Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 8, 2018
• Advisers applaud Barclays’ buffered SuperTrack notes tied to MSCI ETFs but question tenor
• Citi’s $52.46 million notes on MSCI Europe are top principal-protected issue this year
• Morgan Stanley’s buffered PLUS tied to S&P 500 index aimed at cautious bulls
• Morgan Stanley’s dual directional trigger jump notes on S&P 500 built for sideways market

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 1, 2018
• After Facebook, Twitter tumble, timing for autocalls looks right, but buyers lack conviction
• Barclays’ 95% principal protected notes tied to MSCI Europe show competitive pricing
• Citi’s contingent absolute return notes on S&P 500 show risk of lagging the market
• GS Finance’s leveraged buffered notes tied to EAFE ETF require timing decision
• Morgan Stanley’s $1.43 million 9% fixed-to-contingent coupon autocall on indexes show new idea

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 25, 2018
• Barclays’ 8.75% phoenix autocalls on gold, biotech funds show buffer, long tenor
• Barclays’ digital notes due 2019 tied to 10-year ICE swap rate tap into equity structure type
• Citigroup’s barrier notes on S&P provide absolute return, protection in ‘condor-like’ deal
• Citi’s 12% contingent income autocalls tied to three tech stocks show balanced risk strategy
• Morgan Stanley Bank’s series of CDs on MAP Trend to be used as income substitute

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 18, 2018
• BofA’s 42-month par-protected notes tied to FTSE 100 may mature too soon if market crashes
• Citigroup’s fixed-to-floaters tied to 10-year CMS rate offer 6% teaser rate for two years
• HSBC’s PLUS tied to iShares China Large-Cap fund require contrarian, short-term bullish view
• JPMorgan’s buffered leveraged notes on Bloomberg Commodity seen as volatility bet
• RBC’s 8% STEP Income Securities tied to Facebook offer fixed rate on big recovery story

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 11, 2018
• Barclays’ leverage notes with 95% floor on indexes seen as timely in current market conditions
• CIBC’s 9% STEP Income tied to D.R. Horton offer equity-like return for risk-tolerant investors
• Credit Suisse’s absolute return notes on Stoxx, EM fund fit non-directional bet, but beware EM
• Credit Suisse’s contingent coupon reverse convertibles on Netflix show high yield
• Morgan Stanley’s partial principal at risk notes on MSCI Europe designed for the risk averse

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 5, 2018
• Barclays’ leveraged capped notes on S&P 500 are designed for toppish market, offer protection
• CIBC’s $117.25 million leveraged notes tied to S&P 500 rank among top 10 deals this year
• HSBC’s 10% autocall on pharma stocks: not a buy-and-hold, low-risk strategy, advisers say
• Wells Fargo to offer defensive autocalls tied to Energy Select SPDR for mild bulls

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 27, 2018
• Citigroup’s PLUS tied to SPDR S&P Oil & Gas to offer high risk, high reward bet
• HSBC’s barrier leveraged notes on Stoxx, EAFE ETF have potential to outperform, advisers say
• HSBC’s series of buffered market participation notes on sector ETFs play defense only
• JPMorgan shows its own ‘condor-like’ trade with dual directional knock-out notes tied to S&P
• RBC’s $1.91 million buffered notes tied to Euro Stoxx 50 show striking 10x leverage

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 20, 2018
• BMO’s contingent 10% cash-settled autocalls on oil, gold funds designed for savvy investors
• Credit Suisse’s leveraged notes tied to MSCI EAFE use geared buffer to enhance short bull play
• Morgan Stanley’s notes on index basket offer partial principal protection over three-year bet
• RBC’s barrier booster notes tied to S&P 500, Dow Jones show uncapped digital in worst-of format
• RBC’s PLUS tied to three indexes, three ETFs feature unusually short tenor on leveraged note

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 14, 2018
• Barclays’ leveraged notes with cap, 95% floor tied to Stoxx 50 show attractive protection
• Barclays’ SuperTrack tied to FTSE 100 index show good terms, but bet on one country is an issue
• CIBC’s $89.45 million capped leveraged notes on Euro Stoxx 50 show big size, high leverage
• Credit Suisse’s 6%-8% contingent coupon autocalls on S&P, Nasdaq show reasonable risk profile
• JPMorgan plans unusual ‘shark’ note with bear tilt, leveraged absolute return on S&P 500

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 6, 2018
• CIBC’s leveraged buffered notes tied to S&P 500 index seen as short-term play on old bull
• Goldman’s buffered PLUS with cap tied to Stoxx 50 show shorter term, aggressive cap
• HSBC’s $1.57 million trigger PLUS tied to Facebook show rare dual directional bet on one stock
• JPMorgan’s leveraged notes on FTSE 100 raise concerns due to European headlines, banks
• JPMorgan’s uncapped leveraged notes on dividend indexes offer low volatility play