Prospect News Structured Products Weekly
Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 21, 2019
• Credit Suisse’s CS notes on Credit Suisse RavenPack AIS offer challenges and opportunities
• HSBC’s leveraged notes tied to Dow, Russell offer fair terms but timing, tenor eyed
• Underlying energy ETF in Wells Fargo’s leveraged notes may not offer best value, adviser says

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 14, 2019
• Barclays’ autocallable notes linked to Shopify show insufficient coupon for risk, adviser says
• GS Finance’s barrier early redeemable notes on S&P offer full protection for short-term bears
• JPMorgan’s contingent interest autocalls on three indexes aimed at more defensive investors
• Morgan Stanley’s $20 million dual directional notes on S&P to deliver alpha on downside
• Wells Fargo’s leveraged notes linked to S&P 500 Value offer access to bargain-hunting style

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for Aug. 7, 2019
• BMO’s booster notes with barrier on MSCI EAFE fund, Euro Stoxx index to offer ‘fair’ trade
• Credit Suisse’s contingent coupon autocallables linked to three stocks show eye-popping yield
• HSBC’s autocallables linked to ETFs have high contingent coupon, present variety of risks
• Morgan Stanley’s uncapped buffered PLUS on the Euro Stoxx 50 to offer value, contrarian says
• Wells Fargo’s $1.22 million market-linked notes on S&P use Asian options to price protection

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 31, 2019
• Barclays’ $1.37 million autocallables on two oil funds offer rare buffer
• BofA’s $15.34 million autocallable step-up notes linked to Russell fit low return expectations
• Citigroup’s buffer securities on Dow ETF to show lower-risk alternative to fund, analyst says
• JPMorgan’s uncapped dual directional barrier notes on MSCI Emerging Markets offer timely bet
• Scotiabank’s $13.76 million Mitts tied to index basket offer full capital protection, FX hedge

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 24, 2019
• BMO’s buffered leveraged notes on MSCI EAFE to offer attractive participation for short-term bet
• GS Finance’s notes tied to technology ETF show modest leverage, long tenor, buysiders say
• HSBC’s performance allocator notes linked to three baskets of indexes seen as valuable tool
• JPMorgan’s digital notes on crude oil to benefit from inflation, timing, contrarian says
• UBS’ $2.52 million contingent income autocallables linked to Tesla seen as ‘calculated gamble’

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 18, 2019
• Citigroup’s trigger PLUS tied to financial ETF show ‘fair’ terms, but rates are looming concern
• Credit Suisse autocalls tied to Amazon, Lyft, Zillow come with big risk, big possible coupon
• GS Finance’s bearish autocall absolute return notes on S&P give full protection on short tenor
• JPMorgan’s notes tied to S&P offer leverage, protection as index soars; cap might clip wings

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 10, 2019

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for July 3, 2019
• JPMorgan’s leveraged notes on EM index: good terms but wrong tenor, contrarian manager says
• Morgan Stanley’s trigger PLUS linked to Russell 2000, Dow have effective barrier, advisers say
• Scotia’s $30.27 million leveraged notes on the Dow to offer long-term bullish bet
• Two dual directional notes linked to S&P point to advisers’ preference for buffer over barrier

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 26, 2019
• Barclays’ $3.23 million market-linked step-ups on Taiwan Stock Exchange index use rare index
• Credit Suisse’s 8.2% autocalls on S&P, Russell show moderate risk despite American barrier
• GS Finance’s buffered digital notes linked to Euro Stoxx 50 offer fair risk-adjusted return
• Morgan Stanley’s buffered PLUS on basket of two indexes to bring rare commodity deal

Prospect News Structured Products Weekly for June 19, 2019
• Barclays, Citigroup offer similar dual directional notes on S&P, but bullish biases differ
• BofA’s capped Accelerated Return Notes tied to Russell 2000 need protection, buysiders say
• BofA’s leveraged buffered notes linked to S&P 500 designed for short-term mildly bullish play
• HSBC’s leveraged notes linked to index basket have ‘surprisingly good structure,’ adviser says
• Morgan Stanley’s dual directional notes on MAP Trend index seen as a twin-win, but no big win