Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for May 11, 2022
• Advisers discuss value of 50% buffer in GS Finance’s autocallable notes tied to S&P 500
• Citi’s $2 million Phoenix autocall on gold miners, silver ETFs offer rare buffer
• HSBC’s autocallable barrier notes on Apple, Tesla boil down to Tesla exposure
• Morgan Stanley’s $1 million jump securities on S&P MidCap 400 seen as fixed income replacement
• UBS’ $38.03 million of digital notes on index basket designed for short-term bullish play

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for May 4, 2022
• BMO’s $1.24 million buffered notes on Dow too conservative, almost bearish, adviser says
• JPMorgan’s $35.4 million uncapped buffered leveraged notes on Stoxx offer alternative to ETF
• JPMorgan’s uncapped buffered notes on EAFE, EM ETFs show compelling terms for short-term bet
• Too soon to buy UBS’ $100,000 trigger phoenix autocalls on Freeport-McMoRan, contrarian says
• UBS’ 20.51% trigger yield notes on SPDR Oil & Gas offer high reward for volatile sector bet

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 27, 2022
• BofA’s $20.2 million Mitts on commodities offer full protection, but volatility a concern
• Citi reintroduces older structure with $6.66 million variable coupon notes on 10-stock basket
• HSBC’s $1.13 million of autocalls with memory on indexes offer high yield, dispersion risk
• Morgan Stanley to price first fixed-to-floating rate notes tied to CPI in nearly two years
• Morgan Stanley’s $6.96 million absolute return step notes on basket offer minimum gain, no cap

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 20, 2022
• BofA’s $4 million 7.05% trigger callable yield notes on indexes to fit into bond allocation
• CIBC’s autocallable market-linked step-up notes on Stoxx designed for sideways market
• Citigroup’s capped annual notes on Cboe S&P 500 10% Buffered 25 April emulate buffered ETFs
• Energy boosts yield in JPMorgan’s $6.45 million autocall on S&P 500 ETF, Energy Select Sector
• GS Finance’s autocalls on BlackRock Dynamic Factor index offer multi-asset exposure, low vol.

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 13, 2022
• Citigroup’s variable coupon market-linked notes on S&P seen as conservative play
• GS Finance’s bearish autocalls absolute return notes on S&P not worth the bet, contrarian says
• JPMorgan’s $1.58 million autocalls on Gold Miners to offer inflation hedge, safe harbor
• RBC’s autocalls on basket of two oil stocks tap into best-performing sector

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 6, 2022
• BofA, TD digitals on U.S. indexes offer outperformance potential in sideway market, protection
• Citi’s $9.47 million dual directional buffer noted on S&P 500 focuses on defense, not growth
• JPMorgan’s $290,000 notes on MerQube index use decrement to boost terms
• JPMorgan’s leveraged notes on Stoxx, EAFE ETF has advisers concerned about European exposure
• Structured notes issuance $751 million for week; tally for year down 18%

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 30, 2022
• Barclays’ announced suspension, rescission of VIX ETN, oil ETN to have trading ramifications
• Credit Suisse’s Phoenix autocalls on S&P draw heavy bid for rare buffer
• GS Finance’s $250,000 notes on MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF feature first-time use of underlying fund
• GS Finance’s autocallable index-linked notes on S&P 500 provide full protection, small premium
• Jefferies’ $4.1 million capped leveraged notes on S&P 500 may compete with ARNs

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 23, 2022
• Advisers opt for worst-of on S&P, Russell versus notes on Russell only as terms are better
• Citi’s $17.79 million dual directional notes on Gold Miners ETF for neutral, moderate bulls
• Credit Suisse’s $3.23 million autocalls on VanEck Oil Services ETF offer short-term industry bet
• HSBC’s $525,000 autocallable contingent income notes on stocks show attractive risk reward, entry
• Yen exposure lacking with TD Bank’s $8.4 million capped notes on Topix, contrarian says

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 16, 2022
• Absolute return is ‘gravy’ in JPMorgan’s $648,000 leveraged notes on EAFE, Stoxx, source says
• Citi’s autocalls on S&P 500 offer memory payout, deep barrier on single asset in risky market
• GS Finance’s $9.89 million autocall trigger PLUS on Nasdaq-100 show good trade entry
• JPMorgan’s $14.05 million notes on 10-year SOFR ICE swap rate offer deep-in-the-money digital
• UBS’ $3.28 million autocalls on CrowdStrike offer timely bet but risky single name exposure

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 9, 2022
• Advisers shy away from Citi’s $2.31 million notes on Dow, ARK due to ETF’s volatility
• BofA offers value bet with its $3 million autocallable notes on Biotech ETF, contrarian says
• Hot inflation makes Credit Suisse’s $3.4 million notes on Bloomberg Commodity index tempting
• JPMorgan’s $29.65 million digital notes on Euro Stoxx Banks seen as tactical, risky bet
• Scotia’s $4.12 million capped leveraged notes on S&P 500 offer short-term bet with buffer