings Inc. (Deliver Buyer Inc.) BK

MHS, Inc. (Material Handling Systems) BK

MI Windows and Doors LLC BK

MI Windows and Doors, Inc. BK

Miami International Medical Center, LLC BK

Michael Baker Corp. BK

Michael Baker International BK

Michael Baker International, LLC BK

Michael Foods Inc. BK

Michael Foods Inc. BK

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. BK

Michaels Cos., Inc. BK

Michaels Stores Inc. BK

Michaels Stores, Inc. BK

Michigan Electric Transmission Co. (ITC Holdings Corp) BK

Michigan Electric Transmission Co., LLC BK

Michigan Electric Transmission Co., LLC (ITC Holdings Corp.) BK

Michigan Power LP LLC BK

Micro Focus BK

Micro Focus International plc BK

Microchip Technology Inc. BK

MicroFinancial Inc. BK

Micron Technology, Inc. BK

Micron Technology, Inc. BK

Microsemi Corp. BK

Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc. BK

Mid-America Apartments, LP BK

Mid-Atlantic Realty Trust BK

Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP BK

Mid-Western Aircraft Systems BK

Midas Inc. BK

Midcoast (AL Midcoast Holdings LLC) BK

Midcoast Energy Partners, LP BK

Midcontinent Communications BK

Middleby Corp. BK

Middleby Corp. BK

Middleby Marshall Inc. (Middleby Corp.) BK

Midstates Petroleum Co. BK

Midstates Petroleum Co., Inc. BK

Midstream Petroleum Co., Inc. BK

Midway Games Inc. BK

Midwest Gaming & Entertainment LLC BK

Midwest Generation LLC BK

Midwest Veterinary Partners LLC BK

Midwich Group plc BK

Milacron Inc. BK

Milacron LLC BK

Milacron LLC (Milacron Holdings Corp.) BK

Milagro Oil & Gas, Inc. BK

Milano Acquisition Corp. BK

Milk Specialities Global BK

Milk Specialties Co. BK

Milk Specialties Global BK

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. BK

Millennium America Inc. (Millennium Chemicals Inc.) BK

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Ltd. (Millennium Chemicals Inc.) BK

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. BK

Millennium Laboratories BK

Millennium Radio BK

Millennium Trust Co. (Minotaur Acquisition Inc.) BK

Miller Energy Resources, Inc. BK

Miller Heiman BK

Miller Heiman BK

Miller's Ale House Inc. BK

Millicom International Cellular SA BK

Mills Corp. BK

Mimecast Ltd. BK

MiMedx Group, Inc. BK

Mine Safety Appliances Co. BK

Minera Media Luna, SA de CV (Torex Gold Resources Inc.) BK

Minera San Cristobal (Apex Silver Mines Ltd.) BK

Minerals Technologies Inc. BK

Minimax BK

Minimax Viking BK

Ministry Partners Investment Co., LLC BK

Ministry Partners Investment Corp. BK

Mirabela Nickel Ltd. BK

MiraMed Global Services BK

Mirant Bowline LLC, Mirant Lovett LLC, Mirant New York Inc.,Hudson Valley Gas Corp. (New York) BK

Mirant Corp. BK

Mirant Marsh Landing LLC BK

Mirant North America LLC (Mirant Corp.) BK

Mirant Sweden International AB (Mirant Philippines) BK

Mirion Technologies BK

Mirion Technologies Inc. BK

Mirion Technologies LLC BK

Miron Technologies LLC BK

Mission Broadcasting Inc. (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.) BK

Mission Broadcasting, Inc. BK

Mission Coal Co., LLC BK

Mission Energy Holdings International Inc. BK

Mission Resources Corp. BK

Mission Veterinary Partners BK

Mississippi Chemical Corp. BK

Mississippi Phosphates Corp. BK

Mississippi Power Co. BK

Mister Car Wash BK

Mister Car Wash Holdings Inc. BK

Mistras Group, Inc. BK

Misys Diagnostic Systems BK

Misys Ltd. BK

Misys plc BK

Mitchell International Inc. BK

Mitel Networks Corp. BK

Mitratech BK

MJ Acquisition Corp. BK

MKS Instruments Inc. BK

MLM Information Services LLC BK

MMA Energy Holdings, LLC BK

MMC Precision Holdings Corp. BK

MMFX Technologies Corp. BK

MMI International Ltd. BK

MMM Healthcare BK

MMM Holdings Inc. BK

Mobile Mini Inc. BK

Mobile Mini Inc. BK

Mobile Mini, Inc. BK

Mobile Storage Group Inc. BK

Mobilitie BK

Mobilitie Investments II BK

Mobilitie Investments II LLC BK

Mobilitie Investments III LLC BK

Mobilitie LLC BK

MobiTV, Inc. BK

Moda Midstream BK

Modern Continental Construction Co., Inc. BK

Modine Manufacturing Co. BK

Modular Space Corp. BK

ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. BK

Mohawk Industries Inc. BK

Mohawk Industries, Inc. BK

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment BK

Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority BK

Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority BK

Mold-Masters BK

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC (Valcour Packaging LLC) BK

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BK

Molex Inc. BK

Molex Inc. BK

Molina Healthcare Inc. BK

Molina Healthcare, Inc. BK

Molson Coors Brewing Co. BK

Molycorp, Inc. BK

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. BK

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (MPM Holdings Inc.) BK

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. BK

Monaco Coach Corp. BK

Monarch (AI Chem Intermediate Sarl) BK

Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. BK

MonaVie BK

Mondelez International Holdings Netherlands BV (Mondelez International, Inc.) BK

Mondelez International, Inc. BK

Mondrian Investment Partners Ltd. BK

MoneyGram International Inc. BK

MoneyGram International Inc. BK

Monitor Co. Group LP BK

Monitronics International Inc. BK

Monitronics International Inc. (Ascent Capital Group Inc.) BK

Monitronics International, Inc. (Ascent Media Corp.) BK

Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp. BK

Monocle Acquisition Corp. BK

Monogram Food Solutions LLC BK

Monogram Residential Trust, Inc. BK

Monongahela Power Co./Potomac Edison Co. (FirstEnergy Corp.) BK

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. BK

Monro Muffler Brake Inc. BK

Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. BK

Monro, Inc. BK

Monroe Capital Corp. BK

Monrovia Nursery BK

Monsanto Co. BK

Monster Worldwide Inc. BK

Monster Worldwide Inc. BK

Monster Worldwide, Inc. BK

Montana Refining Co. (Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd.) BK

Montana Renewables, LLC BK

Montreign Operating Co. LLC BK

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. BK

Mood Media Corp. BK

Moody's Corp. BK

Moog Inc. BK

Moonlight Basin Ranch LP BK

Moore Corp., Ltd. BK

Moran Transportation BK

Morgans Hotel Group Co. BK

Morningstar, Inc. BK

Morris Publishing Group LLC BK

Morsco Inc. BK

Mortgage Contracting Services BK

Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc. BK

Morton's Restaurant Group Inc. (Fertitta Morton's Restaurants) BK

Mosaic Co. BK

Mosaid Technologies Inc. BK

Motel 6 BK

Mothers Work Inc. BK

Motion Picture Distribution LP BK

Motor Coach Industries BK

Motor Coach Industries International Inc. BK

Motor Fuel Group BK

Motor Fuel Group (CD&R Firefly Bidco Ltd.) BK

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. BK

MotorCity (CCM Merger Inc.) BK

MotorCity Casino BK

MotorCity Casino Hotel BK

MotorCity Casino Hotel (CCM Merger Inc.) BK

Motorola Solutions, Inc. BK

Motorsport Aftermarket Group BK

Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc. BK

Motorsport Aftermarket Group/Tucker Rocky (Velocity Pooling Vehicle LLC) BK

Motus Group LLC BK

Mouchel Group plc BK

Mountain Lake Acquisition Co. (U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.) BK

Mountain Union Telecom BK

Mountainview Energy Ltd. BK

Movado Group, Inc. BK

Movie Gallery Inc. BK


Moxie Liberty BK

Moy Park Holdings (Europe) Ltd. BK

MP TotalCare Inc. BK


MPS Group Inc. BK

MPT Bloomington, LLC/MPT Development Services, Inc. BK

MPT Operating Partnership, LP (Medical Properties Trust, Inc.) BK

MR Default Services BK

MR Processing BK

MRC Energy Co. (Matador Resources Co.) BK

MRC Global Inc. BK

MRC Global Inc. (McJunkin Red Man Corp.) BK

MRI Software BK

MRI Software LLC BK

MRO Holdings Inc. BK

MRP Generation Holdings LLC (Middle River Power) BK

MSA Safety Inc. BK

MSA Safety Inc./MSA UK Holdings Ltd./MSA Great Britain Holdings Ltd./MSA International Holdings BV BK

MSC Holdings Inc. BK

MSC Income Fund, Inc. BK

MSC Industrial Direct Co. Inc. BK

MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. BK

MSC Software Corp. BK

MSC. Software Corp BK



MSG Holdings, LP (Madison Square Garden Co.) BK

MSHC Inc. (Service Logic) BK

MSHC/Service Logic BK

MSIF Funding LLC (MSC Income Fund, Inc.) BK

Mspark BK

MSR Hotels & Resorts, Inc. BK

MSR Resort Golf Course LLC BK

MSX International BK

MSX International BK

MTC Holdings BK

MTC Technologies Inc. BK

MTR Gaming Corp. BK

MTS Systems Corp. BK

MTS, Inc. BK

Mueller Group Inc. BK

Mueller Industries Inc. BK

Mueller Industries, Inc. BK

Mueller Water Products Inc. BK

Mueller Water Products, Inc. BK

MUFG Union Bank, NA BK

Muji U.S.A. Ltd. BK

Mullen Group Ltd. (MT Investments Inc.) BK

Multi Packaging Solutions BK

Multi Packaging Solutions Inc. BK

Multi Packaging Solutions Inc./Chesapeake MPS Merger Ltd. BK

Multi Packaging Solutions Inc./Chesapeake Services Ltd. BK

Multi-Color Corp. BK

Multi-Color Corp. BK

Multimedia Games Inc. BK

MultiPlan Inc. BK

MultiPlan Inc. BK

Munder Capital Management BK

Munder Capital Management BK

Municipal Mortgage & Equity LLC BK

Munters Group BK

Murphy Energy Corp. BK

Murphy Oil Corp. BK

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (Murphy USA Inc.) BK

Murphy USA Inc. BK

Murray Energy Corp. BK

Murray Energy Corp. (Foresight Energy LP) BK

Murray Energy Holdings Co. BK

Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings, LLC BK

Musicland Holding Corp. BK

Musicland Holding Corp. BK

Mustang Bio, Inc. BK

Muzak Holdings LLC BK

Muzak LLC BK

MVC Capital, Inc. BK

MVC Financial Services Inc. BK

MW Industries (MWI Holdings Inc.) BK

MW Industries, Inc. BK

MW Industries, Inc. (Helix Acquisition Holdings) BK

MWI Veterinary Supply Co. (MWI Veterinay Supply, Inc.) BK

Mxenergy Inc. BK

MXenergy Inc. BK

My Alarm Center BK

My Alarm Center BK

Myers Industries Inc. BK

MyEyeDr. (Capital Vision Services LLC) BK

MyEyeDr. (MED ParentCo. LP) BK

Mylan Inc. BK

Mylan Laboratories Inc. BK

Mylan NV BK


Myovant Sciences Ltd. BK

MYR Group Inc. BK

Myriad Genetics, Inc. BK

N-able Inc. BK

N.E.W. Customer Service Cos. Inc. BK

Nabors Industries Ltd. BK

Nabors Industries, Inc. BK

Nabriva Therapeutics AG BK

Nacco Industries, Inc. BK

Nacco Industries, Inc. (subsidiary North American Coal Corp.) BK

Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc. BK

NAI Entertainment Holdings LLC BK

Nalco Co. BK

Nalco Co. BK

Nalco Holding Co. BK

Nalco Holding Co. BK

Namic/Venous Access BK

NANA Development Corp. BK

Nanostring Technologies, Inc. BK

NAPA Management Services Corp. (NMSC Holdings Inc.) BK

Nascar Holdings Inc. BK

Nasdaq Inc. BK

Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc. BK

Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. BK

Nasdaq, Inc. BK

Nash Finch Co. BK

Nash Finch Co. BK

Nash-Finch Co. BK

Natco Group Inc. BK

Natel EMS BK

Natera, Inc. BK

Natgasoline LLC BK

National Bedding Co. BK

National Beef Packing Co. LLC BK

National Beef Packing Co., LLC BK

National CineMedia Inc. BK

National CineMedia LLC BK

National Dairy Holdings LP BK

National Dentex BK

National Envelope Corp. BK

National Equipment Services, Inc. BK

National Financial Partners Corp. BK

National Fuel Gas Co. BK

National General Holdings Corp. BK

National Group BK

National Healing Corp. BK

National Health Investors Inc. BK

National Health Investors, Inc. BK

National HealthCare Corp. BK

National Instruments Corp. BK

National Interstate Corp. BK

National Mentor BK

National Mentor Holdings Inc. BK

National Mentor Holdings Inc. BK

National Mentor Holdings Inc. (Civitas Solutions Inc.) BK

National Mentor Holdings, Inc. BK

National Mentor Inc. BK

National Oilwell Varco, Inc BK

National Renal Institutes Inc. BK

National Response Corp. BK

National Retail Properties Inc. BK

National Retail Properties, Inc. BK

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp. BK

National Seating & Mobility Inc. BK

National Senior Care Inc. BK

National Storage Affiliates Trust BK

National Surgical Healthcare Inc. BK

National Surgical Hospitals Inc. BK

National Veterinary Associates BK

National Veterinary Associates (NVA Holdings Inc.) BK

National Veterinary Associates (NVA Holdings inc.) BK

National Veterinary Associates (NVA Holdings Inc.) BK

National Vision Holdings, Inc. BK

National Vision Inc. BK

National Vision, Inc. BK

National Waterworks Inc. BK

National Wholesale Liquidators BK

Nations Petroleum LLC BK

NationsRent Cos. Inc. BK

NationsRent Inc. BK

Nationwide Health Properties Inc. BK

Natural Products Group BK

Natural Products Group LLC BK

Natural Products Group, LLC BK

Natural Resource Partners LP BK

Nature's Bounty Co. BK

Natus Medical Inc. BK

Nautilus Power, LLC BK

Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC BK

Nautilus, Inc. BK

Navacord Corp. BK

Navarre Corp. BK

Navex Global BK

Navico BK

Navicure Inc. BK

Navicure Inc./Zirmed Inc. BK

Navigant BK

Navigant Consulting Inc. BK

Navigant International Inc. BK

Navigator Energy Services, LLC BK

Navigator Gas LLC (Navigator Holdings Ltd.) BK

Navigator Holdings Ltd. BK

Navigators Group Inc. BK

Navigators Group, Inc. BK

Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp. BK

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. BK

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. BK

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (Pueblo Holdings Ltd./Surf Maritime Co.) BK

Navios Maritime Midstream Partners LP BK

Navios Maritime Partners LP BK

NaviSite, Inc. BK

Navistar Financial Corp. BK

Navistar Inc. BK

Navistar International Corp. BK

Navitas Midstream Midland Basin LLC BK

NB PEP Investments LP (NB Private Equity Partners Ltd.) BK

NBCUniversal Enterprise, Inc. BK

NBG Acquisition Inc. BK




NCI Building System Inc. BK

NCI Building Systems Inc. BK

NCI Building Systems Inc. BK

NCI Building Systems, Inc. BK


NCI, Inc. BK

NCL Corp. BK

NCL Corp. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.) BK

NCL Corp. Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.) BK

NCL Corp. Ltd., (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.) BK

NCL Corp. Ltd., Norwegian Epic, Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.) BK

NCO Group Inc. BK

NCO Group Inc. BK

NCP Finance BK

NCR Corp. BK

NDCHealth Corp. BK

NDS Finance BK

NE Energy BK

NE Opco, Inc. (National Envelope) BK

Nebraska Book Co. (NBC Acquisition Corp.) BK

Nebraska Book Co. Inc. BK

Nebraska Book Co. Inc. BK

Neenah Enterprises Inc. BK

Neenah Enterprises, Inc. BK

Neenah Enterprises, Inc. BK

Neenah Foundry Co. BK

Neenah Inc. BK

Neenah Paper Inc. BK

Neenah Paper Inc. BK

Neff Corp. BK

Neff Rental Corp. BK

Neff Rental, Inc. BK

Neighbourhood Holdings LP BK

Neiman Marcus Group Inc. BK

Neiman Marcus Group LLC BK

Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. LLC BK

Neiman Marcus Inc. BK

Neiman Marcus, Inc. BK

Nellson Neutraceutical Inc. BK

Nellson Nutraceutical Inc. BK

Nellson Nutraceutical LLC BK

Nelnet, Inc. BK

Nelson Canada BK

NEO Tech Inc. BK

Neoen SA BK

NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc. BK

NeoGenomics, Inc. BK

Neovia Logistics, LLC BK

NEP Broadcasting LLC BK

NEP Europe Finco BV BK

NEP Group BK

NEP Group Inc. BK

NEP/NCP Holdco Inc. BK

Neptco Inc. BK

NES Global Talent BK

NES Global Talent Finance US LLC BK

NES Rentals Holdings Inc. BK

Nestle Skin Health BK

NET Holdings Management, LLC (NextEra Energy Partners, LP) BK

Netafirm Ltd. BK

NetApp Inc. BK

NetApp, Inc. BK

NetEase, Inc. BK

Netflix Inc. BK

Netflix, Inc. BK

NetScout Systems, Inc. BK

NetSmart BK

NetSmart Technologies Inc. BK

Netsmart Technologies, Inc. BK

Netsmart, Inc. BK

NetVersant Solutions, Inc. BK

Network Communications BK

Network Communications Inc. BK

Network International Holdings plc BK

Network Solutions Inc. BK

Neuberger Berman MLP and Energy Income Fund Inc. BK

Neurelis, Inc. BK

Neustar Inc. BK

NeuStar Inc. BK

Neustar Inc. BK

Nevada Copper Corp. BK

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. BK

Nevada Power Co. BK

Nevada Power Co. (NV Energy, Inc.) BK

New Albertson's Inc. BK

New America High Income Fund, Inc. BK

New Arclin U.S. Holding Corp. (Arclin) BK

New Asurion BK

NEW Asurion Corp. BK

New Breed Logistics Inc. BK

New Center Asset Trust (GMAC LLC) BK

New Century Financial Corp. BK

New Century Transportation Inc. BK

New Cotai Holdings, LLC BK

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. BK

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. BK

New Flyer Corp. BK

New Fortress Energy BK

New Fortress Energy Inc. BK

New Gold Inc. BK

New Gulf Resources, LLC BK

New Home Co. Inc. BK

New Home Co., Inc. BK

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. BK

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. BK

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. (New Jersey Resources Corp.) BK

New Jersey Resources Corp. BK

New Look Vision Group Inc. BK


New Media Investment Goup Inc. BK

New Media Investment Group BK

New Media Investment Group Inc. BK

New Mountain Finance Corp. BK

New Mountain Finance DB, LLC (New Mountain Finance Corp.) BK

New Mountain Finance Holdings, LLC BK

New Mountain Guardian III BDC, LLC BK

New Residential Investment Corp. BK

New Senior Investment Group Inc. BK

New Skies Satellites NV BK

New Source Energy Partners LP BK

New Star Holdings LLC BK

New Stream Secured Capital, Inc. BK

New Vision Television (NV Broadcasting, LLC) BK

New Wave Communications BK

New World Gaming Partners Ltd. BK

New World Pasta Co. BK

New World Restaurant Group Inc. BK

New York & Co. Inc. BK

New York Knicks, LLC BK

New York Racing Association BK

New York Rangers, LLC BK

New York Times Co. BK

New York Yankees BK

Newark Group Inc. BK

Newark Group, Inc. BK

Newcastle Investment Corp. BK

Newegg Inc. BK

Newell Brands Inc. BK

Newell Rubbermaid Inc. BK

Newfield Exploration Co. BK

Newgistics BK

Newkirk BK

Newkirk MLP BK

Newmark Group, Inc. BK

NewMarket Corp. BK

Newmont Corp. BK

Newmont Mining Corp. BK

NewPage Corp. BK

Newpage Corp. BK

NewPage Corp. BK

Newpage Corp. (Escanaba Timber Co.) BK

Newpark Resources Inc. BK

Newpark Resources, Inc. BK

Newport Corp. BK

Newport Group BK

Newport Partners Income Fund BK

Newport Television LLC BK

NewQuest Health Solutions LLC BK

News Corp. BK

Newsday LLC BK

Newspaper Holdings BK

NewStar Equipment Finance I LLC BK

NewStar Financial Inc. BK

NewStar Financial, Inc. BK

Newtek Business Lending, LLC (Newtek Business Services Corp.) BK

Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. BK

NewWave Communications LLC BK

Nexa Resources SA BK

Nexamp, Inc. BK

Nexans SA BK

NexCen Brands Inc. BK

NexCen Brands Inc. BK

Nexeo Solutions Holdings LLC BK

Nexeo Solutions Holdings, LLC. BK

Nexeo Solutions LLC BK

NexPak Corp. BK

NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. BK

NexPoint Residential Trust Operating Partnership, LP (NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc.) BK

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. BK

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. (Mission Broadcasting Inc.) BK

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. BK

Nexstar Broadcasting Inc. BK

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. BK

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. (Mission Broadcasting Inc.) BK

Nexstar Media Group Inc. BK

Next Level Apparel (YS Garments Inc.) BK

NexTag Inc. BK

NextCare Holdings BK

Nextel Brazil (Nextel Telecomunicações Ltda.) BK

Nextel Communications Inc. BK

Nextel Finance Co. (Nextel Communications Inc.) BK

Nextel Mexico (NII Holdings) BK

Nextel Partners Inc. BK

Nextel Partners Operating Corp. (Nextel Partners Inc.) BK

NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd. BK

NextEra Energy Operating Partners, LP BK

NextEra Energy Partners, LP BK

NextGen Finance LLC BK

NextGen Healthcare, Inc. BK

NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc. (formerly Keane Group, Inc.) BK

Nextlink Internet BK

NextMedia Group, Inc. BK

NextMedia Operating Inc. BK

NextPoint Acquisition Corp. BK

NextWave HoldCo LLC BK

Nexus Buyer LLC (Promontory Interfinancial Network LLC) BK

NF Investment Corp. BK

NFI Group Inc. BK

NFI Group Inc., NFI International Ltd. BK

NFP Corp. BK



NGAS Resources Inc. BK

NGL Energy Operating LLC/NGL Energy Partners LP BK

NGL Energy Partners LP BK

NGL Energy Partners LP BK

NGP Capital Resources Co. BK


Niagara Corp. BK

Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. BK

Nice Cars Funding, LLC (Manchester Inc.) BK

Nice-Pak Products Inc. BK

Nicholas Financial, Inc. BK

Nicholas Financial, Inc./Nicholas Data Services, Inc. BK

Nielsen & Bainbridge LLC BK

Nielsen Co. BK

Nielsen Co. BV BK

Nielsen Finance LLC BK

Nielsen Finance LLC (Nielsen Holdings plc) BK

Nielsen Holdings NV BK

NielsenIQ BK

NightHawk Radiology Services Inc. BK

Nike Inc. BK

Nike, Inc. BK

Niko Resources Ltd. BK

Nine Energy Service, Inc. BK

Nine Entertainment Group BK

Nine Entertainment Group Pty Ltd. BK

Nine Entertainment Pty Ltd. BK

Nine Point Energy Holdings, Inc. BK

Nine Point Energy, LLC BK

Nine West Holdings Inc. BK

Niska Gas Storage (CR Gas Storage) BK

Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC BK

NiSource Finance Corp. BK

NiSource Finance Corp. (NiSource Inc.) BK

NiSource Inc. BK

NiSource Inc. BK

Nixon Inc. BK

NMHG Holding Co. BK

NMHG Holding, Co. (Nacco Industries, Inc.) BK

NMI Holdings, Inc. BK

NN Inc. BK

NN Inc. BK

NN, Inc. BK

Nobel Learning Communities Inc. BK

Noble Corp. BK

Noble Corp. plc BK

Noble Corp./Noble International Finance Co. BK

Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd. (Noble Energy, Inc) BK

Noble Energy, Inc BK

Noble Midstream Partners LP BK

Noble Midstream Services, LLC (Noble Midstream Partners LP) BK

Nokia Corp. BK

Nomacorc LLC BK

Nomad Foods Ltd. BK

Nomad Royalty Co. Ltd. BK

Noodles & Co. BK

Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Corp. BK

Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. BK

Noranda Operating Trust BK

Norbord Inc. BK

Norcraft Cos. Inc. BK

Norcross Safety Products BK

Norcross Safety Products LLC BK

Nord Anglia Education Inc. BK

Nord Anglia Education Inc. (Fugue Finance BV) BK

Nordam Group LLC BK

Nordam Group, Inc. BK

Nordic American Tankers Ltd. BK

Nordic Biofuels of Ravenna LLC (Abengoa Bioenergy of Ravenna) BK

Nordic Packaging & Container (Finland) Holdings Oy (Powerflute Oyj) BK

Nordion Inc. BK

Nordson Corp. BK

Nordstrom, Inc. BK

Nordural Grundartangi ehf (Century Aluminum Co.) BK

Norfolk Southern Corp. BK

Norit Holding BK

Norpac Foods, Inc. BK

Norsk Hydro ASA BK

Norstan Apparel Shops, Inc. BK

Nortek Holdings Inc. BK

Nortek Inc. BK

Nortek Inc. BK

Nortek, Inc. BK

Nortel Networks Corp. BK

North American Bancard BK

North American Bancard (NAB Holdings LLC) BK

North American Bancord BK

North American Breweries Holdings LLC (CCR American Breweries Inc.) BK

North American Breweries Inc. BK

North American Central School Bus BK

North American Coal Corp. BK

North American Coal Corp. (Nacco Industries, Inc.) BK

North American Construction Group Ltd. BK

North American Energy Alliance LLC BK

North American Energy Partners Inc. BK

North American Energy Partners Inc. BK

North American Medical Instruments Corp. BK

North American Membership Group Inc. BK

North American Palladium BK

North American Palladium Ltd. BK

North American Senior Care Inc. BK

North American Van Lines Inc. BK

North Atlantic Trading Co. Inc. BK

Northeast Biofuels BK

NorthEast Gas Generation, LLC BK

Northeast Utilities BK

Northeast Wind Capital II LLC BK

Northern Frac Proppants II, LLC BK

Northern Illinois Gas Co. BK

Northern Offshore Ltd. BK

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. BK

Northern States Power Co. in Minnesota BK

Northern States Power Co. in Wisconsin BK

Northern States Power-Minnesota (Xcel Energy Inc.) BK

Northern States Power-Wisconsin (Xcel Energy Inc.) BK

Northern Tier Energy LP BK

Northern Tool+Equipment Co. Inc. BK

Northfield Park Associates BK

Northland Cable Television Inc. BK

Northland Communications BK

Northland Power Inc. BK

Northport TRS, LLC (Resource Capital Corp.) BK

NorthRiver Midstream Finance LP (Brookfield Infrastructure) BK

Northrop Grumman Corp. BK

Northrop Grumman Corp. BK

Northstar Aerospace, Inc. BK

NorthStar Asset Management Group Inc. (NSAM LP) BK

NorthStar Financial Services Group LLC BK

NorthStar Group Services Inc. BK

Northstar Mountain Properties, LLC BK

NorthStar Real Estate Income II, Inc. BK

NorthStar Real Estate Income Trust, Inc. BK

NorthStar Realty Finance Corp. BK

Northstar Travel Group BK

Northwest Airlines Corp. BK

Northwest Airlines Inc. BK

Northwest Airlines Inc. BK

Northwest Hardwoods, Inc. BK

Northwest Natural Gas Co. BK

Northwest Natural Gas Co. (Northwest Natural Holding Co.) BK

Northwest Pipe Co. BK

Northwest Pipeline LLC/Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co., LLC/Williams Cos., Inc. BK

NorthWestern Corp. BK

Northwestern Energy Corp. BK

NortonLifeLock Inc. (formerly known as Symantec Corp.) BK

Norwegian Cruise Line BK

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. BK

Norwesco Inc. BK

Norwood Promotional Products Holdings, Inc. BK

Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ Apparel LLC) BK

Nouryon Holding BV BK

Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc. BK

NovaMed Inc. BK

NovaMed Inc. BK

Novanta Inc. BK

Novaria Group BK

Novelis Inc. BK

Novelis Inc. BK

Novelis, Inc. BK

Noveon Inc. BK

Novetta BK

Novetta Solutions BK

Novitex Acquisition LLC (Pitney Bowes Management Services) BK

Novo Resources Corp. BK

Novocure Ltd. BK

Novolex BK

Novolex (Flex Acquisition Co. Inc.) BK

Novolex (Hilex Poly) BK



NPC International Inc. BK

NRG Energy Inc. BK

NRG Energy, Inc. BK

NRG Yield Operating LLC (NRG Yield, Inc.) BK

NRP (Operating) LLC BK

NRP LLC (Natural Resource Partners LP) BK

NS8 Inc. BK

NSA OP, LP (National Storage Affiliates Trust) BK

NSG Holdings LLC BK

NSO Group BK

Nstar Electric Co. BK

Ntelos Holding Corp. BK

Ntelos Holdings Corp. BK

Ntelos Inc. BK

NTL Cable BK


NTL Investment Holdings Ltd. (NTL Inc.) BK

Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. BK

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. BK

Nuance Communications Inc. BK

Nuance Communications, Inc. BK

NUI Corp. BK

NUI Utilities BK

Numericable BK

Numericable Group BK

Numericable-SFR SA BK

Numonyx BK

Numotion BK

Nursefinders Inc. BK

Nusil Technology BK

NuSil Technology BK

NuStar Energy LP BK

NuStar GP Holdings, LLC BK

NuStar Logistics LP BK

Nutraceutical International Corp. BK

Nutrisystem, Inc. BK

Nutritional Sourcing Corp. BK

Nutro Products Inc. BK

NuVasive, Inc. BK

Nuveen Churchill BDC SPV II, LLC (Nuveen Churchill Direct Lending Corp.) BK

Nuveen Global Cities REIT OP, LP (Nuveen Global Cities REIT, Inc.) BK

Nuveen Investments BK

Nuveen Investments BK

Nuveen Investments Inc. BK

Nuvei Corp. BK

Nuvei Technologies Corp. BK

Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. BK

NuVox Communications BK

NV Broadcasting, LLC (New Vision Television) BK

NV Energy, Inc. BK

NV5 Global, Inc. BK

NVA Holdings, Inc. BK

Nvidia Corp. BK

NVR, Inc. BK

NW Natural Water Co., LLC BK

NW Natural Water Co., LLC (Northwest Natural Holding Co.) BK

NWPC, LLC (Northwest Pipe Co.) BK


NXP Semiconductors BK

NXP Semiconductors NV BK

NXT Capital Inc. BK

NXT Capital LLC BK

NY & Co. Group, Inc. BK

NY Mets BK


NYSE Euronext BK

NYX Gaming Group Ltd. BK