Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 18, 2018
• Barclays’ annual autocall tied to S&P 500, SPDR S&P Oil designed for growth more than income
• Credit Suisse’s leveraged notes on Energy Select SPDR offer ‘decent’ structure for sector bet
• JPMorgan’s dual directional barrier notes tied to EM fund offer no cap over short tenor
• RBC’s $6 million redeemable steepeners on CMS seen as sign of renewed interest in rates play

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 11, 2018
• Barclays’ buffered PLUS with cap tied to Topix designed for mildly bullish play
• Barclays’ SuperTrack notes tied to MSCI EAFE fund, EM show strong terms for long-term play
• Credit Suisse’s digital barrier notes tied to Euro Stoxx show most likely risk in time decay
• Credit Suisse’s notes tied to Swiss Market show aggressive pricing, first use of index
• Deutsche Bank’s trigger return enhanced notes on EAFE ETF, Stoxx to capture bulls’ attention
• RBC’s $7.55 million three-year buffered return notes tied to S&P 500 revive old-fashioned payout

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for April 4, 2018
• BofA’s $16.78 million step-up autocall tied to Russell 2000 lacks protection in riskier market
• Citigroup’s fixed-to-floaters on leveraged CMS spread offer attractive tenor for tough bet
• HSBC’s autocall tied to Nvidia stock offers defensive call level, likely short play
• HSBC’s leveraged performance notes on HSBC Vantage5 index face objections due to underlying

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 28, 2018
• Barclays’ $50 million contingent coupon notes tied to indexes spotted as institutional trade
• Goldman’s seven-year autocallables on Motif National Defense show full protection, no cap
• JPMorgan’s enhanced notes on Taiwan Stock Exchange index use rare underlier, offer hedge
• JPMorgan’s notes tied to index basket with short tenor, buffer and no cap appeal to advisers

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 21, 2018
• Citi’s contingent coupon autocalls tied to Wal-Mart, Costco to offer short-term income
• Citi’s notes tied to iStoxx global growth feature first-time use of index for yield, low volatility
• Credit Suisse’s reverse convertibles show high coupon on three low-priced, volatile stocks

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 14, 2018
• Barclays’ $50 million worst-of notes tied to three indexes show 18% contingent coupon, call
• Credit Suisse’s absolute return barrier notes tied to Euro Stoxx target cautious bulls
• GS Finance’s $2.11 million notes tied to Russell 2000 show absolute return with buffer
• Morgan Stanley’s protected notes on Euro Stoxx Select Dividend set to navigate rough markets

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 7, 2018
• BofA Finance’s $10.16 million digital notes on metals & mining ETF priced for sideways market
• CIBC’s $4.31 million market-linked notes on iShares MSCI EAFE offer sound alternative to ETF
• Credit Suisse’s Bares tied to S&P 500 aimed at investors seeking modest, likely gains
• HSBC’s $1.59 million contingent income notes on biotech, health ETFs to offer higher yield
• Scotia’s leveraged buffered notes tied to the iShares MSCI to offer short-term, bullish bet

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for March 1, 2018
• Barclays’ $2.28 million notes tied to Stoxx 50 Equal Weight employ rare underlier
• Citigroup’s contingent coupon autocalls on Halliburton show high chances of modest gains
• Citigroup’s three-year trigger gears tied to Euro Stoxx 50 to offer ‘attractive’ terms
• Credit Suisse’s $500,000 CS notes on Netflix, Tesla, Oracle offer 95% protection via worst-of
• HSBC’s $1.1 million AMPS on Hang Seng China Enterprises aimed at bulls buying the dip

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Feb. 21, 2018
• Credit Suisse’s 11.55% contingent coupon autocall tied to Nvidia offers alternative to long bet
• GS Finance’s worst-of on iShares EAFE, Euro Stoxx show high multiple, low barrier, no cap
• JPMorgan’s $1.93 million worst-of digital on Russell, S&P are designed for cautious investors
• JPMorgan’s enhanced notes tied to dollar versus yen show tactical bullish bet on U.S. currency

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Feb. 14, 2018
• Barclays’ $36.04 million of worst-of callables tied to three indexes seen as ‘fairly’ priced
• Barclays’ buffered SuperTrack notes tied to S&P 500 show surprisingly low cap, advisers say
• Credit Suisse plans two leveraged deals for mildly bullish investors on China Large-Cap ETF
• Steepeners to offer income, growth for bulls on the economy, says CG Capital’s Castelluccio
• With yields up, CPI floaters may be back in style as HSBC readies the first one in a year