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X5 Finance BV

X5 Finance LLC

X5 Retail Group NV

XacBank LLC

XacBank of Mongolia

Xceligent, Inc.

Xenitis Infotech Ltd.

Xerium Technologies Inc.

Xerox India Ltd.

Xfone, Inc.

Xi Yang Overseas Ltd.

Xiamen Airlines Co. Ltd.

Xiamen International Port Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Port Development Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corp.

Xiamen Yuzhou Grand Future Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.

Xiang Sheng Holding Ltd.

Xiangtan Urban & Rural Construction Development Group Co., Ltd.

Xiangyu Investment (BVI) Co., Ltd.

Xianjin Industry Investment Co. Ltd.

Xianyang Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Xiaomi Best Time International Ltd.

Xiaomi Corp.

Xignux, SA de CV

Xihui Haiwai I Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

Xihui International Co. Ltd.

Xin Fu (BVI) Co., Ltd.

XinAo Gas Holdings Ltd.

Xinchen China Power Holdings Ltd.

Xinergy Corp.

Xinergy Ltd.

Xingang International Holding Ltd.

Xingchang International Co. Ltd.

Xingcheng (BVA) Ltd.

Xingcheng (BVI) Ltd.

Xingfa Aluminium Holdings Ltd.

Xinggang Investment Group Co., Ltd. of Zhengzhou Aerial Port

Xingsheng (BVI) Co. Ltd.

Xingu Rio Transmissora de Energia SA

Xinhailian Group (BVI) Co. Ltd.

Xinhu (BVI) 2018 Holding Co. Ltd.

Xinhu (BVI) Holding Co. Ltd.

Xinhu (Oversea) 2017 Investment Co. Ltd.

Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd.

Xinhua Finance Ltd.

Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Ltd.

Xinjiang Financial Investment Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment (Group) Co. Ltd.

Xinjiang Transportation Construction Investment Holding Co. Ltd.

Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co. Ltd.

Xinrui International Investment Development Ltd.

Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.

Xinxing Industry Investment Co. Ltd.

Xinyi City Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

Xinyuan (China) Real Estate, Ltd.

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Xinzhan Ltd.

Xiwang Special Steel Co. Ltd.

Xi’an Aerospace High-Tech Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Aerospace High-Tech Industry Development Group Co. Ltd.

Xi’an Municipal Infrastructure Construction Investment Group Corp., Ltd.

Xi’an Port Industrial Co. Ltd.

Xi’an Qujiang Culture Holdings Co., Ltd.

XL Axiata Tbk.

XL Bermuda Ltd.

XP Inc.

XP Investimentos SA

Xpress Group Ltd.

XPRO India Ltd.

XS Ranch Fund VI, LP

Xtera Communications, Inc.

Xuchang General Investment Co.

Xuzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone International Investment Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone State Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone State-owned Asset Management Co., Ltd.

XXI Century Investments Public Ltd.

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