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1 Global Capital LLC

1 West Capital LLC

1-800 Contacts, Inc.

1-800 Flowers.com, Inc.

10 commodities

10 commodity indexes

10 commodity subindexes

10 common stocks

10 equally weighted commodities

10 equally weighted commodity indexes

10 equally weighted common stocks

10 equally weighted stocks

10 stocks

10-year and two-year Constant Maturity Swap rates

10-year British pounds sterling ICE swap rate

10-year CMS rate

10-year Constant Maturity Sifma Municipal Swap rate

10-year Constant Maturity Swap rate

10-year Constant Maturity Treasury index

10-year Constant Maturity Treasury rate

10-year euro ICE swap rate

10-year Sifma/Libor swap rate

10-year U.S. Constant Maturity Swap rate

10-year U.S. Dollar Constant Maturity Swap Rate

10-year U.S. dollar ICE swap rate

10-year U.S. dollar interest rate swap rate

10-year U.S. dollar SOFR ICE swap rate

10-year U.S. dollar swap rate

1011778 B.C. Unlimited Liability Co.

1011778 BC ULC

1023803 Alberta Ltd.

1055 Energy Partners LLC

10x Genomics, Inc.

11065220 Canada Inc.

11722573 Canada Ltd.

1199169 B.C. Unlimited Liability Co.

12 common stocks

12 common stocks and American Depositary Shares

12 components

12 indexes

12 stocks

121Media Inc.


1232743 BC Ltd.

1236904 BC Ltd.

1250 Oceanside Partners

1276158 Alberta Inc.

1290 High Yield Bond Fund

13-Month Dow Jones-UBS Precious Metals Total Return sub-index

1300Smiles Ltd.

1347 Capital Corp.

1347 Property Insurance Holdings, Inc.

1492 Small Cap Growth Fund

1492 Small Cap Value Fund

15 common stocks

15 Craigside Project

15 stocks

1511419 Ontario Inc.

155 East Tropicana LLC (Hooters Casino)

16 common stocks

16 equally weighted stocks

16 equity securities

17 equally weighted stocks

1776 CLO I, LTD./1776 CLO I, Corp.

18 Fremont Street Acquisition

18 Fremont Street Acquisition LLC

180 Connect Inc.

180 Medical Inc.

1800 Harrison Foundation

1810040 Alberta Ltd.

1828 2016-1 CLO Ltd./1828 CLO LLC

1847 Goedeker Inc.

1933 Industries Inc.

19th Holdings Golf, LLC

19X Inc.

1A Smart Start LLC

1Life Healthcare Inc.

1Malaysia Development Bhd.

1MDB Energy (Langat) Ltd.

1MDB Energy Ltd.

1pm Industries, Inc.

1st Century Bancshares, Inc.

1st Colonial Bancorp, Inc.

1st Enterprise Bank

1st Franklin Financial Corp.

1st NRG Corp.

1st Source Corp.

1st United Bancorp Inc.

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