Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Nov. 18, 2020
• Citi’s autocall contingent coupon notes on Dow, Gold Miners provide rare buffer but long tenor
• Credit Suisse’s contingent autocall reverse convertibles on stocks seen as risky for income play
• GS Finance’s $964,000 autocalls on S&P, Russell Value suggest new sector rotations
• Morgan Stanley’s upside participation autocall on S&P not a pure income play, advisers say
• RBC’s digital plus barrier notes tied to Alibaba to outperform in range-bound market

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Nov. 11, 2020
• HSBC’s buffered AMPS on SPDR S&P Biotech ETF require expertise, stomach for risk, advisers say
• JPMorgan’s $442,000 callable contingent interest notes on U.S. Global Jets ETF offer value bet
• Morgan Stanley’s dual directional buffered notes on indexes built to play defense
• UBS’ $163,000 trigger phoenix autocalls on United Airlines seen as rewarding recovery play

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Nov. 4, 2020
• Barclays’ buffered SuperTrack notes tied to Nasdaq-100 to complement long-only tech position
• BofA Finance’s $10.64 million autocallables on indexes offer fixed-income, equity-like return
• Citi’s $1.84 million autocall pays high fixed rate thanks to uncorrelated, volatile stocks
• Credit Suisse’s buffered leveraged notes on offer more conservative bet on stock
• Morgan Stanley boosts contingent income with four U.S. equity indexes in autocallable notes

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Oct. 28, 2020
• Barclays’ $15.55 million contingent yield notes on indexes feature daily coupon observation
• Citi’s contingent coupon autocalls on Gold Miners ETFs show defensive barrier, low return
• Citi’s contingent coupon autocalls on S&P, Gold Miners show buffer, lower call strike
• Morgan Stanley’s lookback entry PLUS on S&P 500 show disappointing cap, advisers say
• Scotia’s $298,000 trigger notes with absolute return on Stoxx 50 seen as a long trade

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Oct. 21, 2020
• Barclays’ contingent coupon autocalls on oil & gas ETF offer short-term bet on volatile asset
• Credit Suisse’s absolute return buffered notes on S&P, Russell more for bears than bulls
• JPMorgan’s $600,000 uncapped leveraged notes on indexes offer longer-dated bullish bet
• UBS’ $40.51 million contingent yield autocalls on stock basket offer alternative to worst-of
• UBS’ $525,000 trigger phoenix autocallables on iShares Silver offer inflation hedge, income

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Oct. 14, 2020
• Barclays’ $473,000 7.75% autocalls on Nasdaq, Dow provide fixed rate, short-term play
• BofA’s $9.31 million fixed income autocalls on S&P, Russell to meet investors’ need for yield
• Credit Suisse’s $1 million contingent coupon buffered autocalls on ETFs seen as too risky
• Scotia’s $1.97 million leveraged notes on Mexico ETF likely to be hit by upcoming downturn

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Oct. 7, 2020
• Advisers compare exposure and protection in two Barclays’ leveraged uncapped notes on indexes
• CIBC’s $518,000 buffered notes on ETF basket offer easy access to international allocation
• Citigroup’s $253,000 barrier notes on Stoxx 50, Stoxx Banks offer 3x leverage, no cap
• Credit Suisse’s autocalls on Russell, Nasdaq offer hybrid payoff, possible leveraged gains
• HSBC’s $425,000 buffered digital notes on ETFs offer mildly bullish bets on oil, financials

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Sept. 30, 2020
• Barclays’ $16.4 million autocall market-linked step-up notes on Russell can generate alpha
• Citi’s $9.1 million buffered index-linked notes on MSCI EAFE offer mildly bullish play
• Credit Suisse’s contingent coupon autocall on two ETFs bear risk of housing market sell-off
• HSBC’s buffered return enhanced notes on tech ETF offer narrow focus on technology sector
• Morgan Stanley’s contingent income buffered autocalls on gold miners ETF unfit for gold bugs

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Sept. 23, 2020
• BMO’s $1.08 million autocallable barrier notes on indexes, ETF show eye-catching yield
• GS Finance’s contingent income autocalls on three tech stocks tap into correction opportunity
• HSBC’s autocallable barrier notes with step-up premium on indexes to offer discounted entry
• JPMorgan’s $533,000 capped notes tied to Nasdaq, S&P show competitive buffer on two-year tenor
• Morgan Stanley’s $25.04 million callable notes on indexes pay double-digit contingent yield

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Sept. 16, 2020
• Barclays’ Accelerated Return Notes on basket of technology stocks seen as highly risky
• BMO plans to price notes on Raymond James CEFR Domestic Equity
• Citi’s $9 million contingent coupon autocalls on three ETFs seen as bet on beaten up sectors
• GS Finance’s capped airbag gears tied to MSCI EAFE offer international value, advisers say
• HSBC plans buffered market participation notes on index, ETF basket
• JPMorgan’s notes on Russell, S&P lack enticing cap despite buffer, absolute return payout
• Scotia’s $3 million accelerated return notes on bank ETF offer value, margin of safety