Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 12, 2020
• Barclays’ $3.42 million buffered plus notes on Stoxx Banks, Financial Select aimed at bank bulls
• CIBC sells $2.4 million leveraged market-linked notes tied to Technology Select Sector SPDR
• Citigroup plans contingent coupon autocalls on Apple, Target
• Citigroup’s dual directional barrier notes to indexes seen as more appealing on the downside
• GS Finance’s $30.38 million autocalls index-linked notes on EAFE follow recent trend
• GS Finance’s $91,000 leveraged notes on S&P 500 Equal Weight underweight Big Tech

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 5, 2020
• BMO’s $1.95 million leveraged buffered notes on iShares MSCI Mexico offer unusual country bet
• BofA prices $116.92 million accelerated return notes on S&P 500
• BofA’s $116.92 million Accelerated Return Notes on S&P 500 suggest leverage still in demand
• JPMorgan’s autocall buffered leveraged notes on Nasdaq may cap gains too soon, advisers say
• Morgan Stanley’s $945,000 trigger PLUS on Dow, Russell show solid barrier, but cap disappoints
• UBS’ $100,000 phoenix autocall on Southwest Airlines offers rewarding but risky bet on recovery

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 29, 2020
• Advisers gauge two comparable callable contingent coupon notes from Barclays
• Barclays’ $2 million buffered SuperTrack notes offer unleveraged, capped play on four indexes
• BofA’s Bear Strategic Accelerated Redemption notes on Russell 2000 show different risk profile
• CIBC’s $23.81 million leveraged buffered autocalls on Nasdaq-100 show ‘strong’ terms
• GS Finance’s leveraged notes on S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 50 offer uncapped, buffered exposure
• HSBC to price buffered market participation securities on basket of indexes
• New Issue: GS Finance sells $737,000 index-linked notes on S&P, Dow

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 22, 2020
• Barclays plans to price buffered autocallables on gold, silver funds
• Citigroup’s $6 million bearish autocalls on banking ETF show unusual premium threshold
• Credit Suisse eyes autocallable reverse convertible securities on two stocks
• Credit Suisse’s $2.57 million trigger callable yield notes on S&P Midcap 400 show low barrier
• JPMorgan’s contingent income autocalls on Schlumberger offer attractive value, contrarian says
• JPMorgan’s dual directional buffered notes on S&P, Russell offer short-term bet on economy
• UBS’s 10.15% geared buffered income autocalls on JPMorgan offer neutral, mildly bullish bet

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 15, 2020
• Bid on emerging markets resumes with Citi’s, Barclays’ leveraged notes on EM ETF
• CIBC’s market-linked securities on biotech ETF show low cap for bulls, advisers say
• Citi’s $1.41 million contingent coupon autocalls on Qualcomm, Microsoft show lower call strike
• HSBC’s barrier leveraged notes offer uncapped bet on utilities, financial sector
• JPMorgan’s autocall buffered return enhanced notes on S&P combine call and leverage

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 8, 2020
• Barclays prices deals on Expedia, basket of airline stocks designed for travel bulls
• Barclays’ $8.44 million leveraged notes on EAFE ETF offer bullish bet on international markets
• BNP plans to price buffered return enhanced notes on biotech ETF
• Citigroup’s $2.53 million contingent coupon autocall to offer tech exposure to popular stocks
• JPMorgan sells $4.78 million contingent interest autocalls on Western Digital
• JPMorgan’s dual directional buffered notes on S&P, Russell show good terms, advisers say

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 1, 2020
• BofA’s $33.91 million contingent yield deal on indexes boosts coupon via call, barrier options
• CIBC prices $15.04 million 10% STEP Income Securities on
• Citi’s $1.21 million callable contingent coupon notes on three funds offer ‘pretty good’ trade
• GS Finance sells $1.07 million coupon autocallables on Beyond Meat
• JPMorgan’s autocallable contingent coupon notes on indexes provide high yield, no S&P exposure
• Scotiabank’s market-linked step-up autocalls on Russell offer yield, uncapped return

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 24, 2020
• Advisers compare Morgan Stanley, Barclays notes on indexes with little conviction
• Barclays’ $45.6 million contingent income notes on indexes show interest for issuer calls
• BMO’s $1.35 million autocallables on index, ETF offer high contingent yield, correlation play
• Credit Suisse’s accelerated barrier notes on index basket offer global diversification
• Credit Suisse’s contingent coupon autocalls on gold ETF show right timing in bear market
• HSBC’s 8.7% autocallable yield notes on S&P 500, Russell show excess risk for limited gain

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 17, 2020
• Barclays’ $1.65 million bearish autocallables on S&P seen as too risky, advisers say
• Barclays’ $14.83 million contingent yield autocalls on BofA, JPMorgan, Citi offer tactical bet
• Citi’s contingent coupon autocallables on four stocks pay high coupon, but losses can be steep
• HSBC plans buffered market participation notes on index, ETF basket
• JPMorgan’s $3 million barrier digital notes on indexes offer dual directional payout
• New Issue: Citi sells $1.68 million dual directional barrier securities on Stoxx 50, EAFE ETF

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 10, 2020
• Citigroup’s notes tied to Citi Dynamic Asset Selector 5 to offer bond-like instrument
• Credit Suisse sells $10 million autocallable fixed-income securities on BofA
• Credit Suisse’s $15 million review notes on oil services ETF show eye-catching coupon
• JPMorgan’s contingent interest autocallables on gold miners ETFs offer hedge, high correlation
• Morgan Stanley prices $1 million 9.5% worst-of fixed-coupon RevCons on two stocks
• UBS’ $5 million of airbag autocalls on Delta offer income alternative to a long position
• UBS’s $10 million income autocalls on Zoom offer good terms based on high volatility premium