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B&G Foods, Inc. HY

B&G Holdings Corp. HY

B&M European Value Retail SA HY

B-Corp Merger Sub, Inc. (BakerCorp International, Inc.) HY

B. Riley Financial Corp. HY

B. Riley Financial Inc. HY

B. Riley Financial, Inc. HY

B.F. Saul Real Estate Investment Trust HY

B/E Aerospace Inc. HY

B/E Aerospace, Inc. HY

B2 Holding ASA HY

B2Holding ASA HY

BAA (SH) plc HY

Baker & Taylor Acquisitions Corp. HY

Bakkavor Finance (2) plc HY

Bakkavor Finance (2) plc (Bakkavor Group) HY

Baldor Electric Co. HY

Ball Corp. HY

Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. HY

Banc of California Inc. HY


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, SA HY

Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo, SA HY

Banff Merger Sub, Inc. (BMC Software) HY

Banijay Group SAS HY

Bank of Ireland HY

Bank of Ireland Group plc HY

Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. HY

Bankrate, Inc. HY

BankUnited, Inc. HY

Barclays plc HY

Barminco Finance Pty Ltd. HY

Barney's, Inc. HY

Barrington Broadcasting Corp. HY

Barry Callebaut AG HY

Barry Callebaut Services HY

Barry Callebaut Services NV HY

Baseline Oil & Gas Corp. HY

Basic Energy Services Inc. HY

Basic Energy Services, Inc. HY

Bausch & Lomb Inc. HY

Bawag Group AG HY


BBA US Holdings Inc. (BBA Aviation plc) HY

BBHI Acquisition LLC (Bresnan Broadband Holdings, LLC) HY

BC Mountain, LLC/Apex Tool Group, LLC HY

BCD Acquisition, Inc. (Big Tex Trailers/American Trailer Works) HY

BCI US Finance Corp/Borden Nova Scotia Finance (Borden Chemical Inc.) HY

BCM IPE Ltd. (eircom Group plc) HY

BCM Ireland Finance Ltd. (eircom Group plc) HY

BCP Caylux Holdings Luxembourg SCA (Celanese AG) HY

BE Aerospace, Inc. HY

Beacon Escrow Corp. (Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.) HY

Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. HY

Beagle Acquisition Corp., (Emdeon Inc.) HY

Bear Creek Corp. (Harry and David) HY

Beazer Homes USA Inc. HY

Beazer Homes USA, Inc. HY

Belden & Blake Corp. HY

Belden CDT Inc. HY

Belden Inc. HY

Bellwether Exploration Co. HY

Belo Corp. HY

Belvedere SA HY

Bemax Resources Ltd. HY

Ben Oldman Real Estate Secured Bond HY

Beni Stabili SpA HY

Bergen Group Offshore AS HY

Bermuda HY

Bermuda HY

Berry Global, Inc. HY

Berry Petroleum Co. HY

Berry Petroleum Co., LLC HY

Berry Plastics Corp. HY

Berry Plastics Escrow Corp. (Berry Plastics Corp.) HY

Berry Plastics Escrow LLC/Escrow Corp. (Berry Plastics Corp.) HY

Berry Plastics Holdings Corp. HY

Betsson AB HY

Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) II SA/Beverage Packaging Holdings II Issuer Inc. (Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd.) HY

Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) II SA/Beverage Packaging Holdings II Issuer Inc. (Reynolds Group) HY

Beverages & More, Inc. (BevMo Intermediate Holdings, Inc.) HY

Beverages & More, Inc. (BevMo!) HY

Beverages & More, Inc. (BevMo) HY

Beverly Enterprises Inc. HY

Beverly Enterprises, Inc. HY

BevMo Intermediate Holdings, Inc. HY

BevMo Intermediate Holdings, Inc. (Beverages & More, Inc. (BevMo)) HY

BEWi Group AB HY


BI-LO Holdings LLC HY

BI-LO, LLC/BI-LO Finance Corp. HY

Bibby Offshore Services plc HY

Big River Steel LLC/BRS Finance Corp. HY

Bilbao (Luxembourg) SA (Befesa Media Ambiente SA) HY

Bill Barrett Corp. HY

Bill Barrett Group, Inc. HY

Bindura Nickel Corp. Ltd. (Mwana Africa plc) HY

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. HY

Biomet Inc. HY

Biomet, Inc. HY

BioScrip, Inc. HY

Biovail Corp. HY

Biscayne Bancshares Inc. HY


Blackboard Inc. HY

Blaze Recycling & Metals, LLC/Blaze Finance Corp. HY

Blitz F18-675 GmbH (Techem Energy Metering Service GmbH) HY

Block Communications Inc. HY

Block Communications, Inc. HY

Blockbuster Inc. HY

Blount Inc. HY

Blue Acquisition Sub (Burger King Holdings Inc.) HY

Blue Coat Holdings, Inc. (Batman Merger Sub, Inc. prior to the acquisition) HY

Blue Cube Spinco Inc. (Olin Corp.) HY

Blue Merger Sub Inc. (Del Monte Foods Co.) HY

Blue Racer Midstream LLC/Blue Racer Finance Corp. HY

Blue Racer Midstream, LLC/Blue Racer Finance Corp. HY

Blue Ridge Paper Products Inc. HY

BlueLine Rental Finance (Volvo Rents) HY

BlueLine Rental Finance Corp./BlueLine Rental, LLC HY

BlueScope Steel (Finance) Ltd./BlueScope Finance (Americas) LLC (BlueScope Steel Co.) HY

BlueScope Steel (Finance) Ltd./BlueScope Steel Finance (USA) LLC HY

Bluewater Energy Services BV HY

Bluewater Finance Ltd. HY

Blyth, Inc. HY

BMBG Bond Finance SCA (Braas Monier Building Group SA) HY

BMC East, LLC (BMC Stock Holdings, Inc.) HY

BMC Software Finance, Inc. HY

BMS Holding Co. (Bankruptcy Management Solutions) HY

BMST Intressenter AB HY

BNC Bancorp HY

Boardriders SA (Quiksilver, Inc.) HY

Boart Longyear Management Pty Ltd. HY

Boart Longyear Management Pty. Ltd. HY

BOE Intermediate Holding Corp (BWAY Intermediate Co., Inc.) HY

BOE Merger Corp. (BWAY Parent Co., Inc.) HY

Boewe Systec AG HY

BofI Holding Inc. HY

Boing Group Financing plc (IMO Car Wash) HY

Boise Cascade Co. HY

Boise Cascade Corp. HY

Boise Cascade LLC/Finance Corp. HY

Boise Cascade, LLC/Boise Cascade Finance Corp. HY

Boise Paper Holdings, LLC/Boise Co-issuer Co. (Boise Inc.) HY

Boise Paper Holdings, LLC/Boise Finance Co. HY

Bon-Ton Department Stores, Inc. HY

Bon-Ton Stores Inc. HY

Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc. HY

Bond Mission Critical Services plc HY

Bond Mission Critical Services plc (Bond Aviation) HY

Bong AB HY

Bong Ljungdahl Sverige AB (Bong AB) HY

Bonheur ASA HY

Bonten Media Acquisition Co. HY

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. HY

Boparan Finance plc HY

Borden U.S. Finance Corp./Borden Nova Scotia HY

Bormioli Pharma Bidco SpA HY

Boscobel Bancorp, Inc. HY

Bowater Inc. HY

Bowater Inc. HY

Boxer Parent Co. Inc. (BMC Software, Inc.) HY

Boyd Acquisition Sub, LLC/Peninsula Gaming, LLC/Peninsula Gaming Corp. (Boyd Gaming Corp.) HY

Boyd Gaming Corp. HY

Boyds Collection, Ltd. HY

Boyne USA, Inc. HY


Bracken MidCo 1 plc (Jerrold Holdings Ltd.) HY

Bracken Topco Ltd. (Bracken Midco1 plc (Together Financial Services Ltd.)) HY

Brake Bros Holding III Ltd. HY

Brake Bros Ltd. HY

Brakes Capital (Brakes Bros Ltd.) HY

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, Inc. HY

Brand Industrial Services, Inc. HY

Brand Intermediate Holdings, Inc. HY

Brand Services, Inc. HY

Bravida Holding AB HY

BreitBurn Energy Partners LP/BreitBurn Finance Corp. HY

Brickman Group Holdings, Inc. HY

Brickman Group Ltd. HY

Bridge Bancorp Inc. HY

Briggs & Stratton Corp. HY

Brigham Exploration Co. HY

BrightHouse Group plc HY

Brightstar Corp. HY

Brink's Co. HY

Brisa Concessao Rodoviaria, SA HY

Brisa-Concessao Rodoviaria, SA HY

Bristow Group Inc. HY

Britannia Bulk plc HY

British Energy Holdings plc HY

BRL Universal Equipment Corp. HY

Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc. HY

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. HY

Broder Bros., Co. HY

Broder Brothers HY

Brogan Bankshares Inc. HY

Brookline Bancorp Inc. HY

Brookstone Inc. HY

Brown Shoe Co. Inc. HY

Brown Shoe Co., Inc. HY

Bruin E&P Partners LLC HY

Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping, Inc. HY

Brunswick Corp. HY

Bryn Mawr Bank Corp. HY

BSN Glasspack Obligation HY

BTAC Merger Corp. (Baker & Taylor Inc.) HY

Buccaneer Merger Sub, Inc./Syniverse Holdings, Inc. HY

Buckeye Partners, LP HY

Buckeye Technologies Inc. HY

Buena Vista Gaming Authority HY

Buffalo Thunder Development Authority HY

Buffet's, Inc. HY

Buffets, Inc. HY

Buhrmann NV HY

Builders FirstSource Inc. HY

Builders FirstSource, Inc. HY

Building Materials Corp. of America HY

Bulk Industrier AS HY

Bumble Bee Acquisition Corp./Bumble Bee Foods LP HY

Bumble Bee Foods, LLC HY

Bumble Bee Holdco SCA HY

Burford Capital Finance LLC HY

Burger King Capital Holdings LLC/Burger Capital Finance, Inc. HY

Burger King France SAS HY

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp. HY

Burlington Holdings, LLC/Burlington Holdings Financing, Inc. HY

Burns Philp HY

Burns Philp Capital Pty Ltd./Burns Philp Capital (U.S.) Inc. HY

Business Development Corp. of America HY


Buzzi Unicem SpA HY


Bway Corp./Bway Finance Corp. HY

BWAY Holding Co. HY

BWAY Parent Co., Inc. HY

BWX Technologies, Inc. HY

Byggmastare Anders J Ahlstrom Fastighets AB HY