Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Feb. 13, 2019
• Citigroup’s leveraged buffered notes linked to ETF basket offer debatable diversification
• Citi’s callable notes on indexes show unique play with worst-of contingency, floating rate
• Credit Suisse’s autocall contingent income notes tied to Tesla show less appeal than the stock
• Credit Suisse’s capped gears tied to Russell 2000 offer short-term alternative to ETF exposure
• RBC’s trigger absolute return step notes linked to index basket designed to generate alpha

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Feb. 7, 2019
• HSBC’s barrier notes linked to Dow, Russell 2000 offer deep barrier, unlimited potential gains
• HSBC’s buffered leveraged notes tied to Hang Seng China would be better deal on A-shares
• JPMorgan’s dual directional notes on two indexes offer ‘fairly rare’ buffer
• Morgan Stanley’s lock-in notes on Euro Stoxx target ultra conservative investors
• RBC’s capped levered market plus notes on Technology Select offer six-month tactical play

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Jan. 30, 2019
• Barclays to offer reverse convertibles on the Russell with fixed coupon, longer tenors
• Credit Suisse’s five-year accelerated barrier notes linked to EM ETF offer long-term bull play
• HSBC’s step down trigger autocalls on Nasdaq, Russell show different return outcomes
• JPMorgan’s barrier leveraged notes on Stoxx, ETF offer long-term bullish bet on Europe, value
• RBC’s autocallable digital plus barrier notes tied to Apple offer bet on earnings, low entry

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Jan. 23, 2019
• JPMorgan’s bearish knock-out notes linked to S&P 500 seen as source of alpha, short substitute
• JPMorgan’s buffered notes on Bloomberg Commodity to follow several recent commodities deals
• JPMorgan’s capped contingent buffered notes tied to gold offer moderately bullish play
• Wells Fargo’s notes linked to real estate ETF show solid buffer, but sluggish market is a risk

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Jan. 16, 2019
• Barclays’ digital barrier notes on Stoxx 50, EAFE fund get kudos from advisers
• Citi’s CMS spread range accrual notes tied to indexes offer high teaser rate for two years
• GS Finance’s dual directional on S&P MidCap, Russell reduces risk associated with worst-of
• HSBC’s autocall contingent coupon notes tied to stocks offer alternative to single asset play
• Morgan Stanley’s floating-rate notes tied to CPI designed to bet on, hedge against inflation

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Jan. 9, 2019
• BMO’s buffered bullish enhanced return notes show positive possible outcomes, attractive terms
• GS Finance’s index-linked notes tied to S&P 500 offer bearish play, full protection
• Morgan Stanley’s autocallable jump notes on S&P 500 Daily show high hurdle, modest premium
• Morgan Stanley’s lock-in notes tied to S&P 500 show renewed interest for lookbacks, protection

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Jan. 2, 2019
• HSBC’s performance allocator notes on U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific seen as similar to ‘best of’
• Large buffer on Morgan Stanley’s notes on S&P 500 offers pros and cons, advisers say
• Outlook 2019: Fintech, even volatility expected to elevate structured notes issuance

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Dec. 19, 2018
• Barclays Bank’s buffered notes on S&P 500 index seen as a bet on the economy
• CIBC’s buffered leveraged notes on S&P 500 appeal to defensive investors, bulls alike
• Credit Suisse’s trigger jump notes on Euro Stoxx Banks show sector bet with too much risk
• HSBC’s 8.95% airbag autocallables tied to Williams offer lower risk exposure to stock
• JPMorgan’s capped buffered leveraged notes on basket priced for a market rebound, source says

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Dec. 12, 2018
• CIBC’s digital notes tied to S&P oil ETF start on time but may end too late, contrarian says
• Citigroup’s absolute return trigger notes tied to S&P 500 index are best suited for bears
• Credit Suisse’s leveraged notes on Invesco QQQ Trust offer hedged exposure to big tech names
• JPMorgan’s dual directional barrier notes on indexes require timing the next recession
• Morgan Stanley’s $4.39 million contingent income autocalls on Nvidia monetize volatile stock

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Dec. 5, 2018
• Barclays, HSBC price longer-dated bull notes on Dow with defensive bias via Merrill
• Barclays’ buffered SuperTrack notes on iShares MSCI EAFE, EM offer bullish, defensive play
• Citigroup’s securities tied to MSCI EM ETF offer risk mitigation for beaten up asset class
• HSBC’s five-year leveraged notes on Euro Stoxx 50 are appealing even for Euro skeptics