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M-Foods Holdings (Michael Foods, Inc.) HY

M-Real Corp. HY

M/I Homes Inc. HY

M/I Homes, Inc. HY

M2 Asset Management AB HY

Mac-Gray Corp. HY

MacDermid, Inc. HY

Macrovision Solutions Co. HY

Magellan Health Services, Inc. HY

Magnetation LLC/Mag Finance Corp. HY

Magnolia (BC) SA (Maisons Du Monde SAS) HY

Magnolia Bostad AB HY

Magnolia Oil & Gas Operating LLC/Magnolia Oil & Gas Finance Corp. HY

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. HY

Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc. HY

Maha Energy AB HY

MAI Holdings Inc. (Mark Andy) HY

Maiden Holdings Ltd. HY

Mail-Well I Corp. HY

Main Street Capital Corp. HY

Maire Tecnimont SpA HY

Majestic Holdco, LLC/Majestic Star Holdco, Inc. HY

Majestic Investor Holdings LLC HY

Majestic Star Casino, LLC HY

Majestic Star Casino, LLC/Majestic Star Casino Capital Corp. HY

Mallinckrodt International Finance SA/Mallinckrodt CB LLC HY

Mandalay Resort Group HY

Manhattan Bancshares Inc. HY

Manitowoc Co. Inc. HY

Manitowoc Co. Inc. HY

Manitowoc Co., Inc. HY

ManTech International Corp. HY

Manutencoop Facility Management SpA HY

Marcolin SpA HY

Marina District Finance Co., Inc. (Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa) HY

Marine Harvest ASA HY

Mariner Energy, Inc. HY

Mariner Health Care, Inc. HY

Mariposa Borrower, Inc./Mariposa Merger Sub LLC (Neiman Marcus Group Ltd.) HY

Mark IV Europe Lux/Mark IV USA Lux (Mark IV Industries Inc.) HY

Market Street Bancshares Inc. HY

MarkWest Energy Partners LP/Finance Corp. HY

MarkWest Energy Partners, LP HY

MarkWest Energy Partners, LP/ MarkWest Energy Finance Corp. HY

MarkWest Energy Partners, LP/Finance Corp. HY

MarkWest Energy Partners, LP/MarkWest Energy Finance Corp. HY

Marlin Intermediate Holdings plc (Marline Financial Group) HY

Marquee Holdings Inc. (AMC Entertainment Inc.) HY

Marquee Inc. (AMC Entertainment Inc.) HY

Marquette Transportation Co., LLC/Marquette Transportation Finance Corp. HY

Marriott Ownership Resorts, Inc. HY

Marriott Ownership Resorts, Inc. (Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.) HY

Marsico Parent Co., LLC/Marsico Co. Notes Corp. (Marsico Capital Management) HY

Marsico Parent Holdco, LLC/Marsico Holdco Notes Corp. (Marsico Capital Management) HY

Marsico Parent Superholdco, LLC./Marsico Superholdco Notes Corp. (Marsico Capital Management) HY

Martin Midstream Partners LP and Martin Midstream Finance Corp. HY

Martin Midstream Partners LP/Martin Midstream Finance Corp. HY

Masaria Investments SAU (Grupo Cortefiel) HY

Mashantucket Pequot Tribe HY

Mason Finance Sub, Inc. (Williams Scotsman International Inc.) HY

Masonite International Corp. HY

Massey Energy Co. HY

MasTec, Inc. HY

Mastro's Restaurant, LLC/RRG Finance Corp. HY

Matador Resources Co. HY

Matalan Finance Ltd. HY

Matalan Finance plc HY

Matalan plc HY

Matalan Retail Ltd. HY

Match Group, Inc. HY

Matria Healthcare, Inc. HY

Matrix Acquisition Corp./MacDermid, Inc. HY

Mattel, Inc. HY

Matterhorn Financing (Orange Switzerland) HY

Matterhorn Merger Sub LLC/H-Food Holdings LLC/Matterhorn Finance Sub Inc./Hearthside Finance (Hearthside Food Solutions LLC) HY

Matterhorn Midco & Co. SCA (Orange Switzerland) HY

Matterhorn Mobile SA (Orange Switzerland) HY

Matterhorn Telecom Holding SA (Orange Switzerland SA) HY

Matterhorn Telecom SA HY

Matterhorn Telecom SA (Orange Switzerland SA) HY

Matterhorn Telecom SA (Salt Mobile SA) HY

Matthews International Corp. HY

Mauser Beteiligungs GmbH HY

Maxeda DIY Holding BV HY

MaxFastigheter i Sverige AB HY

Maxim Crane Works, LP/Maxim Finance Corp. HY

Mayne Group Ltd. HY

MB Financial, Inc. HY

MCBC Holdings, Inc. (MasterCraft) HY

McClatchy Co. HY

McDermott Escrow 1, Inc./McDermott Technology (Americas), Inc./McDermott Escrow, Inc. 2 (McDermott Technology (US), Inc.)(McDermott International Inc.) HY

McDermott International Inc. HY

McGraw Hill Financial Inc. HY

McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC/McGraw-Hill Global Education Finance, Inc. HY

McJunkin Red Man Corp. HY

McLaren Automotive HY

McLeodUSA Inc. HY

McMoRan Exploration Co. HY

MCP-MSC Acquisition, Inc. HY

Mcron Finance Sub LLC/Mcron Finance Corp. (Milacron LLC) HY

MDC Holdings Inc. HY

MDC Holdings, Inc. HY

MDC Partners Inc. HY

MDC Partners, Inc. HY

MDP Acquisitions plc (Jefferson Smurfit Group plc) HY

Medallion Financial Corp. HY

MedAssets, Inc. HY

MedCath Holdings Corp. HY

Medex, Inc. HY

Media General Financing Sub, Inc. (Media General, Inc.) HY

Media General, Inc. HY

Mediacom Broadband LLC HY

Mediacom Broadband LLC/Mediacom Broadband Corp. HY

Mediacom Broadband LLC/Mediacom Broadband Corp. (Mediacom Communications Corp.) HY

Mediacom LLC HY

Mediacom LLC/Mediacom Capital Corp. HY

MediaNews Group Inc. HY

Mediaset SpA HY

Medical Device Manufacturing Inc. (UTI Corp.) HY

Medical Properties Trust, Inc. HY

MediMedia USA Inc. HY

MedImpact Holdings, Inc. HY

Medley Capital Corp. HY

Medley LLC HY

MedQuest Inc. HY

MEIF Renewable Energy UK PLC HY

MemberWorks Inc. HY

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. HY

Memorial Production Partners LP/Memorial Production Finance Corp. HY

Memorial Resource Development Corp. HY

Memorial Resource Development LLC/Memorial Resource Finance Corp. HY

Men's Wearhouse, Inc. HY

Mercury Bondco plc (ICBPI) HY

Mercury Bondco plc (Instituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane SpA (ICBPI)) HY

Meredith Corp. HY

Merge Healthcare Inc. HY

Merisant Co. HY

MeriStar Hospitality Corp. HY

MeriStar Hospitality Operating HY

Meritage Corp. HY

Meritage Homes Corp. HY

Meritor, Inc. HY

Merlin Entertainments plc HY

Meta Financial Group, Inc. HY

Metalcorp Group BV HY

Metaldyne Corp. HY

Metallurg Holdings Inc./Metallurg Inc./Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp. HY

Metals USA Holdings HY

Metals USA Holdings Corp. HY

Metals USA Inc. HY

MetroPCS Communications Inc. HY

MetroPCS Wireless HY

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. HY

MetroPCS, Inc. HY

Metsa Board Corp HY

Metsa Board Corp. HY

MFA Financial Inc. HY

MGIC Investment Corp. HY

MGM Growth Properties Operating Partnership LP/MGP Finance Co-Issuer, Inc. HY

MGM Mirage HY

MGM Resorts International HY

MGP Escrow Issuer, LLC/MGP Escrow Co-Issuer, Inc. (MGM Growth Properties Operating Partnership LP) HY

MHGE Parent, LLC/MHGE Parent Finance, Inc. (McGraw-Hill Global Education Intermediate Holdings, LLC) HY

Michael Baker Holdings, LLC/Michael Baker Finance Corp. HY

Michael Baker International, LLC HY

Michael Baker International, LLC/CDL Acquisition Co. Inc. (Michael Baker International) HY

Michael Foods Group, Inc. HY

Michael Foods Holding, Inc. HY

Michael Foods, Inc. HY

Michael's Stores, Inc. HY

Michaels FinCo Holdings, LLC (Michaels FinCo, Inc.) HY

Michaels Stores Inc. HY

Michaels Stores, Inc. HY

Micron Technology, Inc. HY

Microsemi Corp. HY

Midas Intermediate Holdco II LLC/Finance Inc. (Service King) HY

Midas Intermediate Holdco II LLC/Midas Intermediate Holdco II Finance, Inc. (ServiceKing Collision Repair Centers) HY

Midcontinent Communications (Midcontinent Finance Corp.) HY

Midcontinent Communications/Midcontinent Finance Corp. HY

Midstates Petroleum Co. Inc./Midstates Petroleum Co. LLC HY

Midstates Petroleum Co., Inc. HY

Midstates Petroleum Co., Inc./Midstates Petroleum Co. LLC HY

Midwest Gaming Borrower, LLC/Midwest Finance Corp. HY

Midwest Generation LLC/Midwest Finance Corp. HY

Midwest Vanadium Pty. Ltd. (Atlantic Ltd.) HY

Mikohn Gaming HY

Milacron Inc. HY

Milacron LLC/Mcron Finance Corp. HY

Milagro Oil & Gas, Inc. HY

Milestone Aviation Group Ltd. HY

Millennium America, Inc. (Millennium Chemicals Inc.) HY

Miller Homes Group Holdings plc HY

Millicom International Cellular SA HY

Mirabela Nickel Ltd. HY

Mirant North America, LLC HY

Mirror PIK SA (Dematic) HY

Mission Energy Holding Co.l HY

Mission Resources Corp. HY

Mizzen Bondco Ltd. (Premium Credit Finance) HY

MMI Products, Inc. HY

Moberg Pharma AB HY

MobiFon Holdings BV HY

Mobile Challenger Intermediate Group SA (Sunrise Communications Holdings SA) HY

Mobile Mini, Inc. HY

Mobile Satellite Ventures LP, MSV Finance Co. HY

Mobile Services Group, Inc./Mobile Storage Group, Inc. HY

Mobilux Finance SAS (BUT SAS) HY

Modular Space Corp. HY

Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority HY

Molina Healthcare, Inc. HY

Molycorp, Inc. HY

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. HY

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Momentive Performance Materials Holdings) HY

Momentive Performance Materials, Inc. HY

Monaco SpinCo Inc. (ACCO Brands Corp.) HY

Moneytech Finance Pty. Ltd. (Source Financial, Inc.) HY

Mongolian Mining Corp. HY

Monitronics Escrow Corp. HY

Monitronics International Inc. HY

Monitronics International, Inc. HY

Monongahela Power Co. HY

Monroe Capital Corp. HY

Montichem Holdco 2 (CABB Group) HY

Montichem Holdco 3 (CABB Group) HY

Moog Inc. HY

Moog, Inc. HY

Moore North America Finance, Inc. (Moore Corp. Ltd.) HY

Morris Publishing Group LLC HY

Morris Publishing Group LLC/Morris Publishing Finance Co. HY

Morton’s Restaurant Group HY

Mosaic HY

Mosaic Co. HY

Moss Creek Resources Holdings, Inc. HY

Mother's Work HY

Moto Finance plc HY

MOTO Finance plc HY

Moto Finance plc (Moto Hospitality) HY

Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries SA HY

Motor Oil Finance plc (Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries SA) HY

Movie Gallery Inc. HY

Moy Park (Bondco) plc HY

Moy Park (Bondco) plc (Moy Park (Europe) Ltd.) HY

MPC Container Ships Invest BV (MPC Container Ships ASA) HY

MPG Holdco I Inc. (Metaldyne Performance Group Inc.) HY

MPH Intermediate Holding Co. 2 (MultiPlan, Inc.) HY

MPH Merger Sub Corp. (MultiPlan, Inc.) HY

MPH Merger Sub LLC (MultiPlan, Inc.) HY


MPM Escrow LLC/MPM Finance Escrow Corp. (Momentive Performance Materials Inc.) HY

MPT Operating Partnership, LP (Medical Properties Trust/MPT Finance Corp.) HY

MPT Operating Partnership, LP/MPT Finance Corp. (Medical Properties Trust, Inc.) HY

MQ Associates Inc. (MedQuest Holding Co.) HY

Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC/Mrs. Fields Financing Co. Inc. HY

MSC-Medical Services Co. HY


MSW Energy Holdings II LLC/MSW Energy Finance Co. II, Inc. HY

MSW Energy Holdings LLC/MSW Energy Finance Co., Inc. HY

MSX International, Inc. HY

MSX International, Inc./MSX International Ltd. HY

MTR Gaming Group, Inc. HY

MTU Aero Engines HY

MTW Cranes Escrow Corp. (Manitowoc Co., Inc.) HY

MTW Foodservice Escrow Corp. (Manitowoc Foodservice, Inc.) HY

MU Finance plc (Manchester United) HY

Mueller Group Inc. HY

Mueller Industries, Inc. HY

Mueller Water Products, Inc. HY

Mulhacen Pte. Ltd. (WiZink) HY

Multi-Color Corp. HY

Multi-Color Escrow Issuer, LLC (Multi-Color Corp.) HY

MultiPlan Inc. HY

MultiPlan Inc./MultiPlan Acquisition Holding LLC HY

Murphy Oil Corp. HY

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. HY

Murray Energy Corp. HY

Musketeer GmbH (Kabel BW) HY

Mustang Merger Corp. (Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc.) HY

Muzak Holdings LLC/Muzak Finance Corp. HY

MVC Capital Inc. HY

MVC Capital, Inc. HY

MW Finance Corp. (Warner Music Corp.) HY

MXenergy Holdings Inc. HY

MXenergy Holdings Inc. HY

Mylan Inc. HY

Mylan Laboratories Inc. HY

Mytilineos Holdings SA HY

N&W Global Vending SpA HY

Nabors Industries, Inc. HY

NAI Entertainment Holdings LLC (National Amusements, Inc.) HY

NAI Entertainment Holdings/NAI Entertainment Holdings Finance Corp. HY

Nalco Co. HY

Nalco Co. HY

Nalco Finance Holdings HY

Nalco Holding Co. HY

NANA Development Corp. HY

Nara Cable Funding Ltd. (Cableuropa SAU) HY

Nara Cable Funding Ltd. (Grupo Corporativo ONO SA) HY

Nara Cable Funding Ltd. (Grupo Corporativo Ono SA) HY

Nara Cable Funding Ltd. (Grupo Corporativo ONO) HY

Nara Cable Funding Ltd. (Grupo ONO) HY

Nassa Topco AS (Nets A/S) HY

Nathan's Famous, Inc. HY

National Australia Bank Ltd. HY

National Bank of Greece HY

National Beef Packing Corp. LLC HY

National CineMedia, LLC HY

National Coal Corp. HY

National Commerce Corp. HY

National Energy & Gas Transmission Inc. HY

National Financial Partners Corp. HY

National Mentor Group Inc. HY

National Mentor Holdings, Inc. HY

National Money Mart Co. (Dollar Financial Corp.) HY

National Nephrology Associates, Inc. HY

National Waterworks Inc. HY

NationsRent Cos. Inc. HY

NationsRent Cos., Inc. HY

Nationstar Mortgage LLC HY

Nationstar Mortgage LLC. HY

Nationstar Mortgage LLC/Nationstar Capital Corp. HY

Natural Resource Partners LP, NRP Finance Corp. HY

Natural Resource Partners LP/NRP Finance Corp. HY

Navient Corp. HY

Naviera Armas SA HY

Naviera Armas, SA HY

Navigator Holdings Ltd. HY

Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp./Navios Acquisition Finance (US) Inc. HY

Navios Maritime Holdings HY

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc., Navios Maritime Finance (US) Inc. HY

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc./Navios Maritime Finance (US) HY

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc./Navios Maritime Finance II (US) Inc. HY

Navios Maritime Holdings, Inc./Navios Maritime Finance II (US) Inc. HY

Navios South American Logistics Inc. HY

Navios South American Logistics Inc. (Navios Maritime Holdings, Inc.) HY

Navios South American Logistics Inc./Navios Logistics Finance (US) Inc. HY

Navistar International Corp. HY

NBC Acquisition Corp. HY

NBG Finance plc (National Bank of Greece SA) HY


NCI Building Systems, Inc. HY

NCL Corp. Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holding Ltd.) HY

NCL Corp. Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. ) HY

NCL Corp. Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.) HY

NCL Corp. Ltd. (Norwegian Cruise Line) HY

NCO Group Inc. HY

NCR Corp. HY

NCR Escrow Corp. HY

NDCHealth Corp. HY

Nebraska Book Co. HY

Nebraska Book Co., Inc. HY

Nectar Merger Corp. (FTD Inc.) HY

Nederlandse Waterschapsbank NV HY

Neebo Inc. (Nebraska Book Co.) HY

Needle Merger Sub Corp. (Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.) HY

Neenah Foundry Co. HY

Neenah Paper Inc. HY

Neenah Paper, Inc. HY

Neff Corp. HY

Neff Rental LLC/Neff Finance Corp. HY

Neff Rental LLC/Neff Rental Finance Corp. HY

NeighborCare, Inc. HY

Neiman Marcus Group Inc. HY

Nektar Therapeutics HY

Nell AF S.A.R.L. (Basell) HY

Nemean Bondco plc (NewDay Group Holdings Sarl) HY

Neovia Logistics Intermediate Holdings, LLC/Neovia Logistics Intermediate Finance Corp. HY

Neptune Energy Group Midco Ltd./Neptune Energy Bondco plc HY

Neptune Finco Corp./CSC Holdings LLC (Cablevision Systems Corp.) HY

NES Rentals Holdings, Inc. HY

Nesco, LLC/Nesco Holdings Corp. HY

Neste Corp. HY

Net Gaming Europe AB HY

Netflix, Inc. HY

Network Communications Inc. HY

Network Communications, Inc. HY

Neuberger Berman Group LLC/Neuberger Berman Finance Corp. HY

NeuStar, Inc. HY

Nevada Power Co. HY

New Academy Finance Co. LLC (Academy Sports + Outdoors) HY

New Amethyst Corp. (Envision Healthcare Corp.) HY

New Communications Holdings Inc. (Frontier Communications Corp.) HY

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. HY

New Home Co. Inc. HY

New Home Co., Inc. HY

New Look Bondco I plc (New Look Retail Group Ltd.) HY

New Look Secured Issuer plc HY

New Mountain Finance Corp. HY

New Nordic FinCo Holding A/S HY

New Omaha Holdings Corp. (First Data Corp.) HY

New Skies Satellites NV HY

New World Coffee - Manhattan Bagel, Inc. HY

New World Restaurant Group, Inc. HY

New York Times Co HY

Newark Group Inc. HY

NewBridge Bancorp HY

NewCo GB (Burger King France SAS) HY

Newco Rossini Acquisition Sarl (Recordati SpA) HY

NewCo Sab MidCo SAS (Cerba) HY

Newell Brands Inc. HY

Newfield Exploration Co. HY

Newmark Group Inc. HY

NewMarket Corp. HY

NewPage Corp. HY

NewPage Holding Corp. HY

Newport Television Holdings LLC/NTV Holdings Finance Corp. HY

NewStar Financial, Inc. HY

Newtek Business Services Corp. HY

Nexans HY

Nexans SA HY

Nexeo Solutions, LLC/Nexeo Solutions Finance Corp. HY

Nexi Capital SpA HY

Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. HY

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. HY

Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc./Mission Broadcasting, Inc. HY

Nexstar Escrow Corp. (Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.) HY

Nexstar Finance HY

Nexstar Finance Holdings, LLC HY

Nexstar Finance Inc. (Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc.) HY

Nexstar Finance LLC HY

Nexteer Automotive Group Ltd. HY

Nextel Communications Inc. HY

Nextel Communications, Inc. HY

Nextel Partners, Inc. HY

NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc. HY

NextEra Energy Capital Holdings, Inc. (NextEra Energy, Inc.) HY

NextEra Energy Operating Partners, LP (NextEra Energy Partners, LP) HY

NextGenTel Holding ASA HY

Nextmedia Operating Inc. HY

Nexus Energy Ltd. HY

NFP Corp. HY

NFR Energy LLC/NFR Energy Finance Corp. HY

NGL Energy Partners LP/NGL Energy Finance Corp. HY


NH Hotel Group, SA HY

NH Hoteles, SA HY


Nidda BondCo GmbH (Nidda Healthcare Holding GmbH) HY

Nidda BondCo GmbH (Stada Arzneimittel AG) HY

Nidda Healthcare Holding AG (Stada Arzneimittel AG) HY

Nielsen Co. (Luxembourg) HY

Nielsen Co. (Luxembourg) Sarl (Nielsen) HY

Nielsen Co. BV HY

Nielsen Finance LLC/Nielsen Finance Co. HY

Nielsen Finance LLC/Nielsen Finance Co. (Nielsen Co. BV) HY

Nielsen Finance LLC/Nielsen Finance Co. (VNU NV) HY

NII Capital Corp. HY

NII Capital Corp. (NII Holdings, Inc.) HY

NII International Telecom SCA HY

NII International Telecom SCA (NII Holdings, Inc.) HY

Nine Energy Service, Inc. HY

Nine West Holdings, Inc. HY

Nippon Prologis REIT, Inc. HY

NIS Group Co., Ltd. HY

Niska Gas Storage Canada ULC/Niska Gas Storage Finance Corp. HY

NiSource Inc. HY

NMH Holdings, Inc. (National Mentor Holdings, Inc.) HY

NMHG Holding Co. HY

NN, Inc. HY

Noble Holding International Ltd. (Noble Corp.) HY

Nokia Corp. HY

Nokia Siemens Networks Finance BV HY

Noma Luxembourg SA (Sicpa) HY

Nomad Foods Ltd. HY

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. HY

Noranda Aluminum Acquisition Corp. HY

Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. HY

NorCell 1B AB (Com Hem Group) HY

Norcell Sweden Holding 2 AB (Com Hem) HY

NorCell Sweden Holding 3 AB HY

Norcell Sweden Holding 3 AB (Com Hem AB) HY

NorCell Sweden Holding 3 AB (Com Hem Holding AB) HY

NorCell Sweden Holding 3 AB (publ) (Com Hem Holding AB) HY

Norcraft Cos. LP/Norcraft Finance Corp. HY

Norcraft Cos., LP/Norcraft Finance Corp. HY

Norcraft Holdings LP/Norcraft Capital Corp. HY

Norcross Safety Products LLC HY

Nord Anglia Education (UK) Holdings plc HY

Nord Anglia Education Finance LLC HY

Nord Anglia Education Inc. HY

Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk HY

Norddeutsche Landesbank-Girozentrale HY

Nordenia Holdings GmbH HY

Nordex SE HY

Nordic Telephone Co. Holdings ApS HY

Norican A/S HY

Norshore Atlantic BV HY

Norske Skog AS HY

Norske Skog Holding AS HY

Norske Skogindustrier ASA HY

Nortek Holdings HY

Nortek Holdings Inc. HY

Nortek, Inc. HY

North American Energy Alliance, LLC/North American Energy Alliance Finance Corp. HY

North Atlantic Drilling Ltd. HY

North Atlantic Holding Co. Inc. HY

North Atlantic Trading Co. Inc. HY

Northern Oil & Gas, Inc. HY

Northern Oil and Gas Inc. HY

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. HY

Northern Tier Energy LLC/Northern Tier Finance Corp. HY

Northland Resources AB HY

Northland Resources SA HY

Northwest Airlines Corp. HY

Northwest Airlines, Inc. HY

Northwest Pipeline Corp. HY

NorthWestern Corp. HY

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA HY

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL Corp. Ltd.) HY

Norwegian Energy Co. ASA (Noreco) HY

NOVA Chemicals Corp. HY

Nova Chemicals Corp. HY

Novacap International SAS HY

Novae Group plc HY

Novafives SAS HY

Novalis SAS HY

Novalis SAS (Elis) HY

Novamerican Steel Finco Inc. HY

Novasep Holding SAS HY

Novelis Corp. HY

Novelis Inc. HY

Novelis, Inc. HY

Noveon Holdings, Inc. HY

Noveon, Inc. HY

NP3 Fastigheter AB HY

NPC International Inc. HY

NPC International, Inc. HY

NRG Energy Inc. HY

NRG Energy, Inc. HY

NRG Operating LLC (NRG Yield, Inc.) HY

NRG Yield Operating LLC HY


NSG Holdings LLC/NSG Holdings Inc. (Northern Star Generation Services Co. LLC) HY

NSP Holdings LLC/NSP Holdings Capital Corp. (Norcross Safety Products) HY

Ntelos Holdings Corp. HY

NTK Holdings Inc. (Nortek) HY

NTL Cable plc HY

Nuance Communications, Inc. HY

Nufarm Australia Ltd. HY

Nufarm Australia Ltd./Nufarm Americas Inc. HY

Number Merger Sub, Inc. (99 Cents Only Stores Inc.) HY

Numericable Finance & Co. SCA HY

Numericable Group SA HY

Numericable-SFR SA HY

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori SpA (NTV) HY

NuStar Logistics LP HY

NuStar Logistics, LP HY

Nutro Products Inc. HY

Nuveen Investments HY

Nuveen Investments, Inc. HY

Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. HY

NV Energy Inc. HY

NVA Holdings, Inc. HY

NVR, Inc. HY

NWEN Finance plc (North West Electricity Network Finance Ltd.) HY

NWH Escrow Corp./Northwest Hardwoods, Inc. HY




NXP BV/NXP Funding LLC (NXP Semiconductors NV) HY

Nya Svensk FastighetsFinansiering AB HY

Nya Svensk FastighetsFinansiering AB (Fabege AB) HY

Nyco Holdings 2 ApS HY

Nycomed A/S HY

NYMagic Inc. HY

Nyrstar Netherlands (Holdings) BV (Nyrstar NV) HY